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Was this bad conduct by a seller's agent
I made an offer on a Fannie Mae home the listing price was $59,000 My offer was $50,000 the bank counter with $57,000 I then offer $52,000 and agent say another offer won the bid with $52,050.00 Sound…
I am renting a house from the HOA who supposedly took over the property, today i received a "Certificate of Compliance with foreclosure
procedures" the notice says "unknown tenant" under defendants, what does this mean for me? what should i do?
Due to my current home being in foreclosure, will I have a hard time trying to rent a home?
I'm not sure what exactly to do since, my home is foreclosing and my credit is very poor. I want to rent and have a decent income but am afraid no one will rent to me. Please advise, thanks so much.
What is included with the condo when you pay the monthly condo fee?
It just seems high if it is just for exterior only.
looking for a forclosure/shortsale specialist (agent) - NJ
looking for a forclosure/shortsale specialist (agent). Looking to buy a 2-3 family around Belleville, Bloomfield, Kearny Area
Looking for an agent in bucks county pa who specializes in foreclosures and short sales
My husband and I are looking in central Bucks County for a home (for us to live in), preferably in a 55 or quiet townhouse/small community. We prefer the Warminster, Warrington, Newtown, Furlong areas.…
Bank foreclosed and got title. Immediately after, HOA foreclosed and I GOT TITLE from the AUCTION SALE. What can the Bank do?
The Circuit Court allowed the Final Judgment from HOA to get through twice within a few days and with some adjustments.
Is Michigan a non recourse state? If not, if someone decided to foreclose in the state of Michigan could the
bank or mortgage company come after your other assets or garnish your income? Thanks
Buying reo home
On day 57 we are at the end of out 2nd extension. both realtors have changed there storys 5 times on why we are still waiting to close. they are saying that there is a price difference of $0.60 and that's…
I am living a home in AZ in foreclosur have been paying rent but suspect that the property manager has been taking the rent and not paying the owner.
There are several reasons I suspect this is happening. How can I find out and what can I do about it how can I let the authorities about the possibility of this?? Should I contact the owner or the bank…
I am a General Contractor. How do I start a Trash-out, Punch-out services company?
I have done some property preservation work, and am working on getting everything I need for trash-outs. I am able to to board ups, lock change, window repair, and replacement, fix holes in walls, leaks…
when are the auctions held in norwalk court house?
can anybody tell me when this happens.
If I stop paying on a first and second lien and a foreclosure occurs can the banks sue me to sell my other property assets to cover their losses?
I have a rental which is hard to sell for near what is owed due to the neighborhood going downhill fast. Tenants are not paying rent and an eviction is possible but thinking it might be easier/cheaper…
looking to buy a foreclosure/repo for son to live in for LSU. Is the crime around campus still bad? Gardere used to be rough/tough area,is it still?
good construction with cosmetic defects; 2 or 3 br w/2 ba for college boys to live in till after grad. Any sugg or areas to avoid due to crime.
I have a cash client that wants to make an offer on a property that is listed as a new REO.How can we place an offer and with who. Thanks Ed
The property is on 14034 Lavante ct , Naples there is no MLS# on this home Listed @ $ 338,733.00
Help with trustee sale...
House left to me due to death of husband never put in my name sold at trustee sale07/16/12 nre owner gave me paper that day saying i have thtee days to get out.he comes to my door everyday harassing me.what…
Bank foreclosed on my home and now wants me to help them find a buyer.
About a week before the foreclosure auction sale date(July 9), I called the bank to let them know I had a buyer and would be paying off the loan in full. He told me it had to be a "no contingency…
looking for some way to save my house an investor
I built this home in 95' on 10 acres of property that I have owned for 10 years. I have never missed a payment in 12 years and even paid double most months. I have my own business in trucking industry.…
I live in California and bought 4 plex in Nevada as rental. I am now considering to short sale it. Will the bank go after me for deficiency judgments?
I live in Los Angeles and bought a 4 plex in Las Vegas as rental. I am now considering to short sale it and would like to know if bank can go after me for deficiency judgments. Thanks
Does my fiancé for closure procedure will affect me if we get married? He has an app at the court for August. Our wedding is next week.
Should we wait until the court decision is issued? He got offers for the condo but the bank never accepted any. He has a second mortgage on the condo. It's all under his name. Will my credit be affected?…
Can I offer lower for this foreclosed multifamily home since Im a strong candidate?
It's asking price is around 240k. On the market for a total of 199 days. I will be the 4th person who will be doing a P&s. The last 3's finance did not go through. However, once it hits the…
i have bad credit and my home is up for sheriffs sale. i want to quick sell and buy an affordable mobile home with cash,I just inherited. possible?
I own the home and property, just got behind in school taxes and house taxes, and the house has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair due to financial hardships. We just want to sell it and move on!…
I have an 80/20.1st w/Chase for $423,200.2nd w/Franklin Credit for $95,273.My home is worth $300,000.Loans are fixed for 5 more years.Any suggestions?
I have been given the advice to walk away now. I would like to stay if possible. I am current on payments and have a good credit score.
What does an orange sheriff sticker mean?
A home I am interested in went to sheriff sale already and was in its redemption period. Now it has an orange sheriff sticker on it and a lock box. What does this mean? Is the home close to going up…
How long does it take HUD. To sign contract
When you get contract you still have 30 days close
Bernadine Guthrie
The house you have on your site listed at 7359 S. Indiana does not show up on the cook county assessors website the correct address should be 7353 S. Indiana Chicago, IL 60619 pin # 20-27-115-018-000 What…
My wife and I are looking to get into flippinghouses and were wondering where to find a list of the
properities in our area that had have tax foreclosures on them. Where do we go to find this information?
How can git my company in foreclosure property?
We or an small but up and growing cleaning service.trying to do service with foreclosure property but we neemore information..
i have been looking at foreclosures and tried to get into more details site - couldnt do so - please explain
procedures for finding out how to go about pruchasing a home in foreclosure - what does a lis pendens mean? thanks
How do you find out info. on a forclosure property? The address is 12785 Youth St. North Lawrence Oh 44666
How do you find out info on a forclosure property? The address is 12785 Youth st. N. Lawrence Ohio 44666.
can you give us more info on this property? Is this a single family or a condo?
Paul Kromish @ 631-384-1510 Im am a cash buyer and looking for something in this area.
Foreclosure on my secondary home
Currently live in SD California. Have my prior home in Texas. I tried selling but with the market it was difficult. The home was worth less than the mortgage amount. On top of that I tried renegotiating…
HOA bought the deed through trustee sale, are they required to take over mortage payments
or are they taking over as a clean slate? I am suspecting that the lender lost the loan papers
what are the crime statistics on the neighborhood surrounding 1768 queensbury cir, hoffman estates, il 60169?
My husband and I want to put an offer in on a foreclosure, and aren't sure about the neighborhood. We have a 3 year old and I am due with our second the middle of March.
Being sued for delinquent dues! No longer own the home.
If the HOA didn't file a lien on my property for past due HOA dues and property went into foreclosure and was auctioned. Can they sue me for those dues even though I no longer own the property?
worried sick and costly
How to contact Freddie Mac and talk with someone who knows?
My home sold at Sheriff's sale and is now with Freddie Mac. I had tried to work with Fifth Third before the sale and got nowhere now I am getting nowhere with Freddie Mac as well. I am told by each that…
Tenents rights
The home in question is a forclosure.The tenents still reside there,one of them is trying to evict a tenent. Does he have any rights as a tenent,not a landlord,to do that?
I need to know if the owner of our owner financed property can evict us for not paying on the first of the month.
I was looking over my land contract and I cannot find anywhere on it that says I have to pay by the first of the month.My husband works in construction and when it rains or we have a tropical storm he…
To all my fellow lot owners of village at lone oak,
Is there anyone who can give an advise on how to get our money back or get out of this problem?did anyone hired a lawyer or have been to a lawyer for advise? could you please e-mail us with any information.We…
Will a bank approve a short sale if the transaction is not an arms length away?
My husband and I are separated and he would like to purchase my brother's soon to be 3 family foreclosed house. He will live on one of the floors and my brother will not. It is a short sale because my…
On short sale can you stop paying the mtg or do you still have to?
Would like to do a short sale and move to another state where we could afford to live on my pension. Dont know what we going to do. But in order to be able to move I would have to save, too far behind…
My house was sold By Sheriff sale on 11/20/08. I called today and was told the BANK BOUGHT IT. Now what happen
I will have a place to go to on 1/15/09 but not until then. Will I get notice to leave or will I come home one day and the pad locks will be on
Homepath Experienced Agent
I'm looking for a buyer's agent experienced with homepath offers to put an offer in for me. Let me know if you can work with me.
Does a homeowner whose property has been foreclosed upon and has been given an eviction notice get an extension if they file an appeal?
I have heard that there is a 60-day period, but a judge has to grant it. Is it automatic and is there any chance it could NOT be granted? Please help me out with this! Thank you!!!
house being forclosed
I recieved a letter on my door of a relocation assistance program i called left message they called me back i missed the call. Now i'm worried
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