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I am looking for legal advice for foreclosure in the Ventura, CA area.
I have refinanced and want to know my options. Anyone recommend an attorney? We have new circumstances that we need to get out of the this house.
who gives the best foreclosure list for trashouts?
what would be the best way to get contracts and work for the foreclosure business
Re: Foreclosure, would it help to transfer title on the home to a family member?
Equity in property but 3 months behind in payments. no money to bring current. What do you suggest? Family needs to keep home if at all possible. Any way to get the equity out without selling? It's…
Home is underwater and upside down, spouse died, and am senior citizen. Loan mod refused and now facing foreclosure. Why not walk away?
During the two loan mod trials, they said don't pay the mortgage payments, so we did as told. Spouse was very ill and forced out of work and out of insurance.. During the 2nd trial and two hospital…
We recently made an offer on a townhome that is priced at 137,500 and made an offer of 145,000 with 10% down... My main concern is if we made a right
move due to the fact that it clearly says Sold As Is and NO Termite Clearance..Should I be concerned?? What woudl be a smart move..IS my agent on my side???
Not only are there many foreclosures to be seen in Castro Valley, vis-a-vis other nearby communities, but I see very few useful details in the
Realty-trac listings with Trulia. Who is being lazy here? Is the bank too lazy to provide details, such as interior views, back yards, kind of parking, size of garage, electrical or plumbing upgrades,…
Can i stay in my home after i forclose. Due to the new houseing bill?
I live in Sandiego Cali. Im currently living in my house still but forclosed about 8 months ago and have no received anything yet telling me that i had to get out. Are they lettting people keep there home…
What benefits does the recent stop on Foreclosure by the Big Banks have for Homeowners facing Foreclosure?
Its one big mess greed of the banks are to be blamed their lose practices got us into this and they are continuing along the same path with the foreclosures, pure greed and not enough supervision or attention…
How long for signed acceptance on forclosed house?????
We have made an offer on a foreclosed home. The bank countered and we they are dragging their heels in returning the signed acceptance. Our realtor and the listing agent have both told us…
where is the best site for a realtor to find reo outsourcing?
I have seen many site offering from 100-1000$ to buy a list of reo asset managers and contacts. anyone recommend a good list or website to suscribe, that has worked for you in getting into reo's?
What happens with the 2nd mortgage in the state of Florida if our 1st mortgage forecloses on us, and how does PMI help?
The 2nd mortgage lender worked with us, but the modification of the 1st is more than what we can afford. We've opted to foreclose. We are upside down $70,000 on a $165,000 loan. But we are afraid…
Bank has already aproved a loan modification on my mortgage account but i continue receiving letters from the office who was handling the foreclosure.
Is the house still at risk?bank has told me they have suspended the foreclosure but according to this lawyers is still in motion and will continue with processs.what should i do?.
my name is on the deed but not the mortgage. What is my responsibility as far as the note and what effect would it have on me if the house forclosed?
My parner of 6 years and i bought a house. I put 20K down and she got the note. She wants out. Am I responsible for note and if house sells will I owe what i didnt pay in the end. We put about 60K…
Question on responsibility of husband not on deed or mortgage not in MA?
I live in Boston, MA and my wife and I are on the verge of foreclosure. My name is not on the deed or mortgage note as she bought the condo before we were married. What is my liability for the condo…
Hi all: I own my home paid for. I do have a HOA and they took a Lean out in Sept. I owe 3 years HOA about $4000 . Can HOA forclose on Lean?
unpaid HOA dues for 3 years. Own home. Own the land home is on. Owe only HOA dues nothing else on home. I am A so called 99er no way to pay anything on the HOA dues. They know this but I got letter from…
Was home at 286 Barcelona Dr sold at auction?
I am the renter at this location, trying to see if home was sold at auction. Owner claims it was not.
Switching to private lender funds on an REO offer that was accepted as cash
Does anyone have any experience with this. We wrote an addendum on one of our offers that got accepted stating. Buyers shall have the option to switch to private lender funds as first lien holder. The…
REO listings. Who to call?
Looking in Philly there are numerous REO's. None of the listings have any contact information. I can't buy a house if I can't access the seller
Bank owned property question- If I get loan from the same bank which owns the house ,will it make my offer more appealing to them than other
offers? If I get loan from the same bank which owns the house ,will it make my offer more appealing to them than other offers?
Pre-forclosure" question
Hi, I have a question about the "price " of a home which is listed for one that is in "pre-forclosure". How do you come up with that price if it is not for sale yet?
Bid on a F. Mae foreclosure on the 4th, bid canceled a day later as F. Mae is re-assessing this ILL property, what now, how long could this take?
I bid on a Fannie Mae foreclosure on October 4th, was told by agent on October 5th that my bid was canceled as Fannie Mae is currently re-assessing foreclosures. Does anyone have any ideas as to how long…
We are tired of waiting on our loan servicer to "modify" our current loan. We have been strung along and tricked for close to 18 months.
Initially, I was not working and therefore we "qualified" for a hardship. However, in all that time, not only have I gone back to work, but my husband promoted and received a substantial raise.…
When buying a REO property in California, what?
I'm buying a house that is bank owned. My agent tells me that its being sold As-is. But doesn't the bank still have to give me paper disclosures?
What can I take/replace before my house goes into foreclosure?
When I bought my house (modular-VERY basic) it did not come with ANY extras at all; NO bath shelves, hardware, curtain robes, shower heads, not even appliances,etc. I had to put them in and extra upgrades;…
Can I obtain title insurance on a bank owned property.?
changes taking place since the debacle of improper foreclosures during the past week.
Foreclosures (again)
I received several locations of new foreclosures from Trulia this morning, but all I get is the street and no address or details about the house. How do I find out about the house -- do I just drive by…
Looking for Home in Folsom/El Dorado hills. Newer community , ~3700 sq.ft, ~600k.
I am trying to buy a home in folsomEDH having minimal HOA/mello roos. Can some one point a good locality(built in last 5 years) which can offer ~3700 sq. ft. home at ~600k??
How long does it take for a bank to accept or decline an offer on a Bank-owned property?
We put an offer on a property and it went to auction, we put another offer on the same property as soon as we found out. This has been around Dec 6th and we still have not heard anything. Our Realto keeps…
Can the banks/lenders accept another offer after we signed an addendum?
We submitted an offer on a foreclosed home, our realtor received an e-mail from the listing agent that the bank had accepted our offer...we signed an addendum and returned it back to the listing agent…
offer on bank owned
If you have a house that is listed at $151,900.00 and needs about $20,000.00 in repairs to bring it to great conditon. It is live able now but needs repairs. How much is a good offer? Also can a realitor…
An agent has a house for sale. I have put in an offer but they never give us any answers!! They say it's a
short sale and they take a long time. It has been two months! Is this normal?
Can someone please tell me how this property is sold for such low price please?
I'd like to know where and how to find such a deal. I'll be buying property like this in cash if this is not listing mistake. Any help is greatly appreciated. 583 Amethyst Lane, Walnut CA 91789 No photo…
We've been making pymts on our home for a year after my bankruptcy. We have to let it go to FC now. Can we rent it short term for the process?
We were going to try to keep it but it just needs too much work and we need a bigger place. We're letting it go to FC but since we've been paying on time every month, do you think we could rent…
What is a good deal in the north las vegas market?
avoiding to sound rude, how low can you offer? 5,10,15,20% less?
Pre forclosure properties usually say Est. loan bal. and bank owned say est. sale price. Is this the total money needed to purchase the home ?
In other words are these figures what is owed on the mortgage, thus, the person paying this amount owns the home outright or does the new owner have a mortgage responsibility? Example: bank owned $100.…
can I buy a house from this site with a other agent that is not list here?
I would like to know as well about a house in Mystic Glen ln in Humble the price was 38.568 (some thing like that)
2 people own home. 1 signs a deed so the other can borrow on it. They pass away and no more payments are made. Can the estate sue the borrower?
2 people own a home together (unmarried) She signs the deed for the laon but not the note. She passed away and the borrower stopped making payments and it was forclosed on. Can the estate of the deceased…
I have a lot in NC going into foreclosure.
I have been told NC is a warranty deed state and no matter what once the property is sold the remaining balance deficiency is on the seller and the state will hold them liable for 20 years and can attach…
What area the best neighborhoods for investment in Richardson, TX?
I am interested in investing in either Richardson, TX or Burleson, TX and would like to know what areas look to be the best for investment appreciation of single family homes.
I am new to Trulia. I see foreclosure listings for Los Osos. I would like to get more information on these.
Are these listings current. Are they real? I see one specifically for 16th street in LO and would like more information (i.e. details) on this. Pictures would be great. There are several others listed…
Does anyone have a contact in Loss Mitigation at Chevy Chase Bank in Maryland. I am getting the run around in
collections and cannot get past them. The main number just puts me back to the same person in collections for the last three months.
Do I still own HOA dues after foreclosure?
I lost my condo last year in foreclosure. The last few months I did not pay the HOA dues. The bank foreclosed and later sold the property. I thought the new buyer of the condo should have paid the HOA…
Buying a foreclosed home
Hi all..thank you for all your responses..just found out that home we like JUST went into foreclosure..what would my next step be in trying to purchase home? Thanks!
Hi I am looking for investment properties in the orlando ,Miami and Tampa areas that are bargain prices either foreclosed or distressed properties,
I will be in Orlando on Sept 21-25 th and would like to make contact with someone to speak to regarding properties I will be in NY on the *th Sept and will be over to Orlando. this person will be my contact…
Can bk save a second home? Shortsale still hasn't been approved by banks ever modify second homes(excluding MHA,HAMP,etc.)
Does anyone know if banks modify 2nd homes(rentals). Shortsales sem like they usually lead to foreclosure, can BK be an option for me?
Has ayone worked with United Law Group?
I am going through foreclosure and got a call from United Law Group who claimed they can help. They are suing the big mortgage lenders and so maybe they are legit. I was able to google a few negative…
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