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Hi, Do Trustee Sales held at the LA Superior Court (Pomona) require buyers to pay in 100% the day of the auction? Can I bring lender pre-approval?
I am looking at a couple of homes, one in particular that will be auctioned very soon at the aforementioned court house. The opening bid - $702,850, the default amount is $45,000, and the final judgement…
The house next door to me is in foreclosure
It is rented, or sort of rented to some not too great tenents..police always here, junk cars, mattresses, etc in lawn. I just found out the owner died, no heirs, they are living there rent free, just…
Foreclosures and "loan amount"?
My husband and I are looking to buy a house at the beginning of next year (when he will be getting a promotion/raise). We originally were thinking we'd move to Corona, CA where the houses are much…
Bank withholding my deposit after pulling out of P&S
We were going to purchase a foreclosure ( gave deposit 10k and signed P&S). Had the inspection and it turned out bad. Pulled out and signed the release form and the bank did too. It's been 2 weeks…
Can a bank negotiate with owners of a house who have had the house repossessed in August 2011 ? The previous owners still live in the house..positive
This house is in California. Can the previous owners stay in the and rent it from the bank? Or will they have to move without a doubt? The house is on the market and has been on the market for almost…
Can I buy my house back at the listed REO price or my original default amount?
If my house REO listed for $50000 and I originally owed $100000. If have the cash to buy it for $50000 will the bank accept the offer or do I have to go back to reclaiming my house with fees, panalty,…
Who determines a foreclosed home has been abandoned?
Voluntary foreclosure in Iowa with 1-year redemption period to end 1/20/12. Daughter being foreclosed on had made partial move early to avoid all being done in dead of winter. While daughter was visiting…
What are my rights as an x-home owner that lost home to foreclosure in Aug.2011 only to learn that it was rescinded and the title is back in my name?!
The home was in good, clean, livable condition when I handed over the cash for keys. During the months it sat vacant while under the ownership of BofA, it was vandalized, squatted in, etc...and is now…
We gave our realtor a list of properties from Trulia that we were interested in. He told us that none of
those were available. They were all foreclosures in Diamond Bar, Fullerton, Brea, or Yorba Linda, CA. Why would they be listed on Trulia?
What's my responsiblilty after my home REO by bank under Illinois Law?
Can the bank after me for defficiency if the bank REO my house? I did have PMI at that time and how that play in my situation knowingly my house did not sell at the auction and no value stated how much…
How do i get cleaning contracts in the city of Memphis,State Tennessee?
Will clean foreclosed properties,from ceiling to floors
Do you have a Foreclosure or Rental or Eviction property that needs cleaned?
Hi my name is Kaila, owner of BPS Rental Clean up & Eviction Cleaning/Handyman Services We are Best Preservation Services, located in Modesto, CA. Please visit our website at; and…
Is the loan null & void and can they foreclose on property or is only ¼ actually the banks only?
Free & Clear Property was granted to 4 siblings after father’s death. One sibling bought out the other 3 for $100k each (taking out a mtg) and took title by Deed in lei in conjunction to a…
How long the notice of default is good for?
If the NOD was recorded and served a year ago, but the notice of sale is not yet, can the bank still file notice of sale? or has to file another NOD.
Totally new at the home buying game - any advice on how I get a list of foreclosures in my area (Bronx,
10465, particularly country club area). Also, what's the process if I'm interested in buying a property that's in pre-foreclosure?
I have a first and second mortgage totaling $775 K, and current value under $600 k (was $850 k in good old days). My omly hope is a short pay re-fi.
The servicer is Chase who is uncooperative. The value will never catch up. I need re-fi at current market value. Credit is very good. Anyone doing these things? Heard HArp 3 coming that may help
How can we find out if the home we rent is in forclosure if the landlord is not forth coming with that info? And do we still have to pay him the rent?
We moved into a rental home in WI at the end of July and days after we moved in a black lock box ended up on the door and the locks were changed on the front door. We are still living in the home. After…
What should I offer on a residential land foreclosure?
I am interested in purchasing an REO residential lot in a subdivision. The subdivision has 4 homes currently with the potential for 50. Lots are min. 1/2 acre each and are for sale but not selling very…
I am looking for an REO Realtor
I am looking for a reo Realtor that has access to bank owned properties. fort lauderdale area or others are ok too
Here's the scenario: received a notice of default, went through a trial modification that was not affordable, not paying mortgage now.
How will I know if my house is escalted to the foreclosure status? Will I just get a letter in the mail from the bank? At that point can you stop an auction date by putting your house up for a short…
Interested in purchasing multifamily - as a project and primary residence; the majority are bank owned or foreclosures. Any advice on where to start?
First time buyers with limited capital, but familiar with the RE markets, and ability to handle a fixer through sweat equity.
Ok so we are short selling our house but should we try tom save up money during the process, then rent, and hope to be able to buy again?
Or are we just screwed up with this entire market and will never be home owners again? What will it take to own a home again? Help. Also, is it true that the band can still foreclose on your home if…
Are foreclosures really a good deal?
In the market I am in all the forclosures are not a good deal.
A bid has been made and title certifcate has been issued by the seller.
When a bid is made on a foreclosed property that possibly has two mortgages. Can the secondary company attempt to vacate the sale once the Judge had issued the title certificate.
If your home is going to be foreclosed on what is the best course of action to start over? Do you try to?
purchase a new home before the foreclosure hits your credit report or do you stay in the home as long as possible, save money, and go the rental/credit repair route for several years?
Has anyone heard of Rehab America?
My nephew had an offer in on a bank owned condo. It was listed at $139,000 and he offered around $135,000. According to the listing agent when my nephew put his offer in there were no other offers.…
What happens if I File Chapter 7 near the end of my short sale?
I am near the end of a short sale and i believe my realtor has been less than honest with all the information given to us. HAFA for example. We have been told again and again that this is the incentive…
how do I get notfied about a Notice of default?
Bank sent paper to my home , as if landlord is living here, that she has not paid the last 3 payments on the home? donna
Record of ownership
My landlord house went into foreclosure I went to city hall they said the bank own the house as of .1-5-12- He never told me now who do I pay my rent too.
Can we be forced out of our home due to the owner being sued for back taxes?
I owner financed a house and land over three years ago. I've done lots of remodeling and landscaping. Today, I discovered that the owner owes almost $6,000.00 in back taxes. Will my family and I have…
Certificate Of Foreclosure
When your house go in foreclosure do you still pay the landlord.
Is it possible to make an arrangement with a homeowner who is underwater and cannot sell their house?
More specifically, I will guarantee to pay the mortgage for a set amount of time. In return I live in the house till it sells. If it sells we split any equity. If it doesn't sell before the agreed upon…
Looking at foreclosed properties n orlando
Want to know how to inquire about properties in metrowest
Over 2 yrs ago I put offer on a short sale. It was turned down and house immediately went into long foreclosure. Can I ever get a refund?
Realtor said it was due to FL law. I now have bought the house at foreclosure auction - can I get a refund now?
I need a lawyer to help me with the mortgage
I need a lawyer to help me with the mortgage company auctioning my home I have no job I have a child and no money to move out my house is on a shortsa
Is it possible to take over the mortgage payments of a condominium?
Let's say buyer qualifys for a mortgage on a condo. Years later, the buyer goes through forclosure and moves. Can I step in and take over the payments through a lease with the option purchase? In…
We have some real estate in Myrtle Beach and live in Georgia. We can no longer afford the place in Myrtle Beach. What do we do?
The other couple we have the property with was suppose to be paying the bills. She paid our part and not theirs and it lead to a lot of fees and other monies to get it caught up. Close to 10,000. We can…
How to start a forclosure property clean up business on a dime?
I have looked at many ebooks advertisments, ranging in price from 21.99 to 197.00. However I know that the majority of them are full of useless information. If anyone could steer me in the right direction,…
I have over $50,000 to invest in purchasing a home and a VA. We just paid off all our creditors and it
lowered my score. Now what can I do? We really want to buy a home. Can anyone give me advice or help us? We are stuck and confused! Help!!
The house I am renting is being sold at a trustee sale.
I have been keeping up to date on the sale information on a daily basis. When they came out to put notice on the house we were asked to move out. Now the person I am renting from I have we havent paid…
I bought a house in foreclosure with a unknown unpermitted room, What can I do.
Can I get money from the bank who sold me a house with a unpermitted room, It's going to cost me about $15,000 to get it fixed.
What does it mean when tax records shows the County as the grantee & a private person as grantor?
We've been told that the house we are renting was foreclosed on in January 2012. Tax records show deed grantor is my landlord & grantee is the County in March 2011. I'm trying to find out IF I should…
Possible Short Sale on Florida with Association owning title?
Some with result doing a short sale in South Florida, doing a short sale with majors lender (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo) when HOA take title?
Is this home being forclosed?
I am a new tenant in this home, I am curious to know if this home is being forclosed? I have 3 kids and weve been here a little over a week. I have had a guy come to the house taking pictures and when…
In bidding on foreclosures at auction, how close to minimum bids should I go? What other costs should I look out for?
Does a check qualify as cash? With VERY LOW prices in good areas, should I expect offers to come in close to a "regular" price?
What is the timeline for the New York state foreclosure process?
I have a friend in upstate NY ( in the rural area outside of a small village 17 miles from Canada ) going into foreclosure. They have not published the sale of the property in the newspaper yet. They…
I am requesting the assessors ofc to review the value of our home but needs 3 comps from our area that have sold prior to 3/33/12 and after 8/2012.
I found 3 comps but how can I check if they were a foreclosure or a short sale. Is there is a site for this?
How do you find out the status of a specific home that has been vacated and could be either in foreclosure or preforeclosure?
130 Fellowship Rd. is next door to me and has been vacant for the better part of a year. A couple weeks ago a realtor stopped by my house to ask me if I knew anything about the property next door, but…
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