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What rights does a sellers lender have after filing Michigan ch. 7 bk to include liquidation of the house? Do they have to approve the purchase offer?
We have placed an offer on a property under ch. 7 bankruptcy that has been accepted by the court trustee. We are being told that the seller's lender must now also approve the sale. The Lender has…
BofA sent me a statement about a escrow impound property tax owed statement . I sold property in short sell in CA. should it be included in the sell?
The short sell was closed in Sacramento, ca, which has a approved 931 bill pertaining Non-recourse mortgage under CCP 580b. Does this include the Impound tax that runs with the property?
Can the agent representing a foreclosed property withhold my offer if another buyer's offer has been submitted, but not accepted?
I recently made an offer on a foreclosed condo in California. The agent representing the property told my Realtor another offer had come in before mine, but had not been accepted and she would be happy…
In Georgia, If the refinanced mortgage is in one spouses name, can house be foreclosed if the other spouse is also living in the home?
I had refininaced mortgage in my name 4 years ago and live with my wife who has never signed for any mortgages on our homes. In Iowa, if only one spouse signs for a mortgage, creditors have little recourse…
Has anyone purchased a Fannie Mae home and was able to use the Kansas City Dream Home Program?
We made an offer and Fannie Mae refused to sign the Dream Home papers. They said they have no disclosures. Dream Home requires nothing of Fannie Mae, just have a sheet that says they will be inspecting…
Would a bank be able to change the sales price on a foreclosed property after they have accepted my offer?
Me and my finace' found a foreclosed home selling for $227,900 which was totally out of our price range. So after negotiating for about 2 weeks we managed to get the price down to $210,000 then we…
I am considering a move-in condition house listed by Hudson and Marshall auction for $325k. Can anyone give me an idea of how much I should offer? Thx
I am considering making an offer prior to the auction. How low do these houses usually go for? Is it 10% below asking or 50%. I have no idea what to expect. Can someone please provide insight.
I bought a foreclosed condo. Porch has excessive damage. Property Insp shows pics of damage. HOA says they didn't report-will not fix damage
They said if they would have received the property inspection report prior to closing they would have forced the seller to pay. Since the seller is the government, I highly doubt this would have happened.…
Desperately need CitiMortgage to send assignment of beneficiary notice to Fannie Mae - any ideas
I'm ready to close on my Fannie Mae purchase of a home foreclosed by CitiMortgage several months ago. The attorney is trying to get the paper (assignment of beneficiary) from CitiMortgage but having…
Shouldnt homeowners be entitled to know who the pmi company is? consumer rights/tips
welcome. homeowners are being denied due to pmi not participating with HAMP program. only related issues and related to loan modifications please..
How can I find out if my current loan is a "Non-Recourse" or a "Recourse" loan?
I did Refi after 8 months from original purchase to get my tax impounds rolled into my monthly payments, and I did take about $4k of equity out of the house to payoff another signature loan. I looked…
In January my fiance and I would like to start looking at house. What do we need to do before then?
It will be a first home for both of us. We are currently renting in parsippany and would like to move out by the summer into a home. What do we need to do to meet this goal?
house foreclosed on 3/14/ 4 keys: we offered and they countered w/ less $ and less days. How much neg. room do we have?
if we accept the $ but want a little more time, are they likely to lower the $ if they agree to the new date?
Can a real estate foreclosure be stopped and the procedure started over when the wrong name has been placed on the foreclosure ?
Example: Husband name only on the morgage however the bank listed husband and wifes names in the newspaper and on the foreclosure procedings. Can the process start all over (the 3 weeks of notice) due…
Is it correct for the seller (fannie mae) to accept an offer lower than yours? Is it correct to give you the addenda after the offer accepted?
I made an offer equal to the listing price, there was suposingly an higher offer, but he backed-up the day after he supposingly discovered bad things about this house, they asked me if I wanted to increased…
Should I use the listing agent to buy a foreclosure?
We are thinking of putting in an offer on a short sale and were going to contact the listing agent. Is that a good idea, or should we seek out another realtor? what are the pros and cons?
my home is in foreclosure need help and can't afford a lawyer
when I first received my home loan I feel that things were done underhanded on certain things and need legal assistance
Walk Away or Short Sale?
I bought in 2005 were I was stationed at in the military. I'm retired from the military now and want to move back home. My house is worth less than what I owe. I can afford the payments but have no…
Is "buyers agent" the same thing as any realtor? Thank you.
Everyone is saying "get a buyers agent" and I am wondering if that is the same as a regular realtor. thanks
I am a first time home buyer & I found a Freddie Mac REO condo that I am interested in. It's original price was 306,900 & it just dropped to 296,900. I want to put in an offer between 200-220k.…
Foreclosed home 2 years ago, in limbo, have not claimed bankruptcy, chances of getting a new home loan elsewhere?
Went through divorce 3 years ago, the home was occupied by ex for 1 year after, home forclosed 2 years ago but still in limbo and has since been vacant. Not getting any statements or phone calls from…
I am in the process of purchasing a foreclosed single family home. We were suppose to close Jan 16!!! yes, it has been 2 months now and we are still w
still waiting on POA.(power of attorney) Why is it taking soooo long????? we are very frustrated. please help!!!!
Good starting offer for a nice foreclosure
There is a foreclosure listed at 230k that we really want to purchase for our home. It's been on the market 10 days. We are thinking of offering 200k, but we don't know a thing about real estate…
Sun City Center realty in 2011?
What's the projections on properties for sale in 2011 for 2bd 2th? Also pet friendly. older flat units, furnished with view of golf course or water in the back & HOA fee? thx! Do you think more…
I am interested in purchasing a home you have listed. Who do I need to contact?
I am interested in one of the homes you have listed. How do I purchase this home?
Looking for a real estate professional with experience in buying at a trustee sale. Can anyone assist me or refer me to someone?
Looking to purchase property in the area of San Ramon/Danville. This would be our primary residence and not a flip.
Is this a fair offer?
I am looking at a bank owned home listed at 53K I want to offer 35K The home has been on the market for more then 6mo is that a fair offer??
If buying a home under Fannie Mae homepath as a second home does it qualify as owner occupant?
Owner occupant gets first chance on bid for homepath Fannie Mae--as a second home (in order to get 10% down) can this be classified as owner occupant????
How much to offer on a foreclosure?
I'm a first time home buyer, and I am looking at foreclosed homes that are around $120,000-130,000. I would like to spend (in the end) around $80,000 for a home. Of course, less would be great,…
How to buy a foreclosed property at auction with financing a loan ?
I see few foreclosed properties to be sold at auction for less than market value. In order to participate in those auctions, they require 100% cashier checks for the auction amount. However I have only…
Hello, I am a beginning real estate investor who is looking to find a buyers agent.
I am approved for hard money with Equity Development Corp and am interested in purchasing foreclosures. I worked with a buyer's agent, but I've tried contacting him regarding a particular property and…
Recently found out the home I grew up in, in Derry, PA went up for foreclosure. The occupants totally vandalized the house before they left.
Are people ever prosecuted for this behavior? If so who would press charges? I know this is done frequently with foreclosures. Does anyone ever have to pay for damages?
Is 17 Coleman Street for sale?
House appears to be empty.
im losing my house because i owe $5,000 in taxes before 11/22/10. when it goes up for auction, will i have first bid to pay off the taxes.?
im the sibling of the owners who owe the money. i know no specifics. in fact they moved out and i moved in. everyone is with holding info. all i know is i owe $5,000 before 11/22/2010. so my sister and…
If 1 person holds the mortgage but 2 names are on the deed, can a short sale be made to a relative of the 2nd person listed on deed, not on mortgage??
My daughter is on the deed but not on the mortgage so I was hoping I could do a short sale on the house if the bank approves but I was told no relative could do a short sale. I guess I'm just hoping…
I am still confused about all this 1099 -A tax consequences .
My property was a condo I bought for my daughter ( so not my primary residence nor an actual "investment " property) I paid $131,000 and put 10%down, therefore I was required to get PMI insurance.…
Do you have to tell buyers of previous mold damage?
I'm looking at a house that has some pretty bad black mold damage. It's a foreclosure, and I would be looking to fix it up and resale it. My question is after I've taken care of the mold damage and put…
if you buy a foreclousure home cash will the price lower or will it stay the same?
i am looking for a home and want to pay it cash if its a foreclousure home will it still lower
What happens when multiple offers are made on a short sales property? What is the process?
We are interested in a property short sales. The cabin/house has not been lived in in over 2 years. Also the house had been turned over to code inforcement. We did go to the realtor who has the listing.…
Do you believe the current trends in foreclosures will prevail?
Can my lender bump my interest percentage to 18 during a modification even after the home loan is brought current?
I brought my home loan current paying all the fees. They said they could legally charge 18percent during the modification process..which is now well over 10 months. The loan has been current for over…
Chase Mortgage: does anyone have the back of their monthly statement or an other place where Chase specifies the address or fax number where Chase
receives and processes request under the RESPA Qualified Written Request laews , and alike information. ( I am told that unless the QWR is sent to that Address Chaase just ignores it. )
I have a primary home me and my husband live in, we are senior citizens. We helped our daughter get into a house and provided the loan for her. Now
she was laid off and got a lower paying job and can't afford the payments. Can we lose our primary home if my daughter forecloses on her home? We are in Calfiornia.
I have a question about Bank of America Loan Modification
I have a question, Bank Of America is the servicer for Freddie Mac, you have an arm, and upside down, your husband is working self employment and you get retirement, we are of age 65 , you get turned down…
Wells Fargo Foreclosure Duration
I'm about to go into default on my home in SF. Does anyone know how long Wells Fargo is taking to issue NODs and subsequently complete the foreclosure process? Will a short sale attempt by me significant…
We lost the bid but they came back and they now accepted our bid. . .Is it normal to now wait for listing agent to call our Realtor?
We submitted offer on forclosure they ask all bidder (multiple offers) for best offer. We lost, Now they came back & we got it. Its been 2 days. is it normal to now wait for the listing office to…
My husband left me in Dec and has not made the house pmt since. We filed chpt 13 and will be discharged in June. What can I do to save my house?
My husband left our house and we haven't made a pmt. since Nov. We filed chapter 13 and it will be discharged in June. There is a possibilty we will get back together, is there anyway we can save…
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