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Wells Fargo Short Sales
Need advice on how to get Wells Fargo to approve the short sale my home.
Would u please respect the renters' privacy at 5107 IL Ave & not knock on the door? We have no info, pls go to sale 8/22 Bridgestone Arena.
The stress from this foreclosure is exacerbating my illness. We are only renters who paid EVERY MONTH.
Property Taxes: Foreclosure Purchase
In October 2011, my wife and I purchased a property in my home town. The property taxes due up to then were approximately $1,200. Well...we haven't closed on the property due to the bank waiting…
Considering purchasing a condo in foreclosure at 8750 Park Lane. How is this area? How well do condos hold their value?
This property will be on auction and also qualifies for Homepath financing. I know this are is close to SMU, but it is generally safe? Do condos hold their value fairly well over time? I would probably…
I'd some more information on a foreclosed apt. I saw. How can I do that?
What are my financial responsibilities regarding a short sale or foreclosure and PMI insurance? Purchase price was $186K.
Owe $174K on Condo loan, short sale potential price not yet accepted by bank is $115K. Bank does not know about possible short sale, but will shortly. Have not paid mortgage in 2 months and $20 short…
We put an offer in on a bank owned home (Reo) and in our contract stated they had 3 days to respond. Is this?
enough time for the bank to respond? Will it take longer for them to counter?
If I am the second note holder in a foreclosure, how likely am I to successfully bid and buy the property? (details inside)
I am one of three note holders on a property that is in the process of foreclosure: Note holder 1: Bank A ($650K owed) Note holder 2: Myself ($100K owed) Note holder 3: Bank B ($700K owed) "Bank…
House sold on courthouse steps, was in modification, atty did not notify of sale. Help please.
My friends house was sold on courthouse steps his past week. She had been in modification (she has an atty) and they did not notify her of the fact it was being sold! She is, of course, shocked. What can…
My name is on the title but not mortgage me and my husband separated and he kept the house being foreclosed from me and it now sold to the bank
If I knew I would of helped to save it but now it's sold..can I file fraud or anything to get this back
Pay HOA fees during short sale of my home or not?
I have decided to short sale my home. My HOA fess are only $15.00 per month. Should I go ahead and still pay the association fees, even though I am not making my mortgage payment? Don't want anyone…
I owe a nonpaying second mortgage. Can I foreclose and start making the payments on the first without paying the first off to protect my interest?
I own a second mortgage which they have not been paying. The first lien holders sent word that I would have to pay them off and would not accept me making payments on the first to protect my interests.…
My home in Harris County did not sell at auction, can I still save my home??
We lost our company last year and begin falling behind on our mortgage. Tried listing our home as a short sale, got an offer but Wells Fargo denied it. The offer was 30k less what we owed on the home.…
Are there real estate agents who specialize in foreclosures in L.A.?
Is there any advantage to buying a foreclosure? What are the cons? If houses I like are on the brink of foreclosure, how do I find out about them?
Why is the closing process taking so long?I am in the process of buying a foreclosed home. My loan is FHA
and 203k streamline, this has been ongoing for a little over 3 months now. They, meaning my loan officer and the bank selling the property has changed my closing date FIVE times now, why is this happening?…
Foreclosure Cleanouts
Hello, I had some questions on how to register my cleaning company as a vendor to clean out Foreclosures/REOs; where can I get a list of contacts, do I need to go to the Banks or Realators? Also, how…
I need serious help!
When our grandfather died, we found out that the house that he left the family to split had a 2nd taken out to help another family member buy a house. Fast forward 7 years, we found out that they took…
My husband & I have a contract on a house in Myrtle Beach, The house is bank owned Why is it taking so long to close ?
the bank keeps postponing closing what can we do to speed things up ?Do all the big banks do this ?
Hello, I would like to get involved in Real Estate Investing, and I am looking for a team of professionals to get moving.
While I haven't taken any steps yet, I have been studying the field for some years now and have always had an interest. I am finally confident enough and ready to get out there and start moving. My…
Can an owner be evicted form condo by the HOA if she still holds a 1st mortgage?
Scenario:california condo owner had a large assessment form HOA that went into foreclosure causing a recorded a Trustee Deed Upon Sale, owner still holds a 1st motgage.
How do I start my own business cleaning foreclosed homes?
I am interested in cleaning foreclosed homes, but have no idea were to start. Does this website offer any ideas or suggjstions? Thank you very much. Linda Smith
Hydrocarbon petroleum in well water.cant shower or drink
My well water is toxic leaving my home basically unsellable.I.Do I stay and risk serious health problems?Personally.The issue is petroleum and other hydrocarbens in the the aqaufer.Its been a month since…
I am trying to buy a FNMA foreclosure. They are offering Home Path mortgage but I want to go with an FHA and a larger down payment 40%.
The listing company seemed to think FHA was a possible problem.Do you think FNMA picks the Homepath buyers first
Can the bank go after your current home if you foreclosed on a previous home??
I'm receiving collection calls regarding the balance on my second mortage for a home that was foreclosed on. Apparently the first was written off, but the second is still outstanding. I was able to…
how do I foreclose on a property I seller financed?
Trust Deed, int only with balloon due in 16 months for $260K and they/or house will not qualify for new loan, and have always been in default over 2 yrs on taxes.
Foreclosures Cleanouts
Hello, I'm in Tulsa Ok and I was wondering how do I get my cleaning company registered as a vendor to clean REOs. Do I go to the Banks or Realators. Also how can I get started on cleaning for Fannie…
I would like some advice on bidding. A lot of houses are listed low and sell for more than the asking price.How would I bid?
Does having cash on hand make a difference? Should I bid right away or wait until the cut off date? Can I counter bid?
Can you make an offer to the with SUBJET TO INSPECTION.?
Front of house showes some ratting from water damage. You can not tell how much until the wall is opened.
Are any of your single family home listings available for sale?
I am interested in a rent to own, 3 BR, 2 BA
Is it common practice for Fannie Mae to refuse to negotiate on a Homepath home if major (not cosmetic) problems are found at inspection?
I have an accepted offer in on a Homepath home. We offered $12,000 over list price because we liked the home, it seemed in pretty good shape when we walked through, and there were multiple offers. On inspection,…
waht to do with my condo in Dania FL?
My dad deeded me whenhis condo. He has since passed a fews years back. I had been renting the condo and trying to sell it to no avail. Now my renter has moved out and I can't afford the mortgage…
Hi. In the process of divorce. Trying to sell house. 1st mortgage is with US Bank Colorado. bal aprox 236,950, 2nd mortgage with Bellco Credit Union
aprox 37,702. Value of house is aprox 285,000. House on market for little over a month. Both of us have excellent credit. Trying to get out of the house asap. Any suggestions. Need to move before school…
we are looking to buy an office space, about 3000 SQF in Bklyn. must be not more then 6 blocks from a train station , best id B or Q.
could be a mixed use ; with a store front and apartments up stairs to total 2500 sqf or more. very good credit, no financial difficulty.
Listing Agent with REO experience needed.
I am a team leader for the Flagstar Bank REO program. I am currently in need of an Agent who services the Fowler IL area to refer a Flagstar REO property too. Past REO experience is preferred but not required.…
want to make offer on home prior to auction
What is process of going inside of home and making an offer prior to auction
Do recorded liens and unpaid mortgages survive and carry on at a TAX DEED Sale?
I looked at the florida statue and that really did not answer my question or I could not find.
Filed ch 7 bk a year ago & included house, Chase tells me I still own it, they won't foreclose & I need to sell it. How is this legal?
I double checked w/Chase and debt has been discharged, ie I own home free & clear according to them. County is coming after me for taxes also since my name is still on title. Wanting to buy property…
How do I get money for short sale?
and who do I go to for the money
Orlando Short Sale Experts?
I need help with an investment property underwater in the downtown Orlando area. Need a knowledgeable team with a great track record. The Lender is Aurora Bank.
How can I purchase a Bankruptcy house in limbo?
I found an REO home that's not yet listed. The bank said that they would be willing to do a short sale but I had to contact the owner of the house. Went that route first because I couldn't…
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