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Seller delays closing
My wife and I are buying a short sale, and the seller/ bank had fifteen days to respond to the contract we got them in three days. It is passed fifteen days now and the realtor, who has been emailing…
What does it mean when there are issues with a title? The home is a foreclosure with Wells Fargo.
I thought once a bank owns a property all outstanding liens disappear.
During short sale review process, skip mortgage payments or keep paying?
While my short sale is being reviewed by the lender, should I continue skipping payment or should I keep making payments on the mortgage? I am currently 30-day delinquent (skipped November payment) and…
We have a offer on a home that has been empty for over 2 years. We found the owners and convinced them to short sale with our realitor.
We have been waiting for over 4 months. And just found out that they just discoverd the owners had mortgage ins. After we were told it was getting really close. Now we are told it could be months? Something.…
No Foreclosure papers yet.
I'm buying a modular home and due to loss of income became 4mo. behind. I was just served papers of what I owe and 30 days to pay, my lender won't work with me and so far can't get any help with a home…
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can i pay cash for the houes on glendale hill?
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Listing Agent for 2112 Martin Road , Dover Fl.
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Does anyone know of a co-op going bankrupt in the New York City five borough?
I heard that because shareholders own only shares, not the real estate itself, they can lose considerable assets if the co-op goes bankrupt. Bankruptcy can occur if the management of the corporation does…
Do bank owned homes have the same mortgage qualification requirements? Are there options for those who have high income but low credit score?
I had a home forclose about two years ago. Currently, I have a credit score in the low 600s, but I have excellent income. I don't qualify for any type of loan in California, but I was wondering…
How to buy a home that was just foreclosed before it hits the market?
I have good credit and am looking to purchase my first home. Recently I made an offer on a short sale home in Phoenix, but due to complications with a primary and secondary lien holder the offer was not…
I was offered cash for keys from Chase bank. I have faxed all of the required paper work. I moved out on the 28th of sept and I am still waiting
Is there a certain amount of time that they have to get the money to me or am i just being impatient?
I bought a house in 2006 and put in $100k as a down payment. At this point I dont know what to do with my
property since my property taxes doubled and cannot afford to keep making the monthly payments. If wanted to refinance, can I get my actual money I put down even if the value of the house is less than…
Can you push a Foreclosere date out?
Hi, My husband & I are in the process of buying a Short sale, but it has a foreclosure date for next Friday. We're suppose to have underwriting sign everything today and send it to funds, then…
what are the steps to renting foreclosed homes in snohomish county wa?
I am having a hard time finding a place to rent and with so many foreclosed homes I heard that they are renting them out . I am on section 8 and I have a couple pets and so Im needing a house and not an…
foreclosures how do these work
we have cash for a quick purchase and want a family home in or near woodlands no more than 200K ideally there are just the 2 of us
once these homes go into foreclosure who goes in there and cleans them out? i am asking as we are starting a Foreclosure cleaning Business.
I am wondering who can i contact to help them keep these houses and neighborhood looking good. Looking in the oswego IL area
Is RebuildUS a legit company?
Have home up for short sale, buyer now wants us to put down at least $500 to help pay for a new roof. We had a 1st and 2nd mortgage with same bank.
We are now threatened that if we do not pay the $500 the bank could foreclose on us and in the future the bank could come back on us for payment on the 2nd loan. The bank did agree to forgive both loans.
What does "Home sold AS-Is! No disclosure!" really mean?
To my mind "Home sold AS-Is! No disclosure!" tells me the owner is not coming clean with something: Perhaps a noisy neighbor, property line issues with a neighbor, the recently discovered toxic waste dump…
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