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Is the propery at 70 Railroad St. include the building or is it just for the corner lot?
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Window application of free live chat software?
Window application of free live chat software?
What is the water and sewer tap fee in Fishersville?
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How about winter garden rental market?
The house in the community is easy to rent? how about the rental income?
Is there a directory for contact info on a Home Owners Association for a neighborhood in the Columbia area?
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Best neighborhood for mid-late 20's, single men looking for dating, good food, views, safety... income around 95k.
I'm currently living in East-Bay, but after taking trips into the city I truly feel I am short-changing myself. I moved recently from Seattle with no knowledge of the Bay Area, and although I enjoy…
Can you describe how Oakland Park looks and feels for a person that has never lived here?
Do residents maintain their homes and lawns? Are there dramatic differences between different neighborhoods or zip codes? Is there a dominant architecture throughout the city?
My husband and I will be moving to Jacksonville, Fl in July 2013. He will be working at NAS Jax. What area should we live?
Looking to rent a house close to shopping, restaurants, parks and trails. Prefer a nice, safe neighborhood to walk our dog. We do not have kids.
Where is a young and active place to live in the Chicago area that isn't a long commute to Elmhurst where I will be interning?
I am moving here for the summer for an internship, which means I don't have tons of money to spend on a place. I'M 21 and I don't want to get stuck in a dead area. I also don't want…
looking for a nice place to live for a family with small children?
looking to move to Charlotte area and buy a new home not to exceed 190K newer home with a 3 bdrm, nice size back yard. Safe, good schools close to manythings
I wanna know WTF is in my house ? What kind of Grusome details can I get about this area ?
How & where do I get direct public records for this place ?
Where in Greenwich, CT can we live? We need child friendly, UMC neighborhood, walkable and most importantly, walkable to train station to NYC.
We have two elementary school aged children, so great public schools is a must. Another big constraint is the fact that I don't drive and need to commute to NYC, so need to be able to get to the train…
Help with finding a realtor
How can I find out the actual realtor that sold a house in the Dallas area?, I called the company I think the realtor works for but they could not find any info.
I'm accepting a position in Wayne, NJ. What is an affordable but GOOD area to live ( travelling up to 30 min max )?
I am in my mid twenties with a minimal base salary. Looking for an affordable 2bedroom. I Enjoy shopping and having access to activities or grocery stores (meaning I don't want to drive forever just…
Which neighborhoods in Bellevue would you recommend for us?
Hi, we're a 30 something couple who is planning to relocate to Bellevue area next year from Los Angeles. We're looking for advice on whichneighborhoods to start our search for a single family…
With $4,000, will this help me to kick start my life in New York NY mean while i look for a Job? keeping in mind that i don't have any relative
there With $4,000, i would use this for rent, & all other basic needs as i look for Job. how many month would the landlord demand me to pay? i would love to rent the cheapest room around even if it…
I am retired military and spouse is currently in the military and will be station at the meps station in forest park, Ga
Want to buy retirement home in the Atlanta area. Preferably a good neighborhood with a good school system. Any suggestion will help amount any where from 250k to 350k
What a seo marketing firm does?
What a seo marketing firm does?
My husband and I are interested in relocating from Manhattan. We do not drive and need to be
within walking distance of the train and shopping (especially supermarkets). Is White Plains feasible for us?
How can homes in Fairfax County be listed as Alexandria when they are outside of the City lines?
I'm seeing homes that are clearly outside of the city of Alexandria included in my searches. How are sellers (or their agents) able to list these properties without giving an accurate location of the home?
NY work for commuting and live in a town nearby mountains
Hi, I am about to relocate to USA for work, will work in NY, manhattan, few blocks from grand central, but would like to find a place to live where I can have easy access to mountains (as i train for mountain…
Renters & Agents: What would make finding an apartment easier for a person?`
Both renters & agents can answer this question. For renters: What tools that are currently not available (aside from a real estate professional) would help you find an apartment on your own? For…
Moving to Utah from Canada
My husband is considering a transfer to the greater Salt Lake area. We have next to no understanding of American closing costs, financing, property tax assessments, etc. Basically, what fees are involved…
Looking for a family friendly neighborhood near the naval base.
My family is looking to move to the San Diego area for our next permanent change of station with the US Navy. We are looking to rent a home in a family friendly neighborhood which is 45 minutes or less…
we bought in Broadmoor Bluffs a year ago. Now found out that all of Broadmoor Bluffs is considered landslide area. Should this have been disclosed?
Just wondering if this should not have been disclosed at time of sale? We had no idea when we bougth that we did buy in major landslide area. There are maps from geological institute that we looked at…
Can an owner be an observer at a board meeting ?
We are new to condo living. At election time how can we judge for our-self how dedicated and effective each individual board member is?
How can I obtain a condo Board Meeting minutes?
I own a condo in 10021 and have requested a Board Meeting minutes. The management company is refusing to give it to me because i am not a Board member. Am I entitle to know what they discuss simply be…
Where to live in NYC when you hate NYC?
I just started a job in midtown that I moved here for - and I hate NYC. Lived in every other major big city and liked them, but I really hate it here. For various reasons, I'm stuck here a while (not looking…
statistics agent vs fsbo
In recruting FSBO's are there any statistics that support that professional agents can sell faster and get more dollars for property than persons selling their own properties??
I have read some reports of individuals purchasing land in Horseshoe Bay from National Recreational
Properties and falling prey to one scam or another. Have you heard anything of this matter?
What schools are in the 77494 district?
Need to know the 77494 school district for all schools
HI my name is cheryl and im presently looking for a studio or basement apart ment.
I'm looking for a nice area and A well kept house safe neighborhood.
Need help withproperty taxes estimate in the 79938 area?
Does anyone know the yearly property taxes in Las Ventanas area in El Paso, zip code 79938? Its Socorro District.
Do you know where this house is?
My grandmother used to live in an old victorian house with a wrap around porch and secret passageways inside. I haven't seen it for about 20 years, but I would love to know where it is exactly.…
what is your newspaper called?
do you have a handicap school?
How is Rental Market in Menifee?
I am looking to buy a rental 3-bed house in west of 215, south of Newport. How is rental market here? Could some local agents represent me to buy a home here? If I got a house there, I would rent $1300…
Are there any FHA approved Condo/Townhomes in San fernando Valley?
I've been trying to purchase a Condo with a FHA loan, needless to say "NO" luck... Can I do 5 %conventional loans on a condo/townhouse? If so, any lender somebody can recommend?
Boca Bayou...? Looking for Gated Community, Waterfront, East Boca... 2/2 for under $130k ~ Anyone know where I can look other than Boca Bayou?
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other area I can search that has comparable similarities to Boca Bayou. I'm looking for a 2/2 or 3/2 or 3/2.5, Waterfront Property, East Boca Area, Under $130k,…
How many houses are there for sale in America?
I have found some statistics which suggest that approx 6m home are sold every year in America. 500,000 a month. But how many are on the market at any one time? Zillow claims to have 2.5m on their site…
1 year military committment in Blacklick We are looking for a 4 bedroom home to rent up to 1 hr away in a great school district.
Our family will be moving from GA to Columbus, OH for a 1 year military committment. My husband will be working at the Reserve Center in Blacklick. He is willing to commute up to 1 hr. in order to benefit…
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