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When can we buy a house after foreclosure.?
Husband had a foreclosure. Trying to get a FHA Loan. We are legally free and clear from all obligations to foreclosed house.Sherriff sale was 03/09. end of redemption period was 09/09. House was sold in…
Only looking for single family home which could be foreclosed in Panama City Beach, Fl not Apopka, Fl
Want a home not condo or townhome no more than 100,000. Will be paying cash for property not financing. Will be buying in about 6 months if you can help me find such a property fine but if not that's…
How do i get on the clean out foreclosure homes list?
We are a janitorial company and I have been looking to see how can i get on foreclosures home list for clean out or trash out
If you house if foreclosed on and put up to auction with a 1 mtg & 2nd and the bank owning the note bids higher than the 1st what happens?
so for example. 1st mtg = 80000 2nd = 60000 bank owning note bids $95,000 for some reason (which they did). what happens to the $15,000 extra as the 2nd mtg holder has sued me for the full 60,000 saying…
how do I find out how much is left on a mortgage?
I am looking to buy a condo that is near forclosure. how do I find out how much is left on the mortgage
What is the time frame for a lender to finalize a contested foreclosure?
A foreclosure action was started on my home, I contested it for lack of note, the banks attorney resigned from case, there has been no action for 4 years. If lender does not bring action within time frame,…
Homepath Rejection, not Counter?
I put in an offer on a Homepath property. House was on the market several months, price dropped about $40k during that time. Another person placed an offer the same day, and we were both asked to send…
Can the bank go after my wife's assets if I forclose or short sale my home?
I have mortgage on a townhome in Illinois that I bought before I was married. The note is in my name only and my wife is not involved. I'm still current on my payments but it is getting tougher every day…
Fannie Mae listing question
If a property is listed as being owned by Fannie Mae, is on the market for sale on local realty websites with an MLS number, but is NOT listed on Fannie Mae's website, will there be an issue in making…
need a agent to call us 5176058181 Tom
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Listing agent not submitting offer to Fannie Mae on REO home. Fannie Mae can only see offers forwarded from homepath to Fannie Mae directly!
My realtor put an offer on homepath and to the listing agent. The listing agent called and said that the property is no longer FHA approved, because the property's FHA certificate expired. Well I…
Is the market forcing down sale prices in the Hammocks at Cape Haze?
I'm renting a 3bd 2 1/2 ba I would like to buy the place but not for 550000 . Im thinking more 250 and pick up the maitainence fees
If a FHA home is listed at $120000.00 is that price set in stone or can I go in with a much lower offer
I want to buy a FHA home. The land is what I want. The home is in need of major repairs and is better off being torn down and rebuilt.
First Time Home Buyer on Foreclosure
Very overwhelmed so I could use some help! My fiance and I are very interested in a Naugatuck foreclosure $35,000 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, and 1092 sq ft. It is in a condo complex and the realtor that showed…
I am looking at a short sale. I hear good and bad. Do the bank really do these in a timely matter?
what percentage discount off list is reasonable? Do the bank normally pick up closing cots? What is a good strategy with looking to buy one of these?
Does anyone have any advice on buying a foreclosure home at auction?
I've heard that many banks are buying homes now that are already owned by a bank, making it nearly impossible for the average buyer to purchase a home. Any insight that anyone has would be helpful.
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