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If after filing chapter 7, I am still living in my house; at this point, will it be beneficial in anyway to do a shortsale? than let the house
continue into foreclosure? Will I benefit in any way? This is after I am relieved from my debt. I am wondering if a short sale on my credit report will be better than a foreclosure?
If when I filed for Bankruptcy chapter 7 and I did NOT reaffirm my home, will I be subject to a deficiency judgment? In Minnesota
I am in the process of selling my home in a short sale with a possible purchase agreement in play
Buying a home that needs to be re-forclosed and waiting on Junior Lienholder to decided if they are going to redeem. What happens?
We are buying a home and found out that the title wasn't cleared. They said they had to put it back into foreclosure to fix the errors and go to court. Now I am hearing that the Junior Leinholder (2nd…
buy property in public auction .... others LIEN
Question: There are cases that one auction purchase by first mortgage (example: wells fargo), but the actual owner is the condo, which had also indebted to old owner, went to trial, was auctioned (6 months…
trying to fine out who owns the house on pine st. Brillion because we are interesting in buying it Lora e-mail is
having a hard time finding out which back owns the house on Pine St. in Brillion wi I heard it has gone to foreclosure so if you could help me out I would be great full
Because agent did not do his job properly, I may not close escrow on the date agreed upon. Can I take agent to mediation?
I told agent it is key for me to close escrow before July 10th as I am then going out of the country for 1.5 month. I think we will not close on time because the agent did not do the proper follow up and…
What does one do if they have a buyer for a short sale and the bank wants 97 thou (came down from 100 counter offer and won't budge The units?
have Sold for more than 60 and the buyer came up to 70. Nobody will buy my place for 97 it is not worth it. Even with the comps sent to he bank they won't budge . Should we foreclose? The bank won't…
Foreclosures and looking online
I know that I could sign up for a account (with fees) to look at all the foreclosures, but I would rather not pay this. Is there any way to look at foreclosures without paying the monthly fees.
Neighbor's house in second round of foreclosure after dismissed Ch. 13. Will the process be shorter second time around?
Really awful neighbors moved in mid 2008. The first round of NEDs were filed with trustee end of 2010 and the "homeowners" managed to stall the sale until Aug 2011. At the last possible minute,…
How much quicker would it be to buy a foreclosure with cash vs obtaining a mortgage?
One of the biggest thing agents tell me is that foreclosures take so long, does paying cash make any difference?
are there good places to ride your horse and exercise dogs in ocala?
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Trash Out Business Companies
Found a great list of Trash out business companies anything else I'm missing.
I’m a competent Senior Citizen who plans to allow my adult son/daughter handle my Short Sale transaction without a Power of Attorney is this okay?
1. It’s imperative to have your son or daughter sign a Power of Attorney and keep a copy for your files because without one there’s not much the son or daughter can do on your behalf (i.e…
Should I move out of my house before bank decision?
I have not paid my mortgage in over a year. We applied for modification and its been over a year with no answer. A judge denied forclosure and sent us to mediation. We no longer want to pursue modification…
My home was in process of forclosure after a bank mistake. If the loan was traded to another company will I still be in forclosure?
I have been fighting with them since march because I was given irronious payback amount amd payback plan. Then when i sent in said amount it was regected. The mistake was found 3 days before trade by bank…
Home has a two car garage. We have noticed that one side of the garage has sunken in almost 2-3 inches lower than the other side. Foundation issues?
We are house hunting- have found the perfect house but noticed when looking the two car garage has one side where the concrete floor has dropped about 2-3 inches lower than the other side. Foundation…
Las Vegas, NV Foreclosure Article
I found this interesting article recently: Regards, Chad Roberts Broker/Salesperson Realty One Group
Declaratory Judgments - Reasons Why A Lender Files One Against You?
The house was suppose to be foreclosed last August, but they stopped the foreclosure sale due to "title" issues I was told. I do know that the mortgage company that I went through to obtain the mortgage…
Short term hard money for foreclosure property
I am trying to find someone willing to temporally lend me money so I have cash on hand for a home that potentially will be going up for auction in the near future. Is this something that is at all achievable…
How long to I have to move my mobile home?
As I asked before the land I was renting got forclosed on the bank that forclosed didn't know my trailer was there until I called them they haven't got back to me yet but they sent people to…
is this house no longer on the market?
is this house no longer on the market?
Currently in bankruptcy chapter 7 and behind on our mortgage.
My wife and I recently had to file chapter 7 due to overwhelming credit card debt and on many out of state properties that renters never paid on. We fell into foreclosure on our current home in California…
Can this home at 9388 178th St, McAlpin, fl be rented?
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What is your experience with LSI Title in Irving Texas (Foreclosures)?
I have recently been finding myself up at LSI atleast once a week and just gotta ask. Has anyone else had negative results in selecting them as a title company. In the past 6 months I've noticed banks…
i need a realtor who can find me a home in rhe 76549 area. i recently fired my realtor because lack of communacation. if there someone who can find
out about bank owned foreclosure and how it work i would love to work with.they have to be fimilar with the killeen first time home buyer program. I need someone who knows the market.
We're in the process of buying a foreclosed property in FL from Fannie Mae. Our title search showed the
title was recorded in the wrong name at foreclosure, not Fannie Mae. We are told it now has to be amended. How long might this take? We had a closing date already set, but now what will happen? Can this…
My mortgage payment is almost 500. My space rent is 415. I work and I can afford this, the problem is the place is so old (74) it is falling apart.
I can't afford to have work done on it there's no money left. I was told when I bought it that the plumbing, heating and everything was good. It's not, it's depressing. I am 64 and…
I’m a competent Senior Citizen who plans to allow my adult son/daughter handle my Short Sale transaction without a Power of Attorney is this okay?
1. It’s imperative to have your son or daughter sign a Power of Attorney and keep a copy for your files because without one there’s not much the son or daughter can do on your behalf (i.e…
I'm trying to find out what bank has repossessed the house at 3602 N. Dartmouth Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33603.
How can I go about doing this? I have contacted the previous realty company trying to sell the house and the last bank deal with it was Bank of America. I have looked at the banks website for foreclosures…
I found a house that I like and i'm wondering about how much people think i should offer. It's been on the market for 34 days and it's still active.
No one is buying in this area because the schools are having problems, it is priced for 192,000, what do you think i should offer? 10,000 dollar down payment
HOA sold my lien
I have been paying my hoa $40 for 6 years a month ago I receive a letter that my house was going to be sold at action for non payment. When I contacted them and told them that I have been paying every…
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