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Sellers filled bankruptcy in the middle of escrow
I am in the middle of escrow on an approved short sale. I am awaiting for the sellers to sign a termite inspection waiver when I was told that they have filed bankruptcy. The house is supposed to close…
Home for Auction
We recently learned that a home we had been interested is in foreclosure and will soon be going up for auction. How do we go about getting information on the home and the auction process?
Need a good foreclosure agent in the Burbank, CA area.
I am looking for an agent for my daughter. I would like a foreclosure in the 150,000 range.
If the property is listed as a short sale and a foreclosure can the realtor the property is listed with control the amount the seller may bid?
we want to buy property that is listed both ways and the ReMax lady advised she would not turn the bid we make into the bank for any amount under $200K. the home has been sitting for a long time and needs…
who own the house on 2682 holmes now?
who brought the house on 2682 holmes
Who has the foreclosed house on Gibson Road?
I am interested in buying forclosed property in Molino
How long is foreclosure process iin Texas.?
Are all cities in State of Texas following Non-Judicial Foreclosure process ?
I am interested in a pre-foreclosed house. It does have an auction date for it. I tried to ask the lender to do a short sale for the price it was
listed for but won't do it unless the seller's agree. The problem is I have to be the one to track them down. The house is vacant and no phone numbers listed. Why do you think they are rejecting…
what are the purchase details for someone who owes back property taxes?
I have a friend who received notice of a court date for back taxes. i know that in some states if someone else pays the back taxes, the property becomes theirs. Is this true in Texas? The house is owned…
do you need a licenses to assist clients in preparing for a loan modification in the state of texas?
I have been given difference advice, can you clarify this question? email answer to
How long does a VA loan take for foreclosure and how long after foreclosure do you have to stay in the house?
My neighbor is living in his mother's house which was financed through VA. When you search personal property tax, it says the property is owned by VA in Houston. My question is how long will he be…
I am a Real Estate Investor doing my own Short Sale Negotiations. I own enough properties from doing so. I want to flip houses. Can someone help?
I would like to learn more on how to legally short sale flip properties and I am running into seasoning issues. I am looking for some help on what methods I could use to bypass lender seasoning issues.…
I'm starting a foreclosed home clean out business. I'm in the process of buying general liability insurance.
What should the classification be on the insurance certificate (Property Preservation) or Janitorial Service? The insurance agent but the classification as Janitorial Services. Please help. Thanks!
My husband and I are starting a foreclosure property cleanup business in the Jacksonville FL area. Contacts?
We are very motivated and are interested in the Duval, Clay, St. Johns, and Baker county areas. How can we start making competitive bids? Should we canvas real estate agencies with flyers and business…
I want to purchase a property at the courthouse auction. How do I know that the title is clear?
I understand I cant get in to see the property but want to know the danger. It seems all of them are 1st trusts and once bought the investor kicks them out. Any advice on this.
what is your opinion of a canadian buying a condo in Chandler to rent out as a winter vacation home and use?
it ourselves as well? I can get a 7 year old unit in a large complex with lots of greenspace and nice pools for much less than property in scottsdale. I am just wondering what the dark side is to chandler…
Can the bank come after any other assets we have if we walk away from our home? Our home value is very near par with loan value (1st and 2nd together
I would try to negotiate with BOA before 'walking away'. Maybe for a' Deed in lieu of foreclosure'. We would rather just sell the house, but after all expenses we would be upside down…
What is considered a "reasonable" offer for a short sell home listed at $104,000?
Home is 100 yoa 2 story victorian brick home w/vinyl covering. Good condition. Needs 20 windows, 2 exterior doors, furnace is 20 yoa approx, A/C only ducted to 1st level & is about 15 yoa. Older…
1st loan is current. i filed BK 7. 2nd was paid off though MI that bank aquired on their own. is 2nd unsecured now? and can MI company foreclose?
my 2nd loan was 72k and my ist was modified to 327k. home is worth 240k. also how do i know if the 2nd loan is attached to the property or not? need to know what could occur in future if the MI company…
Wanted to invest in a turn key prop for rental&recreation.I am a Canadian resident and will visit Florida only once a year for a week or 2.
Wanted to invest in a turn key prop for rental&recreation.I am a Canadian resident and will visit Florida only once a year for a week or 2.We wanted to hold the property. What is the best area w/low…
If there are addition rooms in the foreclosure house, does the bank require to disclosure if there is a
permit or not? If there isn't a permit, who is responsible for that?
Please need an Advise? Chase want to Forclose because 2nd mortgage.
I am in Chicago, my loans 80/20 W/Chase, 1st $224k (just modified on August and Current) 2nd $56k they charged off after fixing the first and say want to forclosure or pay 30k settl. house value 150k,…
last billing from power co
need last gas and eletric billing for 12054 mckinley road montrose michigan 48457
Any attorneys in King County, WA wiling to file suit to stop foreclosure proceeding arguing defective chain of title?
Mortgage holder is Chase. Originally a WAMU loan I requested a copy of my assignment and title chain per "RESPA" over 30 days ago and have received nothing. Foreclosure date scheduled for 1/3/11.
Trustee Sales Santa Barbara
Are there any brokers who help with trustee sales in SB? I don't see that many auction properties in Santa Barbara, (four in SB Public Notice Auctions this week), but I do still see many NODs and…
I wonder why it is that so many people in foreclosure leave the home in such horrible condition?
Even after years of this market, it still amazes me to see so many foreclosures in complete disrepair. Beyond that, really, it appears that properties often are deliberately damaged. I can understand…
Can anyone explain the Deficiency Hearing that takes place 30 days after a house has been to the foreclosure auction?
Can you still purchase the property even thought someone else has already bid on it at auction? Will you know how much the orginal bid is? What is the process to do this?
I inherited $200k. Looking for an investment. Ideally, a foreclosure property with multiple units. I have a great credit score. Loan is not an issue.
Just like any sane person out there, I want to have the highest ROI on this investment. If you are a foreclosure expert in south bay area and/or manage rental property, I would love to get in touch with…
who can i contact in sacramento regarding housekeeping services for bank and foreclosed homes in sacramento. my email is
i am available for any housekeeping /cleaning/ yard clean up in sacramento. Who may i contact that will lead me to a service that i can provide as i am seeking employment in this field. thank you for any…
A counter offer has been accepted the day I put in my bid does this mean I'm done?
At 10:30 I recieved a multiple offer procedure form and at 3:30 I was told a counter offer was accepted and there was no word on my offer yet? This is a foreclosure home and the first offer I have ever…
Are any agents having success with HAFA short sales?
I just completed HAFA (Home Affordability Foreclosure Alternatives) short sale certification. It seems like a great option for people looking to avoid foreclosure, backlash from owing the bank, and also…
Homesales Inc. sold several houses that they foreclosed on to an investment company, the one we are
interested in had a foreclosure deed of 325,000. Any ideas on what the investment company would have bought it for? Do you think they would lower the listing price, it is currently listed at 330,000?
where do the auctions take place and what's the criteria for purchase?
do I pay the full amount at the end of the auction or.... I don't really know what else to ask. I guess a little insight on the end process. AH or is that the end process for the new buyer?
we have a signed forebearance contract and the mortgage company breached the contract, we kept up are end of the deal can they foreclose?
we have already gone to an attorney and we do not have that kind of money for litigation. we are taking hisadvice and filing for bankruptcy and doing deed in leiu of foreclosure. But what the mortgage…
Could my wife and I walk away from our home, and not fulfill our contract with our lender, and not have to pay our lender for lost money?
My wife and I can make our payment, and have never missed a payment, but the house is too small for our growing family. We would like to buy another house and are able to, but cannot sale this house because…
Our home was forclosed 2 years ago and we got a notice of a tax foreclosure on it. What do we do?
Our house was foreclosed and sold in sheriff sale at the end of '08. We recieved a notice of taxes for '08 (small amount) and '09. Now we recieved a notice that they are foreclosing on the…
i have defaulted on a loan (4plex) but the bank collects the rent, i will soon negotiate a short sale do the tenants have to move.
the new tenants want to convert into a assisted living and want the tenants to move. What recourse do the tenants have.
Tenants rights on Foreclosure
I am a homeowner and have been renting out my home to the same tenant for the last two years. I have missed payments in order to do a loan modification because the bank kept denying to do a new loan and…
how can i find out if a home is being foreclose?
im trying to rent a home and the price is too good so im thinking it may be in foreclosure
Im a renter in O.C. Calif. the owner foreclosed and i have received a 3-day notice to quit...Options?
Can this time be extended legaly...will there be someone to remove me on the fourth day. What rights do I have. I have rented for 8-months
I know this should be directed to a bankrupt. lawyer, so if there are any out there!!! A client filed Ch. 13 back in March
and on the pacer page for the courts website we can see what all has been done. Lots of hearings and motions and it looks like the attorney quit doing anything towards the middle of the year and also…
I am considering a REO service to clean and repair/maintain foreclosures.
Is there an additional need here in Metro area for another Trash Out/ Recondition company? If so, is the best way just to go down the Realtors Listed on bank owned properties?
How would a foreclosure in Michigan on a second house affect my husband and myself? The house is only in my name.
I purchased a house 4 years ago, which is now sitting vacant and needs some repairs. My husband and I purchased a house together 2 years ago, which I also carry the mortgage for, but the house is in both…
Does NACA work with people who have had to file bankrupcy because of an impending foreclosure?
I've been living in my house for 8 years and tried to get a loan modification, a Short Refinance and a forebearance plan. My mortgage refused to work with me. They eventually sent out a foreclosure…
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