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Once you're issued a title to a home, it can't be taken back can it? I bought a home on the clerkofcourts auction site, got the title
issued, now there may be problem with it. . .Does the clerk's office have the right to rescind a title?
How can I avoid getting scammed by RealtyTrac -- they charged my credit card several times even though I cancelled their service. I was billed $59.95
I was also charged by 'affiliate companies' and RealtyTrac gave me numbers to contact them for a credit which were disconnected. The information they provided on foreclosures and pre-foreclosures…
My lease is up this month and my land lord informed me she wants to short sale the condo. How do I handle this? I want to ask to go month to month
on the condo... What's reasonable and legal? I don't want to get into an uncomfortable situation having realtors coming by all the time.
I'm confused about the pricing for foreclosures on Trulia in general. Are prices as low as 11K or 30K the actual, full cost of these homes?
I'd like to know what's involved with buying a house that's in default/forclosure. Are the prices stated actual, or does the bank expect the price to adjust a later date to the market value…
We are renting a house, and the owner has declared bankruptcy. What are my rights/options as a tenant for the term of the lease (and beyond), and?
what should I do, and when, if I am interested in possibly making an offer to buy the house? Bankruptcy proceedings will end in Mid May, and our lease runs through mid June.
I made an offer last tuesday and the real estate agent hasn't sent it in yet I think she is waiting for a
better offer is this fair? I feel like she is doing something illegal. How long do they have before they have to turn your offer in?
Need help with a Short Sale Strategy.... After waiting for 8 months for the bank(Bank of America) to accept our offer, we finally heard that the
bank will accept IF the sellers agree to sign a note to pay back $20K. Not suprisingly, they are not in a hurry to sign. That leaves us with many questions like, what different senarios are likely to…
I was wondering what is going on. My house was forclosed on and the sherriff sale was may-27-09 i assume my right of redemption would end on 11-27-09
im in michigan just a regular house no land. I have not even heard a word from anyone. what might be going on. Im in wayne county
Is the forclosure price on the site the sale price?
Hi, When I look at some forclosure listings, and their prices. They seem too good to be true. For example some homes in my neighborhood are going for at least $600k but in the forclosure listings their…
HOA fees were paid, but they are still coming after me. How do I prove they were paid?
Lender took home, even though he said we could sell since we found a buyer. At last minute he bought home at auction then sold to our buyer. In the closing documents, he paid HOA fees, but they are coming…
What recourse do I have as buyer on property with undisclosed foreclosure that halted close last minute?
Signed a contract to purchase a home 3 months ago. 5 days prior to close we discover the seller (also the realtor) was in foreclosure for over a year and actually lost the house (sold to a bank) 1 month…
How do u get qualified for a loan ?
want to know how u can get qualified ?
i want to know what u need to qualify for a loan ?
help me please and tell me where i can go to qualify for a loan ?
Foreclosure has become a mature part of Live for many Americans.
My question today is: Do Banks have back up insurance to secure the interest in the property? Is the insurance company paying the bank if the legal owner of the property gets into a Default situation? There…
Purchasing a Junior Lien at a Trustee's sale
I came across a foreclosure on a Junior lien. I had a title search done and discovered that the same lender holds the first. The total of both origional loan amts are about 15% under 'current'…
What are the ramifications to me when property is foreclosed on by a HOA, who is the second lien holder, when first lien is current?
I owned a condo in NMB that was foreclosed on by the HOA for nonpayment of a large assessment. HOA acquired a second lien, foreclosed, and given title to the property without the knowlege of the first…
what did a foreclosure sale means and what is its purpose?
what did a foreclosure sale means and what is its purpose?
My house has been SOLD. I haven't heard anything...its nerve wracking!! How much time do i have before im forced to leave?
Is there a no# i can call to get detail information on when is my exit date? I rather be ready and packed up and have a rental place waiting for me, and not be caught off guard!! Please HELP!!!!
Can I negotiate with the lender to remove negative marks on my credit at the conclusion of a shortsale transaction?
I'm a homeowner in the middle of a short sale - the contract has been submitted to First Horizon and they have acknowledged receipt of the contract but not accepted yet. I've read that others…
my question is this: I am renting from a friend just found out that the house is in forclosure, it went into forclosure 3/31/2009 how long could it
be before we would have to move and will we get a notice for the county letting us no? the only paperwork that has come is from the banks lawyers. Thanks
unfortunately i have just been informed my home has been sold. According to the foreclosure attorneys the
property was bought by the same bank who held the loan for $100.00. Being a realtor for and loan officer for 3 yrs, I am in shock because the home where my family lives, my kids, my brother who is disabled…
I've had to file bankrup. & my home in Summerville SC is in foreclosure. My bankrup was filed this past Dec 2009 & I'm still living
in the home. Nothing has been received from the bank & no payments are being made. How can I find out how long I have to find another place & required to move out of the home. Thanks
I put an offer on a short sale home and his bank said that he could not sell it as it was to far into the bankruptcy process and was pulled off the
market, I really want this home , is there someone out there that knows what I can do to get the bank to sell it to me, or some sort of loop hole , if it goes to the sherrifs sale, how can I hunt it down?,or…
Recourse Loan or Non Recourse in California?
I purchased with 20% down, then refinanced three years later for the same amount (purchase was 217,000 after the 20% down 227,000 after the refi due to the closing costs being rolled into the new loan).…
There is a unit in our condo associations that is going to the bank for short sale however this unit is about 1 year behind on fees and assessments.
Should the association file a lien on the unit for back dues. If they do and the bank short sells it will the association collect monies due. What would be the best recourse for the association to recoup…
Is there have any angent are good at pre- foreclouse or foreclouse house?
We want a 3/2 single family home at south bay area. I guess only buy foreclouse protery can give us a chance to have the home we want.
Pre foreclosure stage. Is this a conflict of interest matter for litigation?
I am in pre foreclosure stage. A "friend" of the mortgage holder signs a short sell contract for 35% under fair market value. Broker then advertises sale but answers inquiries with story that…
I saw a foreclosed house listed on Trulia and called the agent about seeing it. After no return call I called again and after several days...
I received a call back from his assistant. She said that the house was under contract, that they've received some 50 bids already, and that he was no longer showing the property. The property is still…
lender wants "shortsale fees" at closing?
i have a shortsale contract on my property. the lender, american home mortgage, wants the buyer to pay a 1% fee at closing, and wants the seller to pay a 3% fee at closing. they will not accept a higher…
I have a notice of trustee sale. The sale amount is $237,499 and there are 2 loans on this property. The first is in the amount of $188,00 and the
second is $106,000. The home has multiple violations with the county. Are they satisfying both loans for $237,499 and will the violations interfere with the sale?
Hi, What strategy would you advise for someone who lost their job, fell behind in mortgage payments and is applying for a loan modification? Should?
I sell to an investor and rent until my credit improves? Or, should I sell now and improve credit in order to purchase again? Are their programs for homeowners who can't afford their homes and want…
Notice of trustee Sale in the amount of $237,499. First mortgage loan $188,000 and second home equity $106,000. The home has multiple violations and
construction is not complete. The home was originally sold to me as 2200 square feet. 1000 square feet were not permitted and not disclosed when I purchased. When I tried putting it back together I was…
How do forclosures work?
There are a couple house around my area that are up for forclosure. I was wondering how i go about buying one.
How do forclosures work?
There are a couple house around my area that are up for forclosure. I was wondering how i go about buying one.
How much is Fannie Mae asking for 7427 Moss Brook Drive? It has been on the market for almost 5 years...are they willing to negoiate with a previous?
resident? This house does not have to remain on the market however; will Fannie Mae reduce the price and discuss options with an interested buyer?
1.) How can WAMU charge off mortage that was included in bankrupcy? 2.) How do I get the tilte out of my name now that the bankrupcy is discharged?
WAMU began foreclosure on rental property 8/2007. WAMU stopped sherrif sale 2/2008. I filed Chapter 7 in 4/2008. Property included. The house is still in my name although the bankrupcy was discharged…
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