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How up-to-date are RealtyTrac listings on Trulia?
I'm looking at one that I believe was sold several weeks ago and I don't want to register to look at it if the property is gone.
Huge unexpected bill AFTER short sale?
We just sold our house on a short sale. Now we got a huge bill from Chase for what they say was missed payments from before the sale! I was told if we sold the house on a short sale the debt would be forgiven…
Do you think bank owned properties list a house at fair market value or below fair market value?
Most bank owned properties try to sell at fair market value...Do you think you are getting a great deal on a foreclosure? Some times you are not...
Should a bank owned property be winterized after the inspection, then dewinterized before the appraisal, then winterized again before closing?
How many times should the winterize/ dewinterize process be done for one sale from start to finish?
I am made an offer to buy a forclosure property own by DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST CO. CARRINGTON MORTGAGE
1610 E SAINT ANDREW PL SANTA ANA, CA 92705-4931. Somehow the list agent just does not want to submit our offer to the bank. He ignored the first offer that my agent sent to him. My agent sent him the offer…
Regarding Kane County Real Estate Auctions...Is the Judgement Amount The Starting Bid?
I notice they want you to have at least 10% liquid in order to bid - but with so many different prices due to the judgements it will help to know how they start the bidding?
commission on forecloser?
who pays the commision on forecloser?
Landlord denies he is in default and is not willing to work with us.
We know our landlord is in default and will soon face an auction. I have read all about rights to stay in the residence but we want to vacate. We do not trust this guy he has not responded to any of…
Is property 411 Sunnybrooke Court, Chesterton IN 46304. still available to tour?
Is 411 Sunnybrooke Court, Chesterton IN 46304 on the market yet or sold? When can tour?
Does anyone have experience with foreclosures owned by BankUnited? I'm wondering what their reputation is?
There is a REO Condo offered by BankUnited in Massachusetts. Wondering if there are any negotiation points I should seek out specific to this bank. Also if anyone knows anything about their offer/acceptance…
If I lose my condo in Oregon to foreclosure, do the past due HOA fees follow me or do they become the new owner's responsibility?
I know the ones after would be theirs, but what about the unpaid ones from months before? Thanks
Experienced Property Preservation Company would like to know how to or who to contact for bpo or reo listings for business and orders.
We have some great resources for property preservation jobs in southern Indiana,but we are somewhat slower than ideal. needing to know how to go about getting the info for BPOs/REOs started on our own…
Loosing Condo in Oregon, tried short sale but Wells Fargo will not review offers, even cash. Bank is pushing to auction. What can I do?
Have had it listed for only 3 months, have had 5 offers, 2 of them cash. During my loan history with Wells Fargo I never missed a payment, applied for a modification, which I was told was good, started…
Who do i look for if i would like info on owners who are selling private mobile homes on private land.OR RENT.
Need info on how to find sellers who want a down payment and finace a mobile home on private land,,,please respond,, very curious,,,,or forclosed mobile with 1-5 acreage,accepts pet,4 bdrm, stafford va,areas…
How do you get more information about a Bank Owned or foreclosed property?
Would like more information on 10 Gerthmere, West Hartford. Who do we talk to about seeing the house?
can I walk away from my house without worrying I'll need to pay back somedayr?
I own a house in NY and keep up the payment anymore. I plan to move to a different state, if I walk away from it, will bank go after me?
My house goes up for public auction Nov. 3rd in San Jose. If it does sell, what are my rights as to how long I have to get out?
I owe $355k and it is worth maybe $260k. I am hoping it doesn't sell because of the huge negative equity. I have spent the last 2 years dealing with Citimortgage trying to complete a modification…
How long is the CalVet Foreclosure/loan cancellation process?
We purchased our home in 2007 for $375k and it is now worth $230k - we owe $352k and decided to stop paying in February. We received a notice of intent yesterday that gives us until the end of the month…
I want to buy a foreclosure from a wholesaler, asking 25K, the house is appraised at 32K local,46K county whats a fair bid?
The home also needs major repairs, remodeling was started but it is no where near done, the plumbing was cut, floors aren't done, there is no kitchen whatsoever,bathrooms are started but no toilets,…
Do you have to just sit and wait for a response or is there something we can do to get the ball rolling!!?
Title issue with foreclosure. In 2008 property was listed and had an offer, closing attorney found a title issue with the lot# on deed. In 2011 back on the market with an offer but issue with title was…
Short Sale denied with offer at FMV, property went into foreclosure for less than the short sale offer... Do we have a case to stand in court?
We owed $520K our house in Alabama. I applied for a HAFA short sale due to financial hardship. The house appraised for $295k and we had an offer fro $290K. The HAFA was denied, however the mortgage company…
I want to consider buying a foreclosure home in Wauwatosa, WI. How the heck do I see possible properties?
My wife and I are ready to buy, but we want to find a deal in this real estate market. Foreclosure seems like a real possibility, but I can not find any decent listings in Wauwatosa, WI. Am I looking…
What human being can you contact in the Fannie Mae corporation to even explain extending circumstances to allow the owner to reverse the foreclosure?
My clients husband, a doctor, decided not to make payments on their farm and after a girlfriend stepped into the picture, said no money for the mortgage and let it go back to fannie mae. He concealed…
i did not receive my right to cancel papers at closing
two days after moving in nothing but repairs in this money pit, if i would of known i could of opted out i would have on day 2 now after 14 months of being on unemployment and my savings is gone, on feb…
REO Maintenance who handles the upkeep on these properties?
I am looking to fill my schedule with some maintenance work. Who handles the maintaining of REO's. Would I be better off contacting banks or Agent / Brokers?
I borrowed enought money to finish my house, less than half what it cost me. The house is soon to go into foreclosure, what can I take out?
I paid out more than I borrowed to finish the house. Now it will soon go into foreclosure. Can I take out light fixtures, etc.... to try and recoupe some of the money i spent outof pocket?
Foreclosed Home In hoboken needs Certificate of Occupancy, how do i get this before closing, which my mortgage company requires?
We are looking to purchase a foreclosed home, hoboken which does not have a C.O. We have just learned that we need to get a C.O. before our mortgage company will sign off on the mortgage commitment, how…
How long can HUD hold our offer as a backup?
HUD accepted another offer and has our offer on hold as a backup. I do not like this! My husband had signed the contract and I wasn't aware that it says in our contract that "the Seller MAY hold…
What happens if nobody continues to buy condos in our building? We have 60% foreclosures including
pending foreclosures, nobody is buying the ones that are even 49000 dollars bank owned. They were over 200000 in 2005? Also nobody is buying shortsales for 79000 and up. Then there are people that keep…
had to move for job relocation. Option was stay and be out of work. What can we do with the house? Its underwater
Our job relocation was not an option. We have renters in the house but we receive far less than our mortgage payment. Because of the job, we will not be returning to the house.
I want to buy an abandoned building to open a business. How do I find tax sale properties? Some websites have fees, but look questionable.
I don't mind paying a membership fee, though most of this information is free in the first place. But I don't know if they would have fees if I actually find a place they list. I tried to look…
HUD accepted someone elses offer but no contracts are signed yet, we asked full price, can they accept our offer??
We put an offer that was $10,000 below asking price. We've been waiting to hear and they have accepted someone elses offer (but haven't signed any contracts yet) and have ours on hold as a backup.…
House is in foreclosure(hawley TX) with sale date set for May 3rd. When do I cancel our home insurance? We plan to move out by the end of april.
We want to move out before the last minute but leaving our house vacant makes me nervous. When are we no longer responsible for the property?
I am starting a foreclosure cleaning business in Central Arkansas. I have been in commerical cleaning for
12yrs mostly medical accounts, now they are getting their day staff to clean up after work. Suffice to say am losing accounts. Any info would be appreciated on how to break into this( Foreclosure cleanup)…
How can I tell if a Notice of Default has been filed on my property?
I am currently disabled and cannot make it to the recorders office. the address of the home is 1721 Charlemont Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
What does this mean: Seller will not sign SAR SA or 22k?
I saw this in a listing on a Freddie Mac Foreclosure
Live in CA and own a duplex in FL. How do I know if my loan is a recourse loan. No 2nd no refi
Bought property (duplex) in Florida in 2005. Now property is under water by about 40-50K.The loan is the original loan, No Refi and no money out. Live in own residence in CA. Hired a local company in CA…
Any tips for how to invest in Real Estate on the Eastside?
Single Family? Multifamily? Commercial? Land? Foreclosures? Fix & Flip? Buy & Rent? What has the highest ROI versus maintanence or time you put in?
To all buyers: What is your thinking on buying a home right now? I find that alot of buyers are very
reluctant to make a decision on a home. Can you give me your take on why this is?
Thank you for your answer. One more question are we suppose to get a copy of all the closing papers.
We did not get copies of the escrow papers and the truth in lending papers were not signed by us.
Can I deed my property to the bank to avoid ruining my credit?
Currently I am in an upside down mortgage. I have good credit and want to avoid the foreclosure process.
my home price is dropping big time, can I foreclose my current home intentionally even if I can afford the
mortgage? Note that I want to do this in legitimate way, not illegally.
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