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Building a townhouse in Manayunk
I'm interested in building a townhome in Manayunk. My thought was to build two, live in one and sell off the other to partially fund the construction costs. Obviously I need a lot to build on first,…
Why doesn't Oneonta have more affordable apartments for rent for the Non-Collage Student Adult or the mildly disabled?
I have been seking an apartment for months. I am seeking a ground floor unit that is not in a apartment community (their rents seem significantly higher) All suggetions and ideas welcome. Thank you!
I am looking for other people like me in Lake county Illinois, to file a class action lawsuit against Lake County for fraud in our property values.
Our house in currently on market and when we purchased home in 2002 for 590k with taxes going from $11,000 in 2002 to $22,000 a year currently. The offers we are receiving are close to what we paid for…
Hello, I'm looking for an agent with experience in Commercial property in the Tyler, TX area to do a Broker's Price Opinion.
Making a loan on a property and need to know what it's worth. thanks!
Guidelines For Proper Body
The athlete of construction hooligan has been around for quite some period now, with bailiwick and technology expanding the mount to new spot with each future period. But as ability reveals much and much…
How important is it to educate buyer clients on the various listing situations they will encounter during there home search?
For Example: Short Sales, Trustee Approval Required, Equity Sales, REO Listings, Making Offers prior to showing, ect?
2639 Canal Dr. N. Lakeland 33801 is a very nice 3/1 that is renting for $750 monthly.
2639 Canal Dr. N. Lakeland 33801 is a very nice 3/1 that is renting for $750 monthly it is really hard to find a nice single family home for that.
Is Center Valley still living on dial up? It's perfect except for the Internet speeds. What HIGH SPEED internet providers service Center Valley?
PA? As We are relocating to Center Valley PA at the end of the month. I work from home and need high speed internet. Currently we have Verizon FiOS and I am highly disappointed it is not serviced in Center…
We are considering Petaluma. We have 2 boys 7 & 9. We are looking for a friendly, active, community w/GOOD public schools & reasonable housing costs.
-- This question was asked from this property:
Who is a great property manager around Ambridge?
I have a single family home I want to rent out soon. I am looking for a real estate company that does a good job. Any advice or recommendations?
How to download GTA 5 for PC? The gameplay is convergent on an open experience; gamer can select quests to follow with the news. He gets encumbered in varied endorse actions. The challenge labor dimension…
This is the million dollar question. I'm on a Fact Finding Mission. I have a property that needs to be heated and cooled. I would like to know how you feel about Gas vs. Electric. What are the cost…
Help! Can you live in Manalapan and go about your daily activities without having to get on Route 9?
We went to about 5 open houses today in Manalapan to be sure we wanted to live there. Have to say, we like the neighborhoods, but the traffic was crazy! I'm hoping that once you've lived there…
We're considering moving to Manalapan next year. Is there a certain area of Manalapan that I should target or avoid? Good schools is
definitely a top priority. Hoping Manalapan focuses on family, having various family events tailored towards kids. Also, would love for their to be numerous parks since we'd be moving from an area…
I am looking for the general telephone number for the bank of new York....101 Barclay street new York,new York 10286.
my husbands comp. Norfolk southern railways gets stock thru them..he just needs to know how to cash 6 certificate shares. help?
What makes the property sale prices lower than other suburbs around Converse?
Is it to many foreclosures or other economic or community issues?
What is the best area in Ventura, CA for families with very young children when it comes to schools, safety,?
and reputatble neighborhoods? Are the new construction homes a better deal than older homes when it comes to resale value?
Do I have any recourse if HUD fails to disclose a known issue with a property?
I recently purchased a home from HUD using an FHA 203(k) loan. HUD was adamant about not allowing the water to be turned on prior to sale. The FHA inspecion/repair list stated "leaks behind walls" under…
Cedar Crest or Sandia Park, NM-any info?
Hi! I was just wondering if anyone is currently living in or has lived in either of these towns. I would like to get some honest feedback about the area. I currently live in the Abq. foothills, so I…
Which areas around flint are the best for an army family of 4?
We are moving to the area for a recruiting assignment and need help with areas around flint that are safe and have great schools! Thanks in advanced!
What are some great mortgage lenders in the North-West DFW region?
I am in search of an efficient, honest, caring, responsible, straight-forward, & diligent mortgage lending professional or institution for a first time home buy.
low income housing rent to own
i am currently in an apartment and i am on section 8 and currently looking for a house with the potential to buy. I have been looking on a lot of web sites. where do i go? and what do i need to do?
Land For Nursery Plant for Garden Center
I'm looking for a land (1 acres or more), or a nursery plant place going out of business to establish the business again, for sale or rent. Located in Broward County Fl., north Miami or West Palm Beach.
Dream Life in manhattan
Hello everyone!!! I'm here looking for info on living in the big city. Ever since I left New York with my family when I was young my dream is to move back home but this time reside in Manhattan as…
How much noise do you hear from the airport if you live in Foster City?
I'm exploring the penninsula and Foster City is one of the areas I'm interested in. It's suprisingly a bit less expensive than the surrounding towns. I'm wondering if this is because of the airport. Do…
Should I stay or go?
I rented a house a few months ago.As soon as we signed the lease it rained really hard for a few days and flooded my basement terribly. The owners refused to fix until they were cited for the damage. I…
Will be moving to downtown Philadelphia.I'd like 2 BR min 1 BA.Live alone but work from home. None of the places I see have parking??
I need to ask my work if I 'can' move. We have an office in King of Prussia but rather continue working from home. Need to sell condo here in Basking Ridge NJ first. So what is deal with parking downtown?…
color of uniforms for kindergarten
color of shirt and shorts
I've been cyber-surfing NC real estate websites for a place to move to.
Rutherfordton, NC looks like a great place to move to. I'll be moving with four dogs when I move. Are there any websites, books, etc that can help me familiarize myself with the area? My initial search…
Hi, I was wondering whether anyone can tell me what street addresses had the zip code of 77251? All I know is that it is in Houston, Texas.
My dad lived there in the 90's and died in 1999. I was in the UK and have had no contact with him,would be nice to know where he lived his final years.
We are hoping to rent to own a house in Ventura county without paying fees or being scammed.
Has anyone done the rent to own process? Does anyone have advice for me? Or is anybody looking for a responsible renter?
I am relocating to the northern Virginia area and I will be working in Arlington, I am looking for a 2-3bedroom, 2ba townhouse or single family house
I am single and do not need to be around kids, my price range is from $1200-$1700, in Reston or Springfield
Where Grab Testcore Pro Report ?
Ahead of My spouse and i having this kind of Testcore Pro My spouse and i ended up being one people that offer their quite often within
Is there anyplace to live in Louisville where you can walk to the amenities?
I am considering a move Louisville and I am looking for a more urban area.
Where can I find free legal lease agreement forms on the web?
I would like to know if there are any good web sources that provide free legal lease agreement forms.
Are you looking to obtain a visa EB5?
Contact me to receive free information.
Looking for a real state agent with a great selection of listings in Cary
If at all possible, we would prefer to schedule preliminary property viewings for an upcoming weekend. We will be giving further details, but to start with here you have the basic information of what…
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