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I'm looking for wholesale single family homes in Charlotte, North Carolina
If you or someone that you know has access to wholesale single family properties in the Charlotte, North Carolina area feel free to give me a email at
Easy commuting from Denver to Westminster?
Hey everyone, So I'm new to the Denver area. Currently interviewing with a few companies. Two are located in Westminster, are very appealing, and I'd really like to work at one of them. At the same…
We are a family from NJ and we are planning to relocate to Tampa at the end of June once the schools end this semester.
I am looking for a 3 bed/ 2 bad but almost every property I find within our rental budget does not include any utility. Also, I have seen several houses with a wonderful price but I don't know any realtor…
East Lansing--is it possible to buy now and rent it out later?
My husband is starting at MSU in the fall, and we will be there for about 3 years. Initially we were hoping to buy a home and then rent it out after he graduates. However, from what we’ve read online,…
Delete my trulia account.
Wasnt happy that I didn't use the account and they took 50.00$.
Besides Forest Heights & Kingsmill- what are some other estate neighborhoods in the high 250k range, within the Williamsville school district?
Looking for a 4 bedroom house, 2000 square foot house, within the Williamsville school district border (preferably with a Williamsville address) within the next 2 years. I want to start looking into neighborhoods…
Where are some of your favorite places and things to do in and around the 22311 zip code of Alexandria?
Thanks, Van Garrett Jr. Direct: (571)295-4414 e-mail: Samson Properties
I found a hose in macadem for 950 a month when i request info the person reply saying a bunch of stuff about rules and asking if i was willing
to pay downpayment before move, they aren't here they are overseas it seems weird can i trust this person
How is Wildomar vs Winchester?
Hello, how is Wildomar compared to Winchester? How are the house values, distance to highway, location, and everything compared to other parts of Temecula? We will be traveling to San Diego often.
Where to look near Mainline? 160K, commute=approx. 20mins, taxes<3500, hardwoods, play area for child? No fixer, single family home preferred.
HELP! I currently work on the Mainline, but live in Drexel Hill. I'm looking to buy (given the tax credit and all), but my budget is limited ($160K). Drexel Hill is okay, but I'd prefer to…
Curious about El Cerrito safety.
Moving to the Bay Area and will be working in Point Richmond. We have found a great apartment right in our budget in El Cerrito off of Schmidt and San Pablo. Before we move forward, we want to make sure…
When you first think...."it's time we buy a new home" what is you next move?
Find a Realtor or do contact a lending institution or loan officer first?
How do I get you to take pics off of a house I bought on Dec 29th? I do not want people to know the layout of my home, opportunity for being robbed.
I need someone to delete the pics off of this site of my home. There has been break ins in my neighborhood and next door. I do not want people to have the layout of my home, if I get robbed and it is…
I received a Sale Confirmation Questionnaire from our appraisal district. Wanting to know the amt paid for a home I purchased in Dec 2013.
It also wants interest paid, how much cash down, how financed, what type of loan, has changes been made to property since purchased. Since Tx is non-disclosure state, do I need to fill it out.
What's the Status of the Town Brookhaven project?
Does anyone know the status of the Town Brookhaven project? When will it be open? It seems as though construction was slowing and may be picking back up.
I recently inquired about a rental property in Woburn and it turned out to be a scam?
I want to know how to tag it so that other people are not scammed. I contacted the owner of the home and they are very upset.
Why did Zillow lower Zestimate home prices in the Rita Ranch Area?
It appears from last week to this week every home has been devalued by 20k and more
Commute from Harrisburg to Uptown during rush hour and off hours?
Commute from Harrisburg to Uptown during peak and non peak times? Curious as to realistic travel times.
How do I post my house for sale by owner?
I just posted our house for sale by owner on Zillow. I tried for a while but just could not figure out how to do it on Trulia. Instructions would be much appreciated.
I am thinking about obtaining a real estate license in NJ but am very worried that the market isn't strong enough for me to make a living. I
just want to know how agents are getting by in NJ right now. And no offense but I don't need to hear a pitch as to why to work for one company over another. I need to knoe how anyone makes a living…
Golden Beach, Florida • Can someone tell me about it?
I'm a REALTOR® • If a fellow agent, owner or expert, can shed some light, I would appreciate it!
Relocating to Port Townsend
We are in the process of selling two homes in South Carolina to relocate to Port Townsend, WA and would like a deeper understanding of things to consider in terms of costs, culture, etc.
Hello, my wife and I may be relocating to the Sarasota area soon. My wife's job will be in Tampa close to Raymond James stadium
I will be working in the Sarasota area. Which area woule be most convenient from a commuting standpoint?
Hi, I'd like my name removed from a review. Could you do this?
Review for Camille Marotta be egarcia1. I don't want my name showing because I'm still applying for a mortgage and I don't want this to hurt me.
I am moving for a position in downtown silver springs and need help finding a place to live. Any help on where to live in the area please!?
Have husband and dog. Cant pay much, I pay 1050 right now for a 3bd house (in louisiana) and am having trouble wrapping my head about downsizing and paying significantly more. I want to rent for at least…
when are the kids out of school?
will there be school on febuary 17,2015
I will move to Orlando by Aug. & need a 4 bedroom home to rent or buy. Where should I look close to airport?
What would be a good neighborhood? I have young children and the schools are very important.
What are the advantages and disadvantages to living on a private road?
When it comes to privacy or plowing snow during the winter, what are your thoughts about living on a private road.
A lien was filed on my property by the HOA due to their improper record keeping. They admitted to the mistake. What should I do?
The HOA is in the process of releasing the lien, but the Clerk of Courts said they can never remove this from our record. Also, I don't want this showing up on my title.
New Home Being Built - Water Damage?
New Home Under Construction - Water Question Husband and I are having a new home built in Jacksonville. It has the frame up, plywood walls so far, and half has shingles. There are still some areas that…
Detroit Land Contracts that allow sale/sub-lease?
I am looking for Detroit properties for sale by land contract with no deposit up front. Where the seller would be willing to let the buyer sub-lease to a regular or section 8 tenant to pay back to the…
Roofing vent code in North Carolina.
Does anyone know what is the roofing code in North Carolina, when does roof require a vent or not. I notice that every one in my neighboorhood has a two vents on their roof , except my house. How…
I love that Queen Creek is community orientated. Queen Creek Star Students Honored by Town Council
The Queen Creek Town Council honored 23 Star Students at its Feb. 4 meeting. Students were nominated by their teachers for displaying citizenship, service and integrity. One student is chosen each month…
Raleigh relocation
I am moving to Raleigh in late spring with my 10 year old son. I work in marketing and will be moving with my job and working from home. I want to rent for a year to get a feel for the area and make sure…
Hi All, I am trying to compare real estate tax rates in San Ramon, Dublin, and Pleasanton.
Can someone please post tax rates for each of these cities? I am looking for precise tax rates not approximations. Thank you!
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