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How does the National Moratorium on foreclosures and evictions work? Are home owners no longer required to pay their mortgage?
Are they allowed to just rent the home, collect the rent and not pay the mortgage? When will all of those homes be released to the housing market?
Is NACA The Russian Romance Tour Operator Of Foreclosure Rescue?
Where can I get a list of foreclosures in Southlake, TX; more specifically Carrol ISD?
Where can I get a list of foreclosures in Southlake, TX; more specifically Carrol ISD?
My landlord filed bankruptcy before we moved in, and was closed 5 months later. We had no idea, and rcvd a notice of trustee sale months after that,
meanwhile paying rent every month. is this fraud on his part? can i report him to the California Bankruptcy court?
My real estate agent wants me to pay him on the side and not tell the bank. This sounds wrong. What should I do?
My bank was going to foreclose but I hired a realtor who is a short sale expert and we found a buyer. The bank has agreed to doing a short sale but has lowered the amount of total commission that will…
Can I rent out my HUD home - cash purchase?
Can I rent out my HUD home? I’m buying a HUD home with cash as an owner-occupied, after it has been sitting on a market for around 2 months at the time of bidding. It is scheduled to close soon…
Possibly foreclosing in Chicago, live in California - is my husband protected if he isn't on my mortgage?
I bought a condo in Chicago in 2008, and moved out of it in 2010. I have been renting it since then. I purchased the condo by myself, and I am the only person on the deed and the mortgage. Since then,…
I live in Calif my home was auctioned on 11/1; the new buyer changed the locks on 11/5; hired a hauling co to destroy my items on 11/8 didn't
tell me I had several thousand dollars of ceramic molds from my business in the garage and the haulers broke all my pieces throwing them in the truck. What rights do I have
I have a money judgment lien on a house. I recently received lawsuit summons for foreclosure. Should I have been sued?
I am in 3rd place as a junior lien holder. What I am so upset about is that I was sued, served with a summons without prior notice. It will cost me $505.00 to file an answer. The suit states that if I…
Foreclosure addresses
I'd like to contact owners or the bank for a good deal
Unpaid HOA dues, Chapter 13, and Co-signer Protection
My ex husband purchased a condo years ago, which I co-signed on for the mortgage and title. He has since stop paying on it as well as the HOA. The condo went through foreclosure and was sold by the bank,…
What are the necessary steps I should take into legalizing an REO Trash Out business?
I reside in California. If I file a Fictitious Business Name, get the EIN, Business insurance and bond, can I start to get contracts with banks and realtors in my neighborhood? Is there anything I should…
Are there any attorneys here who offer foreclosure or other mortgage related litigation services?
Amerevision is always looking to expand the list of vetted attorneys and law firms whose work we will fund.
Home Affordable Modification & Unemployment Income
Do you have to include unemployment benefits in gross income in determining whether or not your mortgage payment to income ratio is over 31%? I have received several different answers, and I still don't…
I just got denied for a loan modification through Citi Mortgage. Now they are going to Auction the property. How long do have after auction to move?
The Foreclosure sale was haulted previously and not they want to sell the property with-in 15days of being denied the Modification, is this even possible? So far I am hearing 15-30 days after the sale…
Why do I hear so many people short-selling their homes if they can afford to make their mortgage payments?
My parents have worked hard their entire lives. They have depleted their savings and both are working two jobs to support our family. They can afford to pay the mortgage: it is tough but they can afford…
CALVET Shortsale Bungled by Listing Agent, now Foreclosed, what now?
Job loss secondary to disability caused me to stop paying on my primary CALVET mortgage / and 2nd in Oct 2011. My listing agent commissioned a third party to administrate the technical aspects of the…
Should we keep our home, or move?
I'm going to be 18 in September, and live with just my mom. After my dad past away last year, I get $1,000 from the government each month from the government. We bought a house about 10 years ago…
I can no longer make payments on a home I purchased in 2006
I purchased a home for my disabled veteran brother and his children, unfortunately he passed about 3 years ago. I have been struggling to keep up the payments but I have recently become disabled and can…
Trustee sale happened while under hafa review for deed in lieu..What can my parents do..I their Daughter Live In the Home W/kids
Hi my parents home in Sacramento County,California was sold at a trustee sale 8/31/12..while under review for hafa deed in lieu with Wachovia..They have never received a denial or any paper work from wachovia…
So how do I find out more about these condos ??? Do I really have to join Realty Trac??
I found a couple of condos that I like but there no number to call the agent to go see the place or make an offer what do I do?
Real Trac versus
Is Real Trac the best place to find foreclosure properties? What about On either of these, who is responsible for input of information, updates and accuracy? Thanks
Hi, Interested in buying small condo for investment purposes. I am looking for agent recommendations. (Foreclosure interest)
I would like to on paper have an equation where rent >= mortgage tax expenses. I want someone who is going to help me with this process by starting out small. If it works, I have couple other friends…
How can I find a family displaced by foreclosure to rent my 4br 2ba single family home in Slidell LA?
This immaculate 2216 sqft 4br 2ba single family home has family room with fireplace breakfast bar in kitchen formal living room and dinning room 2car garage fence in back yard with patio. I am looking…
Can I buy back my house if it's foreclosed on?
I bought a home as TIC in FL with my boyfriend about 2 years ago for $187,000. Our mortgage pmt is $1,500/mo including taxes and ins. We have always paid on time, but we are expecting that he will be laid…
I was left a condo in a will with a ex girl friend of the deceased She wont pay any bills or HOa etc and like her I only have name on title .
Can I force her to pay bills although like myself she is on title only or can I sell it as there is a mortgage on the property ? She lives abroad so do I need her to agree to the sale? and can she continue…
Are there Realistate Companies that need Professional Cleaning Services for Forclosed Homes?
A&K Cleaning Service is a locally owned company that is licensed , insured and bonded by Coverall Cleaning Concepts. Coverall has been around since 1985, providing cleaner and healthier workplace environments…
What are the HOAs for this property?
Foreclosure property on Katie Lendre in Fallbrook, CA list price $235,000 scheduled for auction on what date?
Balcont, assessment, taxes?
Balcony, assessment, taxes
is there a need for a property preservation company that cleans out foreclosed homes in the SE Ga region?
Foreclosure clean outs, lawn maintenance, minor repairs, rekeys, lockboxes, sweep/mop or white glove cleaning
I hold the mortgage on two pieces of property in Pompano B, FL. The owner of the property has died.How do I have the property deaded to me to?
sell> I financed some property for a lady in Pompano beach, FL who recently passed away. I want to sell the property and need to know how to proceed with obtaining clear title to the property so I…
Need help with buying a forclosure home with foundation problems. First house is almost on market and need a loan.
My husband and I own a home but are in the process of putting it on the market. We found our dream home but it's in foreclosure and has foundation issues. From what I've read, if we purchased the home…
I need to find out if I qualify for a FHA loan. How should I start the process. First time home buyer
I currently rent an apartment for 550 and everyone keeps pushing me to buy. I am a single income single parent with 2 kids don't know if its possible. In the process of building my credit.
is this house still on the market?
reginald road erath la
Is there a company in Berks county who cleans out and repairs foreclosures for banks?
We are looking to start a residential removal service in Berks county and would like input.
Are bank foreclosures being auctioned off at the county courthouse? In Travis county website, it shows mostly tax foreclosures. But I can't
find the bank foreclosures (obtained from RealtyTrac or other foreclosure sites) in the county's monthy auction list. Can someone tell me where the bank foreclosure auction is held? Thanks.
I am interested in a foreclosed home that will be on home path soon. I talked to the listing agent and she did the BPO for the home.. but...
I am interested in a foreclosed home that will be on home path soon. I talked to the listing agent and she did the BPO for the home, but Fannie never came back with a price to list the home. It was listed…
i have items still remaining in a home that was forclosed...the doors are would i get my things?
home is deserted... the home is privetly owned.. the home is abandoned, their is trash and old items everywhere
What happens if your home does not sell at public auction? How long are you allowed to stay in your foreclosed home?
The initial sale was postponed when I filed bankruptcy. Now that my bankruptcy has been discharged, what happens if my home does not sell at the public auction?
i need to know the schriff sale process in phila
how the foreclosed biddind starts and finishes and the amount in percents needed at the sale.
Who would I contact regarding the property at 81 Eagle Valley Rd. Sloatsburg NY?
We have been searching for the bank that owns this property. We have traced this through a half dozen transfers at the county office, but can not find who actually is holding the paper ja houser
Need help starting a forclosed cleaning business in bedford pa.
Hey my names matt and i would like to knoe how to start a cleaning business up to clean out forclosed houses. where do i begin at and what do i need to start? Email me at
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