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RTrac Foreclosures
My Hubby and I keep seeing GREAT places for sale under RealtyTrac. How do we go about purchasing one of these homes? We may see a listing for $100,000 and then it will show another amount later. We are…
Free list of foreclosures for sale in Riverside California County?
Wondering if you know of a free list of foreclosures for sale in Riverside California County? Most of what I have found require you to sign up and pay a membership fee.
foreclosure properties
finding foreclosures
My condo was foreclosed and I was given a 1099C from my lender. Would that 1099C also inlcude any legal fees from the condo association.?
I was given a 1099C from my lender for the foreclosure of a condo. Before the foreclosure the condo association attached a lien onto the property. Would that lien have been taken care of at the time of…
Who can send me Listings of Gainesville REOs ( 3/2 or 3/1 up to $100,000 CURRENT VALUE ) ?
We make all cash offers with no financing contingencies and can close in 10 days. Banks love us!
Are starter homes moving at a slower or faster pace then the rest of the market?
I have a great little starter in New Brighton and we are anxious to move up during this buyers market. What can we expect? 1600fsf, 2 br 2 ba, office fin base, .33 acre, 600 sqf garage; asking around…
I have sold lots of HUD homes before but the new HudHomeStore website seems like it is not working well. Have you guys been able to print
the HUD contracts with the property's informarmation already filled in? Why can't anybody explain what CANCEL means on the offer status?
Do people expect a decline in Brownsville, Texas prices in the next 18 months?
I want to buy down there but am not free to do so for about a year.
Hi, I am an investor in Jacksonville, St. Augustine area and planning to expand my reach to Gainesville. Please let me know the good areas of
Gainesville, rental market and foreclosure situation. I will like to work with a realtor/real estate/property management company who has very good idea of foreclosures, rental areas and can do property…
We had a closing date for a forclosure property 3 weeks ago, Since then we have heard nothing from the bank, title company or anyone else. What to do?
Acording to the title company that the bank that is selling the property got, they were still misming one paper and since then millions of calls and E-mails later no response from anyon, we dont know what…
looking to find fixer upper houses?
I would like to find homes that I would beable to restore.where could I find these homes
What does REO mean and what do I need to be careful of?
I am looking at this property and concerned about the REO description. It looks like it just fell out of contract, and that it has sold like 4 or 5 times in the past 10 years.
how to gain a waiver of deficiency for my short sale?
I am looking for information about how to gain a waiver of deficiency for my short sale. I have a loan that is serviced through chase and insured through the FHA. I pay PMI. I believe New Hampshire is…
Forelosure hold off was promised, but not lived up to by BofA
So here's our situation. Our Realtor found a house that qualifie for short sale in mid January 2011. We love it immediately put our offer in and it was accepted by the owner. BofA wanted to get…
I am closing on a foreclosed house in a few days. Since the inspection there has been several snow storms and there is 2' of snow sitting on the
roof. The inspection went well but that was over a month ago. What happens on closing day if the heavy snow has caused a leak in the roof? Being vacant there has been no one to maintain the house, and…
The property is forclosed or about without out knowledge, ony on the HOA dues. A full equity.
As a result of racial harassment that started in September, 2008, I decided to sell my property from October, 2008. It was purchased at 327,000 in cash in 2007. I found two buyers, but the deals were…
received a third party notice of seizure from the sheriff to advertise & sell the property,sale is in March. Should I pay rent to the bank that?
seized I received a notice on Dec 17, 2010. The fromer landlord want me to pay him for January. He has a month security, says that the security was transferred to the bank that seized the property. Should…
i am a month behind on my mortage i am paying but i am always a month behind i live in texas and my home is by a private lender how long do i have
i want to refinance but they say that i have to be current on my payments for a whole year how long do i have before foreclosure
pay rates per property
how is pay scale per property determined
Scammed into putting two homes in my name. The people never paid the mortgage and they were both foreclosed on. Now it is on my credit. Any advice?
Some "old associates" approached me about three years ago and talked me into putting two properties in my name in Chicago. I signed the paperwork thinking they were acting in my best interest.…
info on 12 Soft Wind Bluff, Lugoff, SC.29078
this property has Safeguard stickers on the door identifing that it is abandon.
Loan Modification after default
I signed with Mortgage Modification Solutions about 5 months ago. Just found out the default has been recorded. Working with the MMS has been like pulling teeth, and they still have nothing to show for…
34209 area looking for 7212 pt. w. blvd., bradenton,fl.
house at this address now has a lock -box on door. re-max had this house, now no sign outside, but lock -box on front door in the last couple of days.. i cannot get any information, except the house…
My redemption period was said to me to have started on Dec. 23. Can I buy back my house or a friend and can they buy it back at the sheriff's?
amount? I would like to see if an investor could give me a loan because my business is linked to my home. I was also told that I only have 6 months after the deed is registered to buy it back. Is this…
If a Home Owners Association forces a foreclosure on an HOA Lien will the HOA assume assumption of the loan and have to make the mortgage payments?
My Homeowners Association has a lien on a property in the neighborhood due to fines and refusal to pay HOA dues/fees. There is now a lien on the property and they are considering legal foreclosure to collect… it is Spam or not?
When a bank is offered their asking price on foreclosed property in MD, must they accept or can they still shop for higher offers?
I heard there was a regulation that the bank must accept...any info would be appreciated.
Price adjustment from bank on REO property in contract?
Hi. I'm curious to know if it is probable that a buyer could get a price adjustment on an REO property that is in contract but that the inspection uncovers unforeseen issues (dry-rot, roofing, etc.)…
We put an offer in, bank accepted but with addendum
We put an offer on a house and the bank unofficially accepted, but they had addendums to the offer. We've signed the addendums, then their attorney's came back for signatures to the offer addressing…
Foreclosure property been sitting 3 years listed for 219,000 what would be a good offer to the bank. see details below.
There is a home that I am looking at it is a foreclosure that is unfinished new construction built in 2008. it is 85 - 90 % complete and has been sitting for 3 years in this condition. it is a bank owned…
if my home was refied as a 3 bdrm and i found out that it was never legally more than a 1 bdrm and i am facing foreclosure, can i hold up the process?
boa has the first and hsbc has the second- the home was appraised a few years ago for a refi and the inspector did not find the ceiling height upstairs to be less than 7ft. after trying for a loan mod…
Looking To start a foreclosure cleaning business. Are there any in Lancaster County?
I am looking for some info on how to get started and who I contact about these houses that need cleaned out. Thanks.
It seems that there are fewer homes on the market right now than a few months ago. I also heard that there
will be another large waive of forclosures hitting the market in the coming months due to another arm reset. Is that true, or is the market starting to tighten?
My husband and I have been trying to short sale our home. 2nd bank said they will take 5,000 of a 50,000 loan
release lien and forgive debt. The first bank weve had a lot of run around no word on what they will accept ,had a buyer lost them due to the long process from the first mortgage. Now I'm thinking I maybe…
Homes in the foreclosure processi in Sauganash
Homes currently going through foreclosure process in Sauganash, Chicago Il
do you also track the foreclosure market?
Hi, I'm looking for a good source to track foreclosure information in Vermont.
I one a first mortgage, can I foreclose if there is a lien on the property?
I sold a lot to Bob and he is no longer making payments. I want to foreclose on this property but , but company A put a lien on the property for Bob's debt. Can I foreclose? And if so what will happen. Details Lot…
how would i find out about a moblie home that the bank may own?
we dont know the banks name we would like to try to find out how would we go about doing so
How long does it take to take DB (as seller) HUD approval?
I am trying to buy a foreclosure from bank of America. According to the HUD th seller is Deutsche Bank located in Calif. The bank send the docs to the title company a week ago and they issued the HUD 2…
I have my morgage with Chase, have been given payments but the payments are recieved but have not been posted to any thing, principal ,interst, escrow
I call and get many different answers from customer service. Colorado, Florida, New York, and the latest Argentina..that threw me of. I would like an attorney to help me resolve this matter. I am still…
what is the address of this building and is it in a good condition, also are there any appliances there?
what will my monthly payment be based on my downpayment for first time buyer
In the state of Ga are mortgages on mobile homes usually recourse or non-recourse?
This would be a loan taken out in 1999 and was foreclosed at the end of 2000?
where can I go to get information on cleaning foreclosures in snohomish/King counties?
I have a small cleaning service,but would like to start doing foreclosures.I looked online,but only see e-books people are selling for about $100! there anyone I can contact locally?Trying to find out…
How do you find out how much someone is behind on the loan payment when you are renting the house which is in pre foreclosure?
The house is on the computer under foreclosures ( pre foreclosure). How long will it stay up and will it go off the computer if they have paid the loan up to date?
How much profit does an investor want to make on a foreclosure auction property?
I had a pending offer for 7 months on a short sale and the bank just auctioned it off. The final bid was almost 40k less than our offer was. I had my heart set on this home and am hoping it was purchased…
What is the average charge as a vendor, charge for cash for keys? Any Asset Managers or Brokers know this question.?
We provide property preservation service threw central & northern CA. I just wonder what the average charge is? Maybe just a trip charge???
How do I start a foreclosure cleaning company?
I am working for someone else doing this and is inersted in doing it for myself. I live near the Gainesville and Ocala area.
Why do 80% of short sale listings end up in foreclosure anyway?
I think it is because sellers are shooting for zero defficiency satisfaction letters from the banks through their attorneys, and the bank isn't buying the hardship of the seller. Too often banks…
I want to make contact with a real estate agency in Michigan
I am from Australia and I'm a buyer's advocate, sourcing out properties for Australian investors. I need a contact real estate agency from Michigan for this purpose.
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