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we fall in love for a foreclosure house.but the bank ask us for a 20% down or a crdit score of 680..what we need to do to raise our score in a short time ? or if we go convencional loan do we still have…
I have a rental condo which is "under water" and generates a negative cash flow - what should I do ?
I used to leave in this one and bought a bigger house when market declined. I have a good tenant that pays on time , but rent doesn't cover HOA and taxes . I bought the condo for $330K and market…
Can I purchase a foreclosed home if my husband has good credit and I have bad credit?
My husband and I are searching for apartments but we found a couple foreclosed homes that for us would be cheaper. We are recently married have a four month old son and we have a child on the way therefore…
How long for bank to approve Freddie Mac home offer?
This is getting frustrating. We are on step 7 of offer and acceptance, with no material changes. The offer is full price cash offer, this shouldn't be a big deal. The property is not that much under…
Homesales, Inc.
How do I contact soemone reagrding property in Lakeside, CA owned by Homesales, Inc.
REO seller has countered my offer, I accepted counter, but REO is not signing my acceptance!
What is going on! REO took three weeks to counter. I immediately accepted their counter and now they are ignoring me. REO's agent told my agent that I should not get inspection or appraisal until REO…
How long does it take for BOA respond in fixing mold problem?
Found mold during house inspection and counter offer to have mold fix. banks will not fiance it until bank fix it
answer back of timing? Can I request a timing of answer?
BOA did get quotes for mold remidiation after their realtor and our realtor, maybe they didn't trust their quotes, I guess. I just want a answer how long will boa give me answer yes or no. I am under PA,…
my notice of trustee sale amount is incorrect
what are my rights to delay the sale?
How can I make an offer and put a property under contract for the purpose of wholesaling withoutt putting down earnest money out of my own pocket?
No seller or agent I've encountered will accept my offer without earnest money down! And no buyer/investor will consider my deal unless it's under contract! Myself and those I wish to assign…
California-HOA is going to auction our lienWe have not paid mortgage/HOA since 2010 waiting to hear on a modification Can HOA kick us out before Bank
Not sure what it means for HOA to sell our Lien? I believe this is our last program that can help us with our mortgage. I lost my job and we stopped paying both Hoa and bank. At this point if bank says…
i have some stock i plan to sale to buy a house,but all the real estate people want is pre aprove loans why?
i think i can get a better deal with cash i am 65 don't need to worry about a loan.
how do you know which bank bought your home?
my house is located in 30034, and it went on foreclosure on May 1st. I would like to know which bank purchase it and is it possible to get cash for key? I'm still living on the property and I'm…
What is the legal position regarding home occupancy after paying under the Making Home Affordable Act reduced payment is approved?
Have been paying under this agreement but called to make a payment and now BofA told me I had called to opt out of the program. Not true. Now getting lots of letters regarding short sale, deed in lieu,…
Contact Person I would like to make an offer
Who do I need to get in contact with for info on the following repo property : 220 Ricefield Way Unit 20 Parcel # 03-11984 Brumswick, Ga.31525 Thank You Craig Iler
my house would go on trustee sale tomorrow how can i stop it throught bankruptcy court i have filed tro and adversary complaint but wasn't
approved tried to print the process to stop by lynn but i did not get all report complete please help
Bank Repo Reply to
Who do I need to get in contact with to make an offer on the following property : 220 Ricefield Way unit 20 Parcel 03-11984 Brumswick. Ga. 31525 Please let me know asap
Appraisal came in lower than accepted offer on How long does a bank usually take to review a price change addendum for an REO sale?
I am buying an REO home through the website. The seller accepted our offer of $147,000 with $2,000 contingencies on 3/16/12. The appraisal came in at $140,000 and we sent a price change…
What are the procedures if you want to bid on one of the houses up for auction? Is there anyone in the area that works with HUD homes & poor?
credit? My children and me are homeless right now I have a small down towards a house and would rather buy than rent.
lots for sale and or in foreclossure
lots or acreages to build on in the Allen area for sale or in foreclossure
Need A B P O done
need to find someone to do a B P O
2mo into a SS offer in FL. I was told "Now the issue is the bank is req. cash from the seller at closing, but seller does not have $ to
cooperate." It is my opinion that this is there way to get me to offer more$ .... which they did suggest to make this go through. Though I did not get a formal decline or counter offer.
Can HUD keep my earnest money if it is their fault that we couldn't close on time?
I put a contract on a HUD home on 12/22/10 with a closing date of 1/25/11. On or about 1/2/11 I was told that the property had been broken into. All of the copper was stolen, and a lot of damage was…
In a foreclosure closing are (seller) banks required to cover all HOA dues that were due even before they were acquired the by the bank.
I have a bid for a property that has overdue HOA fees that were not paid before that bank took over the condo. In the contract the bank wants me to sign an addendum that they would only pay the amount…
Foreclosures... Worth it for First timers? How do we find them?
As I posted earlier, we are first-timers. Are Foreclosures worth it? How do we go about finding them? DO we have to purchase an online membership from those foreclosure companies? Can we really save a…
Can the HOA refuse to open our community pool due to lack of funds?
Our community was given back to the bank last summer due to the developer not paying his end of the deal. This year the Bank is claiming not enough money to cover the cost of operating our community pool…
How will Bank of America Mortgage-to-Lease program in Arizona will impact foreclosures and Short Sales?
The owners will be allowed to rent up to 3 years at market prices to avoid foreclosures.
Short Sale / Foreclosure - need advice
I put an offer on a short sale just under a week ago. I contacted the agent just to be sure the secretary did get it submitted, he said it was and that now the owners are goin to court to start the foreclosure…
My name is Charles Moore and I am VERY interested in this property.
I am relocating to the downriver area and this looks great for my family.please contact me asap at 734-624-0304 and my email is I look forward to speaking with someone about this location.
Is this deal dead? Homepath Seller has not yet responded and Termite Contingency has passed.
I am currently under contract for a Homepath property where we asked the seller to treat and repair active termites. The termite contingency has expired on Friday, 5/18 where either they needed to accept…
in FL, would the county of Broward negotiate a settle with a new owner who acquires a property with significant liens for outstanding violations?
I am looking to purchase a property that has a stagnant swimming pool water violation. The violation has been since January and carries a $250/day fine. This would lead to a heafty bill. Is the a way…
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