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can i walk away from a second mortgage?
My credit union decreased my percentage on my first mortgage. Second is with B of A, cant even get them to call me back. I owe 56,000 on first, 80,000 on 2nd. The condos are going for under 50,000. Any…
My elderly relative passed away, and before she did she had a reverse mort on her home, which my other
elderly relative got involved in and now the bank says she has to pay them fees if she doesn't put it on the market and sell it. She decided to try to have her lawyer talk to the mort co. but they…
Should I let my home go in to foreclosure?
Here's my dilemma...My husband and I bought a house in July 2008, and immediately after found out that one of the bedrooms, the patio and backyard fence was not permitted, this was not disclosed during…
How do I find out if my house sold at auction today?
Cartersville, GA in Bartow County
How can i find out if the condo am renting is in foreclosure??
Hi am renting my condo from a private owner but for the part 6months his bank has been popping up asking for him and because he told his bank he still lives there. i really want to know what to do. Ihave…
Sheriff sale took place.
Our house was put into foreclosure. We have a private lender. The sheriff sale was recorded last week. Today a guy stopped at out house saying that he bought out home. The lender told him that the home…
In Roseville, Ca 95747
Rent to own in Roseville,Ca 95747
On deed, on mortgage but NOT on note - home foreclosed on - can I get a mortgage?
I'm on the deed and on the mortgage but NOT on the note - I don't live there my brother and his family do. I let my brother use my half of the house as collateral, he was in a bad auto accident,…
My home was forclosed on in Indiana. The PMI now asking for me to pay back a portion of what they paid. What can I do?
We had asked for a short sale package and were told that everything looked fine. We actually had a buyer offer more that we had the home listed for. The lender turned down the short sale unless we paid…
How can I find a list of forclosed homes in an area?
I am looking for forclosures in the monroe county georgia area.
who will represent me in the purchase of a trustee auction sale of a home in san diego county?
it is my understanding that residential realtors do not do this kind of transaction, right? i wud like a professional who knows how to navigate this process, maybe an attorney, or whomever is generally…
Walk-away, deed-in-lieu, or what?
My husband and I bought a house in Sharpsburg, NC in 2005. We have refinanced several times. In 2010 We moved to MT. We rented out our house in NC, and rented a house for ourselves in MT. In Nov of…
I just found out this morning that the home I am renting is up for a sheriffs auction on 11/29. Will I be thrown out of my home?
FYI - My landlord was served eviction papers in August and I happened to be at the house the day they were served.
A house that is in pre foreclosure how long does that process take till it goes in just foreclosed
then if people live there how long till they move is it a long or short process thanks for any help I have a lot of questions
I have 3 weeks to pay my past property taxes in Deschutes county Oregon. I Bought the home on 1 acre 11 years ago. I have 6 children & the only income
i have is social security from my 2 oldest daughters father whom is paralized. That income is less than $400 a month. That being said, would it be possible to get a loan from a bank? I am DESPERATE!!!!!
We would like to but a second property, close to NJ, maybe in Pike county or Monroe, close to ski. Any kind of info for the best location?
We don't know the area and we are looking to buy a small house with not so high property taxes but in a nice and friendly location. Any info will be really appreciated to know where to start our searches.
Are fannie mae asset managers this slow?
Made offer on Homepath home listing agent countered we accepted, signed paperwork and I understand were waiting for disclosure, and signing off on contract. Now comming up on 2 weeks still waiting. Does…
Buying a Foreclosure at Florida's Top Of The World 55 community. The foreclosure was advertised for $109,900.00.
We offered the $109,900, and were notified through our realtor that there were multiple offers on the house. Shouldn't the first offer be the one who gets it, or is it really an auction or a short…
Listed prices in ads
I count about 10 houses under listed East Stroudsburg for less than $15,000. These prices can't be correct....can they? If so I'm a buyer.....I mean $1,600?????
I moved in to a home two weeks ago in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. I am the renter.
The sheriff served me with notice (for my landlord) that the home would go to public auction at the Marion County Sheriff's department on 10/16. I contacted my landlord and he claims that the home will…
I have a customer that wants to do a short sale on her own home because it is going into foreclosure. Is?
this possible? I don't know much about short sales and I've been told you can do a short sale on something you already own. Someone please help. Thanks!
how to get more info on the versailles property a.s.a.p.?
is this going for auction or why don't you list info: when is auction if it is going up?
Does anyone have the number to the REO or assest management dept for Bank of America in Southern California?
Property has been empty since forclosure last October, and is listed as off the market.
Can someone contact me on this property? I can't even figure out how to get a hold of the agent.Don't make it so freaking hard.?
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I see a home for sale in Camino Donaire San Diego 92154. Has it been sold?
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is this list up to date?
Add some detail about your question
its only a 10 min drive to the beach. Dayton Maine is a great town to live in and if you live in
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