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is there any way of contacting the owner of a house for sale on the market 309 maplecroft st. liberty sc 29657 call me 8643499445
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Rental agents in NoVA?
Are rental agents commonly used and available in the northern Virginia area? We're relocating from across the country and could very much use the assistance of a real estate professional to guide…
I am looking for the names of the communities built by the now-defunct Portrait Homes in Charlotte, particularly in the University area.
So far, I have Old Stone Crossing and University Heights, but I'm sure there are more. Thank you.
What is the best way to find condemned/abandoned properties to purchase?
I'm looking to eventually build in the San Jose area and would like to find a dilapidated parcel to demolish and build on.
Is the master on the main on the 8105 Tyndcastle Dr.?
8105 Tyndecastle Dr. Sandy Springs, GA The ad doesn't show if the master is on the main. That's a big plus, if it is...
What should I ask a RE Company when I interview with them? I have interviews coming up but need to make sure I know what important things to ask!
I found a few things online like commission splits, fees, advertising support, office market share, top-down vs. bottom-down?
which condo buildings accept a small dog for rentals?
Interested in intracoastal or downtown
What for "Estimate Search" works?
Hello, i'm a foreign I have a doubt about "Estimate Search". I Don't understand what for estimate search works? Is it just for skip the search's results? Regards,
What do we do? A home we are trying to purchase in Brentwood did not appraise. The appraisal came in about 10% below the contract price.
Our agent is telling us that the appraiser's comps were bad and the market conditions are changing so quickly that price increases and pent up demand are not being reflected in recent appraisals.…
Is Arizona City an actual town or a suburb of Casa Grande? What is the total expected population at build?
Is Arizona City an actual town or a suburb of Casa Grande? What is the total expected population at build out?
Metrowest Towns with Good Special Education Resources?
Dear Friends We are considering relocating to the Metrowest area. Could you recommend a town in Metrowest (Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, Sherborn, Southborough, Sudbury, Wayland,…
Philippine Properties
Can i post at trulia even the property is in the Philippines? How about the features and mobile widgets, are they also optimized in our area?
Showing results for Home Builders Who Finance The Lot and Construction For A USDA Guaranteed Home Loan Builders Near Springfield, MO
General Contractors or Builders Who Will Buy The Lot and Fiance The Building of the Residential Home With The U.S.D.A. Guaranteed Loan Program Approval with The Person Buying The Home After The Home Is…
Moving to Seattle and looking for great schools and nice upper end housing
Hi, My wife and I are moving to Seattle in a few months. We have 2 kids ages 5 and 8. We are currently in Atlanta. I will be working in downtown Seattle near Virgina and 8th. We are looking for: Great…
I own a condo in the Watermarke Condos in Irvine and my fiance lives in the Marina Del Rey Terrace Condos.
They are both 1-bedroom. We have to sell one - which one would you advise to sell?
Name of gas company servicing Cty Rd 3 by Crosslake, MN.
Does anyone know what natural gas company services home on County Road 3 by Crosslake?
My HOA asked 3000 plus for trash can validation fee, should I pay them?
I put my trash can in my drive way for more than one day. It is volidated HOA rule. My HOA send me a bill for whole changes is 3000 dollars.
If you lower a price on your house for a buyer. Would it be the realtor responsibility to ask if we would lower the price on the listing ?
1112 Coe Landing Rd We lower price for a buyer that did not go through. But is it the realtor's responsibility to ask the seller if they wanted to lower the price on contract even if the contract is for…
How much credence to give reported concerns of higher cancer risks due to Rocketdyne/Boeing history in Oak Park, California?
My family is interested in moving to Oak Park, California due to the beautiful area and fantastic schools but have hesitated after reading about some residents concerns regarding the cancer risk from the…
Good towns to rais children in northern NJ
I'm a single mother in the market for a reasonable home. My child is going to be ready for school next year and I would like to raise her in a town that has a good school system in the northern new…
Thinking of buying a new home in Wadsworth, IL. Would anyone care to provide any pros/cons for such a move? Would be moving from downtown and?
wondering what type of entertainment is around, such as restaurants (non-chain), shopping (besides gurnee), etc?
Why is so cheap? What is the problem with this house?
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1st time buyers looking for 3bd/2ba house where we can walk to resturants/bars near San Diego. Any location suggestions?
My husband works in Hillcrest. We currently live in downtown and love it, mostly for the accessibilty to restrurants, etc. However we may be starting a family soon and would prefer not to buy a condo.…
Best Restaurants in area
Distance to downtown?
What is wrong with Shady Shores?
It seems like a nice area, but the houses almost seem too cheap, Since I am out of state, what do I need to know about the area?
How is it living in San Ramon?
What is it like living in San Ramon? How is the weather? Accessible to shopping, activities, etc? How is the traffic going to San Jose in the morning and back in the evening?
Getting clients for home cleaning and repair
Is there a "posting" place here to advertise my small Handyman service? If not, where is a good place to offer my services to realitors and banks? Thank you
Looking for a short-term rental home while we scout Austin!
Hi all- My husband and I are considering moving from Boston to Austin in the near future. Real estate options are fairly dismal and $$ here, and we do love Austin. We're hoping to rent a place for…
What are the zoning laws in Canton, Tx?
I've just viewed a property with a 3,788 sqft building listed as a "Single-family home" and offering a "Prime Commercial Lease" under the facetious title "Studio House."…
moving from dc to charlotte should i stay or go
i plan on moving from dc to charlotte soon and was wondering would it be a benficial move. i have a 3 yr old who i am raising by myself and also whose father passed away a year ago and i kinda want to…
Relocating to Seattle area and need advice on areas in which to rent a house with good schools and not to long a commute for downtown Seattle.
With 2 boys, schools are the #1 priority, My 2nd grader has high-functioning autism and is currently in a great program in LAUSD, would love something similar. Looking at Mercer Island, but wondering…
Why do some realtors recommend north of E. Old Counrty Road vs. south of E. Old Country Road for Plainview??? I remember a realtor mentioned
something about landfills in some areas of Plainview. Can anyone provide more information on this? Thank you.
If people are looking for a home in Santa Teresa, won't they get confused with all the Trulia listings mistakenly calling the area Edenvale?
Santa Teresa ZIP Codes: 95119, 95138, 95139, 95193, 95123 Edenvale ZIP Codes: 95111 and 95136
Low-income housing complex
Have the housing complex that were recently built (Bello Rio and Vista del Rio) increased crime or reduced property values?
What is the best way to negotiate a price on a new construction home considering all of the optional upgrades? Can your deposit be refunded?
I'm looking at placing a deposit on a lot but have no idea what options I am going to choose. How does this process work and can I roll a pool into the mortgage?
Hi my sister wants to relocate to ridgefield and needs a rental. She has 2 small dogs ( maltese and yorki) maybe combined weight 8lbs.
She has a 15 year old son as well. I know she would like her rent not to go over $1500 and would like to also have a washer and dryer. If anyone knows of anything please let me know. My name is Lori (…
Royal Melbourne Houses
Any commments about Royal Melbourne houses? The HOA expenses are very high, around $5.5k per year, but not covering the club house facilicities. Any local insight about his subdivision? What's the…
Looking to buy a home in Maryland with at most 45min commute into NoVA. Have young children. Spending less than $400k. Areas to avoid? Consider?
Looking for a reasonably safe area with access to recreational activities for kids - like gymnastics, swim, art classes, martial arts.
Three single guys looking for best neighborhood
Hi Everyone, I am moving to San Diego very soon with two roommates. Our ages are 26,29,30 and we are all single. We want to know what neighborhood would be the best fit. Here is a little more of…
My fiance and i are moving to CT in April and we are looking at the city of Bridgeport to either rent or buy
a home. What are the best parts of this city. We are moving from California.
Is West Roxbury a good area to live? how safe is it?
Is West Roxbury considered a high end area?
Moving to Bridgeport....looking to rent
Due to my husbands job it looks like we will be moving to Bridgeport sometime this fall. I have been looking at a lot of the Q&A's and I've seen a great deal about Bport being a decent place to live! What…
FHA vs conventional loan and Under writer Deny for H1B visa holder
Hi, I have a question on the problem, my wellsfargo lender did not validate/cross check my visa with underwriter and provided me approval letter for $450k house. Now I offered and go the house. While processing…
My family may have the opportunity to move to Chattanooga, where should we look for a home.
We have three children from middle school to senior high ages, we love Chattanooga and my wife's office will be downtown so we need a reasonable commute. Land is not important as long as we do have…
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