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how many days do i have to move out of house after foreclosure is served on it?
Name is in my husbands name only and he passed away.
who is current an date of ownership?
I want to know when it was bought by whom and for how much . when it was turned over to whom ever purchased kt
Should I be responsible for the unpaid Common Charges after I bought a condo foreclosed by Condo Association in CT?
I bought a condo that was foreclosed by Condo Association. Now they ask me to pay the unpaid common charges, i.e. the unpaid balance after 9-month common charges deducted but before the foreclosure sale…
Need advice about foreclosure options
Need some advice. I've been divorced for ten years. Ex is living in my former house, which I'm still the lone person for the loan. Lately, she got behind a few months, and the house is going up for a sheriff…
I need to know if it's illegal to rent out a property in Wisconsin that is in Foreclosure listed under a deceased persons name?
It's a two sided duplex owned by my mother who passed away a year ago. My sister lives on 1 side and rents out the other and is collecting rent from a tenant. The property is in my mom's name and is…
How does one know the actual amount owed to bank on a short sale by the seller?
In a short sale how does the buyer know what the actual price is that is owed to the bank by the seller? I was told by my realtor that I had to come up with $157,642.68 now looking over my paper work…
I live in Long Island NY, Ocwen Mortgage is my lender. I was just told my home is going into forclosure .
I had a modification loan less then a year ago and fell om hard times again due to health issues. How long will it take Ocwen Mort. to evict us?
Trying to buy a foreclosure that is no longer on the market
I can see a property on Trulia that was foreclosed back in 2013. There is also a very old listing for it online from 2013. From what I can tell the property is still sitting there foreclosed, but there…
My townhome is paid off. What happens if I stop paying HOA dues.?
There are 30 homeowners in my community that are not paying their dues and still enjoying all the amenities that the responsible homeowners are paying for. Getting sick and tired of subsidizing these…
What are the two days of the week most people have off from work?
Get my house off of your foreclosure list. I have never been late with one payment nor are there any issues with my credit as I have a credit score
1341 Midland Ave New Franklin, OH 44203. Get it off of your is not nor has ever been late with a payment. If this is not off your site within 5 business days my lawyer will be notified
55 Sweetleaf CT 77566
You have my home listed as pre foreclosure and that i have been served notice. I have never been served and am not in foreclosure. Where are you getting this info? This need to be removed today!
Auction of home pending?
I live in Wilbraham Ma. I received notice that the house will be sold at auction on Feb. 18th. How long do I have before I must be out of the house?
If my condo I lived in before my husband and I got married foreclosed how will this effect our taxes? I've been trying to short sell my place
since I was in a hardship. During that time I started dating my now husband and we got married. Since we were unsuccessful in short selling it went into foreclosure now I got a 1099c how will this affect…
Would you consider this a low ball offer on a short sale?
Getting ready to make an offer on short sale, listed price is $156,000, I m thinking about offering $142,000. Comparable go for about $170,000. Home has been on the market for over 6 months. No other offers…
I am interested in an REO property with U.S. Bank, N.A. in Morris County. After reading the sign posted on the property, I called the bank's
realtor and FINALLY got a response from someone. The realtor advised me that it's been almost 3 months since the sheriff's sale and the bank's realtor doesn't even have keys to the…
Is there a statute of limitations on foreclosure in Texas.?
Purchaser failed to pay last two thousand dollars, and that was 14 years ago I just received notices from the City and county that the purchaser hasn't paid taxes in the last 4 years and the property is…
i was foreclosed and my house was auctioned without me being personnaly notified
I was told that my sale date was on hold because I was in modification but the home was sold. What can I do?
i was foreclosed and my house was auctioned without me being personnaly notified
i was foreclosed and my house was auctioned without me being personnaly notified
If an offer is rejected by Fannie Mae, how much room is there to negotiate?
We are interested in a home in Maryland that we feel is about $40,000 over priced. Fannie Mae rejected our last two offers. Should we continue to go up in small increments or do we have to pay full price?
Looking in Brisbane 3bed/2bth. We are relocating due to my new job (it is in SSF).
From first glance at MLS there is not much for sale there for our budget of 700k. There are 7! condos listed on Swallowtail Court. Is anybody familiar with this locations or this complex (and what could…
My name is on the deed but not on the loan the house is going into foreclosure the bank said i cant do a loan modification in my name.
I've been paying the mortgage on the house since the house was purchase in 2001 and the loan is up side down will i be responsible for this loan if i proceed what is the smart thing to do I need options.
My name is Poongkon Lee. my address is 5736 Lakeside Oak Ln. Burke, VA, 22015
On this website, it shows that my house has been foreclosed but my house is NOT foreclosed. Please remove the foreclosure status Thank you
I want to buy the 5 bedroom home near bartonchapel rd . down payments.its under foreclosure listings.. Leland Dr. I get my tax refund check
in 14 days put a hold on the sale and I'll give you $6,000 your asking price is $4,800 7069515133 Mr.smith
If I was foreclosure in 2012. Can I get traditional mortgage this year? If I want to know what lender available.
I was foreclosure in 2012. Can I get traditional normal loan this year? If yes, what lender can give me the loan. If your answer is no and required 7 years, please do not answer this question!!
there is a picture of MY Property on your web sight listed as "foreclosed" MY PROPERTY IS NOT THE ONE FORCLOSED AND FOR SALE IT IS MY
Hello, I bought a home at trustee sale last week. The home has been vacant for at least 4 months according to neighbours. In addition to that, there were no utilities on during all that period. I went…
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