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Freddie Mac Short Sale
There was an article by an agent who attended a meeting at which the head of Freddie Mac Short Payoff department was there. Please locate that article.
My home was bought at auction my FannieMae. My Chapter7 was discharged 2 months ago. What are my options to stay in the house?
My house went into foreclosure and I was unable to save it through bankruptcy. The house sold through foreclosure auction to Fannie Mae. I am still occupying the house. What are my options? Will Fannie…
I am buying a house owned by the bank, some one live in it the bank they do not know,may be the owner ? I am responsable to evict them how to do that
even I am not allowed to see the house in side ,How to I know if they still in or moved out ? if they still in how I evict them and move in ?
Thank you so much for all of your support
After reading all of your replies, I will definitely first call an attorney to get some advice. I am sure my income will somehow inhibit my chances for a short sale but I guess I will never know unless…
How do I find out if the home I am interested in renting is in foreclosure or not?
I found a home that I am thinking of renting. I googled the home and the information was listed as foreclosure/reastate owned .How do I know if this infomation is true?
I have property in harrisburg that is scheduled for a tax upset sale 09/19,was told I cant make an agreement because I dont live in property.
Is this legal for the tax claim bureau to do. I live in the same state. I dont understand why I am denied the same privelages as a resident in HBG, Pa. The reason why I am in this position is I been out…
Why are these houses, that are in desirable areas being listed so cheap? Is there some kind of hidden jack up in price or is this for real?
We are trying to move form Des Moines, Ia. to Los Angeles for our daughters schools, but are having a hard time finding what we are looking for in a house that isn't outside our budget. Now I'm…
what happens if the house doesn't sell at the sheriff sale? If it becomes the property of the bank (REO) will we be sent an eviction notice?
our's is a odd situation. We were offered a modification loan. I was given the home in my divorce. Was told the loan would be in my name only. when papers came the ex's name was on them.…
Renting a house for yr that I suspect is being defaulted by owner.Want to continue renting,LL agreed to mo./mo. but wants new lease.What should I do?
Been renting house for over a year, my lease expired. Lanlord agreed to a mo./mo. with a 30day vacate by either party, but wants me to sign a new lease to that effect, but it actually reads 1 yr. lease…
REO addendum question.
The addendum that I encountered recently while trying to make an offer to a REO property only allows a buyer to back out if material deficiencies is reveal during inspection. In other words, it only…
I made offer on a foreclosure, bank accepted, i've signed the purchase addemdum but before the bank does they want an appraisal done? is this ok?
If the appraisal comes back higher than my offer, which the bank has accepted, can the bank then ask for more money?
Business looking for foreclosure cleanouts in Utah..
I just started a foreclosure cleanout business and was wondering where I can get some jobs? Opportunities?
looking for depressed deals
looking for gret deals. I am a engineer / broker
How does one get a property in foreclosure at 50% off market value?
An add shows one can get a property in foreclosure at 50% off, but an agent will give it to you for 70% off. Why do they do that?
Trying to buy a foreclosure. Made offer yesterday. Today, it's been taken off market due to eviction. Huh?
I'm trying to buy this house. It was foreclosed on July 7 (even though I had made an offer in April). Owners moved out over a year ago, and left it cluttered with stuff. July 22, cleaners were there…
What is the best way to take advantage of a property that is being foreclosed upon?
There is a condo I have spotted that has a US marshalls sticker over the door. I already live in the same building but I rent. Does this automatically goto auction? How do I find more information? On…
Does a Short Sale damage your credit?
This may have a damaging effect on your credit
Negotiating Lender Required Repairs - Foreclosure
Im in the process of buying a foreclosure and the lender has required a roof replacement. How much leverage do I have negotiating? The selling realtor is trying to tell me that they may just cancel the…
If my wife forecloses on a home she purchased before we got married and my name is not on anything could it affect my credit on other joint accounts.
I have a joint account with my wife on a camper and on a small peice of property. If she forecloses on a home she purchased before we got married and my name is not on anything to do with that home could…
What can I do if a mortgage company does not take the house after a Chapter 7 discharge?
Under the bankruptcy agreement, they were suppose to get the house. They started the foreclosure process, but did not finish it. Instead they did a cancellation of debt, because the house does not have…
How long does a foreclosure stay on your credit report? My home was foreclosed on in 2007, someone purchased it in 2009.
I was told because someone had purchased it in 2009 I would be eligible to purchase another in three from that date in 2012.
I am on the 1st loan being under water. My dad -on title & on 2nd HELOC -his primary resid.. He defaults on 2nd. My prim.res got equity.What?
canhappen I bought this home in 2004 and transfered the title on his name right after the close of escrow. He has been taking care of all the bills and mortgage payments since that. Now he defaults on…
Where Can I get a professional Real Estate Attorney to help me get some sort of direction?
I have been told that the house is going to go on foreclosure but I have not seen or neither she have given me papers stating that this is taking form. The person's name the house is under is my…
How long can a bank legally give to a tenant to move-out after a foreclosure sale? Depending if they have a valid lease with the previous owner? LA
I know the laws have changed recently, so does anyone know what is the current status: In Los Angeles: 1) How much notice can legally a bank give to a TENANT to move-out (not the owner) after a foreclosure…
I want to short sale my house and I am a licensed salesperson. Can i be the Realtor on my own Short Sale?
I own a house in Kansas City, MO and and current on all of my mortgage payments however I am soon going to be unable to make my monthly payments. I would like to short sale the home as I know that it…
My husband and I are first time buyers. We put in an offer on a foreclosed home and we THOUGHT they accepted
it. They send over the addendum's for us to sign. Then...nothing for a week and a half. Then they sent over a Multiple Offer Situation paper for us to sign. There were other offers when we submitted out…
Short sale
I sold my property to an investor under a short sale more than a year ago. The investor who owns it today is willing to sell it back to my son. Is it legal? Thank You
want to sell my half of house to ex.(no lien/ mortgage on house) he is putting up collateral.if foreclosed,is whole house sold or portion he purchased
my ex and i own our house still together. have been trying to sell. we live on river and it floods. due to flood ins. not being available in this county a mortgage cant be obtained. so we have no lookers.…
where do i go to obtain the proper credentials in order to be certified to do reo work?
Looking into starting a reo small business, any help/advice would be appreciated
I am looking for companies, banks in minneapolis, mn who are looking for trash out people or janitorial people.
I previously worked for a company who cleaned and trashed out forclosed homes. I am trying to find employment in this again however I have no idea how to go about doing so. Do I look for independent companies…
I need to lease with option for about one to two years and like the homes in the 43213 area Greenbrier or old orchard area and there are some
preforeclosures I would like to know more about in this area. Please let me know ASAP,if possible numbers like what I need to have of payments.
Clear up this contradiction: Do banks WANT owners to foreclose?
I can't get a straight answer. Just two opposing statements. I read and hear that banks don't want foreclosures. That it's bad for the bank as well as very expensive. There are articles stating such.…
Our landlord lowered our rent significantly in an effort to keep us in the home. We just found out that the home is in foreclosure. What should we do?
I found out that a Notice of Default has been filed with the Recorder of Deeds and we have been receiving numerous offers and such in the mail and on our door to refinance or do a short sale. Our landlord…
HELP me become succesful give me a blueprint to start making money give me a chance to learn from u
Has anyone out there been successful in obtaining a 'good' loan modification? If so, how did you do
it? Also, wondering has anyone found ANYONE who's actually used the president's program to do their modification on their own? I've been unable to find anyone. Thanks!
the bank reposses my house a realtor from the bank(fannie mae) contant me for vacant date,a relative can buy my house? trough this realtor i mentioned
I appealed in court the sale in record showCErtificate of Incomplete Sale can a relative buy my house
My sister and I have both our names on the deed of a house which is in foreclosure. My name is not on the mortgage, will this damage my credit rating
The house was our father's who died in 1996 and my sister is the executor of the estate. We legally put both our names on the deed but I never had my name put on the mortgage however I did have to…
Can I sue my landlord?
The house I'm renting was sold in foreclosure. I was given little notice about the foreclosure. The house is now owned by the bank and I have to find temporary storage and housing. Can I sue the…
S.O.S.---I recently posted I had a property in Harwich, Cape Cod and wondered if I should do a fisbo---
You all recommended I use a broker, and I did. Thank you---It gave me much more exposure. However, not enough. I have been unable to sell and now am facing possibility of foreclosure. Lender will not do…
Is anyone aware of the dangers that may come from the end of the Mortgage forgiveness Debt Relief act of 2007-2012?
I would love to hear what people think is going to happen if this act expires at the end of 2012? If it does expire and people end up oweing the IRS taxes on the debt that is forgiven in thier shortsales…
the bank owned house on hyacinth pl. do you know the details on the house, have you been in the house,?
do you have a rough idea on what a house like this sells for I am paying cash how do I find out the address? have you been in the house. what is the condition. how do I contact agent ect.
we are looking to assume a home mortgage in plano tx. We have good credit and income but I am self employed and due to economy I cannot provide POI
How can we get into a home> deed of trust? there have to be mnany mortgae companies out there that would let good income people take over a destressed property.
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