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Apartments for rent in Newton South High district?
Looking to rent in The Newton High South district, How do I make an appointment to look Miriam Murphy
Are there any single family dwellings that have an extended area that is liveable and affordable in north portland area?
A home where a garage has been turned into a living quarters or has a in-law or guest area in the back or on the side that may include a bathroom and a kitchenette.
I am a local real estate investor looking for a new real estate agent
Need an investor friendly real estate agent who is familar with the Long Island, New York market. I am a local real estate investor looking for a new real estate agent. Requirements: - Pull comparable…
east village or little italy san diego for a single male 30 yo
I am moving to downtown san diego and I want to go out and meet girls but I dont want the crazy street noise of gaslamp etc.. I dont want my place to be too far from the clubs though. I would like to be…
Looking for walkable, fun areas in either Raleigh or Durham
Howdy. My wife and I are thinking of moving to the Raleigh/Durham area of NC in the beginning of 2014. We've been doing lots of research on the area and it seems like a great place to raise a family. The…
Thinking of relocating to this area from Tuscaloosa Alabama.
We are a family of 5 and would like to find out more about the area (schools, pedestrians, crime rates, ect) can anyone help?
Does anyone know of...or is anyone willing to rent a HOUSE or MOBILE HOME (no mobile home parks) to a married, non-smoking couple?
We are a married, non-smoking couple with 2 small indoor dogs (each weigh less than 25 pounds). We are both employed and do not plan to have children. We are seeking a house or private mobile home ** no…
Is anybody looking to hire a newly licensed real estate assistant?
I am motivated in getting my career started as a real estate assistant and really want to learn the business from the ground up.
Where to rent in NJ? I work in Midtown Manhattan and my husband works in Plainsboro. Need a good commuter friendly place with good daycares.
We are considering Plainsboro, so his commute is short, but I will have 1 hour of commute. We are very confused if we should move somewhere with a shorter commute to the city and he drives a little bit…
I am a foreigner who is initially interested in buying a couple of properties for renting them out.
I want to start this as a small business by establishing a US company and making purchases under it and running the rental business. Is it possible to do this and how do I go about doing this?
I am looking for a house that is in the Niskayuna high school region?
I am looking for a house that's between 40,000 to 90,000 thousand dollars that goes to Niskayuna schools. Could someone keep me updated? Thank you.
What happened to Mill Valley?
I just moved back to Mill Valley after being overseas for 15 years. While it is still one of the most beautiful towns in the country, it sure has changed! The natural beauty is still the same... maybe…
Requesting recommendations for place to rent in the southwest area of Fort Wayne near great schools and day care providers?
My family & I are relocating to Fort Wayne in June 2013, and I am looking for a 3 bedroom apartment or home to rent in the southwest area near quality schools and daycare center or home provider.…
how much notice does my landlord need to give me if she is not extending my lease for another year. I live in
How much notice does my landlord need to give me if she is not extending another years lease to me? My lease is up at the end of May.
Good alternative to Celebration for second home for Disney lovers
We have always dreamed of having a second home in Celebration but in researching the actual costs, they really hit you hard with fees. We would be looking for a condo or townhome, under $150k, that is…
Realtor in New Orleans, Louisiana!
If you or someone you know needs a realtor in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area..... I am here to help you with your next real estate deal! Terri Torres
Do you have any suggestions regarding convincing an age restricted community to make an exception regarding minimum age?
Situation: A mature daughter (in her forties) moved in with her elderly mother to take care of her mother because her mother gradually became demetia and developed Altheimers. When the mother passed…
Kissimmee and St. Cloud areas nice place to live?
My husband and I are planning to relocate to Florida in about a year or two. We have decided to look more into the Kissimmee and St. Cloud area. Can anyone who lives in the area give a little info on those…
The question from 'Julie' has promted me to ask a question of my own: My husband and I also live outside of the USA and will be relocating
to Georgia next month. We will be staying with relatives initially but once our place is sold here (Europe) intend to buy outright. How long does it take to build up a reasonable credit score should we…
I need help getting into a rental
Our landlord will be letting the property we currently rent go into foreclosure. We have been informed to be out by 5/1/2012. We do have an excellent rental history and HAVE to stay in the Ola school district…
I have a homeowners association dues which are in default due to the economy and the dues going up each year. I am on disability and have defaul.
I have a judgement that was filed in Orange county court for the back dues. What can I do? Working with the attorneys want more than I can afford monthly to pay it back in 3 yrs.
Why pick A Real Estate team as opposed to a single agent.?
Is there really a difference between choosing a team compared to a single agent?
Where are good places to advertise home for sale by owner with OWNER FINANCING?
Newspapers? Websites? Other? I could consider offering a flat fee (say $3,000) to whoever brings me a buyer that I approve.
I am looking for rental apartment or single family home in Mansfield,MA?
A 2 bedroom,1 bath with laundry in unit and closer to commuter station from July 1 st.
What is the flood insurance situation in Scituate?
If federal flood insurance is available, then where can I find a map to see which properties are covered? -- This question was asked from this property:…
I am looking for an experienced, aggressive, no nonsense realtor in the 48307 area. I've had my home on and
off the market for 20 months with about 4 showings and no offers. It has been listed by owner and by 2 different realtors. This house needs to be sold and we are looking for a realtor that knows the…
2 young, female, professionals moving to Jacksonville
I'm moving to Jacksonville from out of state and don't know a whole lot about the neighborhoods. I am 29 and will be moving with my 27 year old sister. We both work from home, love city and beach life,…
HELP! The county is going to deed my home in 1 mo and tax sale it for only $8000 in back taxes, how can they do that? Isn't that illegal conversion?
What normal person could do that to me without being arrested? What do I do and what is the process to save my home? They keep on adding pen. and int. that is outrageous and I can't catch up! HELP! I am…
what do you do when your landlord is not on the up and up?
He is very well known and liked in the community, possibly politically connected. However as a tenant of his, he has threatened to raise my rent if im not cooperative. Has spoken to me of my infertilty…
We are moving to Portland Or late Feb early March. I am looking for a house that has at least an acre that allows horses (at least 2) and 2 dogs
any ideas of a great area that will be near great schools, preferrably smaller class size and reasonably affordable, up to 1300 a mo. Iv'e been loooking but most places I see WITH land state NO PETS. Any…
I've been told by multiple sources that Antioch is the next new "hot" area in Nashville for 2013?
I know that it had a bad reputation from some time ago (so did East Nashville) but have noticed that there's been many investors coming in on homes I was curious about. I have a friend who lives near…
Looking for our new town?
We are a couple in our mid-twenties who are looking to move to Huntington in September. We have an 11 pound italian greyhound. We are looking for a town that is dog friendly(dog parks), has things to do…
Noticed the beautiful landscaping and new perimeter wall (under construction) on U.S. 17 in Orange Park, just before the Doctors Lake Bridge?
What a wonderful improvement to the view along that stretch for visitors, residents and the neighborhood. I Like It!
Forest Lake Country Club Golf Course Development Plans
I understand there was a meeting of the Forest Lakes County Club HOA recently to discuss possible plan for the defunct golf course that runs through the community. Can anyone offer any insight as to the…
I'm a contractor at Qualcomm; interested in condos less than 1300/mo, 1BR, 1BA, near Mira Mesa, Del Mar area.
Would love to be near the beach.Cat friendly, would want a pool, laundry facilities. -- This question was asked from this property:…
We are 50 yr. old second home buyers currently living in Chappaqua, NY looking for great walking towns in NJ. Interested in 3-4 bedrooms. Want
restaurants and shops & to be close to great mall. Want to be with other people our age. Have only 1 child who will be in college.
Family of five moving from the Northeast to Boca
We are looking for a very family friendly preferably, gated community. We have a 2, 4 and 6 year old. We are looking to spend around $1M. Where are some great options in Boca (public school district matters)?…
Re properties in Wood River Junction: Wood River Junction is the spot where, in the 1960's, there was a significant nuclear event.
Wood River Junction is the spot where, in the 1960's, there was a significant nuclear event. Here is the full story: A large…
I will be buying a house in Tampa or near Tampa. At most 40 minutes around the vicinity of USF. What are the dog limits per household per city?
I have 8 dogs and no, getting rid of them is not an option for me. If anyone knows of any cities around Tampa or Orlando, without a limitation or a very large limitation, would be great. Also, I know…
We need HELP! Our credit score is 580. We want a house! We are first time home buyers. We want a FHA loan with down payment assistance.
I've been told "this" I been told "that" we're looking for someone who can help us. Anybody out there with some helpful info. please share.
Looking for suggestions of great small cities or towns, or suburbs of larger cities in TX. Am moving from CA and looking to reduce Cost of Living.?
Not fond of humidity, and I hear Houston is really humid so that is probably out. Any suggestions?
I am considering relocating from CA to TX. Any suggestions for cities or towns?
I'm looking to lower my cost of living. I understand TX cost of living is about 90% of the rest of the country compared to CA which is 132%. I'm 55 so would welcome recommendations for 55 active communities,…
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