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Looking for good agent specializing in foreclosed homes and working with international investors.
I am looking for a good agent who deals in foreclosed real estate and works predominately with international investors. Areas of interest Cedar Hill, Lancaster, Mansfield 3-4br houses 1990 and up in the…
Do bank owned homes have the same mortgage qualification requirements? Are there options for those who have high income but low credit score?
I had a home forclose about two years ago. Currently, I have a credit score in the low 600s, but I have excellent income. I don't qualify for any type of loan in California, but I was wondering…
How to buy a home that was just foreclosed before it hits the market?
I have good credit and am looking to purchase my first home. Recently I made an offer on a short sale home in Phoenix, but due to complications with a primary and secondary lien holder the offer was not…
I was offered cash for keys from Chase bank. I have faxed all of the required paper work. I moved out on the 28th of sept and I am still waiting
Is there a certain amount of time that they have to get the money to me or am i just being impatient?
I bought a house in 2006 and put in $100k as a down payment. At this point I dont know what to do with my
property since my property taxes doubled and cannot afford to keep making the monthly payments. If wanted to refinance, can I get my actual money I put down even if the value of the house is less than…
Can you push a Foreclosere date out?
Hi, My husband & I are in the process of buying a Short sale, but it has a foreclosure date for next Friday. We're suppose to have underwriting sign everything today and send it to funds, then…
Do I have to pay the HOA fees, after foreclosure and after bank has placed property for sale? Who owns condo?
I foreclosed on my condo last year in June. The property was placed on public sale and later postponed, by the bank, due governments programs to help home owners losing their home. I did not qualify.…
what is best online training for property preservation company?
I am looking for online training that will cover all of the VA/HUD guidelines, all of the how to's for the services required and tips on how to pass the quiz that most national PPC give in order to…
what are the steps to renting foreclosed homes in snohomish county wa?
I am having a hard time finding a place to rent and with so many foreclosed homes I heard that they are renting them out . I am on section 8 and I have a couple pets and so Im needing a house and not an…
foreclosures how do these work
we have cash for a quick purchase and want a family home in or near woodlands no more than 200K ideally there are just the 2 of us
once these homes go into foreclosure who goes in there and cleans them out? i am asking as we are starting a Foreclosure cleaning Business.
I am wondering who can i contact to help them keep these houses and neighborhood looking good. Looking in the oswego IL area
Is RebuildUS a legit company?
My credit is not great, but I do have a full time job and am current on all bills.
What are my chances of buying a house under $130 -- This question was asked from this property:
Have home up for short sale, buyer now wants us to put down at least $500 to help pay for a new roof. We had a 1st and 2nd mortgage with same bank.
We are now threatened that if we do not pay the $500 the bank could foreclose on us and in the future the bank could come back on us for payment on the 2nd loan. The bank did agree to forgive both loans.
What does "Home sold AS-Is! No disclosure!" really mean?
To my mind "Home sold AS-Is! No disclosure!" tells me the owner is not coming clean with something: Perhaps a noisy neighbor, property line issues with a neighbor, the recently discovered toxic waste dump…
Information on a house?? Not sure the avenue to find out if its abandoned?
821 South Main Street, Old Town, ME 04468 The owner moved over 3 years ago and there are squatters destroying it. Would like to know if it is on the market or foreclosing to purchase??
Like tsuami-"Friend" with verbal agreement only stopped paying rent. Full payment by check prior. Are checks enough to verify the agreement?
My husband and I were doing fine financially, even though, like others, increasingly underwater with our house. He passed away after a long illness-devastating personally & financially. I didn't want to…
About the Realtor that sells more houses in Davie, Florida. I'm just trying to sell my house in this area.
I had to get rid of my agent because in 6 months he didn't even prepare an open house. I'm starting to feel the economic pressure. I don't want to loose my investment in this house, just because time is…
Quisiera saber si la casa que estoy rentando esta en foreclosure
Hola. Quisiera saber si alguien me puede decir si la propiedad ubicada en 30111 sw 146 ave homestead fl 33033 esta entrando en algun proceso de foreclosure ya que he visto algunas cartas q asi lo indican.…
Can I get a mortgage loan with a Foreclosure on my credit?
I decided I wanted to buy a home so after speaking with a few lenders I made the decision to go forward with a pre-approval. It showed on my credit I had a foreclosure. I had no idea what it was and after…
Can anyone help me give good reasons on trusting into real video footage of an on-sale property for a home buyer?
Yeah, most of the images are really gorgeous that makes me feel like its too good to be true especially for bank foreclosed houses. So I just want to make sure I'm not wasting my time and my hope for the…
Purchased a foreclosed home. Has major structural issue (sinkhole) that previous owner claimed insurance on. Is there any course of action?
I am still experiencing issues with the house. it seems like the foundation is sinking in the center of the house. When the insurance claim was made previously the recommended repair was to fill the area…
how long can it take to purchase a foreclosed home?
I may be interested in looking into buying a foreclosed home but am concerned about how long the process wll take? is it months?
Where is the best place to find bulk reo packages.?
I need a package for Florida of a 100 single family homes. I can be reached at
what happens if you got a first and second mortgage and you foreclose on your first mortgage,what happens to?
if I decided to foreclose on my first mortgage , what will happen to my second mortgage that I have through another bank.
Purchased a foreclosed property, the previous owner had to be evicted from the property. So , as I understand Alabama law since he had to be evicted,
he lost his right of redemption. Before he was evicted he transferred his right to someone else. Since he had to be evicted, is this transfere legal and can the new holder of redemption rights redeem…
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