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I would like to find a rental for winter 2014-15
I just need a small unit. I want a swimming pool in a complex because I am a lap swimmer. I'm not too picky.
Need to find a rent to own house in the riverside CA
Will a high debt to income ratio affect us trying to rent to own a house..need to find a Holmes under 900 rent a month atleast 2 beds and a big yard for chickens and ducks along with dogs
Zoning question, Lehigh Acres, FL
My daughter and grandchildren live in Lehigh Acres and I was wondering if it is possible to own a lot with water, electric, and sewer or septic where I could park a small camper for a month or two each…
Tenant Background Checks
I am a small-time investor/landlord based in New York City. I don't utilize the services of a management company and handle just about all of the tenant paperwork myself - except for the background check.…
I am considering semi retirement in Spokane. I am an IT and Aerospace professional. How is the market for working part of the year in that industry?
I have a TS clearance and hold a CISSP certification. My recent experience is in the commercial SATCOM area but I have a broad IT/Space systems development background. If I can find work for a few years,…
help with information on living and renting in the area?
were looking for information on places for reasonable rent for people on a fixed income. i have a family of three. im putting my daughter threw collage and raising my fur year old grand son. i need a three…
I have found the property taxes are very, very high. Is this the case only in Summerville or throughout the county?
Has there been public effort to lower these taxes? They are not an enticement for the community.
How are the preschools in the area? Any recommended?
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Looking for a Home with a 3 Car Garage or Large/Circular Driveway
I am looking for a house to rent in the greater Lawton area with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 3 car garage. I will accept a 3/2/2 if it has a long drive way (holds at least 6 cars), has a circular driveway,…
que precio tienen los terrenos de lehigh acres florida?
hola quisiera saber el precio de los lotes de terreno en lehigh acres?
I am considering transitioning from a single family home to a townhome but worry about high-density housing and would like even a small yard. Any suggestions?
How much do skylights typically cost to install? Thanks!
I just bought an Eichler style home that is lovely and quaint but a little dark. I want to install several skylights in the common areas (living room, dining) to give it more light but am strapped for…
I'm a 19 year old female and I'm looking into getting my real estate license
I found a local school that will allow me to roughly get m license in about four weeks. The thing is, some people have gave me their insight of how real estate isn't a good field to get into because of…
Can you describe how Prospect Heights looks and feels for a person that has never lived here?
Do residents maintain their homes and lawns? Are there dramatic differences between different neighborhoods or zip codes? Is there a dominant architecture throughout the city?
I hear that there is a Keller Williams coming to Hoboken, NJ. Is that true?
If so, when will that be opening? It is not yet on the KW website
How to improve site load time?
I am working on and it is taking so long to load. Please suggest me ways to improve ths website speed
I would like to move on. from this horrible situation - in order to do so - I will need to find a house within the Rancho Carillo School Distrct -
that has a first floor bedroom and bath - one in which the landlord is current on their mortgage (see I learned ) and willing to do a long term lease as my little girl starts Kindergarten at the end of…
Considering moving from Bay Area to San Diego; need to become familiar with High-Tech area, nearby neighborhoods with good rents and low/no commute.
I currently live in Bay Area and considering moving to San Diego. I would want to have easy (or virtually no commute) to work. I need to find a job, but I would focus on where ever there is a good amount…
best place for a future art student to live in brooklyn?
not exactly focused on safety but i dont want to live on a street where im constantly stressed or worried about being harmed, having that being a normal feeling. i want to move into an aptmnt or townhouse,…
is there a website i can go to to find the tax rate per thousand for all property taxes combined in an area in tx?
i want to figure how much all property taxes will cost me for the areas that i look in
Nice neighborhoods or nearby areas around Silver Spring, MD
We may need to rent for a while but hope to buy a starter home in the next year so any suggestions for which neighborhoods or nearby areas might be good for us would be very helpful. It is just the two…
section 8 security deposit
are you allowed to accept a security deposit from Section 8 HUD tenant on a lease/rental agreement?
Does anyone know about the area of Francisville? It begins two blocks west from the neighborhood of Fairmount
and sits across the street to the north from the Spring Garden area. It is surrounded by solid neighborhoods but does not show alot of signs of gentrification. I found a house there I like but was concerned…
I am coming up to VA in DEC to look at homes. Haymarket or gainesville?? I need good schools and nice neighborhoods to live in. Any suggestions?? C.
I have young kids and really want a nice neighborhood and schools for them to attend.. which area would be better and why?? thanks for any info Curtiss
what is the best place for an art student to rent an affordable home in Baltimore city?
i very much like the city but i am mostly moving here for the music and art scene. i'm a high school senior and plan to go to community college in Baltimore then transfer to an art school also in Baltimore.
wondering if there were any homes (forsale) in the Tomball area with a country town atmosphere But with with the amenities of the city
Amenities such as stores (within walking distances [like to take walks]) restaurants (especially 1's that deliver) But the property is on a Low traffic street nice size yard for animals tool shed…
I want to move to Philadelphia but I am not interested in the rowhouses or twin houses. I'm born and raised in Ohio and our homes are not
connected. I prefer to have my own driveway, front yard and backyard. Is there any places in Philadelphia that offer those 3 things?
Fun, family-friendly Charlotte neighborhood to rent?
We're relocating to Charlotte with our daughters and are looking for a fun, family-friendly, safe neighborhood that is walkable and close to restaurants and shops (ideally locally owned, not chain…
I'm looking for wholesale single family homes in Charlotte, North Carolina
If you or someone that you know has access to wholesale single family properties in the Charlotte, North Carolina area feel free to give me a email at
What are the emerging hot spots in Houston?
Hi, I'm curious to see what the general opinion is on promising neighborhoods/communities in Houston (e.g. shorter selling periods, narrowing gap between listing prices and selling prices, increase in…
I would like to find a townhome for rent, Is there any other way I can find townhomes 3/2 b in between Orlando and Kissiimmee? Can't find anything?
Im looking for a home to rent, prefer a Townhome in between Orlando and Kissimmee. Spacious $800-900 or so per month... 3/2 b
We are looking into buying our first house and where we are in Seattle is expensive. I love what I'm seeing about Nampa but I have a question re: jobs
My husband is a medical assistant. I'm concerned about the job opportunities for medical assistants in the area because it's a smaller area and the demand for a medical assistant there is (I assume) much…
Max number of dogs/animals for boroughs out of city?
I understand inside the city you are permitted to own 5 dogs or 5 animals total. I was looking at a few places surrounding - Emsworth, Avalon, Bellevue for instance. Do I need to contact each borough…
How come it's so difficult to find what homes sold for in Collin County, TX? I lived in JAX for years and
was able to find what houses sold for? I'm interested in what homes sold for in the Star Creek neighborhood in Allen?
What are the best NJ towns to live in that have a great atmosphere and things to do?
I am a 30 year old first time home buyer - I currently live in Hoboken, NJ by way of Long Island and enjoythe lifestyle (bars, restaurants, shops, closeness to 'things') - what are some suburban towns…
I am looking to remt and eventually buy in The N Ft Myers, Florida area. I am a 52 Year Old single Guy and I use a wheelchair for mobility .
So it would have to be a wheelchair friendly condo apt studio. All I need is one bedroom and a big enough bathroom for my wheelchair to maneuver. I am wanting to move back to the are in the Fall of 2014.…
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