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looking for rental home in NE Columbia SC......btw Blythewood and Camden
3b/2b ranch-style, garage(?), fenced yard, >$1000/mo
Can Trulia please fix there school info only shows high school ratings & will not show middle or elementary have tried for the last week Have?
been una unable to rule places in or out due to importance to me of good school ratings.The site is pretty useless without this info .Thanks I hope you can fix this problem I like your accuracy normally…
How do I report a scammer?
I contacted someone about a property I saw on this site: They contacted me back very quickly asking for lots of information (Birthday,…
Anybody know of a Realtor in the Windsor County area?
I am looking to rent an apartment or condo. Closer to White River the better (not NH). Until I move back to Vermont next weekend, I'm doing this long distance. So anybody you have personally worked with…
Can I rent a place with an active bankruptcy?
Recently my husband and I filed bankruptcy. We have tried one apartment but couldnt get it because bankruptcy is not discharged off. I was told I would need to find a private owner. Can anyone help? I…
We are looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom that is reasonably priced, we have 3 young children 7,5 and 2 and we live in a 2 bedroom we need something a
little bigger but only my husband works and I do not. We can only afford 700 or under. Do you know of any homes in that price range? Or someone that would work with us?
Why I cannot post a rental???
The post processing blocked on step 2 EVERY TIME!!!!!
Why I cannot post a rental???
The post processing blocked on step 2 EVERY TIME!!!!!
Hi me and my fiance are wanting to rent a home an apartment is not big enough for ourselves plus are 4 kids. The problem is his credit score is below
a 500 I believe. Last year he made 48,500 and that's with not working the last 3 months of the year. Is there a way we can rent a home. I myself am stay at home mom so his income is the only income.…
Which is the rent that has to be upheld, the one listed or the higher one that you are told?
On trulia, the property located at 13315 Glencreek Lane, 28078 was listed at $900.00 a month for rent. On the phone, the real estate agent said it was $1495.00. Which amount has to be upheld to the…
Is it possible to find a home for rent that is not in a subdivision, with at least 1 acre, a garage or outbuildings large enough for cars?
My husband is a car guy plus we have a 50 ft enclosed trailer and a 25 ft open trailer. We do not have to move but are looking as the owner wants to sell the property. Looking anywhere from Lawrenceville…
Hi, I've tried to inquiry about this house the number is wrong is there a good number to call about it?
3016 W Glenrosa Ave Phoenix, AZ 85017 (Alhambra) I have called the person that answers the phone says you have the wrong number and so I went to the house and there is no for rent sign on it what am…
Hi there, I have a question for you in regards to a rental home I saw on here.
I sent the rental request to the homeowners and we have been in touch via email. I really want to rent the home, the price seems right, but I am told that they live out of state, and they want me to wire…
I've received nearly the exact same, long-winded email response after an inquiry into two completely different rentals. Is this a scam?
Both had the same poor grammar and broken English, and in the first, he claimed his family was eastern European. Here is the text:Thanks for your email response, i am so excited you are interested in…
Do you verify your listings - that the homes are being offered by their owners or a direct representative?
23541 Broadmoor, Parker, CO is being offered for rent by a Chris Anchor. He was defensive when I asked him if he owned the home. According to the Douglas County Assessor website, the home is owned by…
Do you have a way to track down scammers from your site? I received a message back that you facilitated contact with and would like you to follow up.
I am sure the "owners" are fraudulent so I would like to forward you the emails from them if you are able to track them down or at least ban them. Please advise. Thanks!
I sent an email about renting a home. The "Landlord" contacted me saying he was a Rev and moved out of state.
I work in the title industry so ran the property and owned by Asian woman. So appears to be a scam. DO you verify ownership before posting rentals?
Can you please remove this post ? This is the wrong monthly rent amount and contact info is not correct. 3bd, 2 full ba house 30133 Gulf Stream Dr Canyon Lake, CA Canyon Lake, CA 92587 New Pet Friendly $900
who do you report a fraud listing to?
Trulia has a listing that is attempting to try and fraud me out of some money saying that a house on here that is listed for rent is theirs but the house is actually for sale and doesn't belong to…
Need help finding an apartment or house
I have a city of Atlanta 2 bedroom voucher and im having the hardest time finding something. It expires 3-16-2015 and i cant afford to loose it or my children and i will be homeless. Can someone please…
Need help finding a house or am apartment
Have a 2 bedroom voucher for city of Atlanta. Looking for a place but having the hardest time finding honest and reliable places to rent voucher expires 3-16-2015,and i can't afford to loose…
Need 2 bdrm, 2 bath house in McKinney Area
I am on Section 8 and am looking for a decent house in a nice neighborhood to rent. I have good references, am a Senior lady with one little dog. Would like to have a back yard. Always pay in advance for…
This was the email that I received when inquiring about a property that was listed under your name. This is not a legitimate person or property.
Hello Thanks for your interest and inquiries about my house. Yes the house is still available for rent and we are looking for a responsible person/family to occupy and maintain the house now that we…
Apartment close to OSU with garage parking??
I will be moving to Columbus in June. I really want to live in apartment or condo that has garage parking. Are there any affordable (
My listing from Postlets has been hijacked. It shows my house with a much lower rental amount and a phone number and name to contact that is not know
n to me. I need this fixed! Immediately! I made a trulia account, but it says I have no listings. My house is listed under someone else's name. This is a scam!
I need assistance finding a rental property near the Nashville area. My daughter will actually be going to school in Murfreesboro. Im looking
anywhere between nashville and mufreesboro. We are moving from pa in june or july. I have been looking on every rental website out there and no luck. I'm trying to find something inexpensive so we…
I would like to report a scam on one of the homes you have listed for rent.
please provide me with contact information as to who I can report this to. It has to do with a property at 214 Amherston Dr, Williamsville, NY 14221. Anonymous is reporting 646-481-0537
I had interest in a home for rent and did hear back from the owner. I was very skeptical by his response.
Is there any way that you can verify whether or not a homeowner is legit? The house was listed yesterday and he has already taken it off the site as of today telling me that it is mine if I want it. I…
Does your company have any ethics?
Perhaps your company should spend more time doing research on whether or not some one these homes for rent are even legit or not. I've requested information from AT LEAST 5 homes about their rental…
Hello, Im looking for a nice single family house to rent in North county area, St Louis. Should be 2 or 3 bedrooms.?
Do anyone know who is renting a house between the rent of 400.00- 670.00 a month with no credit check?
Help with a property contact needed
A property we are interested does NOT have the correct contact information listed as the phone number provided is NOT the person handling the property. Please contact me immediately so that we can receive…
How do I cancel my Trulia account?
To many scams in this site.
Is there any rentals who take section 8.?
I'm looking through sold properties in San Jose, and I found 1666 Phantom Ave, San Jose, CA 95125. I'd appreciate if you could give me any info if there are any units for rent . I have a 3 bedroom…
Why do business with you ?
I have contacted realtors for rentals on more than one occasion , never heard a response , reached out to the offices as well , trulia truly does nothing for me , thanks
Scam from 510-995-6506 - Dirk Johnhston
Trying to rent 760 Biscayne Dr., Orange City, FL. This person is NOT the registered owner. According to tax records it belongs to ALVAREZ ALEJANDRA & RODOLFO In…
I need to rent a home today. 3br house, Apt or townhouse.
I moved from my house of 9 yrs due to mold coming up the drain pipes from a septic backup. We left the home and put everything in storage. Need a home immediately.
I looking for a house 2 Beds to 2 Baths is been difficult to rent a house with a section 8 voucher . I have a twelve year old in Middle School
A good School area is very important.I have Excellent references from my Lanlord you can contact him. I am meticulous and organize. I hope you can help me with a rental that sues our needs. Thanks Iris.
Who do we contact about people using this site to scam renters?
Below is the address to the house: 5011 Worth St, Dallas, TX 75214 House Address :443 Metropolitan Dr, Plano, TX 75023 Both of these addresses are being advertised by someone who is supposed…
how are these houses posted? was wanting to know if all of these offer are legit and safe?
I have a owner of a property that is willing to rent to me but is a very great deal and wants me to send money via western union. I don't know if this is safe or not.
Single man seeking 1bed 1bath apartment in Brooklyn area.
Need a location That ACCEPT HRA AS PAYMENT I am fully covered.
Dear Sir/Madam I, my partner and a couple of friends (a total of 4 people) plan on staying in NYC for two weeks in April'15.
We'd like to know if you work with short term rent. We are looking for apartments near the Central Park, if possible, preferentially at the Upper East/West Sides. Do you have any option for us? If…
How to report SCAM LISTINGS on your site??
How do you report a SCAM listing on this site?? I am looking to rent a home in Denver and there are LOTS of listings on here that are simply too good to be true for the prices listed, though after driving…
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