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If we are being gifted the down for our home and our assets are 300k in annuity, do we need to show our bank statements?
I have a very peculiar way of budgeting our finances but it works for us! We have never been late on rent, credit cards in the last 2 years or our car payment. We have 300k in annuity (to be used to show…
I am worried about NSF charges on one of our accounts effecting FHA loan can I cancel that one and move auto deposit to my other?
I have had my husbands direct deposit going into our main account since 5/27 and a secondary account open for 4 months for putting money for bills into (they are later deposited back into my main account…
Who will finance a short refinance. My lender (HSBC) has agreed to work with me, but said I need to be approved by another bank for a loan.
Been searching around the internet for a lender. My wife talked to Bank of America which is who we bank with and they told us that they are not doing short refinances right now. We are current on our…
Will I be able to get a home equity loan? If so, what is the process?
1. What steps are involved in getting home equity (example: do they do a physical appraisal or just go of the county assessor website?, Pay stubs needed, etc...) 2. What credit score is needed? Will…
203K funding cancelled – because of new construction, looking for advise and feedback.
Our first contractor demolished house and basement, never got any permits. Our HUD consultant notified the bank that the entire house removed, a draw was paid, the contractor fired. We got the permits,…
I need a lender who can do either a PORTFOLIO LOAN ON A PRIMARY RESIDENCE or a HELOC on an investment property.
Property sought is a 1/1 in DC, condominium for $280,000 with mixed use C2A zoning, one entity owns large portion of building (Spain). Can anyone do a portfolio loan on this? Well qualified buyers, biggest…
Could you please recommend a reliable, responsive lender who can process a Section 203K rehab loan?
Hi. I am looking for a lender who can process a Section 203K rehab loan. Please email me at Thanks!
How long after a bankruptcy has been discharged do we have to wait to buy a home?
Traditionally, how long after a bankruptcy has been discharged do we have to wait to buy a home? My spouse has been in the military for 18 years and will be retiring soon. We would like a VA loan with…
i am refinancing a home in NY. I was told that if I borrow less than the amount of the original loan that there would be no tranfer tax.
My original loan was for 450,000. The refi is for 425,000. I owe 380,000. Do i pay tax on difference of 380,000 to 425,000 or none because it is less than the original amount
Worrying that my bad habit will effect our chance of approval, will overdraft fees effect our chance, they only occur on one of our accounts
We have 4 accounts. One is our main distributing account, rent and savings are withdrawn from this one and whatever bill money is needed is transferred out to another account (same bank) to be put on hold…
Found home for $625K to buy w/ FHA. But needs $350K remodel/renovation.What are loan options for reno?
Ideally, after a 9 months renovation, we would refinance and pay of construction loan and have one main normal 30-year term loan. But need to find a way to fund construction
we qualify for the homepath renovatin loan except our credit score is 20 points too low. what can we do to get approval? we had extenuating
we had extenuating circumstances in the last year that forced our credit score to drop. again, we are shy 20 points of the 660. we have found a house and want to buy it but have been turned down for…
The down payment for foreign buyers
The down payment requirements for foreign buyers have changed a lot. I think Bank of America want to see at least 30%, what do other lender require?
Short sale help and loan
The bank approve short sale for 440000 the loan bank apprise the house for 570000 Thus this increase my chance of getting a loan?
Looking for info for HELOC or cash-out refinance 2 properties I purch. cash (about $70k each). They are in an LLC so conventional not working. Thanks
I'm looking to purchase additional units. Both units above are tenant occupied with annual leases.
Is this condo FHA/VA approved? 962 South GRAMERCY Dr #305 Los Angeles, CA 90019
I am in active duty military. I am planning on purchasing a condo in los angeles, CA thru VA loan. I was told that not all condo assoiciations accept VA loans. How can I find out if the association accepts…
Quick Claim deed for spouse while going through a divorce
I bought a house prior to getting married (actually a domestic partnership and marriage in California), she was never on any titles or loans on the house nor has she ever put any money into the house or…
NY Laws: Name on Deed, not on Mortgage
I hope someone can help me here. I want to purchase my first home, but have no credit score and very little in terms of alternative credit. I made a mistake never getting a card, but make substantial income…
Does property tax always get bundled into a mortgage?
Does property taxes always get bundled into mortgage? Can you opt out of having it as your mortgage payment, and pay it separate? Are you basically paying interest on the property tax by having it bundled…
Has anyone worked with for apt loans?
Has anyone worked with for apt loans in the NYC area? How was your experience?
BOA vs. Mortgage Company
I received a preapproval from BOA last year and then it expired. This year I got a preapproval from a Mortgage company for 30,000 less than what BOA offered me last year. Should I go back to BOA to see…
I am planning to buy house.For downpayment we are planning to borrow money from freinds.
If we borrow money from our freinds for downpayment Will we be questioned about the source of money and will it affect our loan sanction???If so is there any other options????
what are the details about homepath mortgage?
homepath financing fannie mae
We live and have a successful business in Australia. We are wanting to move and to purchase an apartment in NYC. How best should we go about it? Thank
Although we will be living in the apartment we hope to purchase..... our income will still be coming from our business based in Australia? Do we look into foreign investment options? Please could anyone…
Would an eviction judgement effect the financing to purchase a house?
My friend was evicted. Now her score is ok but the eviction is still showing on her credit. Would she be able to get a loan?
As a physician can I get 100% financing for mortgage even with previous short sale? Closed 2 years ago and it was due to extenuating circumstances.
I had to move as part of my transition from residency to fellowship. Credit has been rebuilt (>700) but did have late payments on prior mortgage in order to "qualify" for short sale.
Using rental income to qualify for loan on owner-occupied townhome.
I am looking at townhomes in northern Virginia. I would like to buy a 3 BR and rent out one bedroom. Can I use that rental income to qualify for financing?
I have good credit, but a sucky job. Fiance has great job, sucky credit. He has a charge off for 12,000 on cred. report. What can we do to get a loan?
So, I am a young female looking to buy I house for about 60,000 to 80,000. I am full-time in college and I am graduating with my Masters degree in Public Administration this December. The problem is right…
What's Best? Saving for a down payment or paying off debt?
We want to move in 18 months. What's Best? Paying off our auto loan & home equity loan within a year by putting all extra money towards it, then save for a down payment (est. about 9k would be…
Is the CHF Platinum program and the CHF Access program still available for homebuyers in CA?
I have been trying to reach Brad Yzerman today but have been unsuccesful :( I am just wondering if these programs are still available and if they are for all homebuyers or just geared to FIRST TIME homebuyers.…
we have to evict tenants for non payment, how do we stop foreclosure because we are now un able to pay our mortage during the eviction.
We have tenants we have to evict which will put us into foreclosure. We have been paying our mortage bi weekly and are approx 8 months ahead. Could we apply this to stop foreclosure while we evict. Our…
Can I sell investment property I solely own to my spouse?
I'd like to use hard $$ to purchase a foreclosed property, rehab it, and then have my spouse purchase the property. Will my spouse have a problem obtaining a mortgage on the property b/c she's…
Can a lender deny a loan for a house with a second kitchen even if it is legally zoned?
We were denied credit because "Value or type of collateral is not sufficient." When I asked them to explain, they said that they were not giving the loan because of the second kitchen in the…
Am I able to buy a second house?
We bought a small house(3 bed/2 bath) in Statesboro, GA on an FHA loan, 6 months ago. A family situation (an elderly relative needs to move in), requires that move to a bigger house. If we try to sell…
Can I refinance my home as the sole borrower, when my husband and I are both on our current mortgage loan?
If I remain in the home following our divorce, can I refinance or must I "buy" the home from my husband and take out a new mortgage loan?
Does anyone do manufactured home loans with a 633 credit score?
I am looking for someone who can do a manufactured home loan with a 633 credit score. I am looking for a loan for about 60,000 with at least 5% down.
Need a home loan. med fico is 628 i think.1i collection of 50.00 which i can pay..but is not accurate bk back in 2005 due to divorce. self emp
I file taxes..have pay stubs from some employers...1099 income. I dont get checks for all work..and some is use your imagination there. I claim aprox 18 k a yr...get 715 monthly cs which will…
I am looking for information as to what rental income can be used towards determining your DTI ration to qualify for a new loan.
I currently own one home which is my primary residence that I live in. I purchased my first investment property approx 6 months ago and have a 1 year signed lease in which I clear about $600 per month…
Change in minimum credit score problem! PLEASE HELP, offer accepted on old pre-approval letter.
For a while now my boyfriend and I have been serious about purchasing a home. We went through Countrywide and got pre-approved. Yesterday, we had an offer accepted on a home we really liked and then we…
Putting more money down to buy more house
If only qualify for a $160k loan, can i buy a $170 if i put the difference? Would the bank or mortgage company have a problem with that? or would it have to be part of the down payment that I give the…
is this 4564 n 38 st foreclosores ?
nontyring to find the owner
Countrywide Mortgage - Help
Any real estate attorneys out there that have worked with clients of Countrywide Mortgage on mortgage fraud claims. A co-worker was telling me aobut a law firm that is working with clients who had a…
in California...for a married couple and only husband wants to buy without including his spouse...what should the middle score be to qualify?
married couple (state California), only one person on the loan, can it go FHA or does it have to be conventional in order not to add the spouse?
IIs it standard to pay a commmission to the real estate agent for a rental property in Fairfield County?
Is it standard that you have to pay 10% of the years rent as a commission to the rental agent in Fairfield County if you are the tenant?
Anyone familiar with seller financing (real estate notes, person to person, no banks)?
A lot of people are unaware of seller financing as an option. These are transactions that take place person to person with no bank involvement. What are your thoughts on these types of notes?
on the URLA 1003 there is a section that state how the mtg should be on Title -- How accurate is this and How legal is this? adding/taking off
In my world of subs they are taking the name for the mtg from there some are adding names dropping middle initials ect... My thought in my head is that you need a deed marr cert to make sure the sub now…
Looking for a hard money loan for owner occupied residence in MA?
property owned and is currently worth $250K, owes builder $125K, and needs another $125K to complete project. Will be worth $450K when completed.
Can I refinance my home while I am on unemployment?
Can I refinance my home if I am on unemployment and disability income? I am not working at this time.
Home Equity Loan / Second Mortgage?
I am looking at taking out a home equity loan or second mortgage... Currently my property (cond) is appraised at $79k, and I only owe $49k left on it (paid 20% at closing.) With that said, I moved to…
My contract for deed states that my interest will be fixed at 11% for 5 year. Then it goes to the prime 4% annum. 11% prime 4% per year????
(From my contract) For the first 5 years of this contract for deed, the annual interest rate will be at a fixed rate of 11%. Thereafter, the unpaid pricipal balance shall bear interest at a rate…
Looking for a seasoned Mortgage lender for Investment Property or referrals.
Would like to find a lender / broker who is honest, upfront and disclose everything upfront ( No offense, I am aware of NMLS and new rules, however many people are yet to follow). I am looking for…
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