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Just wondering if and when you send a'lead' to me, do you send it to other Realtors, also? I followed up on this lead, sent her the info
she asked for -- had us set up for this morning at 11 AM which she requested. I make it to the property 15 minutes early, call her in case she has 'forgotten' -- no answer, just a…
distance fromMcDonough to
also distance from Mcdonough to Atlanta
Additional parking for Rockridge BART?
The parking lot fills up so early, and I'm not expecting my number on the permit wait list to come up anytime in the next 10 years. Any tips on where to park between 7:30-10AM near Rockridge BART? Thanks!
Husband credit score 622/650/619 - can we buy? See below
Husband and wife want to purchase a home. He is a contractor (verifiable income approx $5500mo) and mine, approx $2500 mo. Problem...... I work for governmental agency, good secure position. BAD CREDIT.…
Im moving to Texas. Would like to be within a 30-45 minute drive from Katy. Dont know where to start any suggestions are welcomed! Thank u in advance!
Im in my 30's have 2teenage children. Line of work call center/customer service enviroment. Looking to rent just to start off. Not willing to travel over 35mins to get to work.
Two Bedroom condo ,Middelton area,FHA approved lone
Looking for a two bedroom condo around the far west Madison area, near or in Middleton . FHA loan only
Can you tell me the names of the villages located central to both Lake Sumter Landing and Brownwood?
I am looking to buy a new or newer home and would like to be able to centralize my search. Thank you for any help. I am interested in Designer, Cottage (Hammock model) or larger villas.
We are thinking to move to Loxahatchee, can someone tell me how the town is, the people. I am hispanic with a
husband and two kids, and I would like to know if there is any problems with hispanics in that area. I am a nurse and my husband is a civil engineer, I would like to know more about the area.
how can i find out who owns a specific property & if its for sale?
A neighbor of mine has passes away. Im intrested in the property. How do I find out who owns it?
Is broadband internet access available in the Conifer/Bailey area? How's cell phone coverage?
We're considering a move, but we've never lived anywhere rural and we'd be working from home, so broadband would be a must. I also noticed last time I was there that cell phone service seemed to be…
What's a good part of fort worth to live in?
I'm interested in moving to the DFW area and I'm leaning a little more towards Ft. Worth because it would be easier for me to transfer my job there, not only that but I have heard a lot of good…
Hi, My name is Helen. How is the housing situation in Fort Worth? Is the demand very high and are a lot of people moving there? Thank you a lot.
I'm considering investing in a real estate project there - building single family homes in the west edge of Fort Worth on the White Settlement Road, near Silver Ridge. I would like to get an idea…
Are there any up-and-coming areas in Milwaukee?
I am looking to buy house in the Milwaukee area. It seems that when people ask a question about where to live in Milwaukee, it usually answered by the East side, 3rd ward, Bay View, or more commonly the…
How to advertise Student Housing to Students?
Hi Im offering student housing in the charlotte,north carolina area. So Im currently trying to think of ways that I could advertise my student housing to local students.If you have any advice, suggestions…
Can you recommend a good property management company?
I have a 3/2 in Fair Oaks and I can no longer do the 4 hour commute to Trulia everyday! Where can I find a good property management company?
My husband and I LOVED a recent visit to Chattanooga. Considering a townhome/condo as a vacation place for us. Water and/or mountain views a MUST.
We loved the walk-able area of the Lookouts stadium, local bistros and shops, and the bridge and river walks. Would like to close to a church to help with sense of community on our visits. Safety/security…
I want to remove my profile.
I have located a place to live and would like to remove this service.
Thorton Academy- Which cities/area of cities are assigned to go to that school for free?
Is it ALL of Saco, Arundel and Dayton or only certain parts of these cities? Also, any other cities that have assigned to Thorton? Thank you ! -- This question was asked from this property: http://ww…
Which is a better buy, Port Liberte, Phase 1, 2 or 3?
I realize that Phase 1 is the oldest, and Phase 3 is the newest development. But I've heard all sorts of stories regarding the management issues and assessments. Just wondering if anyone has some…
How do I find a property use on public record?
I am interested in one property that have a large vacant lot across the road. I would like to find out whether this vacant lot (with lots of trees) is a reservation lot , or deemed to be commercial property,…
I am moving to Miami in Aug, 2013 I am looking for an apartment some where close to the beach in a better area
doesnt have to be high class or anything like that but not super expensive I was hoping to stay in the area of 1500 a month for a 3 bed room. I also wanted to know what the hiring rate was down there.…
I was asked to pay an additional deposit due to bad credit i refused and they want to keep my money l
The complex had a special for $199 move in to include app fee despot and 1st months rent. Then due to my poor credit they wanted an additional $200. I want to refuse and have found another place. The complex…
Will be moving to the region for a temp position at Memphis University. Where are the best places to rent?
I do not know the region very well and have heard mixed comments regarding the crime rate in the region. My wife and I have 4 kids and we would need a safe kid friendly area with good elementary schools.…
Property bewteen the sidewalk and the street in relation to dogs...?
Do residents of Chicago have the right to prohibit others from walking their dogs and let them eliminate on the lawn that's between the sidewalk and the street? Who owns this property?
Seeking ways to raise funding for real estate projects
Hi Im looking for ways to raise money for real estate projects without applying for loans. Im currently finishing my degree in political science but I have been in commercial real estate for a year by…
We are possibly relocating to Memphis soon and the job is off Holmes Rd. Our daughter is in high school and in the band. Our max house price is $200k
What areas are the best and have the lower taxes and the best schools? Is Olive Branch, MS a good area?
How do you take someone's name off the house deed? If they are married do both parties have to sign the paperwork? Who do you have to call?
The house is split three ways by all the children. One of the kids is married. The married child is willing to sign any paperwork to take her name off.
Flying into Dallas w/ kids for 1 week, going to Fort Worth and North Dallas/Plano.What are some nice/safe areas to stay that I can still get around?
We are coming for a house hunting trip, but trying to figure out where to get a hotel or vacation rental without spending too much, but staying in a safe area that is centrally located.
in entering info as search criteria - why am i unable to enter for instance - in zipcode or neighborhood box: camelback east. ???
when i enter camelback east for location in this box, it disappears right away. what am i doing wrong please?
We are planning to move to Myrtle Beach SC within 6 moths. What neighborhoods are safe and close to the?
beach? We are also trying to find a place to rent for a single family house, condo or townhouse not over $1000.00
I am just trying to sell a house how hard is it here?
what way can i get to 100% completion
Which Chicago suburb are top rated as far as good schools, low crime, median income, and with home prices around the 220k mark?
As a first time home buyer I am looking for a single detached house with 35-45 min (that is with no traffic) drive from downtown. Taxes no more than $5500. A great suburb to start and raise a family,…
What is the going price ranges per acre in the summerville, ridgeville and ladson area?
I know location is much of the story, amount of acres and "upgrades". I see acreage way out in ridgeville still for 20k an acre and really not understanding the price range.
Homes in orlando fl.
couple of years ago i travel to orlando and rented a home there with my family for the week. the house had a pool in the back and a netted cage surrounding the back yard that prevented mosquito, where…
Looking for Secure parking near 286 Stanhope St. Brooklyn ny
How do I find a secure parking spot near this area?
looking for rental property to accept a dog
hi im looking for a rental property that will accept my German shepherd mix and near the IU campus.
My boyfriend works in Antioch, TN and we would like to find a small town within 45 minutes with quaint downtown and fishing nearby.
I like a downtown that is walkable and you can get to know people by name! I am not really "into" the Franklin area, seems a bit snobbish when I have worked and shopped there.
Flooding on Piney Island?
Please tell me if any areas of Piney Island experience flooding, is this in a mandatory flood insurance flood zone?
Living and job situations in Sevierville....
Thinking about moving to the area (Sevierville, Cosby, Townsend, etc) next is the job situation? My husband is an experienced carpenter and great overall maintenance man...
Can anyone please tell me where I can find unbiased information about the Real Estate Market trend in Texas?
I would like to buy a small house or condo there. I like to see low prices there, but it the same time it scares me. Why is it so low compared to other states? What is a good site to check crime rate…
Cell service provider in Fernandina Beach??
I'm curious to know what kind of cellular reception is available on the island? Which carrier has the strongest signal strength?
I am looking at buying a condo near the Univ. of Tennessee, what do I need to know?
I would like to look at a possible long term investment of a condo at the University of Tennessee and I'm not sure of what to look for (size, market up or down, costs, etc). I am a young individual with…
Short-term/month-to-month lease in Beverly, MA or North Attleboro, MA areas.
I am a recent college grad who just took a 90-day position in Beverly, MA. I am looking for a short-term or month-to-month lease (just it case it doesn't become permanent) to cut down on my travel…
Where is a good place to live near Boston and by the ocean?
If one is looking for a location with reasonable rent and an easy daily commute into the city on the subway or other public transportation.
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