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Need advice about foreclosures..
I am looking to purchasing a home if not renting, but I know that there are regulations such as being employed by the same employer for 2 yrs and having pretty good credit. Is it the same for a foreclosed…
Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Auction
My deceased aunt's house that she received a reverse mortgage on (6 months before her death) is going up for auction next month. The amount owed on mortgage is WAY above what it's worth. We got…
My mother did a reverse mortgage on her home and has passed.
My mother did a reverse mortgage and since passed. The mortagage lenders says I owe them 72,000.00 . The home was appriased for 13,000.00 and they told me I have to pay 95% of that. My question is after…
Bought a HOA foreclosure. Title search shows a lis pendens from Bank of Amer 2009. Then drop notice on 1/11. Can I have it removed, is title clouded?
Am I responsible for this loan from the previous owner? Will title insurance protect the title, from future judments from past liens from the previous owner? P.S. Please only ones that know the laws,…
Seller is not completing repairs on time, what can we do?
Currently trying to close on a forclosure. Seller has agreed to fix the non-op pool, but they are not completing the repairs. We are on our third extension because of this. They agreed to do the work…
Can someone call me on this listing 305-302-3846?
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Looking for investment property,How do I find a REO or shortsale in Rogers Park or similar up coming area?
Have been searching on the web for one week and have found little information on foreclosure properties or listings. We have read on several web sites using a Real Estate company REO specialized in foreclosures…
if I put a good down payment on a condo can I get a mortgage for the rest of the price of the properties ?
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Does a 2nd mortgage become extinguished when the lender for the 1st mortgage forecloses on the property and sells it at an auction?
Would I receive a free and clear title if I am the winning bidder if there are no other liens on the property in this case? Meaning will the 2nd mortgage be wiped off of my responsibility and not stay…
Michigan how to shorten redemption period on a house I bought at a sheriff sale?
House is vacant, person died, know the only remaining heir - an older sister - who does not want it. There is no "estate" and does not want to go the hastle of creating a "full estate in…
In Florida, are 2nd mortgages extinguished if the 1st mortgage is foreclosed on?
If I purchase the property at an auction do I owe the 2nd lender anything or am I good to go for clear title if there are no other liens? Will the 2nd lender then file a lien against the property I purchased…
Relocating to Florida. Preferible near Miami, but not in Miami. Senior going to live by her own.
Suggestions about a good community with low crime rate and good-priced houses. about your question (optional)
Looking for a foreclosure or home in Venus/Alvarado/Mansfield areas.
I am looking for a home for around 30k in these areas. I am looking for someone with some expertise in dealing with a sale like this to give me some advice.
Why would a bank be listed as a defendant on a judgement of foreclosure?
I noted that a bank (JP Morgan) assigned the mortgage for a property to another bank (Bank B) back in 2011. In the foreclosure judgement filed in 2013 that I found in the courthouse, Bank B has listed…
Can I be held responsible if my husband's home forecloses?
After we were married, my husband purchased a home that is solely in his name (both the mortgage and title). If that home forecloses, can/will the mortgage company come after me? What happens if we legally…
Could any one tell me the address for this house? Thanks.
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Is this home on N Maple in Lamoni IA still available?
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how can I see it?
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My rental property is in foreclosure. The tenants moved out recently. Judgment date is coming up. How much time do I have before I lose it for good?
Illinois - This property used to be our home. We had it rented for years at a negative cash flow, but could make up the difference. When my husband's salary got cut, we couldn't keep up the payments.…
serenity, pickens s.c. I am interested in more information on this property, I am ready to buy at a good price.
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We are looking for a second house in Orange County NY, for less then $100K. Should we consider foreclosures or something else?
This house would be more of a weekend home then a day to day residence. I am somewhat handy, so I'm not afraid of a house in need of a little work. We are just not sure which process would be the…
Is the condo on Saratoga available ?
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How you can find out if a house was sold at auction? Who do you call to find out what happened or who now owns it IF it was sold? Thank you!
My landlord told me that someone claims to have purchased his property at a foreclosure auction, but he's not very savvy about real estate. From what he says, things just sound a tad too strange.…
So if according to the realtor in 2012, 2950 Lake Ave in Rochester, NY is sold why has nobody occupied it yet? Is it still in foreclosure?
I would love to buy that house that is clearly still bank owned. It's a beautiful neighborhood & a potentially beautiful house. Gad & Electric meters have been removed
where is this property for sale on hankins road? is it a house, doublewide or what?
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If a second mortgage files foreclosure in SC, what will have to be paid prior to their getting paid?
I have a mortgage that was put on my home thru a settlement, but their was a prior mortgage already on the home. Also, will any judgements have to be paid that were filed prior to the last mortgage being…
Is this a house or a condo?
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Condos near Rt. 19. Forclosures
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what is the exact address of this home on S Del Puerto Ave?
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How to inquire about purchasing property with asset management company listed as owners.?
The property has been sitting empty for 2 years. It was a new construction and the builders went bankrupt and the houses they owned went into foreclosure. County tax records show asset management company…
how long after the foreclosure sale does the homeowner have to move out?
We just received a letter saying that the home we live in has been purchased through the forclosure sale. How long do we have to move?
I filed chapter 11 in '09 and had it changed to a 7 in '12. My house is in preforeclosure . What date will be recorded on my credit report?
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how do you go about buying a foreclosed home ?
Looking to understand the process of buying foreclosed property (homes),
can we come and take a look at the property today? My Name is Allana and my number is 208-223-5999
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"Short Sale" question
I am looking to buy a house in Staten Island, NY with a 3.5% down- FHA loan. Do you think FHA Loans work with short sale houses? Will closing costs be higher for short sale house? As a buyer what precautions…
we are looking for nice blocks close to the ocean that are reasonably priced because they need work
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Need good Lawyer in Memphis.
I invested in a property in the 38128 zip of Memphis in 2009. Ended up selling it to another out of state investor two years ago. I took back a note and hold the Deed of Trust. Anyway, I'm having…
How does a foreclosure property work?
I am thinking of looking into foreclosure properties, what is the process for purchasing such properties and is it hard to get financing for them? Thank you.
Bank owned property in winter haven, florida
I am interested in a bank owned property listed at $105,000. It needs all new flooring, painting, and refurbishing pool and patio area. I would like to know what i should offer. It is a great area and…
My Landlord is letting the house go into foreclosure, they are expecting for me to still pay rent...
I have not missed one rent payment, they quit paying, they said they are letting it go into foreclosure and still expect me to pay or get out because they have someone who will pay when it foreclosure…
Deed in Lieu with tenant at property wanting to give back to bank?
I had to move due to a job change, had to leave home behind and put a renter into that property so I wasnt stuck paying a mortgage and a rent payment. I fell on hard times and need to give the house back…
Short sale. 6mo later we get a counter offer from the bank on the short sale house we are interested in.
The listing price for this abandoned home in Anne Arundel County is $370,000. Our agent has determined the fair market value to be around $250,000-$260,000. Our offer was $200,000. Their counter was $340,000.…
Are foreclosure preservation companies lucrative?
I am interested in potentially starting a trashout company, are the ads legit about being able to make between $500-2500 for clean outs? If so, after starting a company and becoming insured how do you…
Under contract with Fannie Mae forclosure
We went under contract the end of feb on the purchase agreement we had it listed as a homepath financing. However after applying for homepath I do not qualify and we went with FHA with my mom being added…
Buying a house with an underground oil tank. I read u should askthe seller remove the tank, howevr the house is a foreclosure. What are my options?
Note, we love this house and it's all too perfect. Can we test the tank and back out before signing on the dotted line?
How can I find out the status of a neighbor's property? Property is unoccupied, dirty and unkempt.
I think it may be in foreclosure but not sure. 8229 blackney road, sebastopol
i am trying to find out who i get in touch with to buy in mt. hope, wv
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when i buy a condo do i have the right in knowing procedure and policy b4 buying the property? this could be a deal breaker.
-- This question was asked from this property:
i want to to buy only from FORECLOSURE. apt in BOCA ROTON DEERFIELD BEACH. this is the best to buy from FORECLOSURE ?
i want to know if i BUY from FORECLOSURE i get best PRICE ? in DEERFIELD BEACH ? i want to BUY APT. no COND NO HOUSE no TOWNHOUSE OK ? send direct to thank you.
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