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I was asked this question today: My wife and I bought a small condo 5 years ago. We have had 2 children.
It is too small. We are not late on our mortgage and do not have a hardship. We just need more space. We owe much more than what the condo is worth. How do we sell? What do we do?
What is a SHORT SALE?
What is the process? How is it different from foreclosure? Is there any risk associated with this? How to track down listing with Short Sale?
getting contracts for landscape cleanup on homes for sale or forclosed?
I own a licensed and insured landscape business. How do I go about getting in to that business opportunity? I read that some cities do the maintenance and place a lien againsts the property.
I offer full cash paying for the house 5% less than the listing price. Am I paying too much?
I have a mixed feeling right now. Happy because bank accepts my offer; worried because I may pay too much for the house that needs an A/C and appliances. The shingles roof is 18yrs old. The house is Lehigh…
joint names on deed/sheriff sale for mortgage not owners
clients bought through lawyer and flippers and NCM has a mortgage that was not paid at settlement for the sellers.
ok a house is in preforclosure the fillin date is 10/23/09 but the entry date is 11/23/09 ther is another date stating end date 8/16/10 wht does ths m
house has three dates associated with preforclosure entry date,filing date and end date what does this mean
Isn't there a formal process for a listing agent requesting a "best and highest" counter offer on a preforclosure house?
I've been asked to submit a best and highest offer on a pre-forclosure house due to another buyer's offer. This is being asked by the listing agent, not the bank. I want to see some kind of…
What's the scoop on bidding at an auction on the courthouse steps in San Diego? Can we see the home first? Do?
we have to have all cash? Can we get title insurance immediately? Can we get keys/remove tenant/owner right away; if not how soon and how?
does any one know why you would be put the hamp program make your payments. then be transfered to another servicer after 6 months of payments be denid
servicer says owner of loan will not modify but was approved for final modifacation right before transfer to new servicer
I am a potential investor from the UK and have cash (I think!) to buy a modest foreclosure in Cleveland
but I have absolutley no idea how to go about this - can anyone direct me to a step by step guide on what I should do first and then next? I am anxious to get out there are buy but do not know what my…
I am currently trying to work a loan modification with my lender. About a year ago, I had a fire in a barn/guest house on my property. I was/am
also behind on my second mortgage. When part of the insurance loss funds came through my second mortgage holder would not release them unless I signed a default judgement. I needed to pay to remove all…
I have heard that Lenders cannot come after borrowers for "Purchase Money" loans. Is this true?
I purchased a condo conversion West of the 5 Frwy in 2007 at $450K. I financed 100% (80/20) on a 7 yr Interest Only ARM. I am having no troublemaking my payments, however the place seems to be -$150K…
My husband and I are in short sale in a home in Pine Mountain Club. Our offer was accepted by the seller, after a couple of months the lender came
back with a higher appraised offer. We made the mistake of not taking the offer on the spot, and through our agent (not the listing agent) we countered that we would split the difference. That was 7 weeks…
I have been fasinated with real estate ownership for many years, and never could afford to make a purchase on my own. However, recently this has all
change and I am seeking to seriously invest the goal is to grown and build wealth. As you know this economy has opened the housing market up to those who are seeking to invest. I have been looking into…
What is better for me to do to protect me from a possible future deficiency judgment? Short Sale or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure?
My primary residence home is listed as a short sale. The realtor found me a buyer and there is a contract on the house. The Bank already accepted the offer for the short sale and I have the approval…
My name is Lorna Dwyer, My husband and I are looking for a home in Jacksonville FL. We are going to travel to Jackson from August 12 to the 20th
and are looking for someone specialized in short sales and foreclosures. We have to options: 1.Our preference is to find someone to swap a lot located in Alta, Wyoming,and go for a home up to $450,000…
i bought the foreclosure house in california (city of el monte) in May 2010.I just moved in the house 2 months and found out that there is termite
in the contract the bank covered for my termite inspection and my listing agent showed me a termite report that due in 09/2009 . I called my agent and report it but she refused to do anything. She told…
How do we make our mortgage company adjust our property tax rate to the homesteaded rates before closing on a home?
We have entered into an agreement with Fannie Mae to purchase one of their REOs. On the listing, the agent listed the property as non-homesteaded and then listed the tax rates as the homesteaded rates.…
AHMSI is making no effort to be responsive to consumers.
This is an REO, not a short sale. My research shows that in addition to AHMSI being overrun with new assets as mentioned in an earlier posting, they have been very unresponsive to those they already hold.…
I am looking at a vacant lot (teardown) in Hinsdale, IL. What is the average sale price vs. list for a lot? (In other words, what is a realistic
offer as a % of the asking price?) The house is already removed, but there is a large tree in the center of the property that would need to be removed as well.
I am looking at foreclosure on my home in arizona. Bought it for $343,000. I put down 10%, financed 80%, and the last 10% ($34,300) was done on a
heloc at the time of purchase. I NEVER withdrew any additional money from the heloc, it wasn't even available. My max amount available on the heloc was $34,300. If I foeclose am I responsible for…
I am the previous owner of 9415 Kilrenny Dr Spring, Tx 77379 I bought it in 1998, it was a HUD foreclosure. I put a lot of my heart into that house.
The government laws "SUCK!" My ex-husband is "the Devil." I owned my home for 9 years "after" my divorced. The "family law court" here in Houston contributed to…
How much might it cost a bank per month to hold onto a foreclosure?
In other words I have heard the bank can lose $6,000/mo. waiting for a buyer.
I foreclosured my home with equity maximer with Bank of america do I have to pay it even I foreclose this home
I have 2 loans primary loan and equity maximizer with bank of america, after one year BofA called and demanding to pay for this loan, do I have to pay this or not
our house been foreclosed 2010 we tried loan modification but the bank said we just cannot afford it. may i know if we ever can still own a house?
for a lower price that is affordable, we can afford at least $2000 per month of our disability retirement i would like a lower prop tax we used to pay almost $9000 prop tax in our previous residence…
what if you're not behind on your loan? what if you are still current and trying not to get behind will it kill my credit? and how does it all
work? my husbands pay has been cut by 20% and my hours have been reduced to just above part time so that i can't claim unemployment, but have benifits for the family. would this be a good program…
Canadian looking to buy a home in Pharr or Weslaco TX area.
Would appreciate if an experienced agent can tell me what procedures / forms need to be filled out and filed with IRS for ITIN. Why is an ITIN needed? Seems it is required to purchase a HUD home.
Short sale durning redemption period in Michigan. The house next to me just sold at sheriffs auction for $215,000. Is it possible to offer less than?
that? and how likely would it be accepted? The house has never been marketed, because the owners had the feeling of just "giving it back" after a job loss. Speaking with them they would be open…
Cash vs. financing: I am putting in an offer on a foreclosed property (REO) and know that another offer is on the table.
The other interested party didn't know about us when he made the offer, and we don't really know details of the offer other than it is likely below asking. We plan to offer above asking (it…
How can I find a good real estate agent experienced in foreclosures?
I am a first time home buyer looking in the West End area. I have been getting some casual advice from one of my friends who is an out of town real estate agent but I have realized I need to find an in…
How do you find out more about a house up for auction due to foreclosure before you go to the auction? Also,
is it possible to get inside the propoerty so you know what you are bidding on?
What help is there for paying off deficiency judgments?
Sometimes when working with a bank on a short sale the bank will only agree to release the lien instead of accepting the short sale amount as 'settlement in full'. Then after closing the bank…
Shoud I let my home foreclose?
I live in Nevada which is a recourse state. I have only one mortgage on my primary residence. I owe $215,000 and my house is worth about $95,000 now. I want to move to a different neighborhood and I…
How do you decide which is better for you? Foreclosure or short sale?
my husband will be losing his job and we will not be able to keep the house. He will get a single pay out of retirement. If we bankrupt can the retirement be used against us?
I am trying to buy Bank of America Short Sale property. I made an offer and got the counter offer from the negotiator. I accepted all terms to the
counter offer on April 12, 2010. The escrow closing date is May 31, 2010 on the counter offer, so I already started to process my loan. However, I have not received the written approval letter from the…
Hi, I am a tenant, my landlord is trying to short sell the house, we already had 2 showings this week and we just got an envelope by the door from
one of the lenders. Of course I'll give it to him tomorrow and ask but could it be something that I should know? Im curious but not too nosy, cant open, not addresseed to me anyway but wondering…
Throgs Neck NY / Edgewater Park Want a good deal in this area?
get this brick home for under 400k and benefit from with today’s market value over 500k sound like a deal must sell by august Making a decision by 1st week of August
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