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How do I restore my listing? An apartment locator firm listed my apartment without my permission. They claim they have taken their ad down...
...but it still appears on your site with their contact information. I am the owner and checked my ad on and renewed it but their ad still comes up on Trulia.
We are looking to rent a place for the month of feb 2015 as a way of experiencing the community before buying.
Note.. We have a small dog (Matese) Steve & Michelle Yates 705-878-3327
I am looking for 1 or 2 bedroom(s)
I am looking for 1 or 2 bedrooms in the chicago area close to park ridge, in des plaines or rosemont. I don't have a good credit but a good job with a good income for the past 3 years. My credit seems…
Looking for apartment in des plaines and rosemont area
Hi, I am looking for 1 or 2 bedrooms in des plaines , rosemont area. I don't have a good credit but have a good job with a good income . I have lived in chicago for 3 years with a good rental history…
Why don't agents call back or respond?
I would like to know why the agents listed for properties do not respond. I have contacted at least 6 different agents for different properties. One emailed me, asking when I would like to see a property,…
Why don't agents call back or respond?
I would like to know why the agents listed for properties do not respond. I have contacted at least 6 different agents for different properties. One emailed me, asking when I would like to see a property,…
Hi, I applied for a listing on the Trulia site and received a long email from someone who says he is the owner.
He told me he is is Poland but right now in West Africa. It seems too good to be true what they are asking for and I just want to make sure it isnt a scam. I can send you to the email. Can someone get…
Do take Section 8 Vouchers?
im looking for a Three or four bedroom house who will take my section 8 voucher in Washington D.C.
how do i find a biger house for rent. for 8 people
me and my bf would love to find a house bigger enough for 8 peoplewe would love to have everything big and a big back yard for two small dogs's here in newport. but a single home. no upstairs's…
What type of down payment is usually required when purchasing a cooperative apartment with the following conditions:?
1. Unit size 2 bedroom 2. Income limit is $36,327 - $115,937 3. Carrying charge $908.00 - $1,031.00 4. Stock price is $36,467 - $40,519 How much of a down payment should I expect to pay to rent the…
Help! Where can I find an affordable apartment (under $1000/mo) in IL that is nice, but does not have amenities (I don't use any of the extra stuff)?
All the nice (and somewhat expensive rentals) have amenities, which I have right now and never use. I would rather pay less money, but still have a nice apartment without all the extra garbage. I feel…
I am looking for a residential house to rent in the Cannon beach-Seaside areas and am having little luck, any suggestions are very much appreciated.
We need a two, preferably three bedroom house and are looking to pay under $1200 per month and will accept pets. I start my new position at Providence Seaside on November 17th and would like to be moved…
Difficulty posting on Trulia a listing for townhome rental on Howe Street in Lincoln Park.
My Mother in law is a relator who is trying to post the rental listing on Trulia but the website will not allow it even through she is registered. Any reason why this is the case?
How do I list a unit on this website?
Have an apartment that I'm want to list on this website
I found a rental in your site but I want to make sure I'm not getting scammed the owner contacted me but he won't be able to meet with me
personally but I can pay to get the documents sent to me. I want to know if I can trust the owner?
I am looking for a month to month lease
Fayette County. Snowbird or house sitting would do. I am a retired woman, here in Memphis area for an undetermined time. Thank you,
Im looking for a house in Renton by Renton high school for four or five rooms about 1800 to 2000 for Rent thank you for taking your time to read this.
and it has to be around renton high school the highest im willing to rent a house is 2100 dollars
i am moving to Savannah in the months to come,
i need a 2 bedroom apartment close to the city but i have bad credit any advice on how to find a good place and general advice on how to go about navigating the city. its my first time on my own
what is average mobile home lot rental?
are lots regulated across Michigan?
Greetings. Trying to change the post for our rental home
Please let me know how to update our post for our home to be rented. Thanks.
How do we know these are legit?
The price on these houses are very low! There are currently 2 houses, probably more, with what appears to be scams. 2766 Zion St, Aurora CO and 258 Scranton St Aurora.
any section 8 homes in delco?
i need a 2 bedroom home not in chester darby or any spots like that please i need a home by 12 31 14 thanks
Scam property mgr
959 Rodeo Rd. Fullerton Ca. (518) 241-6572 NY, USA Don't give your info... Fraud!!!' Beware
Former homeowner new to Tn
Recently received section 8 for Williamson county. Voucher is for a 3bd at $1100 max. Prefer Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, Thompson Station areas. Pls help, as I've been unable to find a home.…
Section 8 rentals in Raleigh North Carolina
I am looking for a three bedroom section 8. Please help me
I need to find a section 8 house in Greensboro,NC a.s.a.p. My landlord has sold her house and she wants to move in here. What I need is a 2 bedroom house for no more then $650. I also need for it to…
I posted a condo for rent on Postlets. They posted to Trulia. I get leads from Trulia but cannot respond.
It asked me to create an account which I did. The site is now saying I have no real estate posted on the site. What does Trulia want?
Hello, is it possible to rent an apt. or house via long distance?
I've achieved getting a transfer to a job in Orlando with better pay, but I don't have a permanent place to stay. I'd like to rent an apt. or house as to not be living in motels when I…
Hello, I am lookiing for a Realtor that could help me secure a 1 bedroom apartment in the Northern Virgnia area
I have a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and need to secure an apartment as soon as possible.
I am looking for a reliable agent who deals in rental properties, single family residences or duplex, no apartments.
I require a ground floor place with a fenced yard for myself and my dog and accessible parking on a fixed income budget. Any help or advice at all would be appreciated.
Fraudulent listing
My home is fraudulently listed for rent. How do we get it removed. I looked for a drop down red flag to report it, but couldn't find it on phone.
Looking for homes in the Forest Park area that accept section 8
My name is Lanita Bell I have a voucher that is for a 4 bedroom. I've looked everywhere, people advertise that they accept section 8 but when I call they say they don't.... I really need help.…
House or mobile home for rent on acerage
I am looking.for a house or mobile home for rent in Crosby or Dayton tx with acreage for three horses. Married/ no children
Why can't I respond to an inquiry about my house? When I try to respond I am told that I don't have a listing, though my house is listed an?
When I try to respond I am told that I don't have a listing, though my house is listed and my email address is available to interested parties. I have recently received and inquiry and cannot respond.…
How much is a 3 bedroom in Harrison? Wheres the agent located?
Looking to move to a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom in Harrison, pets allowed, close to train and access to the backyard. Large family of 6 2 parents 4 well behaved young children.
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