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We like the art, culture, diversity of city life and camping, hiking, horseback riding of the country. We love the beach and the mountains. I'm torn! We have elementary & middle school children.…
I realize that Santa Rosa has area names within it. Can you please tell me all the area names so I can get?
familiar with it? Thanks. Also the area names for Rohnert Park, Cotati, and Sebastopol would be appreciated if there are any specific area names for those towns. Thanks,
How do apprentices happen upon optimal AVILEAN seminars?
I'm going to setup a private consultation. AVILEAN is preferred by me. Perhaps I may be very displeased touching on it. AVILEAN is the best element since sliced bread. I'm feeling patriotic this…
Is Spring, TX a good place to relocate to?
I've been advised that the Spring area is a great place to relocate. I do not have any children but may have my grandchildren living with me on a temporary basis. They are elementary age children. I…
Agents, please help! I have buyers looking for that special home in Castle Rock.
I have buyers interested in Castle Rock, and I'm wondering if you have any pocket listings, or have any listings coming on the market in the next few weeks or months? They would also be interested…
Has Cook County sent out the tax bill yet for 2007?
I've yet to see any bills for tax year 2007 and was under the impression that they come out in Aug?
Landlord/Rental property question
I'm looking for a carpet store in the Schaumburg/NW Burb area that sells reasonably priced carpet for rental units. Any suggestions are appreciated. thanks
Does Garden Blvd. open to Del Prado Blvd. in the NE section of Cape Cpral, FL?
Does Garden Blvd. intersect with Del Prado in the NE section of Cape Coral?
crime rate in 32773 ?
how safe is the area?
Good Neighborhoods?
I don't know which neighborhoods are good and which to avoid. I'm looking for a place on the PDX side of the river. Does anyone know which neighborhoods I should look in?
Are Condos selli ng again in Charles Towne at Park Central and Estates of Park Central?
What kind of financing is available for owner occupant?
what is Toms River like?
i want to know about rents, jobs, transportation, and amenities? crime? the people?
what is Middletown like?
i want to know about rents, jobs, transportation, and amenities? crime? the people?
what is Absecon like?
i want to know about rents, jobs, transportation, and amenities? crime? the people?
what about living in new jersey?
i plan to move to new jersey this year. somewhere by the coast, and not in a city or the suburbs. i work in the entertainment industry as a stagehand, thus i want to near nyc, tho i would also work in…
Its your money! So, what do you think of this regional report?
According to the Zillow Negative Equity Report, in our four county region (Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado) 51.2 percent of all homeowners with mortgages are underwater with Sacramento County the…
I am eyeing a few houses near Hwy 40 and Noland Rd, but I see that a train runs north-south probably 1/4 of a mile away, through the residential area
...anyone know how frequently that goes by and if it causes a disturbance in the area at night? I don't want to move into my new home just to find out that I'm going to get a wake up call from…
HOAs in Armonk
What areas/streets in Armonk are part of HOAs or have monthly maintenance? The townhouses are obvious in the Wampus Close area but what other streets fall under HOAs?
Seeking To Network In commercial real estate
Hi I'm seeking to network with people in commercial real estate in the charlotte area.Im also a independent consultant of a financial group that represents investors that could fund your commercial…
Value of property at 713 Redfield Rd Mosinee WI
This is a corner lot with an old delapitated mobile home which would need to be torn down so what price would one pay for this lot??
Looking for a really sweet deal on a SFR, Condo, or Townhome in the Charparrel HS area... Can anyone help?
We prefer a fixer (the worse, the better). It can be a distressed property or an extremely motivated seller. Our goal is to buy it now with cash, renovated it and resell it to one of our end buyers within…
Any recommendations for a property manager specializing in New Downtown, Tacoma?
I'm in the middle of acquiring a condo in New Downtown and want to rent it out. I've got a couple of recommendations but the more the better! Thanks.
Wondering what an approximate per square foot price would be to move in the current market uptown New is between Claiborne and Fountainbleu...single family totally renovated and updated…
What is the general consensus on TRPA's proposed new 20 year regional plan update for Lake Tahoe?
Is Real Estate the next rising star of our economy?
Reports are now flooding in stating real estate has made its turn. Do you believe it is the next rising star?
A lien was filed on my property by the HOA due to their improper record keeping. They admitted to the mistake. What should I do?
The HOA is in the process of releasing the lien, but the Clerk of Courts said they can never remove this from our record. Also, I don't want this showing up on my title.
2 year old townhomes in MountainView, off 101 - how is the area?
How is the area in Mountainview right off 101 near Sierra Vista Park, where there are a bunch 2 year old townhomes (Amherst, Newbury etc.)? Safety? Stuff to do? Schools? Commute? Is there much to do around…
Technical Question: on --why only able to do only new pages,
or only two homes look up ? After that it does not proceed to what you click onto????
Where is the best place to buy in the Hamptons?
Specifically we're looking for a property under $1M, preferably around $500-$600k, that we'd use as a weekend home and possibly rent it out for a few months during the summer. where is the best place…
I am relocating to the Poconos and will be working at the Hospital. Where is the best area for a large family, best schools?
I would like street names, and areas with large yards and open areas or near public park area as well.
Looking for any condos in West Sedona area, that could potential be vacation rental now and our home in 5 years upon retirement - anything there?
Was there in March for a conference and fell in love - need to retire here! Will be semi-retirement in 5 years, and may even look to relocate from Michigan before this time frame for the right set up.…
How much is the aprox. cost of 10000 sq. feet of land at Lehigh Acress, a zone with water and septic system?
An investment company is selling at $5000. 1/4 acres of land at Lehigh Acres.Is this normal price, they have inventory at different zones, which one is better and safety?
what is the address of home on cardinal in east Chicago?
-- This question is about this puroperty:
Is it alright for a realtor to forward a perspective buyers person e-mail, leave a home unlocked & tell customers his clients are in financial?
trouble Our realtor showed our home and left the patio door unlocked & open. We live in another city and I just happened to be in town that same weekend & notice it. He also told a perspective…
What are the school options for pre-K and K-garden?
My husband just got transferred to Voorhees and I've been looking at Woolwich to live because the homes are so new and big. I'd like to be there to start the school year. Currently both kids are in Montessori…
I am relocating to C hicago this summer looking for 2br, 1b, unfurnished & pets aloud
I need to locate 10-15 miles north or west of 1425 West Augusta. Close to a park where I can run my dogs in the price range of 750-1000. Neither my wife or I work, we are retired. We are seniors, looking…
Are these projects still alive?
Talk has died down on creation of an Aerospace and Clean Energy Innovation Park, a sizeable campus located between Denver, Boulder and Loveland that could house up to 100 companies and 7,000 employees.…
Bungalow or craftsman style homes in Raleigh?
I'm sure there are these style homes in the Raleigh/Durham area, but uncertain of the neighborhoods they are in and at what price range. I am in the military and deciding between Raleigh, NC &…
Faith community looking for a worship space in the I-10/1604 corridor. Will lease 2000 sf building or buy 2-5 acres with building & parking.?
Will lease 2000 sf building for 1 yr or buy 2-10 acres with stand alone building & parking. Leasing land and buying/leasing mobile home will also be considered. North of 1604 near camp bullis or Kyle…
i nd help finding 2 Bd for under $750 house for rent near Glendale Az.I must hurry Dads dying (cancer) i hav a sec.8 vaucher in California.
i hav sec 8 because my son is permanently diabled (deaf) , I just really need to be close to my daddy :) Ty
looking for a home to rent in late June -1st of July.
I have a big dog, (doberman) and a small mix dog . We need to be 3 bedrooms, and 2 bath. we have 2 school age sons. nice place, not ghetto* 78253 is the area i would like.
Does anyone have a good opinion on canterbury village in berkshire lakes? Im thinking of buying a unit in there and looking for opinions on this place
It would be a ground floor unit that I would buy to rent out.. Needs a bit of work but that doesnt scare me. How is the development and are they easy to rent? Any advice as always is greatly appreciated. Thank…
Hydro-Static Plumbing Test? How many of you have had one? What is considered passing or failing? 2" of loss
over 30 minutes? 3"? No loss at all? I only need answers from those who have personal experience, not hear say.
Moving to Mt. Dora
I plan on moving to Florida. I am a retired teacher that loves Disney and with me, my 83 year old mom will move to the same town. We loved Mt. Dora. Are there things for a 58 year old widow and her…
Looking for Section 8 Rental Houses in Centerpoint/Clay/ Trussville, AL
I'm looking for a Section 8 House to rent in the Centerpoint/Clay/Trussville area of Alabama. I would prefer a 3 BR/2BA if there is one, but will gladly accept less. Where could I find this information,…
Wanting to buy a house in Hayward
I am looking into purchasing a house in hayward, CA. What are the safest area's? I found this place on Potsdam St, I haven't been there yet. Could you fill me in on what the crime rates for this area…
Can I recapture the East Side of Milwaukee anywhere near Downers Grove, IL?
I'm looking for a small apartment near Downers Grove. I'm going to be moving from Milwaukee's East Side, where I enjoy a safe community with numerous community events, healthy restaurants,…
My son, who was a Marine for 5 years (a mighty tidy man) is looking to rent or purchase a place in the Pacific Beach/Mission Bay Area in Cali.
My son is (single, 6'3, built to handle large task) and is attending college and the GI bill is paying for his schooling and room and board. He has had trouble finding part time work to work around…
We do interior cleaning ups for Realtors... If any Realtors are interested give us a call.
We work in all the High Desert VictorVille, Hesperia, AppleValley, Adelanto, Barstow, Oak Hills (760)368-7487 Beatriz
Historical Feb 1995 3-BR SFR sales prices (comps) in Midway City
I need comps of sales in Feb 1995 on "President Streets" in Midway City. Thanks .
Jacksonville middle schools
Our family is considering a move to jacksonville. The Jacksonville elementary school looks pretty good, but the middle school, Mcloughlin has done very poorly on its standardized test results. It it possible…
Need FHA lender for 2 homes on 1 lot
I am trying to locate an FHA lender in San Diego or elsewhere who finances a regular home that has a manufactured home ADU on the same lot.Thanks for any help!
are there any father and son groups?
I am a 50 yr old single father with a 2yr old son we just moved here and i need some suport
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