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In CA, am I required to pay HOA fees after my home has foreclosed? I am being sued and have a court date.
My prior HOA is suing me with their lawyer to pay 2 years of unpaid HOA fees even though my home already foreclosed in 2010. Luckily, I found my original HOA agreement and it clearly says the lien was…
I would like to buy this house please contact me
here my information ellaguerrier I am arealdy pre-qualify.roslyn Spruce st -- This question was asked from this property:
The new owner purchased the home I'm renting on the 5th and wants the rent on the 15th when there is major habitability issues that he wants me
to fix All the carpets were ripped out before i moved in and are all in the garage with all the rest of the prior tenants. I started a remodel on the house and stopped when i found out the owner was filing…
Is it possible to trade your home to a bank for one of their REO properties?
I received this advice from a financial adviser who says he built his real estate empire that way. Is this possible? Anyone have any experience with this type of transaction?
Is it a good idea to rent a house that's also a short sale?
I found a rental house that also happens to be a short sale. It's been on the market for a year. I'm tempted to rent it but don't want to be suddenly booted out. How long does it typically…
Can the bank come after our rental property (formerly our primary we borrowed against) if we short sale our primary home? Both homes are under water.
Rental is in California where we want to go back to and live. Primary is in Oregon where we want to leave.
Looking to purchase REO's in the Berea area. Any recommendations on experienced REO Agents/Asset Managers?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Is it ethical for your agent who had 2 mo to ss your home, sold at auction and then became buyer's agent ( to his clients) on the home 2 weeks?
later? We had buyers with monies in escrow and told a flawless file with Told you have to just wait to hear through equator as there is someone on the other side of the wall you have no way…
Can the ower of an house evite me if a property has been forclosed?
I just found out that the house i"m living in has been forclosed and now the city own the house but the landlord keep asking for the rent money or he's going to take me to court and evite me…
Looking to speak to a turn key wholesale broker
real estate, multi family, single family, vacant land, commercial / turn key
Why shouldn't I walk away?
I bought my house new in 2007. It has depreciated almost $200k. I could stop paying my $3000 mortgage, stack money and go buy a bigger house under my wife's credit for less money. I am not under…
I will like to invest on a single family home for less than $50,000 in Hollywood, Fl
Could you find an agent that will help First time investing
I have 15 months left on my California rental lease and my landlord is in pre-forclosure and selling our home.
Does my landlord need to notify me before listing the home? what are my other rights? 2 months into our rental agreement, she went into preforclosure and received her notice of default a couple of weeks…
When my lender approached the attorneys for HOA for a statement of my account, they refused unless they are paid a $5000 "in good faith" fee.?
The dwelling is being rented outby the HOA. That's why we want a statement of account from the attorneys.
How do I know if property is forclosured ?
My mother in law just finished renting a duplex in north miami beach, fl. Adress is 170-172 NE 169st . But when I search it up it says the whole house is up for sale. How can I know if the owner is just…
When does this home at E Hopkins go up for auction? This is my e-mail.
-- This question was asked from this property:
why don't they put the picture so we can see if the house is proper and clean?
-- This question was asked from this property:
How request Mortgage Company to pay the late condo/hoa assessments to avoid sale? If paid-up on Mortgage, could they still "call loan"?
Just re-read Mortgage documents. Includes section for their paying HOA/Condo assessments. Am in foreclosure. 1] Will they indeed pay fees to avoid sale? 2] is there a limit as to what they will pay?…
I have been watching a property since last year when the original trustee sale was in June of 2012. Since then it has been postponed almost 6 times.
The date of the trustee sale keeps changing. How many times will the "trustee" keep postponing, and what are some of the reasons to do so? The original default loan is with BOA. How long can…
would like pics of inside of the house and also additonal info?
-- This question was asked from this property:
Where can I find prior history of real estate transactions (sale price) for Rockport, MA properties online?
I can't seem to find this info on the town's website. Please provide a web address link to site if you know one. Thanks
REO Agent refuses to submit offer to bank
Guys, Looking for some advise here. I am really interested in a REO property. On 25th Dec 2012, the price was dropped and was well within what I was comfortable with and pe-approved for. So, I…
I'm looking for a real estate agent who specializes or works with finding foreclosures?
I hope to stay in the Mountain View area, but I'm also willing to look in the surrounding Mountain View border areas.
Hello I am interested in buying property here. I have enough cash to buy what I want but no credit. I don't know where to start please help!
What are all the steps for me to buy a forclosure and move in the property I am interested in? Since I have the full amount how long do you would think it would take? Any other info would be nice! please…
What are the options (i any) available to someone who NEEDS to buy but is saddled with poor credit and a foreclosure (4 years ago) record.-----
Is rent-to-own a viable option or is it a scam. The contacts I've attempted have asked forprivate financial information BEFORE they would even tell me what they had available. When asked to mail…
How did we miss this foreclosure!!??
So my husband and I have been obsessing over homes in a particular neighborhood in Annapolis. Our agent knows this. We are constantly combing the various real estate websites to make see we are up to date…
I am looking a at HUD forclosed home in the Virginia area.
Would any real estate agents reduce their commission in order to offer a lower price for the home? I believe HUD offers a 5% commission. Agents must be approved by HUD before they can submit an offer. Thanks
My husband and I recently put in the only offer on a "short sale" and didn't get a response from the bank. The house is going into
foreclosure and auctioned in the next week. My question - should we bother putting in a bid at the same price we offered before? Is a bank more likely to take our offer while the house is in foreclosure…
We received a notice of sale on our home in July 2012. We have not been paying BOA since July 2009, 1 year after we purchased our home.
Do we have to move once we were mailed the notice of sale. It's March 2013, and we still live in the home. Our auction has been delayed 3 x since Sept. 2012.
Bank had a short sale of our rental property , did not contact us before and even after or letting us know we owe them money after the short sale.
We contacted Banknumerous times for help because our rental property in CA worth $700,000 dropped to $3000,000 and we had trouble paying the rent. Well, bank went ahead after over a year and foreclosed…
How does deed in lieu work if there are two mortgages?
filed chapter 7 almost three years ago and we are considering walking away from our mortgages. We did not reaffirm either loan.
Should a buyer send money to the escrow account of the seller without having an executed contract?
I'm an agent and my client's (buyer) offer was accepted on a multy offer situation. Now, seller (Premier Asset Services is the agent)wants deposit to go to escrow account chosen by them. Once…
Property in Foreclosure
I am renting a property that has gone into foreclosure. I think the property manager has been taking the rent money and not paying the owner. I have tried to contact the owner her lives in San Diego via…
in nc if my house is auctioned off at a forecloser sale how long until i have to get out
I live in wilson and my home is being acutioned off tomorrow in a forecloser sale at the court house steps how long before i have to be out of my house
We've hired a "mortgage fraud investigator" for our home after learning about the banks selling loans (youTube the 7 min. video
"Credit Crisis".) We paid her $3,000 for her services so far. We had a sale date of 3/28 & got "junk mail" stating it sold @ that day @ 10 am. It "reverted back to beneficiary".…
Hello: I'm looking to find out which banks are giving the biggest discounts on SOLD Short Sales.
Would any agents be able to do a MLS search for me and email it?? The search I'm looking for is Short Sales SOLD in the last 30 days in North County San Diego. SFH, address, list price, sale price,…
Bankruptcy and foreclosure, how long till I can buy another house?
I have a question regarding bankruptcy and forecloser. I claimed bankruptcy back in 2010 and included my house in the bankrupcy, my house finally foreclosed and sold at auction in Febuary of 2013. How…
how can i get ahold of someone to give me more info on a place?
-- This question was asked from this property:
who do i contact regarding home on weeks avenue oceanside?
-- This question was asked from this property:
who do i contact regarding home on weeks avenue oceanside?
-- This question was asked from this property:
What schools for this home?
-- This question was asked from this property:
can i be evicted from a condo that is being foreclosed on?
i unknowingly leased a condo in foreclosure. apparently the agency that now has this condo is threatening to evict me for 2 missed rent payments. one of which i had no notice of. can they do this ? how…
Can a foreclosure home be lease option to buy?
-- This question was asked from this property:
i was wondering how taxes are counted in cherry hill ? if assessed for 414,000 and taxes are 22,400 ?
Please advise. Also How you know what price is good offer price if I need buy
House discharged in bankruptcy 2 years ago, should I do deed in leiu or let it go thru foreclosure?
My husband and I filed Chapter 7 and it was discharged October 2008. We did not reaffirm the home we are currently living in and now need to relocate. Up until this month we have been making the payments…
Concerned about potential rental property....NO Records?
Long story short, it looks like we might be leaving our home of 26 years......another BofA nightmare story! We are going to look at this home this coming weekend and have had a couple of friends do some…
can anyone give any advice on pre-foreclosure homes? should you still bid lower than the asking price? I need help finding a realtor to help me out
as well. My parents will be helping me with the process, but I was curious what happens with pre-foreclosure homes?
I found a home that was in foreclosure. I bid on the home and was given a counter off with a closing date in four weeks. I accepted that offer.
Since I accepted the offer with the closing date in four weeks. Am I to presume that the offer was accepted by the bank who holds the foreclosure?
Will forclosure affect my future wife's credit?
I purchased a home in 2006 for $650K. Now the values are about half of that. Long story short, My fiancé and I are getting married in 3 months. if I forclose on this house, will it affect her credit?…
what bank owns this?
-- This question was asked from this property:
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