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Why has the house at 1400 Fiddler Ave in Merritt Island been under contract for more than a year?
We are very interested in the house and have never seen it occupied. We are ready to buy!!
I need to contact Joseph Williams Elementary School online
I need the email address of Joseph Williams Elementary School
Is it required to disclose that a home is a modular home in the listing ?
Is it required to disclose that a home is a modular home in the listing ? We got an accepted offer, and just did the homes inspection recently, and found out that the home is a modular home. From the outside,…
Is the landlord allowed to charge for water in an apartment complex?
My landlord already charges me $15/month for water because I have a washer and dryer. She is now trying to increase my payment by $15/month. Is this legal? We also have termites in out baseboards and she…
Is the unit number #225 or #205?
Need to see more pictures before I decide to see in person can you email? -- This question was asked from this property:…
Looking for a Florida coastal hippietown?
Looking for Florida's Woodstock. Have to be on the coast
We will be moving from Pacific NorthWest to Charlotte by August 2013. My wife and I are both software engineers.
I'll be working in the University area (David taylor Drive) for the time being(may be 6 months to an year). My wife will be looking for work after we arrive there. We will be renting an apartment…
Does Trulia research and list ALL properties that are for sale?
I'm confused. Is this just a paid ad site? or does it offer the public a service of showing everything for sale?
houses for sale in the red mountain area
-- This question was asked from this property:
What are the top 10 Spring Home Improvements?
DonnaMarie Brandt Realtor Keller Williams Realty 843-241-8404
Moving my family to New Jersey
Hi, I will be moving to New Jersey with my wife and 7 year old son. I will be working in Mahwah, NJ. I am looking for a good/safe area to rent that has a good elementary school for my son. My income…
Do I have to sell Land if I am the Executor and Beneficiary of an Estate if the estate is insolvent? Can I keep the Land?
I am the executor and the beneficiary on an estate. This is going through Probate. It looks like it will be insolvent. There is a small plot of land worth $3200 and I would like to keep it. I'm being…
looking for land to put mobile home on so I can build on to it in Duanesburg area
have a disabled granddaughter with no use of her legs and is in a wheelchair
Anyone know of a good contractor to build an extension & mother daughter apartment to home in the manasquan park section of wall township?
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Beat place to rent in or near Norfolk va
Ill be in Norfolk from April to September and was wondering what the best family areas to rent are. My wife and 9 month old will be with me and want a place that they can walk and play outside. Thanks!
wht is the best price on a rentl up to 1300 sq ft
in the orlndo are with a nice school district
I am looking for any condo listings in San Diego under $80,000
Looking for any condo listings in San Diego County for under $80,000. If you have one available, or if you have one you are thinking about selling please send me a private email:…
We are living in NJ and we plan to retire in NC by the end of the year. We plan to spend up to k$200. Any area we should be looking for?
Any suggestions? we are a little confused, there are so many houses for sale. Not interested in foreclosure or short sale.
Best family oriented neighborhoods in the Raleigh area.
I, my wife and daughter are planning a visit to the Raleigh area. The reason we are visiting is because we are considering a move to the Raleigh area since it seems to be a great place to raise a family.…
Recommended areas for a female grad student to live?
I will be attending Pace University (near city hall) in a few months and am looking to potentially move to Brooklyn. Can anyone recommend areas in Brooklyn that are no more than 30 min ride into the City…
how much does rental apartment add to value of house?
I have 35x35 basement thinkingabout doing 2 bedroom apartment , how much value will that add when I go to sell.
Estimate for Adding Rooms to a house in 29657
We are exploring options of either buying a new house or adding on rooms to the current one. Our current house is in 29657. We would like to add on a sunroom, laundry, and small storage room off the…
Do you know of any oil companies that are interested in land in Cedar Valley Acres?
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We are considering moving our principal residence to this area from South Florida---what can we expect in terms of homes and lifestyle?
We have no children and two dogs and are avid cyclists, walkers and beach-goers.....our budget would be up to $700k and we would want a new, newer or redone home.....thanks!
Looking for Northern Leader Company. And do they still sell Wood Furnaces?
Northern Leader Company. Does this company exist anymore? They either sold or manufactured Wood Furnaces in Gibbon MN. I have a Wood Furnace that has there company tag etc... This goes back to 1981-82.…
We are considering a move to the Portland area. We have 3 kids we would like a walkable neighborhood close to good schools with public transport.
We will be renting at first. Preferably 3-4 BR, pets ok, approx. $1500/mo. Is this realistic? Safety and walk ability are of utmost importance.
What are the current real estate market conditions like in Potrero Hill?
Are home prices in Potrero Hill going to appreciate or depreciate? What are the current market conditions for buying or renting?
Do you have Lease clients looking in Littleton?
Hello, We have recently relocated and will be leasing our beautiful 5 bedroom/7 bathroom home in the gated community of Polo Reserve in Littleton. I am curious to hear if any agents or executive relocation…
Relocating to the Vicksburg, MS area May 2013
Will be relocating to the Vicksburg, MS area and we have been looking for the opportunity to get a place on a rent-to-own option. Any advice or information would be appreciated.
Is this a co-op ? Are rentals allowed? If so, is it a steady market for long term rentals?
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