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My neighbor wants to move a fence 1 foot onto my property to allow room between his house and the fence to move his RV behind his house.
He's offering to pay for the new fence and an additional 60 feet of fence that I'd like to have done anyways (offering a 3 ft "good neighbor" fence). Concerned it will cause problems…
Hi! i need some info for suggestions for best areas For a single 58 year old woman relocating to Dallas, Tx.
Hi, I am writing on behalf of my mother. She will be relocating to Dallas/Forth Worth area from Pennsylvania. She's an active, single 58 year old. Any suggestions/advice on what are the best areas for…
Trying to decide if i move to Oak Cliff from Oak Lawn, if I would feel isolated there and miss the grocery stores/restaurants here
Would love to hear from others who have made the move and what your joys are living in OC and what your regrets are!
Looking for a realtor in DFW area for SFH rental property
I'm out of state in CA, looking to purchase a rental house for cash flow. Would like to work with a realtor that knows and invests in the area, who has experience working with out of state investors and…
Hey i am in the market of purchase notes. These can be performing and NPN long as its in 1st position. Feel free to reply or contact me. 202-492-5020
What would be the price/sq foot to build a house in Palm Coast?
2 story, 4 bed, 3 bath, with a study, 2 car garage. Im guestimating that the total sq footage is going to be around 2600. Lot is riverfront, lot sq footage is around 10,000.
It's important we have medical assistance (hospitals, doctors, etc.) Because we're moving to Florida to be with family and due to our fair
health. We will need an advib specialist for my heart. Physical therapy would be an asset too. My husband needs to maintain is battle with diabetes. I would prefer women doctors.
Are there any rental homes in Pecos, Texas and what is the average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment or house? How is the highschool?
-- This question was asked from this property:
My husband just accepted a job in Frisco, Texas so we will be moving to McKinney.
We are leaning towards the McKinney Historic District since we love older homes and mature trees. However, we do not know much else about the area. Do you know if the area is safe and if the schools…
Looking for 2 beds with walking distance to train station
Hi, Relocating from NC to the Chicago suburbs in July, looking for a place to rent 2 b with high walking score and walking to metra station. Originaly from Europe we would love a nice dowtown area. Any…
Can anyone tell me anything about Warren County, New Jersey (and especially Phillipsburg High School)?
We have mostly been concentrating our search in Hunterdon County, but have stumbled across a possibly great match for us just across the border into Warren County. I'd be eager to hear about anything…
Are we currently in a buyers market or a sellers market.?
Depending on the area it is more proof that the number one value in real estate is location, location, location! Some suburban areas are seeing a rise in home sales prices both north and south of the…
Eviction not right to me
I see eviction notice even though i was never evicted
I have completed the 60 hours of classes needed to take the exam for the real estate license exam through some colleges classes.
I am now currently living in Texas but would like to get my license in Virginia still just in case. Can the exam be taken out of state at a remote testing location?
Current building on Union St, Little Italy-San diego, Ca
I am going to be renting from someone who owns property in Current, a high rise community on Union street-any advice-opinions-reviews?
Looking for a house or apartment for rent in this area. I'd like it to be semi-close to I-40, but not super noisy.
Budget is $500-$900 monthly. I need an easy drive to Morristown and Knoxville if possible. Single Renter, no pets, great rental history with references in Knoxville.
Are there administrative positions open in the Fairburn School Systems.?
I am relocating here from Denver, Co where I worked in the Charter School System for the last 8 years.
How is Wayne, NJ as a place to live?
I've heard it's great and I've heard it's a place to stay away from. Which is true?
Living in Kingston, New York
We're thinking of getting a weekender in Kingston. What's it like? Jon
looking for section 8 apt in florida, 32796
r there nice houses or apts in this area 4 sec 8
Information about neighborhood (new construction @ 75th Ave, west of McDowell Rd) called Vinsanto.
Hello, my wife and I are from Seattle and are looking to get a vacation home in the greater phoenix area. We are looking for a home which we can get away in the winter for some weekends and get some sunshine.…
Can HOA try to enforce something not in the CC and R's?
We want to park my husbands work truck he uses in our driveway but the HOA is denying this because it is registered to his employer… this is nowhere in the CC and R's, can they still enforce this?
What part of Boston, including surrounding areas, should my boyfriend and I look at?
We're both in our mid 20's, have graduated from grad school and in the working world now. My work is located in the city and my boyfriend's is located outside of the city, but our jobs take us to different…
I am looking to move in about 1 year to Seattle - seeing great homes in Auburn but the crime rates seem high.
What is the real scoop regarding property and personal crime in Auburn?
Needing unsecured business line of credit
Hi I currently have a credit score of 695 an applied for a unsecured business line of credit. Unfortunately I have 1 30 day late payment on each of my 2 credit cards which are holding me back from receiving…
I am looking for a 2,000 sq/ft home with 3 Bedrooms and 2 1/2 Bathrooms in the Hampton Roads VA. area.
It would be a bonus if I could find a home with a mother-in-law suite.
Can you describe how Madison looks and feels for a person that has never lived here?
Do residents maintain their homes and lawns? Are there dramatic differences between different neighborhoods or zip codes? Is there a dominant architecture throughout the city?
Hello, I am currently looking for an apartment/home to rent with at least 800 Sq. Ft. for under 1000/month. What is a good young area near Englewood?
I am a recent college grad starting a new job. I know nothing about the area. Any incite would be helpful.
Moving to Omaha, NE and I need a little "In General" help!
I am relocating from working overseas. I need to get some insight on the city and its surrounding area. I am not sure where I want to live...I have no idea if I want to rent or buy. I have an elementary…
Why are home prices in Los Gatos so high? Status? Schools? Safety? Things to do? Community?
I personally live in LG but haven't really put my finger on why housing is so high here. My general thought is luxury status. It's the community and people that can influence the market. Schools? LGHS…
How to find a realtor for restaurant space? Can someone help me out.?
How to find a realtor for restaurant space? Can someone help me out.
Young first-time home buyer needs ANY sort of input on the Starmount Neighborhood (Charlotte, NC).
Concerns: Future market condition, crime, future development target.... etc.
Need house to rent
Husband taking new job in Freeman, Va need house to rent
Considering relocating for job in Newport Beach - what are best areas to consider for housing within 30 minute commute?
Know it's unlikely I'd be able to afford Newport Beach itself, but would like to be within 30 minute drive during normal commute hours. Budget of $450k - $550k if I buy and ~$2500 if I rent. Would be…
Are there any serious cash buyers/investors here in the Las Vegas area?
I'm a wholesaler looking to rebuild my buyers list and need serious cash buyers or investors/rehabbers to add to my list. If so, please leave your email address and I will keep in contact with you as soon…
Purchasing a gymnasium that is crossfit?
Therefore the service is hardly nasty. The gymnasium is 5000 square foot, rented. 5 years been available. Gear present price is approximately $40k (per proprietor). Yearly profits are $150k. But in the…
Just bought a house here....wanting to sell ASAP. House is great, just not the right area for us.
I bought this house in a bit of a rush, with an FHA loan. Love the house itself, it is beautiful, perfectly remodeled, and very nice. The yard needs more work than I can put into it, and my husband (who…
looking for a safe place to live and send my son to school but how do i go about finding this information??
I move to CA from a smallish country town that I was raised in with my husband and our son and would like to live some where similar. I work in redlands and he works out of March Air Base in riverside.…
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