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i am interested in a house i know the owner is years behind on mortage payments
the house is located at 3166 northbrook dr atlanta 30341
What happens when you go into foreclosure and stop paying your association?
Will the HOA come after me or the property itself? I'm seriously considering not paying the fee anymore since I'll probably end foreclosing on my home September.
when a home go into foreclosure, from a short sale what happen to your bid? would you still have it pending until they move? and how long ?
i put a bid in while this home was a short sale and it became pending,but the bank never sign, because the home owners never send there paper work in. i have been waiting for 6 mos, will i still have…
would like to purchase a home am on S.S.D. since 1991 would love to be able to rent to own or purchase a foreclosure in the Grotn C.T. there are sev.
Looking to rent with opion to buy or if possible to purchase a foreclosure in the Groton C.T. or Norwich rea
how can I get details on a property listed for auction without regirstry with Realtyract?
Saw a property listed for auction, but no set day yet. I am not interested in signing up for a free trial just to see details of one property. Is there other way to get this info? Thanks!
US Bank Home Mortgage denied me twice for a loan modification. What are some other options?
My husband and I split but I have paid the mortgage faithfully. It is with US Bank and in both our names. We have never been late. I called US Bank back in July to ask for a loan modification. They…
On TRULIA I saw two foreclosure homes. What do I do to go take a look at them? Is there a contact person representing each foreclosure?
One is priced WAY above what I can spend. However, there is a note saying that lower offers are accepted. If I make an offer WAY below the asking price, would it get consideration? Are there any negative…
Loan Modification Companies
What are these?
I would like to bid on HUD condo that has a listed appraisal of 63,500, what does this mean exactly? Would the expectation be that I would bid more?
or less than that? Does that represent the lowest HUD will go? Or is it just a ballpark figure of some kind? I would really like to have the condo at lthat price, but am willing to pay a litttle more…
Who do I talk to to offer my services to cleanup foreclosed homes?
We are a local cleaning company hoping to branch out and begin cleaning foreclosed homes. I am not sure who to speak to the banks or the agents?
fremont area california trends??
looking for good values in condos in fremont zip codes 94536.94538
Are property taxes based on the value of the recorded deed after a purchase(in the absense of a physical inspection by the town tax assessor? NJ
My tax is still based on the original purchase price, not the value after doubling the size and value of the structure and a new mortgage 4 years ago with all the permits and inspections required. I realize…
ocwen closed my file had a foreclosure sale deutsche purchased the property as trustee for novastar now who do i contact for my loan restructure
i am tired of being in limbo it is time start work on my property so i can make payments no one has contacted me sense the foreclosure sale which was postponed by public proclamation nearly five months…
I signed a two year lease on a house in N.C. The owners are $2,000 behind on mortgage and Wells Fargo gave them til end of April to bring current.
How soon will it be before foreclosure is posted on front door if they don't catch their mortgage up? I signed the lease with a real estate company that is handling the house and I guess if the house…
I am married, but my husband and I are separated. Should I sign all closing papers for Foreclosure purchase?
My husband is in the process of purchasing a Foreclosure in Southfield, MI as his primary residence. We're separated and have not even thought about pursuing divorce. Shouldn't I be at the Closing and…
Do I have right of redemption on my husband's foreclosed house if I wasn't on the loan in Michigan?
My husband lost a house to foreclosure in Michigan and I was on the title but not the loan. The loan was through Countrywide/Bank of America and Fannie Mae took possesion after a Sheriffs Sale for substanially…
My friend has been told that she can stay in her home for up to one year after foreclosure notice?
She is in the middle of a common law divorce and he is the only person on the name of the loan with the mortgage company and they filed notice of foreclosure to him. Her lawyer has told her that she can…
Does the trustee have to posses the actual promissory note to sale my house at public auction?
Public sale is Tomorrow on my home and I would like to delay this
Which is the best option to dispose an upside down investment property? & legal & tax consequense of each one
Which is the best option to dispose an upside down investment property? & legal & tax consequense of each one? This property has a non-recourse purchase loan. 1. Deed in Lieu of froeclosure? Will…
Investor who bought our house 2 days ago at auction wants to come into the house & take pictures. Do we have to leave fans blinds & speakers?
installed The fans, blinds and speakers in the ceiling were installed by us while we lived in the house. Is this my own property? The investor is telling us he will let us stay in the house until the…
why would Fannie mar reject an offer over asking price?
Offered over asking price on a forclosed proprerty and they came back rejecting offer? We didnt ask for anything, was preapproved for fha203 loan and we pay closing. Why list a price if they are not going…
Thanks for your responses. A short sale was suggested but it was mentioned that I still could be responsible for the shortage in the loan & sale.
I first offered the deed in lieu of. The lender said that was a last resort and that I should do a short sale first. I didn't want to to that, especially when the lender stated that I still could…
How up-to-date are RealtyTrac listings on Trulia?
I'm looking at one that I believe was sold several weeks ago and I don't want to register to look at it if the property is gone.
Huge unexpected bill AFTER short sale?
We just sold our house on a short sale. Now we got a huge bill from Chase for what they say was missed payments from before the sale! I was told if we sold the house on a short sale the debt would be forgiven…
Do you think bank owned properties list a house at fair market value or below fair market value?
Most bank owned properties try to sell at fair market value...Do you think you are getting a great deal on a foreclosure? Some times you are not...
Should a bank owned property be winterized after the inspection, then dewinterized before the appraisal, then winterized again before closing?
How many times should the winterize/ dewinterize process be done for one sale from start to finish?
I am made an offer to buy a forclosure property own by DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST CO. CARRINGTON MORTGAGE
1610 E SAINT ANDREW PL SANTA ANA, CA 92705-4931. Somehow the list agent just does not want to submit our offer to the bank. He ignored the first offer that my agent sent to him. My agent sent him the offer…
Regarding Kane County Real Estate Auctions...Is the Judgement Amount The Starting Bid?
I notice they want you to have at least 10% liquid in order to bid - but with so many different prices due to the judgements it will help to know how they start the bidding?
commission on forecloser?
who pays the commision on forecloser?
Landlord denies he is in default and is not willing to work with us.
We know our landlord is in default and will soon face an auction. I have read all about rights to stay in the residence but we want to vacate. We do not trust this guy he has not responded to any of…
Is property 411 Sunnybrooke Court, Chesterton IN 46304. still available to tour?
Is 411 Sunnybrooke Court, Chesterton IN 46304 on the market yet or sold? When can tour?
Does anyone have experience with foreclosures owned by BankUnited? I'm wondering what their reputation is?
There is a REO Condo offered by BankUnited in Massachusetts. Wondering if there are any negotiation points I should seek out specific to this bank. Also if anyone knows anything about their offer/acceptance…
If I lose my condo in Oregon to foreclosure, do the past due HOA fees follow me or do they become the new owner's responsibility?
I know the ones after would be theirs, but what about the unpaid ones from months before? Thanks
Experienced Property Preservation Company would like to know how to or who to contact for bpo or reo listings for business and orders.
We have some great resources for property preservation jobs in southern Indiana,but we are somewhat slower than ideal. needing to know how to go about getting the info for BPOs/REOs started on our own…
Loosing Condo in Oregon, tried short sale but Wells Fargo will not review offers, even cash. Bank is pushing to auction. What can I do?
Have had it listed for only 3 months, have had 5 offers, 2 of them cash. During my loan history with Wells Fargo I never missed a payment, applied for a modification, which I was told was good, started…
Who do i look for if i would like info on owners who are selling private mobile homes on private land.OR RENT.
Need info on how to find sellers who want a down payment and finace a mobile home on private land,,,please respond,, very curious,,,,or forclosed mobile with 1-5 acreage,accepts pet,4 bdrm, stafford va,areas…
How do you get more information about a Bank Owned or foreclosed property?
Would like more information on 10 Gerthmere, West Hartford. Who do we talk to about seeing the house?
can I walk away from my house without worrying I'll need to pay back somedayr?
I own a house in NY and keep up the payment anymore. I plan to move to a different state, if I walk away from it, will bank go after me?
My house goes up for public auction Nov. 3rd in San Jose. If it does sell, what are my rights as to how long I have to get out?
I owe $355k and it is worth maybe $260k. I am hoping it doesn't sell because of the huge negative equity. I have spent the last 2 years dealing with Citimortgage trying to complete a modification…
How long is the CalVet Foreclosure/loan cancellation process?
We purchased our home in 2007 for $375k and it is now worth $230k - we owe $352k and decided to stop paying in February. We received a notice of intent yesterday that gives us until the end of the month…
I want to buy a foreclosure from a wholesaler, asking 25K, the house is appraised at 32K local,46K county whats a fair bid?
The home also needs major repairs, remodeling was started but it is no where near done, the plumbing was cut, floors aren't done, there is no kitchen whatsoever,bathrooms are started but no toilets,…
Do you have to just sit and wait for a response or is there something we can do to get the ball rolling!!?
Title issue with foreclosure. In 2008 property was listed and had an offer, closing attorney found a title issue with the lot# on deed. In 2011 back on the market with an offer but issue with title was…
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