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I can not delete my ad
I have tried deleting my ad as my house is rented but it still shows and at some point the photos were changed to a different house?
I'm looking for 1 bedroom, 1bath apartments for rent in the Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie area only. I tried to change this, but didn't
know how. Looking for a 1 bedroom apt. within the price range of $600 a month (or less). Everything listed on here is way above my price range. Thank you.
I need help with finding an Agent who specializes in helping individuals with Section 8 Vouchers find an apartment.
I have a one bedroom Voucher and it expires in June so I need help please help.
Hi we need something cheap off of hunt hey. or maybe anyone looking for roommate(s)? I have a bf and 3mo old baby boy. We don't have anywhere to
go my BF is the only one working he makes decent money but job won't let him leave area and if he does he will have less hours and we can't afford to rent on our own quite yet unless it's…
I inquired about a house listed for rent on your site.
I was contacted by the "landlord" by email with the following info. Im writing to inform I believe this person is a Scam artist and using your site to prey. Please review the a copy of the email…
How can I search a specific area?
Desert Ridge in north scottsdale
I'm concerned about a listing that I am interested in and whether or not the person is in fact legit or not. I received a call from Trulia
I received a call from an auto answer from Trulia and they gave me a four digit access code. Can you help
Is there a lot of scams on this site? I keep receiving similar messages from various sellers.
Also the messages keep requesting my information, Is that normal or should I stray from this
Rental Fraud via Trulia and Why didn't trulia block the entity from listing rentals? or cross-check with foreclosed homes?
My husband filed a police report about a fraudulent rental that we found on trulia. The police said the phone number was linked to several fraud cases from trulia, but Trulia wasn't doing anything…
SCAM ALERT!! How do I report a listing that is posted on your site that is a scam?
I asked to be contacted about a rental property in Clarksville, TN. I have come across this scam off of a craig's list post as well. The address for the rental is: 1786 Isaac Dr. Clarksville, TN.…
did you know that one of your postings is a scam?
6809 49th Pl NE, Marysville WA... this posting is a scam. we emailed on it and the response was not professional at all. having had this happen once to me 2 yr ago, I was very curious.
I need help regarding a property that's for rent 252 Marsh Rd. in Carson City, NV?
I looked at a property that according to you guys it's for sale, when I went to look at it there is a for sale sign. I'm confused, I sent an email asking for information and I get an email from…
Is there a application fee? How can I get to do a walk through of this home?
I am very much afraid of some of these properties being scams. Do you as a company check out the properties and owners to make sure they are legit?
I am moving from NC to FL with two dogs and my family what reassurance do I have that the property I rented assists?
How to report a fake ad on my property?
I need to move by April 20 and am looking for a small apartment around $700-$800
I really don't need swimming pool, rec center etc. and really don't want to pay for them. I have a poor credit score and no time for repair. I was out of work for 13 months and just got a job. Looking…
good neighborhoods an places to look for rent an is there alot of snakes an alligators in jacksonville?
we are transferring to jacksonville flordia in january. we have a son who is 20 months old an we have 2 dogs a pug an a lab. we dont want to be near any water due to snakes an alligators. but im interesting…
I'm looking for a house or condo 3 rooms 2 bathrooms, patio. In East Orlando or Kissimmee. 34747 or 32828 zip. The maximum to pay 1100. Dollar
per month. My credit is in the 500. My income is of 2500 per month. And date to move may first. I am going to Orlando on April 26. Thanks I hope your help... My name is Chanel Burdier. We are 3 person…
Trulia Complaint No. 875470
To Whom It May Concern: My name is Noah Frigault, and I am an investigator with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). I am contacting Trulia regarding an ongoing investigation.…
How do you report a false listing?
There are 2 listings for a property at 4657 W 73rd Court in Merrillville. One is listed with rent of $700...I emailed the contact person and I believe it is a scam associated with it. I noticed a few days…
Actively looking for a home to rent in the Panama City Beach area. 800-1300$
Preferably in the Patronis school district as we have a 6 year old. What seems to be our one deal breaker with most places we look at is our puppy. He is Fully potty trained and does not spray scratch…
want to post room at The Retreat apts Tuscaloosa AL for rent, to pu remainder of lease.
3 great UA college girls live there, must pass credit/background checks-The Retreat. They won't market the room, avail March 20, rent $500-514.38 w/renters ins. lease exp 7/24/15, can renewed. Thanks
Is there any way to report a scam on your site?
I have gotten a reply that is obviously a phishing scam. Is there anyway to report it so that the ad is removed?
my question is why is 62 Dixon Ave have different prices and different names and numbers to call
one is Terry Bole number 301-547-6972 The second one is Home america number 719-357-7876 and the third one is Rev Antonio Dimaggio number 719-357-7876 I do not beleive that this apt or house is for…
Me and my mother are looking for a home,she is selfemployed and just went through the process o breast cancer we are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath
in the davenport area we don't look for something to big and not to expensive what would you advise me?
How long does it take to get a information about a rental?
I have sent out 2 request on a property that I am interested in and I have not heard back.
Why does Trulia have so many fraudulent listings compared to other sources?
Am moving to Twin Cities area, and have done searches on,,,,,,, and Have run into several rent…
How is someone able to "hijack" my account and make changes to my listing??
Check 206 Evergreen Avenue Bradley Beach NJ 07720, some clown changed my listing and photos he's using a Google phone account. As the owner trying to rent I'm VERY UPSET
SPAM listing on Trulia
how do I report listings that are spam - 4495 Macbeth Cir Fremont, CA 94555
Someone is trying to represent my listing. 2049 E. Ocean Blvd. Newport Beach and trying to rent it at $800 a month when it is listed at $3600 a month.
Please contact me to help resolve. I have had two buyers already alert me to this. 916-804-6777
i had a guy at this phone number 678-465-7018 return my call and he had you send me codes...he said the code was for the lock box but the call said it
was for listings. he had me text him the code to verify it.. said it was wrong and did it again.. then got irate stating codes were wrong. sounds shady. my number is 309 299 6766.. this is the number…
I found a rental listed on the site and put a request of interest in. I received a response from someone who says they are the owner. We exchanged
basic information and he says he is interested in renting the property to me. There are some things that seem suspect to me. How do I find out if this is indeed the owner and if this is an authentic situation?
Good day to you, I would like to know, Where do I find land to rent to put my RV on with water and elec already in... On a small farm or private..
Not on a camping ground.. its to live in ... need about 3 to 6 months lease.. Have two cats. want private and quiet. lookin around Roebuck ,Moore , or Greenville. sc. don't want in centre of inman…
I don't want to be ripped off!!!
How do I know if the listing is an honest arrangement. I have been contacted about two inquiries and both seem highly suspicious.
This house is listed three times with three different contacts.
Process of renting a home, moving to houston from Canada?
my husband company is relocating him to Houston from Canada. We will be looking to rent 4 bedroom homes from July 1. his office is off Vinecrest dr three kids, high school, elem, and preschool so…
I'm paying rent for property not listed among property ownership records. What to do?
It's the Thai Xuan Village Apartments (or Condominiums, not sure.) 8200 Broadway St. 77061. I've been paying rent for five years to a home owner whose house property is listed, but not the apt.…
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