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In Oregon, what happens to a spouse (not on the mortgage) in a foreclosure?
He hasn't paid in two years, (the foreclosure sale is in a month) and I had him kicked out due to domestic violence.
Rental going up for auction in a week landlord never told!
I just found out on March 15 that the home I am renting is going up for auction on April 2. I have been paying rent to the landlord every month and on time yet he never told me anything about this. Will…
Who pays Realtor commission on family buy out?
Sister & I inherited our deceased parent's house. No mortgage on it - paid off. I offered to buy my sister out. She is the Executor of my parent's will and wanted to get as much money as…
Did Doug felps house already sell?
Is the home in foreclosure
Put in cash offer on a foreclosed house on Mon. Nothing Tues. Called our agent on Wed he said there was another offer but lower than ours.
Ours was only - 4400. Will bank ask for final/ best or do you think we are close enough with cash offer. When should I hear something?
Question about short sale and impending wedding
My fiance is attempting a short sale on his home. We are getting married in September. If the sale is not complete before then, can my income get added onto his, potentially disqualifying us for the short…
Doing a Short Sale and Loan Mod at the same time.
I have signed a cooperative short sale acknowledgement with BofA, and I have an approved short sale and an approved offer that is in escrow. But the Mod department just called me to come in for a meeting…
The home I rent was sold at an auction how long can I live there if the new buyer want to rent it out?
The home I live in was sold at an auction and bought by a private company. A few days later a letter was posted on my door from a different business that is managing the property saying they want to continue…
60654 foreclosures and deals
Is it a good time to buy a newer 1 bedr 1 bath condo in river north or gold coast ? What are the average prices now? Any good buildings for foreclosures?
How much time do I have in my home? It has been auctioned and purchased by my lender Wells Fargo. It is set for judicial commitment in 2 days.
I was laid off in 2008 and continued to pay mortgage and assessments for 2 years until my cash reserves were exhausted. Began the process of modification with Wells Fargo who was extremely negligent in…
My home was sold at auction on April 29, 2008. My 6 months is almost up. What happens now???
What happens now? How much time do I have after the 6 month period? How do I find out who bought it? Is there a chance they will let me stay if I continue to pay utilities and keeping the house up?
How current are these listings? Are they up to date?
-- This question was asked from this property:
How do I get info to purchase this property since its foreclosed?
-- This question was asked from this property:
I bought a town house and when it came time to sign the bank didn't have a deed. Do I have recourse?
I had an offer accepted by the banks selling realtor and we had a closing date of the 28th of Feb. On the 28th they asked for an extension and I sign one, their reason was that the deed wasn't clear.…
Our house in florida , scheduled to be auctioned by court in 2 days, eventhough there is schedulle of hearing in a month, But auction won't be
cxl Should we leave the house now or will we get notice until when we can stay. Or the bank will just evicted us? Help please (February 2013)
90 day notice is nearing it's end, if I stayed through the legal eviction how much longer would I have to remain in the rental home?
My landlord died and the bank foreclosed even though my long term lease, which doesn't end until 2017, states that in the event of his death I am allowed to buy. Bank would not honor lease, home went…
Mortgage discharged, now walking away.... What's next?????
I need some advice!! We did a bankruptcy and it was discharged in jan 2012. This included our mortgage. We did not reaffirm and continued to make payments. My husband lost his job and we decided to walk…
I'm looking for a realtor that specializes in REO properties. We are per-approved but at a standstill. We want to see property and move forward
-- This question was asked from this property:
I have a HUD contract.I have 15 day from the day it is signed to get an inspection.
The contract just came back from another state. I am just finding out about the contract from my realtor and have until wednesday to get a inspector. The contract came back on the this past thursday and…
Who do I contact about a Realty Trac Foreclosure?
I'm a Realtor and I'd like to find out about how to show a Realty Trac Foreclosure home on Maple Drive in Cullman, AL
$50,000 Mortgage foreclosure on a $300,000 home... HELP!!
I currently have a Fannie Mae owned mortgage serviced by HSBC that is in trouble (HSBC sold the loan to Fannie in 2008). Due to decrease in income, I haven't been able to pay my mortgage for about…
Is the house on the corner of Blacksmith and Ponder still available?
-- This question was asked from this property:
How do I find out about a house that has been foreclosed upon?
The address is 701 Airport Rd., Cairo, GA
Can I purchase a home paying cash from my retirement fund in Georgia, if I have a foreclosed home in Florida?
We are unable to pay off our home in Florida with what is left of our retirement. We have just enough to purchase a home in Georgia.
Buying a house the bank bought back at auction
I went to an auction yesterday and they would not take a personal check for deposit. The house sold back to the bank and I couldn't even bid. Who do I contact about buying the house now.
Pre-foreclosed Home has gone into Litigation
I cannot get anymore info on the property in pre-foreclosure or why it's now in Litigation. The owner is deceased with no heirs and nobody has any legal interest in the home. What can I do to find…
Need advice - upside down!
In 2007, we bought another home, which was to be our retirement home. We took out a home equity line against our first home. Since we couldn't sell our first home, we moved back. We owe $129,000 on…
Can banks swap loans in secret?
My loan went from PNC to Wells Fargo with no recorded assignment at county recorder. Wells did not take over PNC and MERS was never involved in my loan. Yet somehow, PNC now tells me WF is owner. Can they…
Can a bank "promise" to offer an REO to a buyer?
Last year I made an offer on a foreclose home. While under contract, our attorney found some title issues and the contract was extended 5 times. Finally, were told by the owning bank the the property…
when this home will come in market .please let me know
i am asking about 50th st dallas,tx 75216(cedar crest).my email is -- This question was asked from this property:
I know what my rights are as a tenant but I don't know who I should pay my rent to next month? Also, what can I expect moving forward?
I'm on a 12/month lease with a Property Mgt Company who represents the home owners association which took posession of the condo I'm renting until the bank forclosed. The bank has now forclosed…
What the results of my title search mean?
I just had a title search done through an online company for some properties that are going to auction. I understand most of what is on there, but I am confused about some of the mortgage information. The…
Hi I'm interested on getting some information on a home in garden city.
-- This question was asked from this property:
Can anyone recommend a mold remediation company in Cleve, Ohio? Any of these guarantee forever?
I am purchasing a bank owned house with known mold. It seems that the companies I have had out only guarantee for 5 years. Some things I have read say that any guarantee is only worth as much as the…
How to keep house?
My home is in foreclosure. It is in my Moms name, not mine. She passed away in 2010. She owed $220,000.00 on the house and its worth about $75,000.00. What can I do to keep it, without owing the full amount?
Does a private first mortgager enjoy the same protection as a bank as far as overdue HOA dues?
My mother has the first morgage position on a condominium. The buyers deffaulted on her they stopped paying her, they also stopped paying the HOA dues. She is going to take back the property. The Association…
i am interested in that condo(or townhouse) on 1st St. #2 in Fort Lee, NJ. Who should I contact?
-- This question was asked from this property:
I need more information about this home?
-- This question was asked from this property:
I would like to look at this property asap. I have cash to buy. Who do I contact?
-- This question was asked from this property:
purchasing a bank own property foreclosed hoemis mit one of the same ? what are the proper steps to take in purchasing after being qualifed?
The question was is a foreclosure and bank owned the same. Is the process the same as buying any other home?
Is it a good idea to file bankrupts after getting notice of a foreclosure? Are there any other options to try to keep our home?
We have been working with our mortgage company Chase for over a year and half and have gotten the run around. We tried for a loan modification and got denied. Twice. Now they are pursuing the foreclosure.
What is the address on W View st , how many bedrooms , baths?
I can not tell what house it is -- This question was asked from this property:
Wells Fargo bought my house back in August, 2012, at foreclosure auction. I received ratification of sale in Nov 2012. Seven months later, they have
Wells Fargo bought my house back in August, 2012, at foreclosure auction. I received ratification of sale in Nov 2012. Seven months later, they have still not filed the deed, so county clerk (Anne Arundel…
Looking for a condo in Miami beach - one or two bedrooms - oceanfront - for investment
-- This question was asked from this property:
How to deal with agents when we are cash buyers?
My husband I are currwntly looking at fixer uppers in MO. We are having problems with the lisiting agent and she doesn't seem enthusiastic about the property or us. She keeps trying to give us information…
Extra defendants listed
Why are the previous mortgage company (the one I purchased it from as a foreclosed home) and other civilians listed as defendants on my foreclosure papers?
foreclosure homes in wrigley area of long beach Ca
how do I find a qualified realtor
i was told by a attorney that there are papers , and other things that can be filled, to help you stay in the home that was foreclosed on
up to 60 to 120 days while you get back on your feet , it would cost about $ 500 a month, is there such a thing
just did a drive by on a property on SR16. Who and how do we contact if we are very interested in paying cash for this property?
-- This question was asked from this property:
We have an "owner financed" home.
We have an "owner financed" home. Purchase price was $90,000. The monthly payments are on time. But the 2012 taxes haven't been paid. The landlady says that if we don't pay her the…
Please send me realtor info to contact about the property on Ida Wells road.
-- This question was asked from this property:
Will my father's foreclosure affect my mother purchasing a new home?
In 2005 my mother and father signed a loan together on their home. In 2008, my father signed a new loan without my mother's name on it after their lender changed from "national city" to…
is this property rentable?
-- This question was asked from this property:…
are there foreclosure cleaning jobs in atlanta georgia?
I am looking for a job in foreclosure cleaning jobs in atlanta ga
How is my agent supposed to put in an offer on a foreclosed property if there is no house # or agent on the listing?
Hawk eye Ln, Antelope, CA -- This question was asked from this property:…
What do you think?
I am in the process of making an offer on a home that is foreclosure that is owned by Bank of America. This house was built in 2005, and is absolutely beautiful! It was originally listed at 189. But has…
My house is in my ex husband and my name can my new husband be held liable since it is in foreclosure?
The bank listed him as well but he has nothing to do with the loan or title. Can he be held liable because he is married to me? We tried to put the loan in our names but they said no because I lost my…
is this home on Todd ln still for sale? bank owned? send info to
-- This question was asked from this property:
Bought a bank owned unit in zipcode 60651, need to evict, rehab and sell
I have just bought a unit in cook county, IL and the closing is happening in a few days, I need to evict, rehab and sell, looking for a qualified realtor/property manager to work with. Thanks.
How do I find out who is the agent listing the property?
My house is being sold at public auction at the end of this month. I have a lot of questions regarding the entire process. How can I find out who to contact to get my questions answered? The mortgage company…
Foreclosure in Washington State
The Scenario: I am renting a home from my parents. My parents bought the home from the previous owner and did an owner financing option (where the people they bought the house from carried the financing…
Please give me the names and emails for agents working with short sales and foreclosures in 07307 JC.
Please give me the names and emails for agents working with short sales and foreclosures in 07307 JC. Please e-mail me at thank you
Do I need to pay rent on a home that is in foreclosure with no rental agreement??
I am renting a property in DE with a verbal rental agreement, nothing on paper. I am aware that the property is in foreclosure, so do I still need to pay the owner rent??
What do you do if people are squatting and trashing your possessions and your in the hospital?
I am in the middle of dealing with my lender. I am not in Foreclosure, just disabled.
is this home still for sale?
-- This question was asked from this property:
how can i get in touch with an agent///?
interessed to buy a home -- This question was asked from this property:
i have no lease and the property is in foreclosure, do i have to get out without a proper evection notice?
landlord said bank was coming to change the locks, can they do that without an evection notice?
Tenants rights in foreclosure
I am renting a house in Spring Grove IL that is or has been foreclosed. How long before I have to vacate property?
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