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I have been in my home for over 6 years. I am a single mother of one that has been desperately working with Litton Loan, a servicing co. that your
bank works through for some type of Loan Modification or Home Affordability program that will fit my current needs. It is my desire to stay in my home. Should I present the Loan Modification paperwork…
We are looking at a foreclosure with Bank of America and when we first looked through it my dad noticed what he thought was termite damage along one of the baseboards in the living room..our agent said…
Should I rent to own or lease with option to buy?
Found out yesterday I dont have any credit. Learned that apperantly paying in cash and in full at one time didnt help me. But I dont know what would be better to do? And can I go to my bank and see if…
when does "right of posession" vest? At Sheriff's Sale or after Confirmation?
I was foreclosed upon by a Junior Creditor (inc. Business Debt where i was an Officer), they took my home subject to a USDA 1st. The 1st (W/ prepayment penalties and low income assistance payment re-payment…
I am looking to bid on a property through the court house auction? The starting bid seems Very low for the
homes in the neighborhood. What should I be looking for? It seems almost too good to be true.
I am interested to get more information about the townhouse located Boheme Dr Houston 77024.Who is the contact agent?
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In order to get the short sale moving can we contact the seller directly?
We made our offer 4 months ago. It was accepted by the seller and submitted to the lender. The BPO was ordered and done. The listing agent states that the hold up is the seller. Seller not want to deal…
Am I responsible for an equity line on my property in S. Florida when the primary lein holder has completed bankruptcy on my property.
The equity line was used to purchase the home. It was not a situation where I pulled the money to go buy items for myself. The 1st and the equity line equal the value of the home. Shouldnt they be going…
Info on a home..
Im interested in information on 125 Carriage Rd.Williamsburg,Va..I would like to know condition of the home and if it needs any work..Thank you..
If you are in a short sale process, seller signed the acceptance, paperwork submitted to the bank
and awaiting a response and the time is expiring in the short sale addedum - is it smart to extend the offer as is @ the same offer price OR re-submit it at a higher amount? will a re-submission start…
I am wondering how many people received a loan modification from Bank of America ,then told that in "post closing" the Dodd-Frank was
missing? An attorney in Ohio has over 28,000 of these cases all missing the same document. An amazing coincidence or a means for a co. facing bankruptcy to secure capital through short-sale and foreclosure…
Can a landlord charge tenants rent after the sheriff sale was completed?
The sheriff sale was November 27th. The landlord gave me my security deposit back and informed me in writing to stop rent payments to him in November. The bank contacted me in December and also informed…
What is the employment rate in Taos?
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I live in Colorado and my house is owner financed and he is trying to foreclose on my house.. i need advice please
the owner bought the loan from another person that was doing owner finance 14 months ago. I have made my payments but he is claiming that I made a late payment Jan 2011.. I realized he had not cashed the…
Reasons why a Foreclosed home is not listed on Trulia?
Are there any reasons why a foreclosed/bank owned home is not listed on regular sites as trulia, zillow, realtor, etc.? How reliable are realtystore, realtytrac, and irenttoown sites?
Hi, is this property still available? if so may you give me more information about it . thanks
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I received a summon on 2-18-13 from HOA for not paying my hoa dues. I dont want to loose or sell my house only have 20 days to respond I contact a lawyer yesterday she ask me a couple of question was going…
I am looking for a home in around the Kingston MA area. I want waterfront property. Do these properties ever go into foreclosure? I'm a cash
buyer I am looking for my future retirement home and want something on a lake or pond (ocean front is too expensive). Areas would be Cohasset, Hull,, Marshfield, Kingston, Pembroke, Duxbury... wife does…
Would like more Information on this property in Sorrento E?
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Reasons for Cancelled home eviction in NJ?
I was scheduled to be evicted on 3/5/13 when today via Fed Ex I received a cc of a letter sent to the sheriffs office by the mortgage companies lawyer. The message says simply "Attn Sheriff, Please…
The home I was renting was foreclosed last Oct. I received Cash for Keys, I was told we have to pay taxes for it.
Hi! My family and I were renting a 2 flat that was foreclosed on last Oct. The bank offered Cash For Keys for both Units 2800 each. I was told we had to file it on our taxes. My son was told today that…
Will I loose my primary home?
I have two homes. One I bought outside of NYC with my ex-boyfriend. When I moved out he took over payments and he has been living there his new wife for the last 3 years. I purchased a home by myself 2…
how do i find what bank owns a forclosed home?
the home at 5005 shady acres inverness fl has been on the market now its off and sitting i have seen the inside and would like to buy it how do i find the bank to make a offer since it is off the market…
how can i buy a foreclosed ?Is it diffcult?
there is a home on campbell st it costs 7100 if i pay cash for it how long would it take to close -- This question was asked from this property:…
I recently saw a house for sale thru Trulia. It is a forclosure thru "Realty Trac". There is no way to contact "Realty Trac" to
find out more. What is "Realty Trac" and why do you have to sign up and pay 45.00 for a 6 month subscription to view their forclosure listings. ? I found a home on Trulia that I would like…
What additional costs are involved when purchasing a home in Baldwin county AL, whether a foreclosure or a regular sale?
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SE Lucie Blvd #9-304 which is listed on Trulia, i was wondering if this condo accepts larger pets ?
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I'm a tenant, and the duplex we're renting has been foreclosed on. Our landlord's redemption period ended on February 9th. What are my?
rights? We have not heard from the new owner of the building (the mortgage lender) yet. Our old landlord paid all of the utilities, and has just contacted us asking if we were still in the property because…
Is a Short Sale or Forclosure better for the buyer?
There is a house which will likely go under foreclosure in a few weeks. But I heard from a friend of the lawyer for the home owners that they may want to offer it in a Short Sale, but that may just be…
what is the new property tax after a forclosure?
if the forclosure purchase price is ten times lower than the assessed value, is the new tax, after forclosure, ten times lower? thank you. emil
Is this house on the market yet....I see no sign.??? What bank do I contact to make an offer???
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Sotelo, Mission Viejo CA $198,800 Est. payment: $891/mo 3bd / 3ba Is this active?
Sotelo, Mission Viejo CA $198,800 Est. payment: $891/mo 3bd / 3ba Is this active? -- This question was asked from this property:…
Looking to buy from the action at the court
I am planning to invest on real state properties, and I am interested in find out how to buy from the action at court. Miami Dade County has a website were you can bid, but i need a Realtor knowledgeable…
Is there still a market for flipping homes on Oahu? Does it depend on if its a condo or home,?
or is that irrelevant? What are the best areas of the island of Oahu for flipping?
What is the most cost effective way to do title research for multiple properties before forclosure auction?
Foreclosure auctions have hundreds of listings per week. Out of these I often find as many as 20 properties I may want to bid on.
What are my rights under the law now that the house I've been renting has been sold at the courthouse steps?
My wife and I have been living in this house for ten years and the landlord has lost it to foreclosure. The house was purchased by the mortgage company on the 7th of Feb 2013 and now we have no clue what…
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I would like more information and pictures on this property please.
Mr Cash Dr Cowpens, SC 29330 3 bed, 2 bath 864 sqft Single-Family Home $54, 525 -- This question was asked from this property:
I would like more information on unit E-10 on Front Beach Road. How do I obtain more information?
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How do foreclosures and auctions work?
I am interested in buying a home that is in foreclosure? How do I find homes that are in auction? Can you get a good price on an auction house? How do I make a bid on an auction house?
Home for sale at Brighton estates
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New question yesterday morning I asked about my deceased landlord His wife spoke with us yesterday the house is going into foreclosure How long will
it take for them to foreclose and I understand I have to be legally notified of the foreclosure and given time to remove myself from the premised
AB284 - Any news about this?
Hello, I recently heard that there has been a change to AB284, and that this change is going to help the bank foreclose faster again, and thus the inventory will rise again. Is this true?
Why am I asked for a credit card no. to look for forclosures? Why is this not free information?
I am looking for a home that is forclosed on. I would like to move quickly and dont see a necessity for loans if it can be bought flat out. I want easy, quick, done, no problems. obviously, real estate…
Can a mortgage still report negative after the foreclosure date?
I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit and recently pulled my free credit report to make sure what has reported is correct. I have a foreclosure on my report and I noticed that it reports negative…
Hello! How is everyone, I am seeking some info on who all I should contact to offer my property preservation and construction services to?
I've sent nice brochures and a quick introduction via email to a lot of local realtors but I want more (work) than I've received so far after a week :) Thanks to all!!!
Fiduciary responsible to inform Owners
Does the President of a HOA has the fiduciary responsible to inform Owners' of the foreclosures and if any income has been generate from bank owned? A homeowner is demanding that the association…
this is the final price of the property? the cost x months pay? terms of tax? few sq, ft. has own? have restrictions on renting?
-- This question was asked from this property:
i need a phone number realestate agent
iam interesting in buying in coral springs -- This question was asked from this property:
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