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I bought a foreclosed home over a year ago and failed to get a c of o now the city is taking me to court due to this what do I need to do?
There was a inspection done to start the process (for Certificate of Occupancy) due to the fact that the plumbing was stolen from the home prior to purchase and has since been replaced and plumbing approved…
I'm losing my home, I also own another property if I give it back to the bank can this affect my other home...
I'm losing my home, I also own another property if I give it back to the bank can this affect my other home...
I am looking to buy an inestment property at sheriff's auction. Any advice?
This is my first flip. The house is small and low price. Just don't know if I should risk it in this economy.
we have not paid our mortgage in over two years, can not afford it, what should we do?
should we contact the bank, let them know what we can afford to pay, see if they will work with us
new to the market house, what % will the bank reduce there price ? home is very moldy can i send pictures of it to US Bank to show how bad it is
I took pictures of this house and wanted the bank to review them butt the sellers realtor would not send them in, how can i get them in the hands of the destion maker at the bank ? also this house has…
have foreclsure issues
modification denied, now bank won't accept my payment. threatening to foreclose
my ex owned his home when we married. he refinanced after we married & signed the loan. i filed bnkrptcy after divorce. will the foreclosure?
affect me i am trying to purchase a home with an fha loan and wonder if this will affect the loan approval
Well known Arizona law professor/expert thinks if you are way underwater on your home loan people should let go to foreclosure.
He thinks no morals/ethics are involved. Strictly business. I tend to agree. The banks and other corporations seem to play by one set of rules and these companies want consumers(mortgage holders) to…
My client wants to buy a foreclosed home next door owned by an affiliate of Harris Bank, LaSalle 115 Holdings Series 18 SFR. Any way to contact them?
Harris Bank gave me the same obsolete number I found online. If you have had direct contact with this Llc, your help would be apreciated.
My townhome is paid off. What happens if I stop paying HOA dues.?
There are 30 homeowners in my community that are not paying their dues and still enjoying all the amenities that the responsible homeowners are paying for. Getting sick and tired of subsidizing these…
our house is 200,000 under value at best and at least 130,000 to loan. i just dont see the market recovering that much.
looking at it at an investment and not just owning a house, i think walking away is the best answer, no?
My house is in pre forclosure now off market assumed sold how can i find out how much? Can I purchase another home smaller one with cash ?
Husband has passed recieving some life insurance want out of this home. Can I legally purchase another home and pay cash. I dont want to deal with this home.
The home I am renting in WA has just been foreclosed on. The management co.,agents of the previous owner, insist I continue to pay rent to them. Do I?
The previous owner hired a property management company to collect rent . The property was auctioned and returned to the bank with no new buyers. It is now bank owned. I believe that nullified my lease/rental…
I was checking the bureau of revenue and taxes website in Philadelphia and a house on my block was bought by the bank April of 2010. When I called?
the REO department for that bank they stated that the house still belongs to the owner. How could that be if it's recorded that the bank bought it a year ago? Thank you.
Is it against the law for an HOA to disclose the names of the delinquent owners that do not pay their dues?
We have 30 homeowner in a 180 unit town home development that have not paid their association dues. Some of which haven't paid in up to 9 years. As a homeowner in good standing I feel I have the…
Hello, I am interested in the property on state rd for $67,000. The zip code there is 95321. Pl.ease feel free to e-mail me concerning
Hello, I am interested in the property on state rd for $67,000. The zip code there is 95321. Pl.ease feel free to e-mail me concerning this......thank
I cosigned on a mrtg for my parents home which is now facing foreclosure in TX. Will BoA be able to come after my home where my husband & live?
I Co-signed on a mortgage for my parents home. They are now facing foreclosure. I have not lived a day in my parent's home. Will BoA be able to come after my primary home, that my husband and myself…
Can I short sale if I have never missed a payment?
I am in good standing on both my mortgages, I have never missed a payment. I am 100K upside down at least in my home currently, and Chase has sent me a letter notifying me that my payment will adjust…
I live in my home and took out a second mortgage a few year ago. I am underwater bad and wondered what the best solution might be? Help! The second
was to pay for autos and things mostly. What would happen in foreclosure or short sale. I also have savings and 401 k that I could use tomove and buy in a cheaper area as my job cut my pay back.
Will Wells Fargo renegotiate my home loan or cut in substiantely lower if I am making only half the payments?
and how long can I live in my home before they kick me out? I LIVE IN GEORGIA.
Should I stop making payments when my condo is on the market as a short sale? Or is it better to continue to make payments if/when it sells?
I had to relocate to Tucson almost 2 years ago after my husband was accepted into school. Due to this, we had to leave our condo in PHX and begin renting in Tucson. Currently, we are paying 2 mortgages…
how can homeowner find if writ of possession is generated, phx,az?
I was never notified by mail, return reciept, hand delivery etc. of Forcible Detainer Hearing on 10/19/2011. Is the hearing valid if I was not notified. Can a writ of possession be generated and if so…
I may not want to make an offer, why do I have to show funds to look at a place?
Our bank won't give a preapproval on a property that needs work before we can move in. No problem we can pay cash, but I don't want to show my funds until I get a look to see if I really want…
what does off market mean.?
i was checking properties and come across off market.does it mean the property is no longer in the market or has it been sold.
If a security instrument on the mortgage is not registered by the 1st lender, what it means to the borrower?
If a security instrument on the mortgage is not registered by the 1st lender, what it means to the borrower? In the mean time Borrower gets 2nd mortgage approved.
Do You Think Predatory Up Front Loan Modification Fees Are Becoming A Problem?
The recent "Loan Modification Boom" has given rise to the predator in search of easy prey. There are many fast talking, greasy haired Loan Mod Salespeople beginning to flood the market. I have heard…
I am trying to get specific information regarding a pre-foreclosure property located at 906 Huggins Avenue, Placentia, Ca 92870.
There are no specifics listed about this home. Can you help me with this and let me know how far into the foreclosure status this property is? Thank you so much!!
Can a HOA get a lein without sending me a certified letter ? There was an email with no details from HOA- does the the court need to notify me
I received a 10 day pay or a lein wil be sought by email. No certified notification and no account details proving so were sent. The funds I am in arrears for are exactly the amount of a special assessment…
forecolsed home insurance
i need to find the tipe of insurance i need to be able to be a subcontractor on foreclosed homes clean outs
I am thinking of starting a business that evaluates foreclosed homes for additional financial risk due to being left unoccupied ( pipe breakage., etc
Roof coverings, heating system left full of water, that sort of thing. What are your thoughts? Would banks and real estate be interested in keeping their future assets protected? Thanks in advance.
What's going to happen to all the short sales & REO's that are unsalable due to leaky oil tanks & cashless seller? They going to
end up city owned? I just had the tank of a short sale tested. It's leaking and I'm walking. This has got to be going on all over as the turnover from sellers with no cash, or like a bank, no…
Very specific question about buying a new primary residence after relocating for work and giving my old house back to the bank
My home has been on market in NJ for almost a year (unoccupied and underwater on value). I have an FHA mortgage (hence almost no equity) I am renting in western PA where I had to relocate for work. I…
I am from Australia and thinking about buying a foreclosure property in USA does anyone have any advice?
I would like to know how to go about purchasing a foreclosure property in usa I am from Australia
I am currently renting from a landlord has a usda loan and the house is being foreclosed on. Do i still pay him or the loan holder?
i am wondering if there is a possibility that we take over the loan payment? we have been here for 4 months and have paid rent every month and the landlord told us he would reduce it because the house…
foreclosed house has been closed up for 1 yr. surface mold on basement paneling, and a few spots with clusters of mold, normal?
zillions of dead sow bugs, carpet in basement has rust stains, the tack board for carpet looks a bit rotted..the other side of basement that does not have carpet looks completely dry to the naked eye.…
is this right? $6,466 (Opening Bid)Constantine Drive, Huntington Beach CA 92646 how much is it really?
cost on this home? i would love to try and find a home for around 600-700 a month and i'm a 1st time buyer
landlord try to defraud lender
im a tenant renting a home my landlord dont want me to make the check payable under his cause the house is in process to be foreclose, he tell me to put the check to friend cause he want the bank to do…
I am going through a short sale with my home. The bank wants me to pay 5k at closing. What happens if I cant pay the 5k at closing.?
Wells Fargo just accepted a bid of 23k on my home. The only bid. I also have second mortgage of 16k. In their letter they are asking me to pay 5k in closing costs. I have no additional savings or income…
Anybody willing to offer an opportunity to a trash out business to provide a bid for cleaning out a foreclosure? We are licensed and insured.
I understand that there are routes that need to be taken in order to bid on trash outs but I'm having such a hard time breaking into this business. I just need that one person who is willing to offer…
Aren't all foreclosed, bank-owned houses supposed to be vacant?
I just came across a bank-owned home that is still occupied. MLS #210070597. If the bank owns the property, why hasn't the sheriff evicted the homeowners a long time ago, and why would the bank…
How can I find an investor to purchase a home I am interested in & lease it to me with an option to buy within 1-2 years?
I have found a home I would like to purchase, but do to current credit score cannot be approved for a mortgage, I will reduce credit debt by this February, maybe before, but have been told it will take…
Buyng foreclosure from FM. Got commitment, did costly repairs, was to close on 10/21, now title co. can't close. If not by 10/31, closing costs
not pd 10/31 HELP My email is As I tried to fit wording in above, in process of buying TH thru Fannie Mae, got commitment, did all repairs including an expensive water heater that…
I had a home foreclose on me, about 3 years ago. I tried doing short sales but the bank would not allow any to go through. I am in a serious
relationship. He is concerned that the bank can come after me for the house that was foreclosed on me. It sold for less money that I had short sales for but it did sale. So beside my credit being bad…
Re closing was for 10/21 with Fannie Mae on foreclosure after costly repairs and closing costs to be paid by them if close by Oct. 31.
If I don't close by 10/31 then Fannie Mae won't pay closing costs. Got commitment & did costly repairs. Reason: With regards to the closing on the above property. We will need to get a contract…
seniors-towehouse or condos -forecloser ,with security
50,000-90,000-cost 2or 3 br&bath-garage.
my house was included in my 2007 bankruptcy. I took some items out. Then 2009 the bank came after me for $30,000. Can they after it was discharged?
we declared bankruptcy in 2007, discharged all debts and started to rebuild our live. A new home we constructed was included. I took out some item, but not destroying the home as we built it from sweat.…
The place I'm renting is going to sheriffs sale on the 15th if nov..I just found out. What should I do? Do I pay my landlord? Do I not pay in?
nov? So I am pretty sure I'm not going to get my deposit back so I'm thinking I'm not going to pay for November. But once the sheriffs sale happens what do I I contact the bank will…
can your husand own a house in one state?
can your husband own a house in one state, and wife have a house in florida with the homepath/fanniemay funding, wifes name is not on mortgage
REO Condo purchase, can they make you pay 6/mo assessments plus interest, 6/mo special late fees, plues legal fees?
I am purchasing a Fannie Mae condo with cash. When the association finally got us the 22.1 disclosure they said I, the buyer, am responsible for six months of assessments($2,623.80), six months of special…
I have a condo in Las Vegas, NV. The job I had relocated and I was no longer employed. I was offered a job in California so I moved. I was living
with a friend and paid little rent, well now I have to pay for a rental on my own. I can't afford to pay rent and a mortgage. I'm behind 5 mos. My bank wants me to complete a save your home program…
I am starting a foreclosure clean out company is does anyone know who to speak to in this area.
I moved here and want to start up here but not really sure who is handling the foreclosed properties. Can anyone help me?
Apartment Complex is going into Public Auction Oct 11 2011. How do I stop it? I was denied the first offer and they did not offer a counter offer.
Called lender, they said the offer was too low but they did not offer a counter offer. Cannot file BK bc Monday is Columbus day. Auction is scheduled Tues at 9am! HELP!!!
I would like a list of all of your foreclosures emailed to me at
I am wanting to buy foreclosures may i have a list of all of yours emailed to me ,
We currently have an counter offer from REO where they insist on using thier addendum. One item is "seller can cancel any reason. Is this a red?
flag? Our broker said this may not even be legal in Washington. Has anyone run into this? is it cause for alarm or just a minor risk that must be swallowed.
how can I get a free listing of tex lien properties in tucson arizona?
I have a friend who was taking care of his mother while she had cancer, she passed away and now he needs to find a home cheap and fast, as he is about to be left homeless. please help
loan in husbands name deed in wifes,
Can bank forclose on the house if the loan is in my exhusbands name only and the deed is in the wifes? State: Oh
Property owner is not paying his Mortgage.
I live in California and have been renting a room for nearly 3 years. I pay cash every month and I have no written agreement with the property owner. I recently have found out that the property owner has…
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