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Looking to relocate to Palm Coast in the next 3-6 months, but would have to sell house here first, Are contingency contracts possible?
Looking for a 3/2 preferrably on salt water canal with access to ocean (eventually). LOVE fixer'uppers (nothing structural) and HUD homes... Of course want best neighborhood NO HOA OR GATED COMMUNITIES,…
I am looking for short term rental in Attleboros , Mansfield area.
Looking for short-term starting in April/May. Need 2 Bedroom and prefer townhouse style.
Single family home with rental income ?
I am looking to buy a single family home in good school district of NC. Any idea if there are SFH available in $100K range for a rental income of around $800? Any suggestions/pointers from property manager/Realtors'…
If you work at Stanford what is the commute like to Half Moon Bay and how are the schools? Kids are 5 and 6 and we're relocating from SoCal.
Schools are VERY important to us. We are looking for a real sense of community to raise our kids in. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thank you!
Does anyone know of a good vacation rental manager for a property in Highlands, NC? Or the property appraisers search website?
I can't seem to find the public property appraisers search for Highlands, NC. Believe it's in Macon County. I have a client with a property in the area and would lke to help him with some questions…
How can I get a plot plan for my house?
I am getting ready to have an additon put onto my house and the builder is asking for a plot plan. How and where can I get a plot plan of my house?
is harbordale st petersburg a safe neighborhood?
looking at this house 509 29th Ave S Saint Petersburg, FL 33705 but am wondering about the neighbordhood and the saftey of it because i heard some not so good things. Is this area easy to rent out??
We need a home loan with 0 down and 0 closing, other wards 100% financing. Is there any institutions in this area that does those kind of loans?
Are there any institutions in the 65453, or 65565,63080 areas that offer 100% financing on a $140,000 home?
We are Canadian and are looking for a second home (Condo) within 30 mins. of Disney FL. Turnkey. Visiting property. Our price is from $150,-$250 Thx.
A place we can lock up and leave when we are not there. We are looking for a gated community, amenities and hopefully with a balcony view of golf, water or pool. Thanks again for your service.
Where do Chugiak residents go for groceries and gas?
We are looking to relocate to Eagle River/Chugiak area from Southern California. We have major grocery stores on ever corner and gas stations every other corner (it seems), but the maps of Chugiak and…
Hi, My husband and I are planning to relocate to Houston, TX from Colorado Springs, CO next year. We have two boys ages 5 and 3 years of age.
We would like links for info about the best schools. Our main focus is gathering info about the best schools. We would like to know the best neighborhoods to live in for families, diff. areas of city,…
What are your thoughts about KSL's development proposal?
Do you know what KSL is planning to do to? If not, you should! Please get informed and let your voice be heard.
looking for a rent to own home in south oc, or to rent a home.1 or 2 bed, 2 unemployed never purchased a home and wife is disabled, need help?
wife receives disability and i am receiveing unemployment, just tired of paying rent that is not benifiting us
My wife and I are moving out of sf to accommodate both our commutes. Unfortunately our jobs are in opposite directions! She's in Pleasanton,
I'm in San Mateo. What are good neighborhoods to rent in that make the commute easy on both of us?
From what train stations can one buy an annual pass to commute from warren township to nyc? or is there a bus that people use?
i know that daily passes are available in summit etc but they are too expensive. so looking for options that are more affordable. we will be living in the east end of warren so driving to lyons station…
What are the four boundaries of Arden Heights, Woodrow & Annadale? Which area is generally considered more desirable by the locals?
Seems there are loose interpretations of these areas & I would like to know where the real boundary of each is located. Seems Annadale is above the Blvd & below the Pky, but not sure. Annadale may…
Relocating to Houston looking for a nice area with good schools. Please advise?
My husband employer will be relocating us to Houston. His employer is located in Baytown. We have a 3rd and 8th grader. Good schools and safe surburban community is a must. We plan to rent from 6 months-year…
Travelling to USA and Las Vegas to cash purchase a house in Nov 2013. Can any one agent take me through any house on Trulia (ie 10 houses per day).?
My intention is to spend two days looking, one day to decide and make offer/s and two days to meet with lawyers, CPA's etc. For the days that I will be looking, am I able to look at any houses (on…
I live in woodbridge nj. I heard that Bethlehem pa is an amazing place to raise a family. I love nj, but with car insurance, rent sky high and everything else, it seems that living comfortably is not…
What is the average price per square foot for new construction in Satelite Beach, Florida zip 32937.?
square foot price for new construction on Space Coast Florida zip 32937?
why don't i get responses to apartment inquiries?
i am looking to rent in los angeles, ca and have a good job and great rental credit and references. i send out inquiries about places i am interested in and don't get any responses. for weeks, i will…
Is Monroe a nice place to live?
Is Monroe a nice place to live? We are a single famiy with an infant son. We plan on sending him to a private school in monmouth junction when he's of age. I work in NYC, so my commute can't be that…
I may be moving to Pahrump by the end of the year and it is vital there is good high speed internet service.
I don't see any major cable carriers like a Cox or Comcast in Pahrump, so I'm just wondering if the ISPs available in Pahrump do have good high-speed internet service. Thanks.
I can't seem to update the areas I serve. I want it to say orange county or can I add individual cities?
All it says is Orange and I can't find a way to go in and make updates to it.
Morningside Lenox Park good for families with older kids?
I know the elementary school is great but mine are in a private middle and high school. Looking for an in town neighborhood where my kids can meet other kids their age and families are diverse in culture,…
Where should a young couple consider living in the greater Princeton area?
My wife and I are moving from Boston to the Princeton area for a new job. Any advice for a young couple on where to live? We area very active and like to walk places and will miss the city, but understand…
My fiance and I need to find a quiet, somewhat secluded house to rent within 30 miles or so of Princeton.
We've been having depressingly little luck finding anything. Anything like a quiet farm house or a house on a wooded property without really close neighbors would be perfect.
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Will development on the eastern end of Harrison Township (08062) expand beyond what is already planned? 1.
Route 322 will be widened beginning in late 2008 or in 2009. The county Freeholders have already approved the acquisition of one home that's in the way of the construction. 2. The Richwood Village center…
What internet site provides the most update comprehensive list of open houses in Staten Island?
I find listings scattered around with not all listed on the largest sites, including this one. It is very time consuming trolling through each site. Do u have an opinion of the best site to view?
Is Burlington/Woburn a good middle ground between Nashua and Boston?
We recently moved up to southern NH because my fiance took a job in Nashua, but then I started working in Andover and going to Boston a few times a week. Our daily commutes are both doable, but my drive…
I'm relocating to Irvine from Hollywood. Looking for family oriented neighborhood with good schools?
We have 3 kids: 5 yr old in kindergarten, 2 yr old and newborn. We are looking to rent 3 bedroom budget around $2800. Somewhere family/kid friendly with great schools.
Suggestions on neighborhoods/places to live and rent in LA/OC
Hello- I'm a single 33 yr old professional male who has recently been offered a job in Santa Fe Springs as an analyst (around $80K ~10% bonus). The company is located near the the 91/605/5, right close…
Is there any history on this property but for unit 8?
Add some detail about your question
how can i find out who lived at 1306 n connelly clovis, nm 88101 n the year 2006?
when i did one of my credit reports it showed me that i was living there n the year 2006. well i never lived at that address in my life.
How can i find a place that isn't more willing to help sandy people then section 8 people?
i feel like this because i have heard a lot of people say to me that they are only helping sandy people right now. I am section 8 and i need a place now. why not help me? don't i deserve to be helped too?
What is the soil type in Blythewood, SC?
Is it hard clay or sandy. Would there be any issues with flooding or any moisture problems with having a basement
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