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is'nt there any houses in gold canyon that has no hoa?
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I have been scammed by a user on this website. Is it possible to talk to someone about this?
The address is 1905 De La Vina st. We called the number for the properties and they said that they have not leased through the person (his name is "John Coker" in the e-mails he sent). He had…
I am disable can't climb stairs and want to make sure that it was suitable for someone in my situation can you email me some pictures from
inside the -- This question was asked from this property:
Hi I have my home listed for rental, that was auto posted from Zillow.
I would like to know how to change the details of the listing as all of the details from Zillow didn't make it to Trulia, most notably that pets are not accepted. Can you please help? I cannot…
Someone please help us. I'm getting so discouraged in finding a place to rent at. I have a felony for fleeing/eluding 3rd degree back from May
2010. I was sober since then and just now realizing the toll it has taken on my life now that my boyfriend and I want our own place together. He also has a criminal background. Over a year ago he got a…
I have a question about the legitimacy of a posting.
There was a posting regarding leasing of a property on 2225 Equestrian Trl Austin, TX. They are wanting to lease this property to us while living in Africa. They claim the rent includes all utilities.…
how to post rental?
how to post rental?
How do I report an apparent scam using Trulia?
There is a listing for 686 Allwood Road, Clifton, NJ, a rental for $800/mo. I opened correspondence via Trulia with the apparent owner. The owner signed his name as "Lester A. Fecko". From…
I cannot find where to flag a posting as a scam. Please research it, remove it, or let me know how to appropriately indicate as a scam.
I'd like to report a scam posting: 20 Locksly Ln San Rafael, CA 94901 singlenewhomefamily (832) 786-1547
Hello, Does Trulia ever get rental or sale listing for those who are retiring? I am yet working but my husband will be retiring in the next 2-3yrs.
We are hoping to purchase but will appreciate a nice retirement place in the Pasadena, CA., area. Thank you for your time.
Hello, I have an eviction that was in October of 2009. It's been impossible to find someone to rent to me HELP!!!
The reason for the Eviction is because the landlord wanted to contract with catholic charities and all units to be used only for their clients in their 18 month program. this was not enough time for me…
There is a 3br, 2ba house with the address of: 751 Cherry Grove Court, Columbus, OH 43228 and the contact person's phone number is: 636-388-8646 (which is a Google Voice phone number) and the man…
spam through trulia
ever sinvce I signed up with trulia and did a few searches I am getting lots of spam from, also I am seeing lots of ads posted in single family house that are actually trying to divert me to…
Please flag BrunollyAngel as a scam.
I saw a listing in Trulia ipad app for a rental. I inquired via email and they emailed me with a story of them being missionaries and not in the country and wanting to rent it out a nice family. Giving…
Can not reply to quiries. Listing started on Zillow.
I listed my home for rent on Zillow and the property evidently was automatically listed on trulia at he same time. This is great except I have gotten inquiries from people through trulia and when I try…
Looking for a 3 to 4 bedroom house to rent
I'm looking for a house to rent. Good schools and safe area, for me and my kids. I'm looking for a second chance rental. I am willing to pay a higher security deposit or extra rent. My price…
I took down a listing I had for a house for rent, but now need to out it back on the site. I'm having trouble finding the old listing.
is the listing still archived? I tried to recreate the listing, but got a message that said it had already beed created.
Renting a 2 bed/2 bath- Sublease
Hi. I am renting a 2 bed/2 bath at the Pennthouses at Penn treaty Village and have contract until June 30th. Due to job change, I have to leave the apartment March 30th. So, I want to sublease it before…
How did the price change for my duplex rental without my permission?
It was listed on Zillow for $1200/month and on Trulia it is listed for $900. How did that happen?
I had asked about a property and I believe the answer came from a scam.
How do you screen, how do folks know ? Is an agent involved in a real exchange?
How do I report a scam?
I recently inquired about a house in Oregon City. I was e-mailed by the supposed owner who was running a scam and wanted me to send them $1000 through Western Union to them. They advised me not to call…
Does trulia ever respond or just take down your questions when they don't like them?
I have opened a case to have my house removed from the "for rent" area as it is a fraudulent listing. Thye have yet to respond. I put a question up and it is now missing.
When are you going to TAKE OFF 211 GIROD STREET, MANDEVLLE, LA 70448? It is MY house and someone else has posted it-SCAM!
Dennis Zoobi (or whatever their name may be) stole my pictures off Zillow or Craigslist and posted it on trulia. PLEASE REMOVE!! In the FOR RENT section.
Why does the listing at 10507 N. Autumn Hill Lane, Oro Valley, AZ 85737 inaccurate?
The Nordstrom Group, Inc. represents the property. However, the listing doesn't indicate the name of the company or the correct agent. How can this be corrected?
Hi, i'm looking for a 4 bedroom for rent my max would be 1,100. I’m looking in the areas of poinciana, orlando, Kissimmee.
Not so picky on the area just need to stay within that range because I know I will be required to put down more than asking price to get in due to low credit. I’m looking to transfer from another state…
Hi I'm moving from Pennsylvania to ft worth in the next month and a half or so. I am having difficulty finding anyone to rent or lease to me
regardless have 2 months rent money. I don't have a job in ft worth as of yet but I do have multiple job interviews setup. My girlfriend already lives in ft worth but she has no income. Please help
All the prices on rental properties in King County seem w-a-y low. I've checked several SFH's listed on Trulia and they show the wrong
monthly rent amounts. Someone needs to check into this error. It's misleading to potential renters (bait and switch). Thanks
Scam Alert - please remove listing
There is a scam listed on your site: The person listed is not the owner of the home basis the tax records. The phone number…
Why haven't you deleted 211 Girod St, Mandeville, LA 70448???? Someone is claiming it is their house and it is MINE!!! A SCAM!!!
In the For Rent section under 70448. Please delete this ad. Check their phone number; it is an area code in Minneapolis.
I'm finding rentals listed at different prices. This the second one I found. One was a scam
9501 North 13th Street #B, Tampa FL $600 2bd, 1 full ba North Tampa and the other house was 1309 Osborne Ave, which I reported as a scam to the company. I thank Trulia very much for putting information…
I have a satisified eveiction on my record. I was never actually evicted, I paid and I still live in the home. I need to move and the management
company is willing to explain the situation. I need someone willing to look past this. I work full time and i need a SFH please help. i have security and first months rent.
Hi- I have requested a follow up email or phone call for several days on one of your listings, and have heard anything back.
I am seriously interested in 71 Head of Meadow St. Newtown, CT. Can anyone provide me with a realtor or owner to show me the inside?
i had used trulia a year ago to list my rental. how can i find that listing again and reuse it?
i have also since changed my email (new provider) and can't log in under the old email address.
I think the phone number and auto-contact for 130 Birch st., Coatesville, PA, 19320 is being scammed.
I am the listing agent and the amount posted is not the rental amount. Please call me Ed Olsavicky 484-883-3025
Are there any realtors that know of nice properties in a good area that accept or participate in the Section 8 program?
Looking more towards Rancho Penasquitos Rancho Benardo area and away from mid city..
I'm an Assistant Pastor at a local church in Cincinnati that is in transition of a minor down sizing. We need to move out our current church
into another place of worship. I need advice or information about local space or churches in the Cincinnati area. Please help!
Any rentals in the south suburban area(Calumet city and Lansing) that take section 8?
Hello, I hold a section 8 voucher 3 bedroom for cook county and I have till March 24th to find a house/apartment. I have been looking and looking and have not found anything. I was wondering if anyone…
Any rentals in the south suburban area( Lansing and Calumet city) that take section 8?
Hello, I hold a section 8 voucher 3 bedroom for cook county and I have till March 24th to find a house/apartment. I have been looking and looking and have not found anything. I was wondering if anyone…
Question on Rental prorperties listed
Hi, I was just curious what the typical response turn around time is? I emailed about two different properties over 24 hours ago and I haven't heard back. Also, how true are the listings that are…
do you guys do background checks on people who post such as requiring proof of house ownership? Can anyone just post their listing here?
Their is a gentleman that put his home up for rent but says that he is out of the state and will not be returning for 3 yrs. I love house and was just wondering if it is a legit posting because the price…
What landlord accept and eviction?
I have an eviction that 2 years old how can i find and landlord that will let me rent an apartment
How can I report a listing if I suspect it is a scam?
29W209 National St West Chicago, IL 60185 Listed by BlueMoon realitor on trulia for 879/mo Found on for 1750/mo
I'm living in NJ, but we went to move next year to Tampa.We need some advices about the area.We have a song.He is 4 year old.He needs great schoo.
First, we want to rent and later buy a house.Please mys question is where is the best school.Second,aparment for rent.Third, nice place to live.
can I get a home with no app fee?
ive put out to much money for app fees non refundable
The property on your list is been used to scam people. 731 Clayton avenue Smyrna Delaware. It will be good for all of us if you can find the owner.
The so called owner is in Africa asking people to send money to rent the property. Lucky Keith Swagg is what he called himself.
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