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Is it legal to rent out a home that is already foreclosed and bank owned?
I found out the house i just signed a lease for is in foreclosure. The property manager assured me upon signing the lease that the owner was making repayment arrangements with the bank and that even in…
Auction sale is San Jose California: tenant occupied. How much time must I give them to move?
I'm looking at purchasing a property in San Jose via auction. Since the tenant protect acts expired in 2014, how much time do I need to give them to move?
Buying a foreclosure from a bank
Listing says "as is". realtor said if anything fails inspection etc. that I can't lower my offer or ask the bank to fix/pay it because it is "as is". True? Anyway around that?…
What's the auction process?
There's a home that I'm interested in. It was for sale for a great length of time, and has recently been set to be auctioned off. What's the process if the foreclosure is 148,000? And I…
Foreclosure Auctions
Is joining these auction sites worth it? Is there a REALLY good one to join that's not just a scam?
how long to buy after a foreclosure?
How long do I have to wait to try and buy another home after a foreclosure. Iam really starting to build up credit now. Is it going to based of credit score or time after the foreclosure?
I just purchased a condo and was informed I would have to pay past hoa dues from past 8 years the company who I purchased through assured me I didnt
It was a now credit check company in Houston, TX that provides special financing. I was aware of the fees and I have an email from them stating I was not responsible after they completed the foreclosure…
Who has the foreclosed house on Gibson Road?
I am interested in buying forclosed property in Molino
How about FARMS in foreclosure or complete disrepair ?
Well and Septic, Larger , Ordinances and limitations to know about
REO home: Bank has remodeled - What does this mean? Also, should I use the banks broker or get my own?
I am considering putting an offer in on a bank owned property, it's not on the market yet. I have been watching the repairs - they have completely remodeled the kitchen and bath, along with new drywall,…
Laura Penland. .Pet friendly 3/2 rental/ foreclose. near UNCG
I'm looking for a pet friendly 3 br 2 ba. Fenced rental at some time around may. Im a part time studen. So within 30 mins of UNCG.
Why can't we save foreclosures?
I need to be able to find them a second time.
I am interested in bidding on a foreclosure property at Sheriff's auction.
Has anyone had personal experience doing this? Seems a little scary.
How do I rent a house in San Antonio with poor credit?
A small, two bedroom house with a yard, with a small problem, my credit score. I really am not looking to buy, but to rent instead. Who do I contact for that? Realtor? Housing Authority?
We offered CASH above asking price and Fannie Mae countered a different offer. Why?
My husband and I are very interested in a Fannie Mae home and offered above asking price all cash and were told last night that they hadn't declined our offer but had countered another offer. What could…
Cash for the keys
Hi, I need to know who offers cash for keys? Is it the old owner (bank) or the new owner (realtor/investor)? My house was foreclosed on Nov 2014 and went back to bank. Now it seems that was auctioned…
What happens if I stop paying on a mortgage for a Timeshare?
We were talked into buying a timeshare in Virgina Beach. The payments are getting harder for us to come up with. I called the company and they said they do not do resales and if we stop making payments…
what's the status of this property?
Add some detail about your question
Are JKB Homes any good? I'm looking at the Sterling Ridge development in Riverbank,CA. Someone said Riverbank
is a bad choice since this area would have more renters in it according to him.
Can I get a loan with a foreclosure on my credit?
I went through a foreclosure of my first home a year ago, will I ever be able to get a loan again? If so how soon?
Cash for the keys
Hi I want to know about this program. My home was foreclosed nov 12 2014. We have the 6 month redemption period. This week the house was sold to a realtor who left him number for me to call him. Now…
Renting Foreclosed home. New Landlord and Old claim appliances. What do I do?
I'm being offered a cash for keys deal to move out of a home I am renting that was foreclosed. Both the new management and old landlord are claiming the Appliances. The Lease states the appliances do not…
Renting Foreclosed home. New Landlord and Old claim appliances. What do I do?
Currently renting a home that has been foreclosed in Florida. The new management company has offered me a Cash for Keys deal. They state that all appliances (Stove, Dishwasher, etc) must be in the house.…
Do I need to do anything if I Want to let a rental house go to forclosure?
The house may not be worth what I owe & Taxes have not been paid for a couple years.
bank foreclosures list
I want to offer my services to do bank foreclosures clean outs.
If I have a foreclosure on the 90 percent of a 90/10 mortgage, what happens to the 10 percent portion if it is owned by a different bank?
I had a 90/10 mortgage that eventually was sold to two separate lenders (90 percent to one lender, 10 percent to another.) In late 2011 the 90 percent portion foreclosed on me. What happens to the 10…
12817 NE 139th Court, Kirkland, WA 98034 2013 Assesed value $290K but avg home value $600K? How can this home be worth so much less than average?
Is this a bad neighborhood? Looking to retire to Seattle region and shopping now for the next 2 years.
509 Peeples St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 is currently in Foreclosure thru the lender.
How can I find out who the lender is of the property? I am interested in a viewing.
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