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HELP! ! ! ! need a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, have section 8 voucher for $614.00
just moved to GA with my section 8 voucher need a apartment or two family apartment or four, I will take a house 2 bedrooms and rents like apartment, need it asap it is just myself no one but me if…
Looking for cheap housing (town home or house) that takes section 8.
Currently living in the Richmond Highway area of Alexandria and looking to get away from here... My voucher is paying around 1900 a month... Just do not want to move in a bad area....
I have three small inside dogs, am a widow on disability and retirement would love to find a house to rent in or near Crawfordville, Florida.
All my dogs re older and house broken, they are all I have, consider them my babies. Like living alone and do not mind being out where few live.
Where is the best area(s) to look for college students attending san diego city college? OR what are the best area(s) to look next to SDSU?
looking to rent with a max budget of 1300$, want a place that will be college student orientated with lots of food/shopping in walking distance, PLEASE
Looking To Rent
Hello, I am interested in renting a 2 bedroom apartment, preferably in Brooklyn, New York. But anywhere within the 5 boroughs is fine. For the price of $ 900
Me and my two boys have been living in a hotel for the past year. During that time I have tried to find a place to call home again. Every apartment,
landlord, an management company have all said no. I have an eviction from June of 2013 that's around 3000. My current take home is about 2600 a month. I've been unable to pay off my eviction…
Recently bought a multi family home and am almost done fixing the apts to rent. I have listed one here but am not sure how to get more responses.
Need to get this rented before mortgage is due (20 days). Dont have enough money to hire a realtor right now because I just bought a house. Any advice on how to get more interested renters is welcome.…
Looking to buy a rental property in San Ramon.
Is it better to invest in a townhome or SHR? How is the rental market? Is it easy to find property managers in San Ramon area?
Local Golf Professional looking to get out of apartment living. Looking to make a move in the September-October range. Price max is around $1200.
Looking for condos, townhomes, or smaller house. Apartment living is not for me anymore. Please email me at if you can help!!! I pay my bills on time and have good credit. Just…
where can I find a house to rent in Auburn Indiana,?
A single father of three , 1 very sick needs a home with no mold isues . In town or out of town dosen't matter.
Hello, Im looking for a nice single family house to rent in North county area, St Louis. Should be 2 or 3 bedrooms.?
Do anyone know who is renting a house between the rent of 400.00- 670.00 a month with no credit check?
Website problems?
Is anyone else having problems searching? I can't find any rentals in the Long Beach area right now. An hour ago I was finding them just fine.
Looking for vacation rental in Los Angeles, 90046 or 90035
3 bed, 2 bath, pool would be great. Need it for August. Thank you, Lindy
Can you ask to have rent reduced?
Example: I like a house in a specific neighborhood but its $150 more than my budget. Could I ask for the cheaper rent? Has this ever been done?
I need help I'm having a hard time trying to find anything!!!
I have a four bedroom voucher and need something in a nice neighborhood, I'm interested in sugarland Stafford and Missouri city area. I don't have a lot of money for application fees because we are on…
where to find indian community in santa clara?
lookig for 1 bed 1 bath in santa clara..with indians around
Want to rent out apt in Union City
Hi, I'm looking to rent out a condo in Union City. Listing agreemnt with very incompetent current agent just expired. I do not want to tie myself again to an agent who is not working out so I do not want…
I am looking for a one bedroom apartment in a two family house or duplex. First floor. Don't tell Me I need a drivers license and to look on CL!!?
I am looking for a one bedroom apartment in a two family house or duplex. First floor. Satellite capabilities, kitchen space, closet space, and large back yard for entertainment and raised gardening purposes.…
Section 8 housing
I am looking for a 3 bdrm 1 or 2 bath rent between $750 & $785 close to brackenridge high school...can someone please help me?
I'm looking for a 3 bedroom house to rent as soon as possible, I have no idea where to look as Craigslist seems to be nothing, but scams.
I need to stay as close to 77008 as possible and I need to stay in the loop. We are a small family with a sphynx kitten.
Anyone out there willing to work with us?
Hi there! I am trying to find a rental of a house or townhome 1300/mo or less within the 196 school district. It seems like I can't get people to call me back. I don't have stellar credit, but not…
Any realtor available to visit rental houses / townhouses this Saturday 28th in Rockville, MD?
Hello, I am moving to DC and would like to visit a few rental houses / townhouses in Rockville, MD, this Saturday June 28th. I am looking for a house with: 3 bedrooms 2 full bathrooms finished…
We are going to move to Miami.I will work in North Miami,but able to drive daily.I need your advise to select the best areas in Miami to leave on
Married, no kid, 42 years old, prefer safe area close to amenities, furnished/semi-furnished apartment or condo (having pool, fitness, internet,cable-satellite etc), >1000sqft with sufficient cabinet for…
Seeking 3 BDRM accepting Sec 8
I am looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath apt., condo or house not exceeding $750/mo. I recv Sec 8 and its hard finding landlords wiling to accept
Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment
In either Coral Way or Gables area as both my husband works in the area and my child goes to school in the area. Maximum is $1100.
Im looking for house for rent or even a lender to buy a house but i have bad credit with a high paying job!
Hello, I am currently looking for a house to buy or even rent here in lubbock, tx the problem is my credit isn't the best. I'm currently working with Lexington law to restore my credit. I have a great…
How to reply to an interested person.?
My condo that I have for rent is listed on Trulia thru postlets. I got an email that someone is interested and when I hit the reply button to email them back it says I do not have any listings. How do…
I need help bad credit with high paying job! Need home to rent or even rent to own!
Hello, I am currently looking for a house to buy or even rent here in lubbock, tx the problem is my credit isn't the best. I'm currently working with Lexington law to restore my credit. I have a great…
hello I am looking for a 3 br house on section 8 away from drama in a quit neighborhood please help!!!!!!!!!! living around drama in my neighborhood
wanting w/d hook up central heat and air flat surface will take a duplex ,apartment ,condo or townhouse......please leave me a contact number so we can contact one another.....thank you so much!!!
Are there any 3br that take section 8 available in Naperville/Kendall county area?
Hello! My name is Nadia and I'm looking for a 3br in either Naperville or the Kendall County area that take section 8.
My husband and I are moving to Casper, WY very soon in August. We are looking for a 2 - 3 bedroom rental that allows dogs for around $1200 - 1300.
We have a 12 year old miniature dachshund and would like to have laundry machines in the home. Thank you for any help!
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