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How much do skylights typically cost to install? Thanks!
I just bought an Eichler style home that is lovely and quaint but a little dark. I want to install several skylights in the common areas (living room, dining) to give it more light but am strapped for…
I am looking at a home in Universal City. Please provide information on resale value, schools, tax rate, and
possible noise level from nearby airport. The neighborhood is Olympia. Thanks
Cost for Land Survey - Folsom California
Typically surveys range from $400-$800 in my market (SF East Bay area) for improved lots. So I was surprised to find out that a survey for unimproved land in the Folsom Lake area (near Sacramento) was…
We have been relocated to Shaw AFB and have two children and a dog. We are looking for a 4 bedroom, 2400 sq feet or bigger in a great neighborhood.
We would love any info that we can get about the areas surrounding base and Columbia, sc. Thank you!
How to evict a bad roommate who is not on the lease?
I moved into a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 other girls in July 2014. Only 2 of us are on the lease, and we are theoretically subleasing to the 3rd girl (with no signed agreement between us whatsoever).…
How child friendly are the below neighborhoods in Seattle? We are ideally looking for a place full of young families.
* Magnolia * Queen Anne * Ballard * Fremont * Ravenna * University District * Capital District * Central District
How good is the health care in burlington vermont?
We will retire next year. We are looking at 3 areas and Burlington is one of them. Thanks for your help.
Comparing area neighborhoods?
I moved to Palm Bay from Louisville, Ky. almost 9 mos. ago into a rental. We live in the SE area of Emerson where the homes are well maintenanced and the neighborhood is peaceful. I'm looking to buy a…
I read a story in the paper recently, kinda d of shocked me, it showed in the usa, we have enough for close sure 2 give every homeless peson,6 homes.
Many people could use a cheaper mortgage in today's world. And the bank would get them off there hands.u truly a should put a few a week and get comm.from the bank and donate to a good charity in…
neighborhoods to seek or avoid?
Hello- we will be moving from the bay area to the placerville area this spring. We are un familiar with the nicer and not so nice neighborhoods surrounding placerville and all the way down to sutter creek…
I recently began working with a realtor in new York and signed a contract for 1 year. after two month they tell me they want to be no more. say what?
They gave really no reasons mostly only unspecific & completely vague reasons that even if true which are not; are to small to even be considered in that regard. example spelling... I think this is ridiculous.…
I want to become a real estate agent
Will be moving to the Evanston, il and I have been interested in real estate for a very long time. I have recently finished a degree. Will be moving and would love for some advice on good real estate training…
we are looking to retire in the vicinity of Ellijay Ga., but we need low humidity in summers and little snow
in winters, and my husband insists on a view, mountains, etc. Are we heading in the right area? We looked in central Or/ too, but long depressing months of rains and overcast is not what we want. Please…
Answering an email
Hi, I had someone contact me about my home listed and I cannot figure out how to email them back on here??
I currently live in a different state and am interested in relocating to the Chalfont/Doylestown area. Can anyone give me a ballpark of what taxes?
are like for a 4 br single family home? Where I live now, the taxes are very low so I am trying to get a ballpark of what I can afford.
Pittsburgh Condos with Low Condo Fees, Low HOA dues, Low maintenance fee, Low condominium fees
Pittsburgh Condos with Low Condo Fee, Low HOA, Low maintenance fees, Low condominium fee - The 'Village of Shadyside' gated community has low condo fees. Check out this Shadyside FSBO with low condo /…
how is approval granted for docks built in a cove and how can it cover 3/4 of the entrance?
so people across the cove have no room to maneuver their boat?
Are you looking for money to buy income property?
Commercial Lending Group is picking up where Fannie Mae has left off for real estate investors. We are issuing “blanket loans” on residential income producing properties creating an avenue for investors…
Looking for all cash investors,Got Buyers?
1127 Lincoln Ave for sale $385k approved short sale expired, need cash offers now!
Where are the parks near ambler?
I am looking for parks in and around ambler. Both recreational and somewhere I can walk my dog
Help Wanted Chapel Hill / Durham North Carolina - Not a question per se.
I am actively seeking an administrator to assist my sales team. An active Real Estate license will be considered favorably; but is not required. Someone with a paralegal background with the ability…
Family- and dog-friendly areas in Lake Orion
What areas of Lake Orion/Orion Township would be suitable and freindly for a family with dogs? I need a fence, friendly neighbors, and a relative proximity to a dog park. Thank you in advance.
Tax Obligation for Foreign Company registered in Florida
I have got a foreign (Australian) proprietary limited company (eg: ABC Pty Ltd) is a trustee for my family trust ( DEF family trust). My wife and I are directors of this ABC Pty Ltd. This company is then…
Which of these Chicago areas is best for 29yr old single male professional
Hi all, I'm a 29yr old single professional moving to the city. I currently live in Naperville. I have narrowed down my search to a few places and I'm ready to pull the trigger, but I'm still a little…
Best Chicago Neighborhood/Suburb for Young Professional?
Looking to relocate to Chicago next year. Doing some research on the best places to live. I am a young processional in my mid 30s, have pets (large dog and cat), not in to the club scene, love convenience…
Any small building for sale in the ochelata area?
I am looking for a small building I can turn into a little store. I am looking in the Ochelata Area. I have seen a few empty building and lots. Could you please tell me more information or how I can get…
My HOA filed a lien and a satisfaction of lien for an assessment that was paid.
How can I get the HOA to remove the record or correct the record? I Can show them proof of the error.
What are some good neighborhoods to look at in Oceanside and north of La Jolla? Good schools, safety and affordability (
My husband is going to be in La Jolla and Oceanside this weekend for two interviews with different companies. We live in St. Louis so it's a big move and we want to see if we will be able to find a place…
Irvine neighbor that fits our budget/purpose
Hi, I am looking for a house in Irvine with the intention for my kids (3 of them) to eventually get to go to a good high school there. I need some advice on which community to choose. I heard Quail Hill…
Good day, I would like to know if there are any sites I can use to find the social/assisted housing areas in Jacksonville?
I would like to try get an overview of what areas within Jacksonville have high density of social housing/rental assited programs.
What is the average commute to downtown LA from Calabasas?
Potentially relocating from NYC to LA and thinking about relocating to Calabasas with children. Worried about the drive downtown to LA and the average traffic conditions. Any information would be appreciated!
What are the owner occupants of 33 n upton ave n mpls?
I am looking to buy a home in the neighborhood
we are thinking about moving to the Ormond Beach area. we are looking for a nice gated golf course community.Preferrably not 55 , but that would be ok
I am actually looking for a place that has a quaint downtown too - bistros where you can sit outside and have a cup of coffee/lunch, boutique type shops. I'm guessing Ormond Beach area is not like…
Removing pics of my house. How do you remove pictures? Can you remove all pics of 17 baskenridge nj 07748?
Removing pics of my house. How do you remove pictures? Can you remove all pics of 17 baskenridge nj 07748
West Toluca Lake
Is West Toluca Lake considered North Hollywood or Toluca Lake? Is West Toluca Lake a city- does the post office recognize WTL as its own city or is it a neighborhood within North Hollywood? What about…
Moving To Dallas Area
My husband is being relocated for work and we have a son going into 4th grader and a daughter that will be starting high school. We are looking for an area with great economic and cultural diversity. We…
Hi, I'm 25 years old moving to the area for my job(In Camas). Should I live in Washington or Portland?
I want some nightlife/city life kind of living. I like the idea of being in Portland minus state tax, long commute, ect. Are there any neighborhoods in Washington/Vancouver/Camas that are young/hip/and…
I'm looking to hire an attorney to provide me with a lease in english and spanish for NYC.
Need recommendations on attorneys who could assist with this request ?
My boyfriend and I are moving to Southeast Florida in the next two weeks. He will be working in Boca Raton but is from Plantation and would prefer to
live somewhere between Plantation and Boca. He doesn't mind the commute. I'd like to pay $1300 or less in rent and would prefer a 2 bedroom for the right price. Can anyone help with possible complex's…
My company is leaving the state and I'm moving with it. Help!
My company is leaving my state so I am seriously considering relocating with them. I am currently in the Detroit-Metro area (about 30 minutes outside of Detroit, 35 from Ann Arbor). My 4 main options…
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