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if a person signs a contact to rent to buy a home
IF Aperson signs a contact to rent to buy ahome and the theperson that owns the home has not made their payments to their morage co and the home gets foreclosed on .does the person living inthe home have…
Can my father buy my home back at the foreclosure sale in Wisconsin? Will I have to move out prior to that.?
I will be a year behind on payments of my house. I know foreclosure is just around the corner. I tired for 2 modifications and got none of them. My father said he would buy the home on the foreclosure…
I am in a short sale on an income property and the bank will have to take a $200k hit.
Will I get a 1099 and if so, is there any relief or escape from the consequences? Bank of America
We are currently renting a house in belgrade,mt. and received a cash sale that is to take plase on april 17th.Do we pay our March rent or not?
Our landlord has told us to pay no attentiont o the notice we received a week ago, as he says that he is trying to get it re-financed, and had told us to pay our march rent. This has caused ALOT of stress…
Our house is protected under bankruptcy filed in 2006 and discharged. Never reaffirmed or reported to credit bureau we are still paying. Can we walk?
Our house is protected under bankruptcy filed in 2006 and discharged. Never reaffirmed or reported to credit bureau we are still paying. Can we walk?Our question is how do we get out of this high mortgage…
bank is seller and my 3rd opt. period ended 2/17/12 , seller needed to get city permits for CPS to power for my inpection,apprasal.closing is 2/22/12?
seller never came back w the extention and doesn't want to move my closing date from 2/22/12 ?? I could never get my deal funded w-out apprasal and can't get apprasal w-out power, the seller…
I invested money in a balloon mortgage and was made the beneficiary of the loan. I was told the property foreclosed. How do I get my money back?
I initially received $1250.00 every quarter and I am not receiving it anymore. The loan is until April 2013. Now that the property foreclosed, does that mean I lost my money. What do I do?
Why is a bank owned property so difficult to purchase? I offered full price, 50% down.Still no deal without signing a 12 page addendum. B
This is a 650,000K house on the mkt for more than a year. The addendum allows the bank to sell the property to a 3rd party up to 2 days before the closing. Who would sign something like that?
Kindly help with some verbiage BELOW to protect me on shortsale of my house? Need PROTECTION on the deficiency. Thank you.
5. Upon receipt of the NET PROCEEDS and a COPY OF THE FINAL SETTLEMENT STATEMENT,Chase. will give a full release and reconveyance of their loan as agreed and no deficiencyjudgment will be instituted. 6.…
parents house just got approved for short sale from thier bank. Short sale just went through, guy cleared escrow. How long before they have to move?
parents house just got approved for short sale from thier bank. Short sale just went through, guy cleared escrow. How long before they have to move out?
Who pays for the appraisal that goes with a Short sale, or is it a BPO? If I write BPO wouldn't it be a conflict of interest for me to have
listing? I have been told lenders hand out listings to brokers who submit good BPOs - Broker Price Opinions. How do you start getting permission to do BPOs for individual lenders?
foreclosure on 10th ave,91016
is 1845 10th Ave unit A in foreclosure?
can't afford house.
who decides if you do short sale or forclosure the bank or the owner?
What is the best strategy for pursuing the purchase of a property when the 2nd is foreclosing? The sale is scheduled soon so I need to act quickly.
In a surprising development the property taxes which had been in arrears for 2 years were just brought current. Why would this have been done by the owner?
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Regency 211 North Tampa Street, 33602. We Also Need Realtor Volunteers in Tampa! The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as part of the Obama Administration’s…
What is the minimum time you can live in a home in Indiana after foreclosure has been filed in court?
The bank has filed in court and I am curious as to the soonest from the date of the filing that I must vacate. I am not looking to stay for a long time, but an idea of when I must vacate would be helpful.
need to avoid bad credit for spouse that isn't on home loan
Married, sole owner on home, walking away, want to buy before i quit and want to know if it will affect his credit, loan officer say it will affect his but not sure what to do as he covers our house now
I am interested in renting a foreclosed house in area code 30252, 30252 or near surrounding cities is this possible?
3 to 4 bedroom house depending on the size of the rooms, master must have cathedral or tray ceilings, fire place in family room, separate living/dining, back yard (would prefer fenced), good neighborhood…
Does a HOA foreclosure remedy their lien on a property?
HOA filed a lien on a property on original owner. HOA finally foreclose the property and purchased it from the auction for cheap (subject to original mortgage), and they havebeen renting it out for the…
Would foreclosure erase the second lien?
I am unfortunately the second lien on a sfh property. I have been told the first lien is lagging on payments that he has approached me with two choices: 1. He will be filing a notice of default, the…
Does a Condo Association foreclosure remedy their lien on a property?
Does a HOA foreclosure remedy their lien on a property? Condo Association filed a lien on a property on original owner. They finally foreclose the property and purchased it from the auction for cheap…
if i put an offer for a house but when the realtor tried to submit it says that the house is temp off market does this mean that my contract is done?
do i have to specifically ask for the contract to be terminated and make sure its cancelled? when the house is back on market can the realtor hold the contract as being still valid or is a separate offer…
wanting to buy a foreclosed fanny mae house, been pre-approved with FHA but the agent representing F. Mae says they will not accept FHA what's
up? The agent said FHA will make them fix some things and they want to sell it like it is. However I went on Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac's website and they both stated they accepted any financing. I…
Hud Approval
short sale home -bank approved - loan has been approved, - - were told just need HUD to approve. What does this mean and how long appx to close
Buying a foreclosure hud property with lead based paint
I'm trying to buy a house that is a HUD foreclosure, the Lead based paint report came back and says I have to have it fixed, they will only cover 4000 and the estimate is for 16000, this is obviously…
Did you hear anything on the news about people who went into foreclosure gets $2000 thanks.
I need to know who to contact in regards to this program. I can be reached by email or 240-463-3783.
Our closing on a Foreclosure from Chase is delayed because of Chase (no deed filed) & our rate lock will expire. Will Chase pay the extension?
We are buying a foreclosure from Chase, we have everything ready on our end, but Chase has not filed the Deed of Foreclosure in the county courthouse, and thus the mortgage company cannot finish title…
property preservation ?can someonehelp me on this?
is there anyone who can help me identify the license(s) that the realatores specify and that bank specifies to open my own foreclosure clean out company?? thank you
what type of license are required to do property preservation?
i want to become a vender for minor home repair i.e. fence, sprinkler, re keys board ups as well as trash out and yard maintnance
is this home in foreclosure?
519 sylvan ave bayport, ny 11705
tenant and forclosure
hi,i leased ahouse back in feb of08 ,2 days ago we had aman on the front yard want,s to change the lock on the house,we asked why?we found out that the house went on forclosure,and auction,but did not…
I received a modification last year, which has helped. Have retired and want to move but cant. Underwater 200,000 should I leave it?
The house was purchased for 310,000 in 2004 and now is worth 107,000. I put down 40 thousand and was planning on moving to another state that is more favorable to older adults when my child graduated…
I am a tenant in a condo in Las Vegas, NV. My landlord says that he is trying to get a loan mod. Monday the HOA said they were foreclosing on us?!
As tenants with a lease do we have any rights here in the state of Nevada? Will we be just forced out onto the street if the HOA forecloses on our condo? Please help with advice!?
When bank forclosues, who owes the HOA fees and property taxes?
After advice from my short sale attorney I stopped paying my HOA and Property Taxes because the bank accepted the offer on my condo. The unpaid amt was also included in the sale price. I get an email…
Is there somebody that can help advise on recinding a foreclosure? I'm desperate for any and all help. People on here are saying it can be
done. How? Hello and thank you for reading. I'm on my last leg here. Eviction is right around the corner. It's the classic case of Fannie Mae pushing for foreclosure during the time we were…
Is it legal for a bank to list a home for sale, accept and sign an offer with a buyer while a house is in litigation??
We recently had this happen and were set to close the home in the next 3 weeks and found out that the home is in litigation. We have paid for inspection of the well and septic and for an appraisal. What…
I own a home in Clayton, De. I have been trying to I rent. Can I buy a home in PA and then allow home in DE to foreclose w/o recourse?
Bought home in DE 2009. Cannot move due to employment regulation in PA...must live wher I work. Can't find a job in DE to relocate. Tried to sell once, no luck, renting $300. below mortgage payment.…
"Short-Sale" or "REO" Listing Designation? Question to all Agents
In our MLS we are seeing more and more "Short-Sales" (with all sorts of different clues, "Subject to lender approval", "Subject to Accountant's Approval", anything to get "around" calling a duck a duck!)…
PLEASE HELP...with contacts...
PLEASE get a start in the Shelby,Gastonia area in the Foreclosure Clean Out business...if you know of any contacts from this area...PLEASE contact me at 704-473-5552 cell or email at…
what does a combination lock mean on a property thats going into foreclosure?
im renting a property, the house b een goin up for sale(foreclosure) for about a year now. i still pay my rent, no one is cutting the grass etc. I come home and theres a combination lock , locked on to…
I'm interested in a Kings Point villa for sale in Delray Beach with golf-course view.
one or two bedroom with patio facing golf course. Foreclosure or under $20K for immidiate closing.
What are your real thoughts and feelings about the foreclosure settlement? Check out the link in case you missed it.
Lost my house in foreclosure. Am I qualified for this deal?
Tried to sell house. Could not make payments. I was renting another house at same time because I moved.
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