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Foreclosure date is set for my condo in Texas. I moved to Seattle a couple of years ago to maintain a job. My condo has been rented during this
time however, I got behind on payments/taxes due to not being able to rent at full market value. I've tried countless times to negoioate with BOA with no success. My concern is now - I have two…
Areas outside of Fort Worth
My Wife and I are moving to the FW area and need information on where to move. My wife will be working in Lake Worth and I will be about 10 miles east of that. We have been looking for smaller areas outside…
Is the house in foreclosure. and for sale?
-- This question is about this property:
We are purchasing a bank owned property. loan funded this past Friday, but the seller(also the same bank as is lending us $) hasn't signed the
hud How long does the seller have to sign the HUD? The loan has already funded but they will not give us possession of the home.
We put in a full price offer on a fannie REO. another buyer is in and fannie countered. Buyer hasnt responded yet. Does fannie have to honor counter?
I know buyer has x number of days to respond but i am wondering if during this wait period for buyer 1 to respond if they see our full price do they have to honor the counter? Thanks!
quick claim deed
i am trying to buy a house in a auction sell by bank, it is only in quick claim title, i check ed the county record, it shown in 2008 sheriff deed for 1mil, and 3 IRS liens and mechanical liens, and then…
Is it safe to buy a foreclosure in Colleyville, TX?
I am contemplating buying a foreclosure in Colleyville, TX. Wanted some opinion and advise if it is safe and worthwhile to make the purchase. Appreciate the help.
How to win a multiple offer foreclosure?
My husband and I put in an offer for a foreclosed home. 2 days later the bank countered. The following morning we went to agree to their terms and were told it was now a multiple offer situation and we…
Can anyone tell me why the banks are holding on to foreclosures for so long? and will they start selling them at a reasonable cost anytime soon?
There are so many houses vacant and/or people living in them without paying for years. All of you have been great in answering my questions and I have learned alot today.
I found a foreclosed home but now I don't know what to do next can anyone help me please?
I found a foreclosed home but now I don't know what to do next can anyone help me please?
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I'm looking for older home with at least ten acres are there any in waxahachie for sell?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Are many real estate brokers offering information on the State of Oregon's Loan Refinance Assistance Pilot Project in Deschutes County?
Our office continues to try and market the program but getting the word out to distressed homeowners hasn't been an easy task.
How realistic is it to find a foreclosed home in 32819 or 32836 for under $100,000?
I don't want to pay the fee to view the listing details of the RealtyTrac foreclosures, but can't seem to find any other legitimate leads. I know the area very well and would like to purchase at least…
want info on purchasing 113 Walmer ave in east providence ri
-- This question was asked from this property:
What do I ask the Title Company in a Foreclosed Situation.....nervous about liens in!
Since I am buying a foreclosed property I have been advised to review the title with the title company and ask questions. I don't even know what questions to ask! It was my impression that the title company…
Need help achieving my dream
I am looking for a 2 bedroom (would like 3 but not likely affordable), 1 1/2 or 2 bath condo, townhome, or single family home within walking distance to the beach. I am pre-approved and have 10% down…
In Pennsylvania, when you buy a foreclosure, do you have to pay the last owners outstanding HOA fees?
In Pennsylvania, when you buy a foreclosure, do you have to pay the last owners back HOA fees?
Two of us were asked to house sit a property as the owner had found a new one and was moving on. His property was supposedly in a short sale and they
were wanting to close by year's end for him to receive the tax bennies that expire then. We took on the power, gas and electric bill (in one of our names). It turns out there was no actual escrow…
Need help refinancing....
My husband currently owes 3000.00 on back child support he is a great man and pays as much as he can,No one wants to help us refinance our home because of this and we are scared of losing our home we have…
Is a condo owner responsible for a condo association's legal fees in a pre-foreclosure process if still current w/ their HOA fees?
I am an owner of a Chicago condo and hopefully nearing the end of a short sale. Unfortunately during this process, I have fallen behind on my mortgage payments and my lender has started the pre-foreclosure…
My house has been sold in auction today 11/26/12. I saw through the courthouse i am still living in the home what happens after this?
This is florida state charlotte county i am alone with two kids and i just want to prepare myself. I want to know how much longer i have to move out.
what if your house that foreclose in 2007 might be involved in the big straw scam in 2007 in Las Vegas?
i am asking because my husband brought a house for his brother in a Vegas in 2005 and got a loan for 275,000 with only making 9.00 dollars an hour part time and my husband lived in a different state. And…
Is this property still available?
If so, who do I contact to submit a bid? -- This question was asked from this property:
How to deal with worthless property?
I have a piece of a property (40 acres) that I own (no loans) that is now essentially worthless. I paid over $100K several year ago. Now I cannot sell it at any price and it is even hard to give it away…
How long will it take to foreclose on a home in Arizona that is in an LLC, has two mortgages (Chase & BofA) and a line of credit?
We are renters, we know the owner of the home and have agreed to pay below fair market value in rent. We have seen posts that it can take up to a year to foreclose, however in this scenario could it possibly…
What does it mean that the owner has petitioned for bankruptcy protection? What stage of foreclosure is this?
The house needs a lot of work The owner owes more than fair market value There is a trustee for the house The house is in pre foreclosure and the owner no longer lives there. Shows the bankruptcy…
how can i find out more info on the houses that im seeing on ths site that have been recently put into foreclosure status?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Interesting in the home on Nelson Road listed for 19K, do you have any more info on it?
Interested in the home on Nelson Ave listed for 19K. Do you have any more info?
How to get contracts from realtors, apartments and/or banks? Clean outs
Hello, I am starting a small business that is licensed and insured I do junk removal and house trash/clean outs. I am trying to figure out what I can do to get realtors and apartment complexes on board…
What happens after the 6 month redemption period ends (in Michigan)?
I am days away from my 6 month redemption period being up. This ends on November 24th. Does the mortgage company have to post an eviction notice or mail us of an eviction date, or come November 24th can…
How many months for forclosure on school taxes?
we pay our shool property taxes for 2012 on october interest late fees etc but in november the sell our house what can we do
Forclosed house I want has a lien on it?
We put an offer on a foreclosed house and it was accepted. Last week, we were informed there is a lien on the house. Not a tax lien. My question is: on average, how long will this take to get resolved?…
What are our rights as tenants, should the house we live in be under foreclosure?
We received a Notice of Trustee's Sale on the door of the house we are renting. The landlord isn't telling us a thing. We are seeking advice or where to go to get answers on what we could and should do…
Is there a way that the HOA can find out who the Lender is before a Foreclosure takes place or even if the first filing has taken place.?
Everyone is in for the money. I realize that but there are a lot of people who are interested in buying foreclosed homes to live in. It doesn't seem fair that the banks sit on the property and do…
My husband and I applied for the HAMP, but were denied because we can afford our payment. Our home is $100k underwater. Can we short sell?
Our servicer is BOA and the private invester who is not participating in the HAMP is LaSalle. We talked to a BOA Loan officer who said only option is to short sell. No other options available to us. Is…
Can wife of FHA borrower qualify for HAMP if borrower is non-occupant due to being in jail?
FHA Borrower is currently serving prison term and wife living in home (but not listed as borrower) needs loan modification
126 -massachessets ave
need some information if you can help.This house was foreclosed on 11/3/11 my father was the owner and he passed ,.I am currently processing his estate and did a search and found out that the property…
I'm a disabled renter and the home was sold auction April 23. some one came to the house on May 12, asking me for money for half of the rent for May.
the person also gave me lease terms. Today I found a 3-day notice to quit. what are my rights and how long do I have to move.
Article of Agreement gone bad
We had an article of agreement to purchase a home since we couldn't get a loan, they offered to keep the current mortgage and we would just pay them for it. Well they skipped town, house is about…
Lost our home because husband was out of work. Now looking to rent. Are there any other options?
Lost our home because husband was out of work. Now looking to rent. Are there any other options?
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