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what do I need to do to rent a home from out of state. from new York,to Orlando florida.
im looking for a 4 to 5 bedroom with pool house to rent. in or a round Orlando should I go about it?
Looking for a low crime apartments. Gated???
Moving from Vermont on Oct 1st. Flying down Aug 31st to Sept 4 to finalize a place to live. Have 2 cats. Working near south orlando. Contact
Does it cost us money to use a realtor to find a home for rent?
3 bed/2 bath rent house needed w/fenced backyard. Move-in Mid November. 2 dogs. Currently living in S. Irving. I need to rent a 3-4 bedroom home with 2 full bathrooms minimum. My husband and I will…
I'm looking for a house in Millsboro area.
I'm looking for a house in Millsboro area. My budget is under $750.
What is the best advice for someone moving across country and looking for a new place that is relatively inexpensive?
Moving from Washington, DC area to San Diego, CA area; quite possibly within a year and a half. Near Ocean beach
Is this place for rent 11876 Liverpool Lane Morneo Valley Ca. 9255? It was one of your listing agents that had it then told me get touch with the owne
The agent told me to get in touch with the owner,he gave me the email address of I have talk to the owner but not sure because he wants me to send money without seeing the home. I…
Executive suites or whole building ?
I own a small office building, it contains seven good size offices, big conference room, reception area. Would it be better to rent the whole building ? or rent each office as an executive suite ?
Is Chalmette a good place to move to?
I currently live in North Carolina and will soon be moving to the Chalmette area and I am looking for a good place to rent. I'm wanting to know if this area is a good and safe place for me and my family…
Good Morning, I need help to delete my rental posting.
My rental posting: 114 Clarence St. 1st fl (or # 1, per Trulia) Cranston, RI 02910 my email address: I've read every Q& A at Trulia lists. # sign…
Short term lease 32827 or 32832
Helllo, My wife, kids and I are looking for a short term lease (about 6months) because we are building in the lake Nona area. We need to stay in vicinity of the lake Nona schools as that is where our…
Relocating to the Ft. Worth area and have 4 dogs. Looking for a rental that will accept multiple pets
My dogs range in size from 5 pounds to 80 pounds. Any help would be appreciated.
May I ask for some help looking to find a place near center harbor (nh)?
My boyfriend and I are looking for a place to rent from $400 to $600 at most monthly with our three cats, if anyone knows a place in the area or so, please let me know.
Hello, my husband and I are trying to find houses that accept section 8 in the Cypress, Texas area.
I know people like to frown on section 8 renters but need to say we are more clean, and pay rent on time sometimes better than your regular renters. My husband has military section 8, this is one of his…
Hi I am looking for a home that is for rent and maybe a rent to own. I will tell you this I have bad credit do to my ex-wife.
I would like to move in September year and am looking at a 7 - 800.00 month rent.
Looking for a landlord that will accept my pit bull or an agent that will be able to help!
I am in need of a rental by October 3rd at the latest. My household brings ins $7k monthly. Looking for a SFR, 3 beds, 2 baths no more than $1600k I understand that having a pit bull is a liability…
Looking for a 2 bedroom house to rent in Detroit, with option to buy.
My lease will be up soon in my current location and my heart is set on moving to Detroit. I'm looking for a minimum 2 bedroom house, 1 bathroom house. The max rent that I'm willing to pay is $900 a month. The…
4bedroom house for rent that accepts housing voucher
Hi my name is yadira and I'm looking for a 4 bedroom House for rent that's pet friendly in a good neighborhood in the Chicago area that accepts CHA vouchers no more than 1500 a month , I have…
Is there any properties for rent in the area?
Looking to spend $850.00 per month. Three bedroom preferred. Contact name: Doug Abshire @ 337.329.3599 or Debra Pace @ 903.440.5686
Best place to live in LA while attending UCLA? I'm not from the US, so I need some orientation please. Thank you!
Hi there, I'll be moving to LA in a few months and I'd love some advice. I lived in Miami long ago, but I've been in LA just once. I need a 1 bedroom apartment. I'm in my 30's, so the party time and clubbing…
Looking for a 2bdr. in Taunton, MA., or surrounding area that accepts Section 8.
My name is Nancy, I'm a 57yr. old disabled widow, I live w/ my 24yr. old daughter, Ashley, who is also disabled. I have lived @ my current home for 40 yrs., it is located on family owned property which…
We are a multi generational family from hawaii moving to las vegas area..4 adults, 2 boys (8 & 5) with animals..looking to rent a home
hi, we are all working professionals in the medical and cooking field. My two boys are 8 and 5. We also have 6 dogs, 2 cats and 1 cockatoo.. I'm curious to know what areas would be good to possible rent…
Hi there, we are relocating from Minnesota, and will be arriving the week of August 25. Need rental and school info please!
We are a family of four - two kids (one going into 4th grade and another going into enriched 6th grade), plus two dogs. We just received the news that we are relocating and have three weeks to enroll in…
We wanted to know if this house is for rent or just for sale
The house had a paper saying that it was for rent and we looked in the computer for more information and it doesn't say anything about it on rent -- This question is about this property: http://…
Regain access to my rental listing
I want to update my rental listing, but am told it is 'claimed' by someone else. The ad still has my name, email and phone number on it. How can I regain access to my listing.
Hi I am looking for a 3-4 bedroom house in queens, I'm even open to areas in Brooklyn
I need to desperately move. The location in in is too small and not very fond of the area. Please please help me find a house for my family. You can contact me at Thank you
Looking for a safe neighborhood to rent under $1200' one bedroom
20 something female, looking jersey city area, commute to time square via public transportation, close shopping.... Suggestions?
Family oriented communities
My husband and I will be relocating to the Charleston area come Feb/March of next year. We are a military family and will be looking to rent a home. We have a toddler and no pets. Any advice or suggestions…
Looking for a Section 8 home for rent in Hampton
Looking for rental property's that accept section 8. Looking for a single family home preferably 3-5 bdrm 1-3 bath. I am single parent with 4 children looking to move as soon as possible.
I created a Post for a Rental and the listing is stuck in a "Processing Submission" status. What can I do?
Here's that address. My rental listing doesn't show up!
I guest my question is very hard to answer since no one has given me an answer as yet, thanks for not considering in answering.
I ask a question on March 15th because I would like to know if I can comfortably move to North Carolina without no worries of finding a nice place to live for my family and good schools my children can…
Hi, I am looking for an APT/Condo Lease 1 bed & 1 bath (For rent) in Monterey Hills area (on Via Marisol).
Hi, I am looking for an APT/Condo Lease 1 bed & 1 bath (For rent) in Monterey Hills area (on Via Marisol). If you have a listing for it, Contact me at 213) 249-3042 or email me at
are there any trailer rental near eppard lane in elkton, va?
i prefer a 2 bedroom trailer, 1 bath, spacious master bedroom and spacious living room
Moving to Nashville and looking for a home to rent.
Wheres the area to look for. We want to not be more than 30 mins from vanderbilt but can't afford more than 1200 a month. Need at least 3 bed 2 bath and animal friendly
I'm looking for a realtor that deals with finding housing for individuals with section 8 vouchers, such as myself. I'm in need of a 3bdr
townhouse Immediately!! I've been looking and dealing with landlords who doesn't accept housing vouchers, my time is fastly winding down....
Need a2 bedroom and a broker who accept one shot deals programs
Hello I'm currently In The shelter me and my husband have a combined income for 38 yearly I'm looking for a 2 bedroom, is there any broker in the Bronx who accept the one shot deals programs?
Need an apartment, but have an eviction.
is there ANY WHERE in Indianapolis that will take evictions? I have 3 kids and I have been in my place for almost 2 years and rent is always in time but my past is making it really hard to progress. please…
FYi I believe there is a scam going on your site.It's called a nigerian 419 scam.Check it out for your self.
4bd, 3 full ba house 2020 Winding Hollow Ln Plano, TX Plano, TX 75093
Recently got a new job in Pooler and looking to move from South Florida at the end of August.
My credit isn't that great, but I would like to rent a house in the Pooler area if possible. I have good rental history and can provide deposits up front. Is there anyone who can work with me?
Will you please help as soon as possible? I submitted a rental listing and it shows as error and not active for renters to search.
Will you please help as soon as possible? I submitted a rental listing and it shows as error and not active for renters to search. I do not know what was filled incorrectly. Will you please help as soon…
How do I find an additional tenant for a shared house? This is the first times have tried to find a person to share a two bedroom rental
The home is near the med center in Kansas City. I really prefer a student as the present tenant is a phd student who studies a lot and is gone all day long. Any advice would be appreciated
Looking for 3/ 4 bedrooms rental homes in KC North
I would like to be in the Park Hill School District. I do not want no more than $1100 a month. Contact me at
how do I contact you to list our house for rent?
Listing in Asheville. N C. Large house with separate workshop and acreage.
Looking to RENT a 2 or 3 bedroom house in sylmar san fernando area
I'm looking for a house to rent in the San Fernando Sylmar area. I need a 2-3 Bedroom. Our price range is $1,400-2,000. I do have 3 medium dogs
My family and I are planning to move to Chandler later this summer. We will need a rental.
My family and I are planning on moving to Chandler AZ from Central Florida later this summer (early Sept). We will be looking for a 3bd/2ba/pool single family home that will accept a 35lb dog. When would…
I will be moving to the humble/houston area in Texas around November 2014. I'm looking for two homes, one to live in and one as a rental income.
I'm considering buying a brand new house from $140,000 to $200,000 for someone if they can pay at least $1,900 to $2,200 a month rental. Is this amount of rent about right for the price of the house?…
Hello, I am looking for a Realtor that has experience dealing with client with FEPS and DSS. Any borough. Need 2 or 3 bedroom. Family of 4. Thank You!
Must be willing to take DSS payment of 1/2 month rent broker fee Landlord has to be willing to take First months rent in form of check and voucher for security deposit Willing to pay above FEPS payment…
why can't i leave open house date blank/?
I do not have an exact "available date" yet and wanted to know why can't that be blank? I don't want to put a date in that is not accurate. Also, it take so long to update any changes.
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