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Looking for a 2 bedroom rental under $1,500 in nice area. Help!
We are looking to get into a 2 bedroom for a few years while we save for a home of our own. I cannot find anything decent for the price point I can pay on this island - but I know people are renting nice…
Help finding a place with poor credit. Me and my family are moving in 2 weeks.
I ended up breaking my lease 2 years ago with an apartment complex who did not provide good living conditions and was very unhelpful with my situation at the time. I will be receiving a housing allowance…
I am looking for a (3 bedroom) house to rent, or rent to own, in the Willowick vacinity.
This could also be in Eastlake, Willoughby, or Wickliffe. I am looking for a safe area for my children to grow up with a good school district. The max I am looking to spend on rent is $1000 a month.…
I would like to move to Norfolk, VA by April 2014
. I have a seven year old and I want to move into a good area with good schools. Do anyone have any suggestions?
is there any 4 bedroom houses for rent?
looking for a 4 bedroom house, natural gas, from $1300-1700 per month available in the beginning of june
I need an apartment in which the ceilings, walls and floors are made of concrete.
Only an apartment with ceilings, walls and floors made of concrete, can their be any peace between neighbors.
Looking for AFFORDABLE place to rent in Nashville and surrounding areas?
I don't have a lot of money to put towards an apartment (less than 600/month). It seems like the only options are shelling out nearly a thousand a month for a nice place or accepting my fate and living…
Looking for good realty references for apartment rental in Baltimore. Details of what my wife and I are looking for are in the details below.
Would like close access to highway (to reduce commute times to D.C.), prefer hardwood floors, spaciousness, lots of natural light, cats allowed is a must, 2 car parking (paid or private), nice sense of…
My name is selso flores and I'm moving with section 8 housing It'stwo bedrooms if all bills paid they pay 945 if i pay lights only they pay
813 If i pay all utilities they pay 738 i also have one broken lease over 4 years old looking for nice duplex or townhome in nice area Low crime and comutable needing to move by July 15_20
In Need of a rental home/Apt after foreclosure/bankruptcy is it possible?
My husband and I lost our home to foreclosure, job loss x 2 years, husband is on disability, we have 2 small dogs (under 25lbs). I have been looking for over a year now and I am afraid to apply because…
What do I have to do so that it is legal for me to rent out my garage?
My garage is separated in two and the back portion is closed off like a big guest bedroom, with a bathroom, air conditioning, and a sliding door. About 8 years ago I had a couple living there and they…
Renting my condo.
I own a 2 (large!) bedroom, 1 bathroom, ~1,500 sq. ft. co-op condo. It has on-site laundry (personal washer, 2 shared dryers), and a personal garage. I would like to rent it, but I'm not sure how much…
Need ideas for temp housing before we buy
We are moving from Iowa to Indy. Job is located near carmel. We seek housing that would be month to month or something like a 3 month lease. We do not have time to search for a Home at this time. But…
What are the nicest neighborhoods in Seattle with good shops and restaurants, etc..?
I am looking to rent a house for the 2 weeks starting August 1. Thanks!
I'm looking for something to rent. if so can you by any chance assist me with finding somethingsomething
like a two bdrm two ba. with a yard like for instance a townhouse or condo
Are you looking for a great tenant?
Im looking to lease in the Rockwall County area preferably 75032, I have a STABLE renters history, NO CRIMINAL history and a 4bdrm SECTION 8 voucher. Why is it so hard to find a landlord that will accept?…
Looking for studio or 1 bed apt in Queens.
My lease is ending on Aug.31st and I need to find a new place to move ASAP. I don't mind moving anywhere in Queens and I am looking for a rent around $700 to $1000. If you have anything available please…
Looking for a property management company to rent my condo.
I have purchased a condo in 34746 area. Would you please recommend a good property management company or property manager? I need to rent the condo out as soon as possible. Thank you,
im looking for a one bedroom apt.- affordable 450-470 range
I love the town of Middlebury, and also is a pet o.k.? Looking to relocate from Northern Indiana.
Hi my husband and I are looking for a home in or around the Conroe tx area We need a good Agent who will call us back!
How can we find a house for rent under $1,200. and if possible $900. a month. I need a pet friendly home. And a Friendly neighborhood there is nothing like having great neighbors. My husband is already…
Rent or Rent to Own ? with increase rate in to own would seem more risker.
Looking for rental or rent to own option in Broomfield, prefer the Brandywine neighborhood..staying in school district for Westlake Middle and Legacy
how can I find a free list of churches for rent in Chicago?
Hown can I get a free list of churches for lease or rent in chicago?
My son is looking for an apartment in the orlando area near ucf. He is being denied because I had to break our lease months ago and he had to be on it
because he was 19. i am currently making payments. Is there anywhere he can find anything though this was no fault of his own.
Hi everyone, It is me again... Still no luck with anything... We have looked at several
We have had a deposit down on a couple now with the same company , the first was rented out from underneath us two days before we were to move in, the second , well the restrictions list was ludicrious.Myself…
I'm looking for a home/apt to rent on the SW side of Chicago
Preferably Beverly but will accept Garfield Ridge or Clearing. AT least 2 bedrooms less than $1200. Can someone help me?
Out of town owners??
We are moving to Alaska soon and have been looking on this site for a home to rent. It seems like every house that I inquire about, I get people that are telling me that they are now living out of town.…
Is this a scam?
I was looking to rent an apartment and the rental price is almost hard to believe and the owner is in out of state and can not show me the place until he gives me the keys. He is not requiring me to pay…
I am looking for a home for rent in Weaverville for me, my little 14 year old brother, my uncle & my father. We need a 3 bedroom / 2 bath house.
We also want a private lot & in the North Buncombe School District because my little brother goes to Owen Middle & its terrible here. He hates it. We do not want an apartment.
moving to Portland in September. my credit is not so good but i have a great rental history and references!! looking for private renter who will work
I will be going to culinary school and also working. Im a single mother so my dad will be moving with me to help with bills and childcare. I have great rental history and job history and Im working on…
section eight houses in evanston il for rent
looking to move by october 2012
Looking for a rental near JBLM with a move in date around end of September to beginning of October.
Not a long list of needs but the place must be pet friendly, we have a 40 lbs six year old mixed breed fur child, so a fenced yard would be nice but as long as it has a yard that will work. At least two…
Where does your credit score have to be to be able to rent a house?
I am just curious because I have been told by many different people that it has to be different things and I am trying to figure that out.
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