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What does it mean when a foreclosed property's status is "revert to beneficiary"? How much time do we have to move or should we move?
Our property was scheduled for Trustee sale on May 16, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. We were expecting a notice to leave property. However I checked at and I found that the status is noted…
Hi I am looking at this property as an example as looking invest in property in and around Nashville. Its says on this the transfer fund is $17,500.
Is that figure the price to buy or is it the overall value of the property? What would the property be worth if this is just a default figure? Any help would be greatly received All the best Steve
Can I buy a home that is Foreclosure before its auction day?
My family is renting a house, and recently we got notice from the owner that we must move because the house is being foreclosure. 3 weeks from now, an auction will be hold for this house, but our family…
Been ripped off by Federal Trustee Services?
Has anyone else been ripped off by this company? if so please file a complaint with the Washington Attorney General. Is Federal Trustee Services running a foreclosure…
Minnesota, Wells Fargo mortgage holder. My house is going to be sold at a sheriff's sale.
After the sale I have a six month redemption period. MY QUESTION: if I owe $400,000 on the foreclosed mortgage, and they sell my home at the auction for $300,000, can I go to Wells Fargo and redeem for…
So is cash for keys available for sure when you're doing a short sale?
I keep hearing different things from different relators. Is Cash For Keys available through the lender when you do a short sale on your property?
Can a bank take other assets if you cosigned for someone's house and they default on the loan?
My aunt relocated to Virginia and she bought five acres of land and a house, which was all paid for. She signed over one acre for one of her daughters and the daughter put a mobile home on it. My aunt…
Someone else's property on house foreclosure..
We are currently under contract to buy a foreclosure house. There is currently nothing in the house but there is a RV left on the property. We put in the contract that the seller (bank) is to remove it.…
Should I foreclose or short sale?
Real estate lawyer recommended strategic foreclosure. Our 2bd/1ba 1,280sqft home in San Rafael was purchased in 2004 for $675k. Now worth MUCH MUCH less. We put 5% down, and have only been paying interest…
You purchased a home with a Neg Am Loan or some other ARM. The loan Recast or went to a Fully Index Loan and the loan payment increased beyond being
affordable. You considered Loan mod but that didn't work or at least it didn't help, Bankruptcy, Deed in Lieu, Short Sale all of these seemed to end all the same Foreclosure or you lose the home…
Can mortgage companies pursue a deficiency judgment on purchase money loans (1st and 2nd liens) in Texas?
I own a property in Texas, no longer live there, and the last tenant did thousands in damage to the property. I cannot afford to repair it, nor can I sell it or refinance it because it is worth significantly…
I live in Philadelphia pa and I have been renting a house for the last 5 years. My landlord moved to North Carolina and I just received a foreclosure
letters in her name. I was upset and I only held on to one month rental payment. I also received a hand written letter from the landlord stating that I have till this Friday to move. tell me what should…
have a home up for auction 1/7/2013. Lender was JP MOrgan Chase. Can you advise how long we have to vacate the property..?
i have a home that is not in good condition.up for auction 1/7/2013. Lender was JP MOrgan Chase. Can you advise how long we have to vacate the property..
Certificate of Occupancy
I am looking to buy a property in Palm City that is a foreclosure and the previous owners ripped out the kitchen, do I need to obtain a CO before occupying the home?
I'm interested to see and buy this property if it's for sale. How do I go about that?
E Gladwick St Carson, CA 90746 4 bed, 2 full bath , 1,488 sqft Single-Family Home Foreclosure / Notice Of Default
lawsuits against deutsche bank for wrongful foreclosure
i want to find lawsuits against deutsche bank in nevada for wrongful foreclosures
We are interested in a property in Silverton, Oregon, 607 Washington st, silverton,or 07381 It went to
auction August 6th,2009 and then went back to you. What is happening with this property now, what is it selling for?
Trulia shows incorrect sales history data. Is there any way to contact Trulia to tell them so?
Foreclosure data from 2012 is listed incorrectly as April 2013 for property at 15773 142 PL SE, Renton WA 98058
People told me that in LA county, most auctions for short sale is held on Norwalk courthouse steps.
So my question is how and where could we get the auction list in prior to the auction date? if not get agent involved?
Denied a loan modification, but want to appeal it.
Has anyone had success appealing Loan Modifications? Bank is Wells Fargo. They didn't provide a substantial reason for the denial. They just said NPV calculation couldn't be approved.
Foreclosure Sale Date Auction happening soon, would like to buy the house back. I can afford it, but want to get it cheaper since the house.
If a house is approaching a foreclosure Auction Sale Date, and the house is upside down from unpaid balance to the value. How can we buy the house back? It will be in another persons name how would this…
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