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Buying a REO foreclosed home
If a REO foreclosed home is asking for $15,000, is there any way it can be purchased at a lower price?
Auction properties
Hi, I am looking for an agent who specializes in buying foreclosure properties at auctions for properties in the West LA area. If you know of any, please let me know.
I'm looking for a home on land in either TN or GA, i'd like to find something for 4-5k down and 3-4hun. a mo.
Is there anything out there like this and how do I know that it's not a scam? There is lot's of listings on CL or EBAY, but how can you tell if it's not a scam?
If I buy a property at auction by 2nd lender and the owner keeps paying on the 1st mortgage, doesn't each payment benefit me as title owner?
I bought the house at a nonjudicial auction (Virginia) by the 2nd lienholder, subject to the 1st mortgage/lien. There is about $40k equity in the property after paying off the 1st lien (and after my purchase…
What's the best way to find out who bought the house at 67644 Yaqui Lane (sold 9/5/08) in Desert Hot Springs?
I leased this house (67644 Yaqui Lane) from 8/1/07 to 8/31/08 from the original realtor/owner until his foreclosure/auction required that I move out. If the new owner (as of 9/5/08) bought this for an…
are property warranties available?
I what general condition would a foreclose property be in and can I purcahse a home warranty?
Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation has DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY listed as the owner of 8509 Side Saddle Ct, Randallstown, MD
The property is not listed on Attempting to find a contact on who is taking care of the property
I am dealing with a Expert' in short sales. I have a loan with Country Wide and he claims to have connections
with in the bank to get my short-sale done. His name is Hugh Rogan and he is based in Missouri. Has anyone heard of him? Should I trust him with my short-sale?
Foreclosure Home
In order to buy a foreclosed home, what does my credit score have to be? What other factors come into play? Thank You. -Angelita P.
Choose Duffy or a regular Real Estate Agent?
I am having a tough time deciding between going with a regular Real Estate Agent and a Service like Duffy. So far, Duffy seems to be the obvious choice because the buyers are well aware of what homes are…
is fannie mae more likely to accept an offer with their homepath loan?
put in an offer on a fannie path homepath property and are pre approved for the homepath loan. how likely do you think fannie mae is to accept an offer of asking price with no other offers on the table…
How can I stop a foreclosure or Trustee Sale on my house in California?
I am going through a rough period in my life but I feel everything is going to turn around pretty soon. I just got a job and I know I can start making these payments once again. But in the mean time I…
Does a clouded real property title have any impact on the speed with which a lender will initiate foreclosure proceedings.?
I missed two mortgage payments in 2009, so I'm at risk of foreclosure. I recently found out that during my last refi in 2004 that the reconveyance that was supposed to be submitted by the old lender…
I have the money (Cash) to buy a Willow Springs IL forclosure or short sale. how do I buy one.?
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Damages to property during septic install
Im in the process of buying my first home. It is foreclosed and part of my accepted agreement is for the seller to install a new septic system. Work on the system has begun and after a drive by i noticed…
Lack of credit, want to buy a house that is well within my means and I have a sizeable down payment.
I've got a credit score between 570 and 610. I have a $7000 cash down payment, make around $34,000 a year and want to purchase a $39,000 house that is a you think I have a chance?…
How does buying a foreclosed house work? Is it really as cheap as it seems?
I have found a few that the total price for the house is around $2,000. Is this for real? How does this work!?
Can I walk away from my house if I have an 80/20 loan?
Our house is too small and we need more room. We live in 850sq with no basement. Never missed a payment always on time. The banks wont give us a loan to build an adition but they will give us money to…
how can someone who is on disability get a chance to own a home.?
my wife and i are on disability. we're fisrt time home buyer's, and we're in need of a home for our to girl's (16,4). this is why i asked this question.
Condo in Michigan for sale for 1.5 yrs with no bites. Really struggling & considering let it go back to the bank.
Not sure what else to do, as we've tried not to be "those people" that end up with a place going into foreclosure because we can no longer afford 2 mortgages. Any advice on what we should…
Our condo in Michigan has been for sale for a year and a half with no bites. We're about ready to let the bank have it as we're struggling.
Not sure what else to do, as we've tried not to be "those people" that end up with a place going into foreclosure because we can no longer afford 2 mortgages. Any advice on what we should…
(Oakwood terrace foreclosure, NT) How would I go about seeing/buying a foreclosure property, and is it even possible? Thanks
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PLEASE HELP I may just have a heart attack!
My parents are facing a foreclosure with a private lender. They have paid on time for the last 5 years every month. Our home is very special to us due to it basically being completely built by my father.…
Renting a home in Arizona home sold at trustee auction. How long do I have in home. What are tenants rights.?
Renting home signed lease for 7/15/12 lease up 7/14/2013 have 2 kids and a dog how long do I have to get out. What are my options.
If you bring a loan current from foreclosure, does it add to the principal balance each time.
We have a very rough period of time, like many, financially. Keeping up with our mortgage has been difficult several times. Each time we were able to bring the loan current. But as a result we owe 2…
Yes my son started new job Respatory theropest his wife fast food me 22 years lost foreclosure ssi disability his wife works fast food
Only they found a big home to rent but landlord said its too new of a job if about 5,000 to move in. How do we move on when we don't qualify
Can anyone recommend a good real estate lawyer in Orange county, CA.?
Would like to discuss foreclosure and deed in lieu legal and financial aspects.
What is the best way to stop a foreclosure?
My home is about to be foreclosed on and I am wondering how I can go about stopping it? Is this even legal?
Is it risky to buy foreclosed property at an auction?
Hi, I am considering bidding on a foreclosed property at an auction. I did an initial search and it seems that all the taxes have been paid. I was wondering what are some other risks of buying a foreclosed…
I was the owner of a property that was foreclosed on by Suntrust. I would like to buy it back. Who do I contact?
I currently have a tenant in the home. I have contacted the litigation department but they are giving me the run around. Suntrust foreclosed on the home while I was going through a loan modification and…
Can you tell me if i have a forcloser on my home if i give you my address?
I want to know if i have a forecloser on my home the address is 603 e. Marshall st. Marion, Indiana 46952. If you can tell if i have a forecloser on my house can you tell me how long we have in our home?
I am looking for exhaustive information about the Allegheny County Sheriff Sale.
Here is the link to the February's sale: I have been looking at the Allegheny County Sheriff's sale for awhile, but would…
Can I sell my condo in Sanfordin two month.?
1325 arbor lakes cir. Sanford, Fl,
Rental Home In Foreclosure
I recently rented a home in florida. My landlord signed me up with a month to month lease agreement. His reason for this agreement is that him and his wife are going threw a divorce and he has control…
Deed in lieu is there a way to guarantee that we would get relocation assistance to relocate? In writing before the paper work is signed?
I asked for help this is what was offered I read on it and says your not guaranteed to get cash, also if we did, we would have to move out in the short time. The house will be going in to foreclosure.…
What is the best mortgage product for my situation?
I am looking to purchase a foreclosed property that is in need of work- it is structurally fine, roof is new, however the inside needs considerable updating. We've already gotten bids to update plumbing/electric,…
What does preforeclosure mean??
I've seen 2 houses in my neighborhood listed as "preforeclosure" on Realty Trac .My house is also for sale, will these homes affect my selling price ?
Seek Oceanfront/Unobstructable View Home in CA - Insanely Reduced/Cheap. Can I finally afford my dream view?
I have longed for oceanfront or beachfront (or unobstructable oceanview with beach access) anywhere along the California Coast (I'm in SCal) but haven't been able to afford it. Does anyone know of a property…
what is the exact address beeman ave?
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162 plymouth st for 188,017 is foreclosed, Deed recorded. REO why not updated ??
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How do you go about finding out info. on a house in foreclosure.. and possibly up for auction. Can you possibly have a chance to submit an offer?
I'd like to make an offer but getting the run around as to who owns the house.. a bank or freddie mac?
Taxes on a foreclosure question state of florida
Property foreclosed in 2012 for the amount of 81K in the state of Florida. This was my primary residence but after not being able to sell the property for over a year/year and half. I had at a last…
who do i call to clean forclosure home in ky?
how do i get in contact someone that needs forclosure home in ky
Cash only foreclosures
If a foreclosed property is reo & says purchase is as is & cash only does that mean you can't get a mortgage to purchase this property? Confused
call me 530-433-3112
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how can I contact to agent to buy a house?
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Short sale feel through, can we (the buyer) buy the 2nd mortage and then buy the first mortgage from the lender before trustee sale?
We are the buyer, the short sale feel through. The public trustee sale is going to occur. There are two mortgages on the property. Is it possible for us to buy the 2nd mortgage and then buy the 1st mortgage…
I am looking for ahome to Rent To Own In Great Falls I have already viewed my credit report I know what my scoreso I would like to view homes
I don't want it to cost me money to look for a home to rent to own cause I have no money to do so I just need to find a home ASAP I don't want to have to pay to find a home
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Can I buy a short sale home if it is scheduled for sheriff sale? It is already a bank approved short sale and sellers signed my offer.
It is no longer showing up as for sale online and is scheduled for sheriff sale next month. It was scheduled for sheriff sale and signed by the seller on the same day.
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