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I am from the U.K. I am looking to buy a holiday home. I previously owned a house in Leesburg so i have enough money not a lot to puchase outright.
We sold a house about 4 years ago.We are looking to buy we will only be here for the months of Dec To March. We have around $70 ,000
How do I find homes that are in pre-foreclosure? Will my real estate agent know this?
Due to the death of my husband, I have to downsize to a smaller, less expensive home. I will be a cash buyer, and am wondering about if a pre-foreclosure might be a good idea. I am not in a hurry to move.…
My husband and I have bad credit and are both students who don't make a lot, we want to buy a house that is being foreclosed. We have several
thousand saved that could be used for a down payment and several months of a mortage would we be able to qualify to buy a home?
HI was thinking of putting an offer on a short sale with 3 loans...CityMortgage, Key bank and Home Lending Tree. Any advice?
Time frame I should be looking at? Any direct/indirect experience with these lenders?
I am starting a Foreclosure Clean Out Business, any ideas for leads? In the Los Angeles area. I strive to be the best so want to wrk with the best.
I have been researching, writing a business plan (not for a loan), and have all licenses/bonds etc. covered but want to make sure I am over prepared for anything and everything. I want to make sure before…
Anybody have an idea what to charge for cleanouts. Does it go by the job or by the sq footage of the building?
Going to start a foreclosure business just not sure what the going rates are!
Can business letters pose as personal letters?
Our property address was incorrectly identified as distressed. One week we suddenly received lots of mail for the owner of the true distressed property. This mail (which we did not open and have marked…
Foreclosure or Bankruptcy?
I lost a high paying job in Jan.2010. Due to this I was not able to make payments for 3 months. During this time, I was in contact with my Mortgage Company. I requested a Forebearance Plan which was…
I submitted a best offer on a freddie mac home and they "accepted" I then signed my half it has been over two weeks with no word should we
be worried I feel we got a great deal on the property, so much so that I am worried that it has taken so long to even hear from them. The realtor stated that it normally takes 4 to 5 days to get the signed…
short sale offer price
I am making an offer for a short sale home. there are foreclosed homes nearby , one this year and two last year within same gated community. what % discount I should expect for this home compare to…
how much should you bid on a foreclosed property?
want to buy a foreclosed property but I am not sure how much money bank will accept. How do I find out what the previous owner owed on the property?
Once a house is in foreclosure, how do you purchase it? By Auction?
I would like to find out more information about the house located at 166 Town Street in Braintree, MA.
how do you know what to bid at action?
House needs 60,000 in repairs
what stays with home when buying a forclosed property?
i bought a forclosed home in nc and the past owner is wanting to sell things like washer/dryer other other stuff before they leave what stays with house
1). How can I buy such an REO? 2). Is there anyone who can help me get this kind of REOs in such non-tricky prices?
I am tired of filling all kinds questionnaires and being trapped into a 7-days-free-kind tricky teaching plans. I need talk with a true human being who will definitely be helpful in term of purchasing…
How can I buy foreclosed homes in Phoenix/Peoria area?
I am considering buying homes in Phoenix/Peoria area - How can I buy homes after these homes go into foreclosure? I keep hearing that you can buy homes at the county door-steps as part of auction - what…
The neighbors house is in foreclosure & their trees are damageing our home. Doese the bank have to take care of this now?
This is an on going issue with this neighbors and many more, to many to list. the Bank is: Deutsche Bank Natl.
any buy agent who is specialized in REO owned properties in Middlesex county or Suffolk county, MA?
I am starting to look for a REO property in Middlesex county or Suffolk county, MA. Any recommendations for a buy agent who is specialized in REO owned properties? Also, here can I get a list of REO properties…
I have a rental property i own alone potentially going into foreclosure. My current wife and I are looking to buy a home. Any redflags?
I purchased the rental property with an FHA loan back in 2003. Circumstances have changed and I am no longer able to live in the property. I have been renting it out, but the FHA requires it to be owner…
What is our risk by ignoring Invoices/Bills from our HOA?
We decided to walk away from our home in June 2009, successfully filed Chapter 7 the same month, and was dischared in August 2009. We continued to pay HOA fees until October 2009 when we were notified…
My original question: Can a second mortgage foreclose on a property if the first mortgage is in the modification process?
The home does have equity in it and the modification was through the HAMP program. The three month trial was completed and we have been approved for the modification. Thank you for the answers to the…
how do i price out forecloseures clean outs? fort myers fl
i am starting a new business in fort myers fl. ;and need help in pricing out foreclosure clean outs or suggestions that may nelp me in my new venture. My family is desperate for cash, and we have all…
What will happen after 3 months of my foreclosure(Las Vegas)?
I don't see publics records in my credit report. Will I wait for a 1099 in the end of the year for the difference of my loan and the sold price. Thanks
a seller, sell a house to a buyer, buyer does not close because seller want disclose some property defects. He thens give the title back to original
what rights does the buyer have when earnest money has not been returned. by the way the house is in foreclosure
inthe market just looking I have a ? though does anybody ever do down payments under a $1,000.00 say on mobile homes or double wides? Looking
something in lemon springs, sanford or tramway area I can't afford much on payments and I need owner fainencing can pay $200.00 to 300.00 a month. I am on a fixed income and at the monent i have no…
I am another victim of the 'my home was sold at auction' without my knowledge after 2 home modificiation denials. What can I do now? I
feel violated! I was denied a loan modification twice even after payments in excess of $6K were made to the bank. I was not offered a 2nd mortgage, refinance, FHA grant, no options on the $80K in the…
How can you win when you are loosing? Foreclosure could be the answer?
With all the negative news give some encouragement to those that need it.
Can Lender come after second junior loan and home equity loan if my house forclosed?
I have 3 loans( first and second junior mortgage) own by calFFA and Equity loan own by Patelco Credit union.If my house will be foreclosed will I still be responsible for the 2nd and Equity loan ?Thanks
deed in lieu
how does that work and how long does it take, and cash for keys , what do you get
We are on the Clock and want to obtain a mortgage to match the sheriff'ssale amount plus interest post foreclosure. Where can we apply for a?
mortgage? We have until April 15th to obtain a mortgage matching the Sheriff's sale amount and monthly interest.
Does anyone in St. Augustine/Anastasia Island or historic St. Aug., have anything they're willing to rent w/option to buy w/in the next 6 mo.s?
I have a house in Ohio w/tenants living in it and trying to get financed to buy w/in the next few mo.s. I'd like to find a foreclosure in St.Augustine, Fl. to purchase and flip. Does anyone have…
I owned a condo that foreclosed in September. I stopped paying the HOA fees in February and now they are sending me to collections.
They are charging for February through September. Should I try to resolve this? How much worse can my credit get with this, especially since I already have a foreclosure on my record?
Where can I get more details on vacant property in or near Waterloo Rec area and this property listed? Becky
-- This question is about this property:
I am in pre-foreclosure. I cannot pay my huge monthly mortgage due to lack of income. I have small amount of cash to buy a home. This home is bank
owned. Can one bank talk to another bank and tell them not to sell to me even though I am paying cash? Thank you.
Sheriff's Sale
Lost all income, no offers on short sale, now facing sheriff's sale. Recently bought cheap home with cash. Question: Can bank pursue my new home, retirement money to satisfy a deficit? Thank you…
What do you think should be done about the banks errors in foreclosures?
A spokesman for Wells Fargo said "We don’t believe that there are instances in which the foreclosures would not have occurred otherwise,”with all these problems they called the matter…
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