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i am trying to find out who i get in touch with to buy in mt. hope, wv
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when i buy a condo do i have the right in knowing procedure and policy b4 buying the property? this could be a deal breaker.
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i want to to buy only from FORECLOSURE. apt in BOCA ROTON DEERFIELD BEACH. this is the best to buy from FORECLOSURE ?
i want to know if i BUY from FORECLOSURE i get best PRICE ? in DEERFIELD BEACH ? i want to BUY APT. no COND NO HOUSE no TOWNHOUSE OK ? send direct to thank you.
i am interested in buying the house on browns landing rd. 1710 sg ft
I would like to know where and when it is going up for auction
Have a condo in washington state, now just now owed by fannie mae. I have no I deal what the next step is, my phone have been ringing off
that I have lost it. I got the notice on the door to contac within 10 if going to rent/buy/move.
I did not reaffirm my mortgage after Ch7 but i did stay and pay. Now I want to surrender the property to the bank. What are my options?
Two years ago I filed Chapter 7. My mortgage was discharged. I did not reaffirm. I stayed in the house, made the payments on time, no problem. Now I'm moving out. I can't sell the house…
100% list price offer rejected on foreclosure
I just had an offer rejected in favor of another buyer on a Fannie Mae foreclosed property. I offered 100% list price, which seemed to be a fair market value based on my agent's comps. I offered earnest…
Mom's condo should I attempt short sale? or rent out and lose $$? or walk away?
Mom’s 1BR/1BA condo in Hunter's Creek. She paid 147K during the frenzy. Put down 40K, borrowed 107K. Mortgage balance around 100K now. She never missed a mortgage/HOA/condo maint payment to date.…
I am approved for a RD loan i found a beautiful house and i want to get it my realtor is telling me its not eligable when the house 2 doors down is.
I dont understand the house is 100% ready to move in i am in south Louisiana idk why but i am going to call a different realtor tomorrow because i do not feel like mine is working for me
My spouse and I are facing possible foreclosure, but we are fighting this hard. However, I worry about our options if we lose our home
I had awesome credit 6 years ago when purchasing our first home. We have had a bunch of financial hardships the past two years that have put us behind in our mortgage. If we are unable to save our home,…
Do they offer cash for keys to a renter?
My landlord has been pocketing our rent money for the last 15 months and I found out today that our house is being auctioned on 05-12-2013 and I know that they are going to give us about 90 days to find…
what steps do i have to take to put a bid in on a house or can i just pay the amount posted on the site?
ive found a nice fixer upper that ive fallen in love with. ive seen the house before i even saw it listed! im not sure how house auctions work. im new to all of this ill be a first time buyer. -- This…
Hi I am the treasurer of my condo. assoc. and there are two units vacant. One unit was in foreclosure and the owner passed away.
That was a 1 1/2 year ago. The other unit has been vacant for about two years and also in foreclosure. Have not received condo fees from that unit in two years or more. What can I do to recover the…
Do I need to keep making my mortgage payments if my HOA foreclose on my condo?
I owe my HOA $3,000 and I received a letter from the HOA saying that I need to evict my house on a certain date and time. What are my options
Junior interest holder/Property Forclosure
I received a summons to appear but to appear I must file a motion or answer. This is because I'm owed Spousal Support and arrears. I'm not sure what order my lein is other than I'm listed being listed…
Unpaid HOA Dues Between Sheriff Sale and Purchase. Who's Responsible After Closing?
A bit of a sticky situation here. I understand that the previous owner is responsible for dues before bank took over & typically the bank is responsible for dues after the sheriff sale until they sell…
whats the deal with RealtyTrac?
i dont know a whole lot about foreclosures, and dont want to throw away the $50 to $100. any advice?
home near Wyoming State for student
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how do I find out more information about this property?
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I thought this house was foreclosed
And would they ever think about a lease or rent to own -- This question was asked from this property:
Help! i Can I buy now?Right now!
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Is this condo still for sale on sandhurst ct?
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I also want to buy this property.Who can help? !!!mab
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how do we talk to someone about the house on weeks valley rd in wattsburg pa? if some could contact us that would be great
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I am interested in the house in West Sayville, Foreclosure on Cherry Avenue south of Brook Street. Who can I contact to discuss?
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I would like to buy a house in my area that is forclosed (62 Woodcrest Avenue, ithaca, ny 14850) but there is ABSOLUTELY zero information about
who/what bank owns it. All I know is that the house has been vacant for a year and bank of America may have had the morgage. I would to make them a cash offer. Help!
In CA, am I required to pay HOA fees after my home has foreclosed? I am being sued and have a court date.
My prior HOA is suing me with their lawyer to pay 2 years of unpaid HOA fees even though my home already foreclosed in 2010. Luckily, I found my original HOA agreement and it clearly says the lien was…
I would like to buy this house please contact me
here my information ellaguerrier I am arealdy pre-qualify.roslyn Spruce st -- This question was asked from this property:
The new owner purchased the home I'm renting on the 5th and wants the rent on the 15th when there is major habitability issues that he wants me
to fix All the carpets were ripped out before i moved in and are all in the garage with all the rest of the prior tenants. I started a remodel on the house and stopped when i found out the owner was filing…
Is it possible to trade your home to a bank for one of their REO properties?
I received this advice from a financial adviser who says he built his real estate empire that way. Is this possible? Anyone have any experience with this type of transaction?
Is it a good idea to rent a house that's also a short sale?
I found a rental house that also happens to be a short sale. It's been on the market for a year. I'm tempted to rent it but don't want to be suddenly booted out. How long does it typically…
Can the bank come after our rental property (formerly our primary we borrowed against) if we short sale our primary home? Both homes are under water.
Rental is in California where we want to go back to and live. Primary is in Oregon where we want to leave.
Looking to purchase REO's in the Berea area. Any recommendations on experienced REO Agents/Asset Managers?
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Is it ethical for your agent who had 2 mo to ss your home, sold at auction and then became buyer's agent ( to his clients) on the home 2 weeks?
later? We had buyers with monies in escrow and told a flawless file with Told you have to just wait to hear through equator as there is someone on the other side of the wall you have no way…
Can the ower of an house evite me if a property has been forclosed?
I just found out that the house i"m living in has been forclosed and now the city own the house but the landlord keep asking for the rent money or he's going to take me to court and evite me…
Looking to speak to a turn key wholesale broker
real estate, multi family, single family, vacant land, commercial / turn key
Why shouldn't I walk away?
I bought my house new in 2007. It has depreciated almost $200k. I could stop paying my $3000 mortgage, stack money and go buy a bigger house under my wife's credit for less money. I am not under…
I will like to invest on a single family home for less than $50,000 in Hollywood, Fl
Could you find an agent that will help First time investing
I have 15 months left on my California rental lease and my landlord is in pre-forclosure and selling our home.
Does my landlord need to notify me before listing the home? what are my other rights? 2 months into our rental agreement, she went into preforclosure and received her notice of default a couple of weeks…
When my lender approached the attorneys for HOA for a statement of my account, they refused unless they are paid a $5000 "in good faith" fee.?
The dwelling is being rented outby the HOA. That's why we want a statement of account from the attorneys.
How do I know if property is forclosured ?
My mother in law just finished renting a duplex in north miami beach, fl. Adress is 170-172 NE 169st . But when I search it up it says the whole house is up for sale. How can I know if the owner is just…
When does this home at E Hopkins go up for auction? This is my e-mail.
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why don't they put the picture so we can see if the house is proper and clean?
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How request Mortgage Company to pay the late condo/hoa assessments to avoid sale? If paid-up on Mortgage, could they still "call loan"?
Just re-read Mortgage documents. Includes section for their paying HOA/Condo assessments. Am in foreclosure. 1] Will they indeed pay fees to avoid sale? 2] is there a limit as to what they will pay?…
I have been watching a property since last year when the original trustee sale was in June of 2012. Since then it has been postponed almost 6 times.
The date of the trustee sale keeps changing. How many times will the "trustee" keep postponing, and what are some of the reasons to do so? The original default loan is with BOA. How long can…
would like pics of inside of the house and also additonal info?
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Where can I find prior history of real estate transactions (sale price) for Rockport, MA properties online?
I can't seem to find this info on the town's website. Please provide a web address link to site if you know one. Thanks
REO Agent refuses to submit offer to bank
Guys, Looking for some advise here. I am really interested in a REO property. On 25th Dec 2012, the price was dropped and was well within what I was comfortable with and pe-approved for. So, I…
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