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What is a good website to view Bank-Owned homes?
I am interested in viewing Bank-Owned homes. I've viewed Realty Trac but its not a very good website. What other websites show Bak-Owned homes?
Foreclosure halt ???
I bought a foreclosure in Minneapolis 4 months ago. I've been waiting to close because of this whole foreclosure halt mess. Seller constantly extends closing date. The sellers bank is HSBC, does anyone…
What is the process to get a C.O. on a foreclosed home in hoboken?
What is the process to get a C.O. on a foreclosed home in hoboken? I need to do this before i can be approved for the mortgage to purchase the home.
how many months behind can you be in Indiana(47374) before foreclosure?
how many months behind can you be in Indiana (47374) before foreclosure?
how can banks put a home up for auction after I accepted their counterofffer?
This was a Fannie Mae property, what is wrong with them??? I mean why would you string a buyer along? I mean Fannie Mae actually countered a second time over the asking price. I accepted and they still…
What Can my fiance and I do? Her ex husband put the house in foreclosure and then signed over his rights to the house during the divorce.
We thought we had a modification done through Countrywide. It was signed giving us 10 more years to pay off and a lower apr. Apparently the mod was cancelled when Bank Of America took over Countrywide…
i live in mt calm tx and there is a old run down house next door and we are interrested in buying it the taxs are behind 10 yrs 0 % ownrsip
we are interested in buying the land and run down house next door it is 10 years behind on taxes it is an eye sore to look at and we want to pay the back taxes on the statement of account from the tax…
I started a REO cleaning business and want to know who I contact to solict this type of work. I mean should I
contact all the local and national banks, real estate agents, brokers, investors or who? Also at Banks, what is the person who would be in charge of this area
My home was foreclosed on in 06, didn't sell at auction and sat vacant & is now condemned. My income has increased since.
My home was foreclosed on in 06, didn't sell at auction and sat vacant & is now condemned. My income has increased since. Is the bank still able to come after me for the mortgage? How long…
If I can negotiate settlement of 10-30% of my $48,000 (recourse) 2nd mortgage with Citi, do I owe tax on the forgiven amount? What if I'm?
insolvent? I heard that if you can prove insolvency, you won't owe tax. I owe $8K on one card and $6K on another $5K to the IRS and $2K to CA state franchise tax board. I'd rather not declare…
I need to know how sheriff's sales work, How do you get notice of one and how long do you have before sale
sheriff's sales I need to know how long you have when you are given notice of one before sale??
In a short sale on the 1099s is the reported value the difference of proceeds from the amount owed or is the amount on the 1099 or just the sale price
sale of property 130,000, promissory note 55,000. total original loan owed 246,500. Should the 1099s be 61,500 amount of debt forgiven or should it be 130,000 total amount of the sale?
Foreclosed Property in Raleigh MLS 1749291
Is this property really in foreclosure? Also the listing price is $127,500. How much of this price can be negotiated? Would the bank be willing to drop it down to $100,000 ? Thanks
Can I get all of the other buyers who purchased in the same time I did together and do a class action lawuit?
I purchased a condo in a building where the developer has been foreclosed upon. I believe via information that I uncovered after moving in that the real estate agent representing the developer, the developer…
Can HOAs get a judicial claim after bankruptcy-Chapter 7 and house is being foreclose?
I have 2 HOAs that are under collection agencies. I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and my home is still in foreclosure for over 20 months now. Can they get judicial claim from me before and after foreclosure?
Is a Deed of Annexation enforceable by a HOA on a foreclosure?
I live in Arizona and my HOA is trying to bill me for the Community Pool after a year. The Community Pool wasn't called out as an HOA addendum in the Title. It should have been since joining the…
What are the benefits or drawbacks to expanding my home search to include FSBOs and foreclosures?
How does the buying process for foreclosures or FSBOs differ from homes sold by agents?
Hi, How I could buy the houses as enclosed. Please aswet Mr Esa Honkanen
$300 E Grixdale Street, Detroit MI 48234[Edit Home Facts].Home Facts Photos (1) Map & Nearby Sales Trends Schools . Foreclosure Center Send Price:…
Read your article in FORBES. I am looking for a DEAL that I cannot buy in NORMAL MKT. prefer on or near beach around Sarasota-Venice FL south near bea
I am a resient of GA, need advice on finding deal like you wrote about in FORBES. I do not have any AGENT yet. Sam B. 706 868 8300 (H), 803-819-2236 (W)
I would like to know the house number on blossom way the house in foreclosure, please email any infor to I live in another
state, and am interested. no obligation please. I really would like the number, as I grew up there on blossom way. moved away over 30 years ago thank you
Can a short-sale seller legally sell "an option" on the property? I assume this is not known to the lien holder.
My husband and I recently made a full price offer on a short-sale home; the offer was accepted. Some minor negotiations ensued over which we, as buyers agreed to. The sellers have yet to sign and return…
The bank has countered our 525K offer on a short sale property with 550K. We know we are the only buyers/bidders. We also know the outstanding loan
on the property is $560K. The bank has asked for our "best and final" offer. Should we stay with our current offer or counter with another $10K ?
This is for all Realtors that have done a HUD home sale in the past 24 months.
So in the past when I have sold a HUD home and HMBI was the vendor, the process although a bit confusing was understood, and the confusion was par for the course. Now that HUD has let HMBI go, and is…
Do any of you Realtors have experience dealing with loan modification agencies?
I keep hearing on the radio numerous companies promoting their loan modification services, and as of late, I am also hearing about services dealing with "forensic audits" (another gimmick?),…
Florida Sherriff Sale,,,,, My daughter wants to buy a home at a sherriff sale in Collier County Florida
My daughter wants to buy a home at sherriff sale in Collier County Florida. The owner has two mortgages on the property. First mortgage is Wachovia and the second is with Wells Farge, both are now the…
I'm looking at buying a foreclosure in Oregon. After I purchase it at auction, how long till I can evict, and can they buy it back?
The tenants already signed a sale agreement with me, but now have said they won't show up at closing. I understand I could sue, but they are going to declare bankruptcy in a month or two anyways,…
Why do Ihave to pay for details about an auction or foreclosure?
RealtyTrac has the property street name, square footage, and the $$$$. There is nothing listed at the county courthouse. My realtor can't find it. I don't want the free trial of RealtyTrac because…
Foreclosures; general questions, how do they relate in terms of pricing and how hard are they to purchase?
I am sure this is really two separate and different categories, but I am curious about these things. Are fannie mae foreclosure and/or general foreclosure homes priced low enough that they are already…
Needing help with search for home after Foreclosure.
My Mother lost her home in Garland, TX last year due to FCL after my Father passed away. She tried to get the banks to lower the cost of the mortgage and explained to the them the situation and why it…
Client wants to give the keys back to the bank what are the ramifications?
Can lender come back to borrow if they gave the keys back prior to redemption date for the difference of what they end up selling the property for if it is less than owed? I also heard that on a short…
is it necessary to pay a fee to realty trac to get info on foreclosure homes..?
how can i get a list of homes as soon as they are in foreclosure 100% how long must i whait on a short sale if i make an offer ? how do banks choose if they have more than one offer on a forclouser…
Can someone explain the sheriff sale bidding process for foreclosures in New Castle County, Delaware?
I know most of the details concerning the process for the specific sales (10% down day of auction if winning bid; 5k cashiers check required to bid). Is there a reserve set and is it the morgage balance?…
We have two homes. One that we now live in. The other that has two mortgages on it is vacant. It hasn't sold after more than a year on the
market. We have not approached the bank for a modification, as that will not help our situation, we need to sell, give it back, or have them forclose. The market is continuing to drop in the NW. I will…
I am trying to get the phone number for Bank of New York in Fort Worth, TX
Bank of New York in Fort Worth is shown as the owner of a vacant lot in Lemay, Missouri. I would like to talk to the bank concerning purchasing that lot but directory assistance does not have a listing…
Are we responsible for property tax from 2009 even though we just moved in May 2010?
Purchased our first home in May 2010 but just last month I received a tax bill for 2009. Are we responsible for paying those taxes even though we did not live in the home during this time? A friend said…
What office in GR must a trustee go to in order to file a notice of default?
I am new to the area and am trying to find out the actual office buidling where these notices are filed.
i have 1st and 2nd mortgage on 2nd home, what happens to 2nd mortage if i allow home to go into foreclosure?
if i allow 2nd home to go into foreclosure, what happens to 1st home, mortgage free
Bought a house for 729,000 put down 250,000 house worth 499,000 and can't get a modified loan through bank we are behind 22,000. and property
tax due? My husband and I are legally seperated and divorce papers filed We bought a hous 6 yrs ago for 729,000. put down 250,000 and it is now worth 499,000.We have tried to modifie the loan the interest…
What is the best way to market in Real estate?
I'm new to Real Estate field. Can you advice me what advertising works best. Did anyone try lead generations? They are expensive, but do they work? What about mailers? Can you share with me?! I tried mailers,…
I've got a strange situation. My second mortgage is sueing me not for foreclosure, but taking me to a creditor court, for breach of contract.
How does that work? Do I have to show proof of hardship, or that we are going into foreclosure, that we are trying to get a short sale, and that we told them about it many times? How will the verdict affect…
We are tenants currently renting a home which could be about to face foreclosure. We have asked the owners several times to inform us if the house
will go into foreclosure. How can we go about to find out if the home will go into foreclosure and should i stop paying rent to the landlord?
Short sale as a Cash deal...shouldn't it be quick? already been 7 weeks, and the reduced asking price was from the bank, so still why taking
long? My agent is from the same company that has the listing, and I have been told that there are no other offers, so is it still normal for it to take that long? I have the money ready, so no financing…
How do I become a member of Agents On Top?
I just completed a transaction with another agent who gets their deals through Agents on top. I was asking the agent about the company however they seemed as though they didnt want to "give up"…
On a bank owned residential property, what happens if the bank asks 2 bidders for their highest bid
offer,(simialr to a silent auction), accepts highest bid, then the winning bidder cannot get financing? Does the 2nd bidder automatically win or does the house go back out for offering? If bidder 2 offer…
Sellers filled bankruptcy in the middle of escrow
I am in the middle of escrow on an approved short sale. I am awaiting for the sellers to sign a termite inspection waiver when I was told that they have filed bankruptcy. The house is supposed to close…
Home for Auction
We recently learned that a home we had been interested is in foreclosure and will soon be going up for auction. How do we go about getting information on the home and the auction process?
Need a good foreclosure agent in the Burbank, CA area.
I am looking for an agent for my daughter. I would like a foreclosure in the 150,000 range.
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