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I just thought I should let Trulia know of a shady situation on your site
I saw the 2 below listings for rentsame address and pictures one for 3200 one for 1000. the one for 1000 contacted me claiming to have moved to west africa. The 1000 listing says pets allowed the 3200…
hello looking to rent a 3/2 house that accepts section 8
Wanting to move in February or as soon as possible, can u help?
What do I do about properties I've found on Trulia that have the wrong amounts listed for rent?
The person listed and telephone numbers are different that what I find on and Zillow. I call the real estate agents and they state the price and person on Trulia is bogus. I've found…
There are renters that I believe are scams...... They are asking for a lot of personal information and have very weird stories about why they are rent
Scam- there are renters asking for personal information and appear to have fabricated stories about why they are renting.
I would like to place my 2k Sq. Ft. Midtown townhome in Trulia. Can you give me information as to how to do this. Regards; DJ
2 Bd, 2 1/2 Bath, Den/Office. 2K sq. ft., 4th floor view of the city in Houston TX. with Large private deck 12 X 20 ft. huge terrace on bottom floor. Two car garage.
sec 8 apt in rogers park 1 bed room
Add some detail about your question
How do you have slumlords like PGH Capital Mgmt. on your website I came here to find reputable housing I contacted 4 housing opportunities only to be
sent an email from these snakes who I currently rent off of they are going through indictment and they have 0 positive reviews. Do you interview your landlords that you advertise for???
Hi, I will move from Germany to USA in Dallas, Richardson this summer. I will have am E-2 Investor Visa. I am looking for a house to rent.
On I see a price for a house, e.g. $1,300 per month. Which additional costs should I count, if I wish to rent this house: deposit, additional costs,...? I would rent the house for 1 year, but…
Can you help me and daughter find a section 8 apartment?
I looking for 2 bedroom at least 1-2 bathrooms and washer and dryer connections and preferable in Carrollton but if not then The Colony.....
Can an individual advertise their condo for rent on Trulia or do you have to be a real estate agent?
If possible, please email response to Thanks, Pam
How do you report scam artists offering homes for rent on the Trulia site? The con artist is editing the rental price of large homes in Orland Par
I was almost scammed by this person renting other people's homes for $900 a month but the actual rental prICE IS $2800 or more. He wants deposits sent to him before allowing people to get the keys…
Just wondering if any scams have been reported from my area on houses found on this website?
I have filled out what I thought were 2 rental/housing applications where information such as my address and religion were asked for. Is this normal practice? One person did ask for me to FedEX money...I…
How do I avoid the scam emails while trying to find information and rental properties?
To be more specific, when I request more information about a unit(mostly homes for rent) I have received emails from the sendee stating that they just moved to Nigeria, or just moved to Alaska, or have…
Me and my girl friend of 6 years and our 2 daughters (2) and unborn are have a lot of trouble finding a home or apartment to rent we both are working
full time and make together well over 3500 bucks a month the only problem is when we where young we got evicted and no one will give us a chance if you have and ideas or information pls inform me we are…
I think the house im thinking about renting is a scam. 4178 Sycamore Ct, Franklin, IN 46131?
Here is the address of the House: 4178 Sycamore Ct, Franklin, IN 46131 Rent Fees: Month: $700 (Including all Utilities) Security Deposit: $700 HOUSE FEATURES: Large Bedrooms:4 Bath room: 3 Property…
Fraudulent listing
We have an ad on Craigslist & Zillow for a property that now appears here. I can only assume that someone took our pictures/copy & created the ad. AT A MUCH LOWER PRICE. Rent should be $1550/mo.…
My rental property advertised has been stolen and it is being advertised by a scammer. See link they are using below. Liz Smeltz, Realtor 843-504-6888 Contact for scammer is homerentals222 . My email is I am licensed SC Realtor. Please remove this ad.…
Why is there no way to flag a listing for fraud?
How is it that we see so many listings that are fraud, contact the person, they send emails about how they are out of the country and try to get us to send them money, and their listing is still on Trulia?…
Trulia has a home on their website that I also found on craigslist, which has a phone number as well. I contacted the owner and spoke with an agent st
stating that it may be a scam. Address Lausanne Drive Greensboro, NC is the address for rent and the owner claim the name of Adam Beaver. I was trying to find the real owners name to make sure that this…
I'm interested in either a studio or 1 bedroom apartment for rent around Monroe ave that accepts dogs
I have a small dog that weighs under 30 lbs. she is getting old and i have had her for a long time. she has been like a theropy dog for me and i can't get rid of her. I am on disability and have a pretty…
is there any way to find out why a rental home we looked at yesterday on trulia is now taken down?
we have been contacted by the person that was listed as the contact and I want to be sure before I move forward that there was no begative reason that this listing was removed
Is this a real rental?
they say that they are missionarys and live in Texas or west africa want me to send money to them and they will send me paperwork and Keys. Please Advise.
Is listing at 1751 Liberty El cerrito CA real or maybe a hoax? The owner has contactaed me and it seems a little suspect?
The person says that an apartment at this address is for rent, but they are not in the area, I just want to find out if the place is really for rent.
Hi I am currently at Cook County section 8 voucher holder and I'm looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath for me and my 3 children
Hi I am currently a Cook County section 8 voucher holder and I am looking for 3 bedroom 2 bath for me and my three small children if there is any listings. Of homes or town homes available someone please…
I would like to be for sure that the person I am about to send money is not a scam.
I have contacted the person renting out the house on 114 Jonquil, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. The listing is no longer on your website i just want to be sure before I wire them money that I am not getting…
How can I correct the data you have? You have my rental listing as going for $800. The house is listed for $1585.
Your data for my listing is wrong. How do I contact someone at your organization to correct this?
who d I report a scam ad to?
2 scam ads in Kenosha, WI
can fraudulent activity take place on your website?
1116 56th St, Sacramento, CA 95819 is up for rent on your site, I received a long letter from the person renting the property, asking me for many details. This does nnot appear to be legitimate
I was sent a password but no instruction on how or where to put it. I opened the drop-down under my name but found no option to place the password.
I sent another email to Mancha Williamson to contact me by cell phone 816-447-1264 as soon as possible. I would like to view property as soon as possible.
Trying to find a nice home in Palm Bay that accepts section 8?
I'm relocating to Palm Bay fl soon hopefully if I can find a nice home 3bed 2bath that accepts my section 8 voucher. Really having a hard time right now can anyone help me?
Who the hell gave you permission to list my home as a rental on your site??
I posted on Craigslist for a roommate, found one and cancelled the post. I did not post to lease an entire unit and I specifically did not list the address for SECURITY reasons. Now I'm getting calls…
Why is my home being fraudulently listed on your website again? How and why do you continue to let this happen?
The contact person listed on the below link is not me. My name is Keith Knag and I am the owner of 8718 Westmoreland Lake Drive Cornelius, NC 28031. This is the 2nd time my home has popped up on your…
Hi I'm looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom house for rent in laporte county does anyone know where I can find one? Or rent to own? About 700 to 750 a
month? I have 6 kids but 1 just turned 18 she graduates high school in june and will be in college they are aged 11 to 18 everyone laughs or says no when called we need a home fast our landlord is selling…
Looking for a rental in general area of $800-1100. Boca/Delray Size 700-1100 sq.ft.
Excellent local references from apartment complexes. 14 years in area since retirement from USN. Good FICO/ apartment score. Guaranteed tax-free income Single, No Pets, Nice Sedan, Kids in Military. Clean…
Need 2 bdrm house for rent must take SECTION 8.
Senior lady needs 2 bdrm home for rent. Excellent references. Must take Section 8
I would like to move back into the South County area in St. Louis MO. I am searching for a 3 bedroom with 2 bathrooms. Is there an Agent to assist?
I am also able to port me Section 8 package. Who like to find home owners who will accept my Section 8 package. I want houses only no apartments. Thank you.
I have a 2 bedroom house in sonoma for rent, someone interested?
2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, lovely setting overlooking open spaces
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