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Can anyone help me find Rosemary Cartwright or Robert Hofer ?
Can anyone help me find Rosemary Cartwright or Robert Hofer ?? I have set up a webpage about them:
Would the "Barry Goldwater Museum" have raised central Phoenix's property values?
City Hall's seems to have a lot of egg on it's face after the museum went to Mesa instead. What difference would it have made if it was built in Phoenix? Are there other efforts going revitalize downtown…
How are DC areas classified?
Hello, I'm a self-employed RE professional who is looking to market to the DC area. Here in San Francisco, many of our smaller neighborhoods are grouped together to form larger areas under one name…
Do you know about Ecklundson Construction in Nanaimo BC?
Hi... Do you know about Ecklundson Construction in Nanaimo BC?
Is there an online location to see complaints filed against realtors in Westchester County?
I don't see anything that stands out on other than how to file a complaint. Thanks, Zack
what should i know about the stratfordliving apartments? is it worth moving in?
we are moving from alaska as a military family and need to know if this place is a good place to live, i hear the car theft is bad is this common in miami?
Anything available for lease purchase the end of January or February of 2013 in the Fairhope, Spanish Fort or Daphne areas?
I am retiring (second time) in November 2012 and moving in late January or February 2013. Baldwin County is my home. We are looking for a lease-purchase, three or four bedroom, 1,600 to 2,500 plus single-family…
Southport builders
Can you recommend a builder who will build a single home (ranch-style of approximately 1600-1750 sq. ft) on a small lot in Southport and who offers options, but doesn't charge high prices?
How can i get the house in best price?
I have a family friend who is a Realtor. She suggested a price for my home for that seems too low. Another agent suggested a price more in line with my expectations. Who do I choose?
I heard that there was issues years back with the yard at 1211 Highland Terrace caving in?
I heard that the city didn't want to take the responsibility and filled the hole in with dirt. My question is would this be something that would/could happen again? -- This question is about this property:…
Does anyone know about the VINE CITY area of Atlanta? Future development plans? The home prices seem very low
compared to other areas so close to downtown Atlanta. Pros/Cons of VIne City? zip 30314
Single mother relocating from FL.
I am looking at moving to the area. I will be relocating there from FL. I am a single mother, so schools & crime rates are very important. Also after schools programs would be nice. I am looking at…
Can homes in Clayton, CA be easily rented? Any restrictions to renting out single family homes in Clayton?
I noticed that most people who live in Clayton are homeowners. Are there any rental codes or restrictions preventing people from renting out their homes in Clayton? Is there a market for renters who…
I am considering moving to Berea, Kentucky. I am looking for about 1600 square feet with a fenced in backyard
I am considering moving to Berea, Kentucky. I am looking for a two-bedroom, two-full-bathroom house, about 1400 square feet with a fenced-in backyard. I am looking in the $90,000-100,000 range. Do you…
Is web marketing services important for a successful product or site?
Is web marketing services important for a successful product or site
Looking for single-family home rental in very nice area. Know of any homes for sale that owner would rent?
3-4 bedrooms. Also, what about forclosure that bank would rent? Areas 49506, 49525 or similar zip code area of Grand Rapids.
ZIP codes close to UCLA?
Hi there, I'm looking for multi-family properties close (4 miles max.) to UCLA for student housing. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any neighbourhood, zip code, close to UCLA. So far I'm…
i even try talking to her to see if you will reduce the rent if i sign on for another year, the bad side she ask me for a price i gave her the price
why would you ask me for a price . i feel that is inappropriate they ask me for a price so i decide to move out
this agent is misleading about the property
this add is a misrepresetation: agent is not disclosing that above property is for lease, even on phone he is pretending…
when renting a property do the landlords check your rental history or credit background, do they verify with your landlord if you have?
im trying to get from under my landlord cause she is very to high on a 4 bedroom should i break the lease and find something affordable. or will that mess me up for renting again
What is your favorite local restaurant in Hartwell?
I like The Waterfall Grill and Fletchers for a good meal in Hartwell. What are your favorite local restaurants in Hartwell? I am looking for a good place to take clients.
Expense and Advice for Condo Conversion...
I am curious about the average legal and filing expenses for doing a condo conversion in Hudson County, NJ. Also, I realize it varies, but on average, how long does it take? Does it make a difference…
What is your favorite local restaurants in Toccoa?
I am more interested in local than chains. I love Bell's.
Which are the not so safe areas in Staten Island. I'm looking to relocate with my husband and three children ( 15, 12, and 8mths).
I'm looking for a three bedroom, 2 bath, full basement and can't pay more than 2100 a month.....thanks for the help!!!
What are some of Miami's best kept secrets?
Whether it be in relation to restaurants, bars, theatres, architecture or anything else...
Moving to Bellevue from Bothell wa
I have a kid aged 5.5 yrs and I will be moving to Bellevue to start for my new jon startong from oct 1st this year. I m looking for apartments /condos/townhomes having 2b 1 Bath /2 Bath for rent and…
What can you tell me about the Glenmore and Taylor Run neighborhoods in Alexandria, VA?
We are looking to buy here but have young children. We would like to know about the community, schools and general information about these neighborhoods.
Want to know more about buying a home or relocating to Fort Madison, IA?
Call Fort Madison Partners at 1-800-210-TOUR or at 319-372-5471 for information on the community. Fort Madison Partners is the home to the Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street program, and we have a…
what really drives your qualification for a BMR? Actual gross income for past two years or current salary?
current salary for past 3 months is high but prior gross income low (unemployed for 14 months).
Does the Green Valley area of Henderson, NV have any known scorpion issues?
I had a terrible experience with scorpions in my first apartment in Las Vegas and I want to avoid this situation when I purchase a home in Green Valley. Has anyone had any scorpion problems in Green Valley?…
I live at 3122 11th st Bremerton Wa 98312. have strange feelings of being watched and never "alone". wondering the history of the property..
Recently "saw" a child figure walking through the house among other occurances and other people who have visited the house have similar feelings of this presence. Please dont respond if you don't…
Does anyone know the area south of Camden?
Specifically, Oaklyn and Collingswood. The home prices are right, but I am wondering if that if for a reason.
203K lenders in Indiana? Other options for "as is" houses?
My husband and I found our perfect home. The problem is that the copper plumbing pipes have been stolen - they were stolen after the house was put on the market due to the fact that the seller (a bank…
Accepting a corporate position in Wayne. What towns provide a reasonable commute to Wayne?
Additional detail: We are a family of four, with two children in elementary school. Ideally, we would like to find a 4br/2.5ba home with a nice yard under $550k in a community with great schools, but…
Where are the best walkable neighborhoods?
A lot has been said about Atlanta being a car-focused city. But are there neighborhoods where amenities and shopping can be found within safe walking distance?
If you are a single women living alone and enjoy the "village" scene of any small town with access to the beach, where would you live in
the JAX metro Include the upscale beach areas of Ponte Vedra & Augustine, too! Thank you
is there a well at 2552 Pronghorn Path, Cotopaxi CO?
The answer is no, but you cant find that info on the listings. -- This question was asked from this property:
Seeking Mentor for real estate projects
Hi I have been in commercial real estate for a year an a half now an have brought around a billion dollars to the table seeking funding. All though I have not closed a deal I have learned a lot an because…
Looking for a walkable town with things to do in central NJ.
like Princeton but w/o Princetons price tag. I must stay in NJ bc of my job so that limits our options. I also despise McMansions or any boring look-alike housing development. Do any towns in nj offer…
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